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Take Me With You

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Story Title: Take Me With You

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic (Short-ish ... longer than short, but shorter than long :P )

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, Tasha. And also my own characters - Alec and Anabelle.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst

Does story include spoilers: Nope

Any warnings: L SC V/D (not sure yet lol)

Summary: One woman's wish to break free. One mans struggle to survive.

Will friendship ever come to him? And can this one woman make a difference?

Ok, so here I am again :rolleyes: But I've decided to set myself a little challenge.

I think it's safe to say I've mastered the art of rambling, I usually aim to have fic's finished around 40 chapters, but most of them end up going to 70 odd lol

So I'm hoping to have this fic last a maximum of 20 chapters. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it, because I really feel like going to town on the detail (if possible) with this one. But, we shall seeee.

Thanks for reading, and please comment! It makes me happy ^_^

Note: SS hasn't finished yet, I'm hoping for another 10 chapters, so if I end up forgetting about it; make sure you give me a nudge lol (but not too hard :huh: )

Warning: Some content maybe unsuitable for younger readers!

Please enjoy :D

He sat on the stone cold pathway, his legs folded beneath him, and his now moth-eaten rug wrapped tightly around him; keeping every smidgen of warmth held to his body. His face was covered with dirt, grime and unshaven hair, his fingernails black; for someone to glance at him, they would think he was a wild animal, but to look closely, they may even see a sweet and genuine soul.

For days on end, he would sit in that one position, watching the world as it passed by before his very tired and wary eyes. Only making the odd move to rummage through the bins and make use of any edible wastage.

Life wasn't easy.

Sure, he had no work to worry over, no wife to keep happy, no kids to occupy, and no extended family to constantly visit. But there were other equally as important tasks for a poor and defenceless human to take on.

Shelter was a challenge and a half. Because as soon as a safe and secure base was located, some rich and ignorant asshole would call the cops and have him removed.

Then there was the food issue. Bins were the obvious choice, but not always the easiest. He'd lost count of how many times he had scrambled away in a bin, successfully found a small item of food, but then had the owner catch him unawares, snatching the food away from his slippery hands, before grabbing him by the neck and forcing him out onto the pavement.

"Keep away you filthy creature!" they'd yell at him as he scurried away; his rug all the while held closely to his body for added protection.

Following his unfortunate encounter, cuts and bruises would cover his dirty body … and still, food was scarce.

It had taken him awhile, but he had eventually come to the conclusion that midnight was the best time for 'hunting'. He rarely got caught during the depths of the night, and that was mostly because he knew that everyone would be tucked up warm and comfy in their beds. They'd have no thought for a hungry beggar while they were currently enjoying their cosy slumber.


It was spring 2008 and Jack Holden was on the move.

It had become a rule that he could never stay in one place for too long, and it was his mission as a 'drifter' (as he liked to call himself) to explore every inch there was of Australia.

Biting into his banana, which some kind fellow had generously donated to him, he found himself on a highway.

Thumb out, body straight, he did his best to hitch a ride.


(40 minutes later)

"Where are you heading too mate?" asked the muscley trailer-horse-driver who had just pulled over to offer his assistance. Jack eyed the man warily, he was always rather suspicious of people offering him help, there'd been many a time when Jack would let his guard down, as he was confronted with a kind and helpful gentleman, only to find the man turning rude and obnoxious, throwing him insults and distasteful remarks; before he would walk off smiling, finding the entire thing highly amusing.

And it wasn't just men he was cautious of, beautiful women also made him uneasy, thanks to the dark memories of his past.

His mother had alot to answer for it seemed...

Growning up, she had been his entire world, the most beautiful and kindest woman he had ever laid eyes on. She was an angel in his eyes.

But from the second she had packed her bags and walked out on him, riding off into the sunset with her handsome and wealthy new man, his world had quickly crumbled away. From then on, he had been left with the mindset that beautiful women came with much pain and heartbreak.

"Erm … I'm not really sure" replied an uncertain Jack; his voice noticeably gravely due to his dry throat. Conversation was undoubtedly rare for Jack Holden, so his throat just wasn't equipped for much talk.

Darting left to right, his eyes wary about which way to go, he frowned. "I guess I'll go wherever you're going, if that's alright?"

"Yeah, sure mate, hop in".

Although a churning in his stomach told him to be careful, keep his guard up and never trust a soul, he decided to accept the offered ride.

Using all of his strength, he climbed into the passenger seat of the trailer, closing the door behind him. He cringed as he smelt the inside of the trailer, not even he smelt that bad!

Ah well, the driver appeared pleasant and generous enough, and Jack wasn't one to complain, considering he tended to spend the majority of his days with his head stuck in a dustbin. Right now he would consider this trailer ride as living the high life.

Sinking into the seat, he relaxed his tired muscles; his feet were throbbing due to so much walking, and also the simple fact that his shoes hadn't been removed since god knows when.

Settling himself down, he was beginning to feel right at home…

"You hungry?"

"Are you kidding! I could eat a horse!" beamed Jack, his eager eyes opening wide.

He chuckled at his comment, "yeah well, sorry mate, unfortunately they're not on the menu. I doubt the boss would be too happy knowing his two best racers were someone's lunch" he smirked back. "I've got some food in the glove box though. If you're interested?"

Jack needed no time to think, diving into the glove box he pulled out everything he could find, resting them in his lap, before consuming the entire lot.

"Mm, it's good!" mumbled Jack with a mouthful of bread; as he walloped the lot down. He certainly had an appetite.

"Good I'm glad, but slow down mate, you'll only end up choking," he warned him with an amused laugh.

He shook his head vigorously, "there's no such thing as eating slow in my world, the quicker the better as far as I'm concerned," he cheered, once again biting into the food; his voice gradually becoming more 'human', as his throat began to soften; the moistness of the food gently soothing it.

He laughed back, "fair enough. And with food that good, I can't really say I blame you".

The driver focused his eyes back onto the road, but curiosity quickly consumed him…

"So, what's your story?" the man casually questioned him.

He'd offered many backpackers a ride before, but never a tramp, and he was strangely interested to discover what life for this wanderer was like.

Jack sighed, placing the half eaten burger down onto his lap, "it's complicated".

"Well, I hate to break it too you, but we've got a long drive ahead" the man indirectly urged him; briefly turning his head to smile. "I'm all ears".


"Thanks so much for the lift, you were very kind to offer it to me ... I know what people think when they look at me … 'dirty rotten hobo'" he sighed, "So it's nice that someone cares".

"Yeah well, you're very welcome! And if you're ever in need of a ride again, you just let me know! It was nice talking to you".

"Yeah, you too, and thanks again; good luck with the horses!"

Standing on the grass, he stepped back, waving the trailer off.

It was bizarre to have transport, food and some lovely conversation for once. Strange how your luck could suddenly change.

It was a bit like busses actually, you wait for a life time for one to drive passed, and then 3 come along at once. What are the chances!

Clinging onto his rug and drink bottle (the latter of which the driver had given him) he made his way towards the town sign post…

Walking around to the front, he read the name out loud; his voice in a low whisper …

"Welcome to Summer Bay"

Running his fingers through his flat and shiny black hair, he contemplated if he had made the right decision. From what he could see, this was a small and rather tranquil seaside town, one that probably consisted of a bunch of brainless, stuck up do-gooders, who would no doubt take one look at him, and force him out of town.

Oh well, he was here now and there was no going back.

He would try and see it as an adventure if nothing else.

And if nothing good did come of it, and his first impression had proved correct, then he would just do what he always did, grab his belongings (i.e. rug and drink bottle) and make a move…

Walking down the path he headed for the beach, inhaling the fresh salty air. It certainly beat city life, which was easily defined with its smoky and polluted skies, and its narrow and claustrophobic streets.

But not here, no, here was quite different.

Pristine beaches, happy faces and not a care in the world.

Standing by the fence and facing the ocean, he closed his eyes; imagining what it would be like to own a mansion; having cars and money growing on trees…

He smiled, opening his eyes; the vast blue and green carpet that masked the horizon fixed in his sight…

Freedom lies ahead…

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Shallome :D

I'm back from my 3 day holiday!

Had an awesomony time ^_^ aside from the slight hickup of having a mouse in our hotel room at 3am :blink: but we'll just side step that one :P

Thanks for the comments. And by the way, due to the characters in this fic being from an upper class background (apart from Jack of course lol), the dialogue is written in a .... :blink: posher way? lol .... I usually try to write it how I would say it, so its more natural, but this one isnt like that. So if the dialogues harder to follow, its because of that reason!

Anyhoo, on with the chapter!

Enjoy =]

Chapter 2:

The curtains swung open and the sudden shaft of sunlight stung her eyes. Her hand rose to protect her burning pupils.

“Good morning Miss Mackenzie, sleep well?” the polite young English maid asked as she wheeled in the breakfast tray.

“Mmm, like a log, thank you” she spoke dreamily.

Stretching out her arms and legs, she pushed herself upwards; sitting crossed legged on the bed.

“Beautiful day” Annabelle (the maid) announced, “will you be spending it with Mr Mathews?”

She sighed, “I’m not sure, he might be working all day. Is he in the courtyard?”

“Yes miss, he wishes for you to join him when you’re ready”.

“Ok, thank you”.

“You’re welcome Miss” she smiled warmly.

“Annabelle, how many times do I have to tell you?” she chuckled lightly as she leant over, picking up a small circular item; her hair tie, “please call me Martha” she gently urged her, as she pulled her hair into a loose knot.

“I’m sorry miss” she replied as she bowed a little; causing Martha to roll her eyes. “Enjoy your breakfast” she said, before walking out of the room.

Throwing her legs over the side of the bed, she pulled the tray towards her.

Fresh fruit and waffles, what a perfect way to start the day!


“Morning Rosita” smiled a gracious Martha as she walked passed the kitchen area and towards the Spanish cook.

“Buenos días Señorita. Was the breakfast ok for you?” she inquired with that unforgettable accent, as she continued to stir the contents in her bowl.

“It was perfect! My compliments to the chef” she praised her with a grin; placing an appreciative hand on the Spanish ladies arm.

“Gracias. You are very kind”.

Walking through the grand hallway entrance, she followed the light; heading for the courtyard.

Stepping through the doorway she found herself outside, the suns rays already pounding down on her head as she stood in the large and open planned area.

“Sleep well dear?” a charming voice appeared at her side.

Turning to face her fiancé she smiled, “I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow, I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well”.

“I’m glad” he gave her a nod and a smile.

Sitting down on the spare patio chair, she leant over, giving him a soft but tantalizing kiss.

“The gala’s tonight; are you ready for it?” he asked as they pulled away.

“Of course” she nodded. “My outfits hanging in the drawing room, the adjustments have already been made, but I’ll make sure to try it on before we leave,” she told him.

“Good, because nothing can go wrong tonight”.

“It wont” she soothed him with her calming voice; placing her soft and delicate hand on top of his, “just try and relax. It will all run like clock work, as it always does, I’m certain of it” she smiled at him reassuringly.

“Thank you” he smiled back, “what would I do without you” he said as he cupped her one cheek, giving it a tender stroke.

Rising to his feet he left through the doorway. He had paper work to check and details for tonight to confirm. Once again, Alec Mathews had a busy day ahead of him.


Summer Bay consisted of two ‘sides,’ the upper class and the working class. The working class area was situated on the borderline of the seaside town, just outside of the city; therefore it wasn’t uncommon for the majority of its residents to travel into the city for their work life. The more fortunate side to Summer Bay however, lay to the left of the sea-shore, located at its highest point in the hills and moving downwards. There were two names on everyone’s lips when entering the privileged estate; The Mackenzie’s and the Mathews.

The Mathews (along with their successful collection of company’s) had originally moved into the area almost 50 years ago, the Mackenzie’s (their counterpart’s) soon followed, taking a leaf out of the Mathew’s books, and realising that summer bay was soon to be a thriving neighbourhood, one which would provide a substantial working environment, as well as the perfect place to live.

As if it were a fairy tale, of course the son and daughter of the two families fell in love, and now, Martha Mackenzie, aged 22, and Alec Mathews, aged 24, were soon to be married, much to the delight of both their parent’s.

Living in such a sheltered environment had its downfall’s however, as Martha was beginning to discover. Never would she be allowed to enter the city of her own accord, she must be accompanied by a friend, assistant or a family member. Nor would she engage in a good hard days work, earning money for herself. No, that was the man’s job; one of the many rules that she had been brought up to obey (even if she didn’t necessarily like it).

No, Martha Mackenzie was royalty in her own right. Her nails would always be clean and a top would never be worn twice. But unlike the others, she was a royal with a warm heart, she cared for the feelings of others, would willingly offer help wherever needed, and would never belittle or talk down to those classed as ‘below’ her.

She was a one of a kind, and as bigheaded as it may sound, she knew it herself.

Of course she was eternally grateful to be handed everything on a golden platter; her food, her clothing, her shelter. But she couldn’t help but wish there was more to life.

Not more as in money and wealth, but more as in, a world outside the large and restrictive mansion walls, a world to explore, a place where lots of faces could be met, conversation could be made, and experiences could be engaged in.

But no, that was someone else’s life.

She had learnt to accept people telling her where to go and what to do. Wear this, eat that, remain by my side at all times, and never ever betray me.

Those stern words had often been spoken to her, and as always she would accept them with a courtly smile. For she was Martha Mackenzie, daughter of Brett Mackenzie, and soon to be wife of Alec Mathews, one of the most power-fullest men in Australia.

Preview: Who does Martha find incredibly entrancing?

Please comment =]

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Ok, a longer chapter coming your way.

I should note as well, that this chapter flips too and fro from Marthas position, to Jacks. It should be obvious lol, but if not, when you see - *.*.*.*.*.* it means its changing person, but when you see ....... it means its just a new scene.

Confused? :P

I wont do this for other chapters, its just this one predominantly keeps flipping.

Warning: Chapter maybe unsuitable for younger readers.

Hope you enjoy :D

Chapter 3:


A time when the blossomed stars are at their brightest; scattered over the vast dark dome, like a spotted blanket.

Some may view the night sky as threatening, the way it created a sense of enclosure, but Jack found it entrancing, almost comforting. He was used to it, after all.

Tucked up beneath the trees, his back resting against the bark, he heard the distinct sound of a gentle howling. Not from foxes or wild dogs, but of the steady wind swirling and shifting through the leaves.

It wasn’t cold here, surprisingly. He had expected it to be cold considering the sea was right beside him, but the cool wind against the warm air was relaxing, it made him appreciate being able to experience the naked world in its truest form. He would value this feeling above that of being cooped up between 4 claustrophobic walls. So in that sense, Jack saw himself as incredibly lucky.

With a full belly, he settled himself down, closing his eyes…

He'd already had his late night fill. A lucky find of left over fish and chips; still wrapped up in its paper packaging. Clearly someone had dumped it randomly on a park bench, unable to eat it all, so Jack had quickly gobbled it down. As well as this, he’d found water that ran freely from several taps dotted around the area. So all in all, the town seemed very well equipped, even for a person of Jacks position.

Hearing the sudden surge of voices, cheers and clapping, his eyes quickly shot open. Curious at the sound, he rose to his feet.

Walking several steps forward, he peered through the trees and the gaps between the metal gate, noticing a crowd of well dressed individuals, all wearing ball gowns or tuxedo’s. He couldn’t make out any words, it was mostly a loud mumble as he was too far away, but he could see that they were all very happy, either chatting away, or kissing and hugging each other goodnight, before they slowly, one by one, left the area in style, exiting in their Merc’s or Bentleys.

As the minutes ticked by, Jack found himself fixated on these seemingly powerful and well-off individuals; wondering to himself, what it would be like to live in their world, even for just a day or so.

Potentially a question he would never get the answer too…


“You look stunning tonight Martha, that dress, it blows me away how beautiful you are,” gushed Alec, causing her to blush in the moonlight.

“You’re very sweet” she smiled up in adoration; stepping closer towards him and feeling as he placed his hands on her hips.

“I can’t wait to make you my wife” he added through pure pride.

“And I can’t wait to be your wife” she replied; reaching over and touching his cheek so gently.

The car soon arrived, and they slid inside, closing the door behind them, and making their way back to the mansion.

As they began their journey down the road, she found her eyes being drawn to the trees in the distance.

Squinting hard, she made out the image of a dark curvy figure. A shiver suddenly ran down her spine as she observed the shadow swaying. Could it be a tree? Or was it something else?

Turning away through discomfort, she focused up ahead; it was probably her eyes playing tricks on her. It was extremely late after all.

“I think a good night sleep is in order, don’t you?” Alec spoke up, as he noticed her face in a frown.

“Yeah” she smiled, turning to him, “I think you’re right”.

Briefly closing her eyes, she shook her head; removing the thoughts from her tired and probably delusional mind.

She was definitely ready for her sleep…


He watched as the car drove up the swooping road and towards the highest point; strangely getting the impression that he’d been seen. He was almost sure he had made out two shiny brown eyes looking at him. But he was probably mistaken.

With a sigh, Jack returned to his new home, the patch on the ground, of which he now claimed as his own.

Sitting down he wrapped the rug tightly around him, closing his eyes and settling off to sleep…


(The following day – 10 am)

The door swung open to reveal a tanned, young and smiling blonde, “Hey Anabelle, is Martha in?” she asked in her usual friendly manner.

“Morning Miss Andrews, she’ll be right down”.

Natasha Andrews, or, Tasha, as Martha liked to call her, was the daughter of Charles Andrews, a wealthy real-estate. Martha and Tasha had been best friends ever since the moment they had entered this world. Both their mothers had given birth to them on the same day, almost at the same time. In fact, they were separated by barely 5 minutes.

Nothing had ever torn this duo apart, they were insanely loyal to one another, and some may say, inseparable. She told Tasha things she would never dream of telling her family, not even Alec, her future husband. Tasha was the only member of the ‘upper-class clan’, that was truly aware of what really went on in Martha’s mind; her concerns about her future and her craving to explore the outside world. Of course, she would never tell a soul, as Martha, understanding that her family and Alec would potentially turn on her if she ever questioned their way of doing things, knew that it was best to keep quiet.

“Hey Tash, sleep well?” grinned Martha as she walked down the stair case, holding onto the banister as she went; her posture as elegant as ever.

“Hey! Yeah, after last night, absolutely! I was exhausted,” she said with a light giggle.

“Morning ladies, off shopping again?” Alec smirked as he made his entrance from down the hallway.

“Of course! What else are ladies of leisure supposed to do?” grinned Tasha, as she smirked back at him.

“Hmm, well have fun. And don’t you forget to look after my fiancé,” Alec pointed at her in a playfully warning manner; but he was deadly serious, and they all knew it.

If anything were to ever happen to his soon-to-be-wife, it was fairly safe to say, that world war’s 3, 4 and 5 would quickly break out.

“Don’t worry, I always do” she smiled, linking her friends arm protectively, before they both left through the front door…


Later that day…

“Are you sure?” asked Tasha, her voice uneasy and her eyes wary as she contemplated the notion in her head, “I’m not really comfortable with leaving you to walk back by yourself” she added. “And let’s face it, Alec would kill me if I did” she gulped; her eyebrows rising. She’d hate to be on the receiving end of Alec’s disappointment.

“Don’t worry” Martha laughed at her friend’s statement, “I can handle Alec! Not to mention, I can handle myself, it’s less than 2 blocks away for goodness sake. I’m not some scared little girl you know, I’m 22 years old!” she exclaimed, rolling her eyes at everyone’s constant worrying.

Did everyone think she was a weakling or something? Martha Mackenzie could take care of herself! And it was about time everyone realised that!

“Its not that I think you’re incapable of walking 2 blocks Martha, I just … I wouldn’t like to see Alec’s face when he sees you coming home alone, that’s all” she told her with a gentle sigh. “I don’t need that stress right now, and you don’t either.”

“It’s honestly not a problem” she placed her hand on Tasha’s shoulder, trying her best to persuade her around. “And anyway, Alec’s going to have to deal with me walking the streets alone sooner or later, so it may as well be sooner”.

With a huff and roll of the eyes, she eventually gave in, “Ok, but if Alec says anything…” she began with trepidation.

“Don’t worry” she said as she looked directly into her eyes, “Alec’s not your problem,” she reassured her. “And who’s saying he’ll even see me coming home, he’s probably still out working or something,” she shrugged.

“Yeah, maybe … just be careful ok” she advised her friend.

“I will” she gave her a nod. “And listen, thanks for today, it was fun”.

With a warm and friendly hug, they said their goodbyes, before they both headed their separate ways…


Walking home, Martha felt a wave of delight wash over her. There was a slight spring in her step as she strolled along with her head held up high; her vision taking in the vast beauty of her seaside home.

She was actually thankful that Tasha had been called away; finally she could have some quality time to herself. No friends, no assistants, and no Alec! Because as much as she adored their concerns and worries for her, she was a big and brave girl, and she wished to face certain things in life on her own…


Following a casual walk, she located a nearby bench, and ensuring it was clean, she took a seat. Her face still displaying that warm and luminous smile she wore so well…

She truly hadn’t felt this free in a long time.

She would definitely be taking trips out by herself in future!

Glancing around the area, she took in the view. The blossomed trees, the occasional wildlife, the shimmering ocean in the distance; the pure essence of how wondrous this town really was.

Her trailing eyes continued to scrutinize the area, finding their way into the distant trees. A familiar spot, of which she had been strangely drawn to last night.

Similarly to the previous night, a dark shadow lay cooped up beneath the bushes. Squinting hard, she made out the image of a man.

With a startled breath, she turned away; her body suddenly rigid and her eyes fixed forward. She prayed he hadn’t caught her looking.

For some reason however, she found her eyes encouraging her to turn back. Maybe it was her kind, considerate and almost intrigued nature that was beginning to take over.

Glancing from the corner of her eye, she noticed as he began to move; scurrying across 10 feet, before coming to a halt.

She watched as his stature slowly bent like a tree, his almost blackened out hands peeking out of his rug, as he cupped beneath the communal tap, catching the running water with his palms.

She could have shed a tear at that moment in time, as she watched this poor defenceless man, literally getting down on his hands and knees for even just a drop of cool, clean water.

It was things like this that people took for granted, and Martha hated that about her world. The people around her were severely selfish and unappreciative, if only they could live in this lost mans world for just two seconds; then maybe they would learn to be more grateful.

With her head still tilted, she found herself being fixated on this strange but almost captivating man.

Following his fill, he scampered back to his hiding place, settling down and curling up.

Once again she looked straight ahead, trying to be casual, but she couldn’t help her curious eyes. She didn’t mean any harm by it; she was just so intrigued…

Cautiously turning back, she studied his appearance, he was quite far away, and even though the sun was going down, it was still fairly bright, so the clarity of her vision was quite distorted, she did however manage to make out his hair and clothing.

As her vision studied the dark lump intently, she eventually found two shiny brown eyes; ones that were quite clearly staring straight back at her. She wasn’t startled this time however, in fact, she was filled with a warm and contented feeling.

So content in fact, that she found herself smiling…

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As if the chapters could get any longer! :o lol

They wont all be this long, I promise.

Warning: Chapter maybe unsuitable for younger readers.

Thanks for commenting, and enjoy :D

Chapter 4:

Her long and carefree walk home had quickly come to an end, as she found herself running into Alec; an unfortunate but almost inevitable encounter.

Furious at discovering his fiancé walking the streets alone, he took her back to the mansion, demanding an explanation.

“Its fine Alec, stop worrying” she brushed it aside; walking through into the lounge area and resting her tired feet.

“Its not fine Martha, anything could have happened to you” his tone of voice did not represent that of a happy camper.

“Well, I’m sorry. But Tash got called away, what else could I do” she shrugged as she looked up at him from where she sat. “And please don’t be angry with Tash, she really was adamant to bring me home”.

Although disappointed with her behaviour, he chose to let it go. “Very well, just dont let it happen again. You should call the house if there’s ever a problem” he advised her. But it wasn’t so much of a suggestion, more of an order.

“I will” she replied convincingly, maintaining his eye contact. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a bath” she said simply, before rising to her feet and heading towards the staircase.


His mind had remained fixed on that mysterious woman; the beautiful brunette from before, the very one that had spent almost 10 minutes of her time, staring at him.

Of course he hadn’t minded, she meant know harm to him. In fact, he had found her warm smile to be quite comforting. A very unusual feeling for Jack to experience.

Walking through the grassy land, he came to a stop, stumbling across an electric-powered gate. Grasping the steel pipes with his rough and dirty hands, he peered through the gap.

Looking ahead, he eyed the estate; with its tall houses, perfectly cut grass gardens and clear paths and driveways. Not a single spec of rubbish or graffiti in sight.

It was apparent that only the very wealthy and well-to-do residents would live in a place like this; much like the woman from before.

With a dejected sigh, he turned away. Wondering to himself if he would ever see her again...


(The following morning)

“Miss Mackenzie, I believe Mr Mathews wouldn’t appreciate you leaving the mansion by yourself” Annabelle informed her in her usual pleasant manner; indirectly warning her to remain within the safety of the mansion walls.

Martha was having none of it however. “Well, what Alec doesn’t know, won’t hurt him” she smiled at her sweetly; pulling the front door open and stepping outside.

“Miss” Annabelle called her back. “Do be careful … I’d hate for any harm to come to you”.

“Thank you for your concern, but I’ll be fine” she continued to smile, before closing the door behind her…


“What can I get you darl?” The lady asked as she confronted Martha with a smile.

Taking a brief moment to decide, she glanced over towards the specials board.

“Could I get a fruit smoothie please?”

“Sure thing, are you sitting in or taking out?” the mature red-head enquired.

“Oh,” she frowned for a moment; once again mulling over her decision, “I might just take it to go thank you. It’s such a lovely day, I think it calls for a walk along the beach” she smiled.

“You know what darl, I think that sounds like a lovely idea”.

Standing at the counter, she watched as the lady poured her milkshake into the plastic cup. Martha was pleasantly surprised by the quick service and friendly staff; Alec had always told her how this side of Summer Bay occupied only the dull and somewhat boorish residents of town. But as usual, she had found that was merely a fabrication of the real story.

Exiting the small diner, she took to the sandy slope, making her way down towards the beach…


She had spent over an hour sitting on the beach, watching in awe as the children played ball or jumped in the waves. She had also taken a stroll up towards the rock pools, occasionally dipping her toes into the warm water, or running her fingers through the foam. Something she hadn’t done for almost 6 years!

As a child, she had spent the majority of her time down by the seashore, accompanied by Tasha and their mothers. Surprisingly enough, her mother and father hadn’t been that strict, but nowadays however, things were quite different, it seemed that walking along the sand was merely a distant memory for Martha, and that was mostly because of Alec’s constant restrain on her; always wanting her at home, where he could keep a watchful eye on her.

Any moment that allowed her to be alone, brought forward an indescribable mixture of emotions. Her happiness was at its highest; brighter than the sunshine, however her sadness was also an accompanied feeling. It was at times like this when she realised just how trapped she really was, because despite how much she loved and adored her family and friends, they couldn’t seem to recognise their faults. The way they would control her and indirectly force her to obey their orders. Life shouldn’t be like that, Martha often thought to herself. Whatever happened to equal rights and the chance to lead an autonomous life?

Clearly their world didn’t revolve around any of that. And as usual, Martha would be forced to go along with it…


It was 7pm, significantly late for a person in Martha’s position, however she chose to avoid rushing back, she knew that Alec always worked late on Wednesdays, so the probability of getting caught was thankfully quite low.

Crossing the path in a happy daze, her mind elsewhere, she failed to notice the oncoming vehicle zooming towards her.

The sudden sound of tyres screeching to a halt against the tarmac caught her attention, abruptly flicking her head to face the sound she saw two bright white lights. Before she had a chance to react however, she felt a hard force on her back, pushing her out of the way.

Flying onto the ground with an almighty thud, the two individuals rolled into a heap…

Opening her blinking eyes, her face scrunching up through pain and confusion, she took in the face above her.

“Are you alright?” the low and almost silent gravelly voice spoke down to her.

Placing her hand to her head she whispered, “Ouch” before her eyes closed in a frown; the sound of the screaming car still ringing in her ears.

Soon that sound was replaced with something else however, as a loud and horrified voice suddenly appeared at their side.

“MARTHA!” bellowed the voice, causing her eyelids to once again flick open. Although slightly dazed and confused, she knew exactly who that was.

Watching as her saviour quickly scrambled to his feet, clearly quite startled at the sudden sound of the ferocious voice approaching them, she remained laid out on her back…

Without a second to think, Jack found himself facing a confrontation…

“How dare you even think about touching my fiancé!” Alec roared at him through anger, grabbing him by the throat and forcing him backwards towards the trees.

“Alec don’t!” yelled Martha, as she finally came back to earth, hurrying to her feet and running up towards them, clinging onto her fiancés arm and doing her best to separate them. “Let go of him! He saved my life!” she cried, her words finally encouraging him to loosen his grip.

“What?” he turned to her, his eyes still full of fury.

“I was crossing the road, and I didn’t see the car” she tried to explain through her current state of breathlessness, “... I just … I made a mistake, I wasn’t looking … I could have been killed if it wasn’t for this man” she burst with so much emotion; her breath still erratic in her lungs.

He frowned, turning back to the scruffy man that stood before him. Removing his hands completely, Alec composed himself. “I see” he said simply, as he watched the man rub at his bruised neck; a rough and spluttered cough also coming from his mouth as he did. “It seems I was mistaken” he began, “… I’m sorry for … attacking you, unnecessarily”. He told him, but with minimal compassion, “I believe thank you is in order”.

Jacks head remained bowed downwards, his eyes only able to glance up at the man occasionally, as he felt too vulnerable to directly face him. His neck was beginning to throb in a painful ache; the strength of this mans fingers digging into his skin had been excruciating.

Not exactly a pleasant reward for saving someone’s life.

As Jack remained silent, Martha spoke up. “I really am so grateful for you saving me, and I’d love to make it up to you” she gushed at Jack in kindness, “Perhaps you’d like to come over for dinner sometime?” she suggested.

“Martha” Alec interrupted with an amused laugh, “I think this man has better things to do with his time than attend one of your dinner parties” he said in a belittling manner.

Hurt by his words, she frowned in sadness; her head also beginning to lower.

“How about a little financial settlement? I suspect that would suit you better?” Alec questioned him as he delve into his pocket. There was something so patronising about the way he spoke.

Jack watched in silence as he opened his wallet. The notes literally flooding out of the leather like a great wave.

“One … two … maybe, three hundred?” he said as he held the money in his hand. “Here, it’s the least we can do for your trouble” he handed the money out to Jack.

Staring at the wad of cash, he froze, not knowing what to do. He didn’t feel entirely comfortable about taking this mans money. Not that such a small amount of $300 would make even a dent in this rich mans oversized wallet.

300 to Jack however, was much needed food and drink.

“Ermm” Jack stuttered, his eyes flicking too and fro from the man to the cash.

“Please, just take it” he almost forcefully grabbed Jacks hand, placing the cash in between his shaky fingers. “I’d feel so much better knowing I’d repaid you for saving my girl’s life” he smiled. But it wasn’t a look of appreciation or admiration, it was a look of … now my debt to you is paid; I don’t expect to see you around here ever again!

“Right!” exclaimed Alec, as he rubbed his hands together, “we best be getting back dear” he turned to Martha, wrapping his arm around her back and nudging her towards him; showing Jack that she belonged to him, and to him only.

“Yeah, I guess we should” she spoke in a hushed tone of voice. A part of her almost didn’t want to leave this man. It was strange how she could feel so safe and comforted by a complete stranger, unlike that of her fiancé.

“Well, safe travelling” Alec finished, giving the hobo a small smile before he pulled Martha away, keeping her close to him at all times as they all-but-ran towards their estate…


The front door slammed shut, the mansion walls almost shaking through fear as Alec stormed into the living room…

“How long have you been hiding this Martha!? Sneaking out by yourself all of the time, this really isn’t like you!”

“I fancied a walk, that’s all. I hate being trapped in these mansion walls,” she said in a slight moan; her voice particularly loud, but as always, she kept her composure.

He shook his head as he rubbed his temples; his breathing was beginning to grow heavier by the second. “You are not to go out again by yourself, do you understand that!” His eyes stared directly at her; a look of determination on his face as he spoke to her.

“You can’t tell me what to do” she replied; her voice noticeably wavering through apprehension, “I’ll go out, if and when I please” she stood her ground; keeping her head up high, but she knew it would be obvious to him how frightened she really was.

He looked at her expressionlessly; his eyes still boring into her face. “Yes. And the next time you do, nobody will be there to save you,” he said in a deep and sinister tone of voice; doing all he could to scare the living daylights out of her, as well as indirectly forcing her to do as she was told.

She stood on the spot vulnerably, her hands and breath shaking through fear, before she watched as he flashed her one last look of distaste, before turning and walking away; a sudden slam of the patio door could then be heard, causing her to jump, before there was nothing left but silence…

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Thanks guys :)

Warning: Content maybe unsuitable for younger readers

Enjoy :D

Chapter 5:

(Later that day)

“I’m not going to lie that I’m disappointed in your behaviour Martha” Alec stood at their bedroom doorway; looking across at his fiancé who sat on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge as she stared out of the window with her back to him. “You know how this works; where you belong. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself” he added callously, but his voice was soft and tender.

“I don’t expect you too” her gentle voice replied, as she continued to keep her back to him.

With a loud exhale he walked into the room, moving around the bed before standing at her side, “Martha, I know this is hard for you. And I know that you feel like you’re restricted to these walls, but … its not like you never go out. You’re often out and about with Tasha, or off visiting your family. It’s not as if it’s never heard of”.

She remained silent, her eyes continually fixed on the ocean displayed through her window, enjoying it as a welcome distraction.

“And as for inviting that man back to our house” he added in disbelief. “I’ve never heard anything more absurd!” he exclaimed.

She finally turned to him, her face frowning and her eyes glaring, “I was trying to say thank you, that’s all. He saved my life Alec, and he probably hasn’t tasted a good home-cooked meal in years. I was being kind and considerate … unlike you,” she finished with a mutter as she turned away from him.

“And what? Giving him money wasn’t a kind and considerate gesture?” he questioned her with wide eyes. “I gave him more than enough for his troubles. That $300 will buy him good food and clothing. So much better than your feeble attempt at a dinner party” he rolled his eyes as he scoffed at her earlier suggestion.

His words cut her deep, how could he not process the fact that he could be so cruel and vicious at times? But she stayed strong, holding her head up high.

Looking into his eyes once again she spoke up, “I’m going to take a bath” she said simply, “I’d prefer not to be disturbed,” before she rose from her seat, brushed passed him and made her way into the bathroom...


She glanced into the mirror, swivelling her body to the side to look at her back. She’d cut herself during the fall, not a deep cut, but just enough to cause potential bruising.

With a huff she chose to leave it, it wasn’t infected and didn’t really sting, so there was no reason why it wouldn’t heal in no time. Stepping inside the warm soapy water she settled herself down, closing her eyes…


His legs were beginning to ache; so much sitting around surely couldn’t do anyone much good.

Taking another trip to the communal tap, Jack flushed his face with fresh water.

He felt as the cool liquid trickled down his neck, soothing the raw marks that were left there, following his earlier unfortunate encounter.

He sighed, thinking back to the incident. It had been a rather lucky save. It just so happened that he’d been strolling through the grassland when he saw her.

She seemed to be off with the fairies when he watched her, it therefore wasn’t surprising that he'd found himself having to save her.

It was just a pity her fiancé had turned up. He hadn’t exactly expected to get strangled for saving her life.

Oh well, he’d had worse things happen to him in the past.


(The following day)

My dear Martha,

I’ve been called away on a conference; I should return before midnight.

I’m sorry if you’re still upset with me. I promise I’ll make it up to you soon.


She read his note out loud. A smile creeping onto her face at the thought of him being out of the house; once again she would be free to explore her surroundings.

Hopefully this time however, the day wouldn’t end quite so dramatically.

Walking through into the hallway, she picked up her purse, wrapping her shawl over her shoulders to protect her skin from the burning sun, before making her way towards the front door…

“Miss,” Annabelle’s voice appeared from behind her, “may I ask where you’re going?”

Turning around to face the voice she simply replied, “Out”.

“Is that really necessary, wouldn’t you prefer to stay inside, it’s alot cooler indoors, and no risk of the sun beaming down on your skin” she said with a smile.

Martha rolled her eyes. “Let me guess, Alec told you to keep an eye on me?” she asked her, her eyebrows rising as she waited for her answer.

“You know he means well Miss, he’s just … he doesn’t want to see you get hurt”.

“No” she rolled her eyes, “Alec doesn’t want to see me doing anything, that’s the problem” she said glumly, “he’d have me locked in doors if he had things his way”.

“I understand you’re feeling a little … upset and delicate …”

“I’m not upset Annabelle, and I’m not delicate!” She found her voice rising, just to get her point across. “I just want my freedom, just like the next person does” she told her, “and as far as I’m concerned; until he chains me down, I’ll leave the house if and when I please”.

And with that firm stance, she left the mansion walls…


Tentatively approaching the grassy land, her eyes scanned the space ahead of her; her face frowning as she failed to locate him.

Sensing something warm coming up behind her, she quickly spun around, coming face to face with a large dark figure … it was her rescuer.

She placed her hand to her beating heart. “You startled me” the words slipped from her lips as she looked at him.

He frowned slightly, turning away from her, “I’m sorry” he replied in a low and husky voice, as he took his seat on the grassy patch.

Looking up at her, his eyes inquisitive, he waited for her to speak.

She took her sun glasses off before she began, placing them neatly on the top of her head. “Well, I just wanted to thank you again, for saving my life” she started, her hands neatly clasping together at her front. “You have no idea how grateful I am for you being there” she smiled at him in warmth.

He nodded at her in response, a small but awkward smile spreading across his face.

“And” she looked at her hands for a moment, “I believe I owe you an apology … I can’t believe Alec was so …” she trailed off in annoyance, before focusing back on the man in front of her. “My fiancé’s behaviour was completely uncalled for, I’m so sorry” she apologised with so much sincerity, as she looked down at him from where she stood.

Again he kept his words to himself, just giving her a feeble nod in acknowledgment.

“Well, I just wanted to express my thanks to you really” she smiled with an accompanied shrug. “And maybe, learn your name?” she asked carefully; her eyebrows briefly rising.

Silence filled the atmosphere, as she waited anxiously for his response.

Eventually, he replied…

“Jack” he said simply, “My names Jack”.

A smile spread across her face as she took note of his words; she couldn’t help but feel delighted that he would be kind enough to reveal his name, but then again, he had already saved her life, so greetings should certainly come alot easier.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jack, I’m Martha, Martha Mackenzie” she beamed.


After taking a seat on the grass, her legs bent graciously at her side and her hands held in a lock on her lap, she continued…

“I know that this may sound a little … forward” she scrunched her face up at her own words, “but I’d love for you to come home with me for dinner”.

She watched as he fidgeted uncomfortably in his place, his head dropping a little as she spoke.

“Alec gave his thanks through money. Now I’ll give you my thanks” she offered.

His head slowly rose, looking into her eyes, and cautiously eyeing her appearance. “It’s not necessary, but thank you for the offer” his voice was still low and soft.

Her head dipped downwards, her face falling through rejection; a gentle sigh sliding from her pink lips.

Lifting her head she tried once again…

“I’d hate for you to say no because you feel threatened” she began, “But Alec’s out for the day, he wont disturb us, I can promise you that at least … and to be honest, I’d love some fresh company" her voice was so genuine and kind as she spoke. "… something tells me you might as well” she asked him carefully; not wanting to hurt or offend him.

“Please … will you join me?”

Preview: Will the dinner go ahead?

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Thank you :D

I might start updating this a bit faster, cause I'm dawdling with SS at the moment lol

Warning: Swear word.

Enjoy :)

Chapter 6:

“Does she bite?” questioned a wary Jack.

“No, she’s very well tamed. She’s been in the family for years, so she’s rather used to being handled” she replied, as she watched Jack stroke the exotic birds feathered head.

“She’s beautiful,” he spoke with a gentle sigh.

“Yeah, she is. She’s stunning” she smiled. “And I think she likes you” she said with a gentle and delighted chuckle.

“Yeah … the feelings mutual” he smiled at the parrot; loving the feeling of something so soft and tender running through his fingers. It wasn’t often that he would get to touch various textures, mostly it was just wood and grass, but this was a warm and somewhat comforting surface to touch.

“Its sad how something so delicate, and so adventurous, could be restricted to merely a cage,” she said randomly, sadness evident in her voice as she spoke; strangely enough, she could see herself in the birds position.

“Yeah …” replied Jack as he slowly turned around to face her, his face frowning slightly, “I suppose it is”.

Looking into her sad and glassy eyes, he came to understand that her situation was clearly quite similar to that of the birds. A pang of sadness could be felt in his stomach, as he recognized just how trapped this woman really was.

It seemed he wasn’t the only one with problems.

“You’re … you’re a very brave woman to let me into your home” he said carefully as he turned back round to stroke the parrots head.

She laughed softly, “you’re not about to tell me you’re some psycho killer are you?” she questioned him with a smirk.

“No, not at all” he smiled, shaking his head lightly as he refaced her. “I was more referring to … well, your world. It’s safe to say we both live in completely different environments, and its fairly rare for the two to collide”.

“Well, of course. But who’s to say the two can’t mix” she asked in a rhetorical type manner; her shoulders shrugging a little.

“I believe your fiancé might” he informed her with a small smile.

She sighed, briefly turning away to glance at the photo on the mantle piece of herself and Alec, “Well” she said in a whisper, her voice gradually growing louder, “its not as if Alec’s here right now, is it” she smiled, re-facing him.

Walking towards the doorway she turned back, “Please come through” she waved him through with the swing of her hand; leading him into the dining room.


“Take a seat” she signalled towards the large mahogany table and chairs.

Looking down at the pale-cottoned-material, he frowned in unease; he wasn’t exactly comfortable sitting on something so clean and probably quite expensive. What if they grew dirty, all because of him!?

“Is something wrong?” her head tilted slightly as she frowned; noticing as he remained standing.

“Erm, well …” his words trailed away as he once again glanced down at the chairs surface in discomfort.

She smiled; recognizing his concern. “Please, it’s not a problem” she lightly shook her head, “wont you sit down” she urged him, as she took a seat herself.

With a small nod he sat in the chair, at first careful not to press too hard as he was conscious of making a mark, until he slowly began to relax, sinking into the cushion quite nicely. Clearly she didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so why should he!?

Soon their drinks and starter portions arrived, and the meal began…


“I don’t think I’ve ever finished a meal so quickly” he beamed. “It was wonderful. I’ll have to thank your chef” he added; his vocals now smooth and natural, the consistency of the food and drink moistening his throat and removing the previously rough and dried out texture.

“She’ll be grateful to know you enjoyed it” she smiled back at him; taking the last mouthfuls of her meal and swallowing them away. Delicately wiping the corner of her mouth with the napkin, she placed it back onto her lap.

“Would you like some dessert?” she asked as she took a tiny sip of her remaining red wine.

“I certainly wouldn’t say no” he grinned. He was starting to warm to this environment, the company in particular made him feel right at home…

Calling Rosita over to take the orders, they sat waiting in silence.

The loud tick of the large wooden clock could be heard as the room fell speechless. But it wasn’t an awkward silence; in fact the atmosphere was quite warm and content.

Every so often his eyes would trail around the room, absorbing the elegant display of flowers, ornaments and photo frames, before finishing with a final glance at Martha. Her smile luminous and glowing; the very smile that would send even his almost-solid-stiff toes tingling with delight.

He’d never felt this at ease with anyone in such a long time...

There was only one other person in his past, similarly as beautiful and sensationally as kind as Martha, that had made him feel so safe and comforted, and she had turned out to be the devil in disguise. Ripping his heart out when he was most vulnerable.

Of course Jack was alot older and wiser now, but still, Martha’s beauty and kindness affected him.

In fact, it affected him so much, that he couldn’t help but fear a reoccurrence of the past; a déjà vu type situation if you like. It therefore wasn’t surprising that he remained ‘on guard’ at all times.

As he always said … beautiful women come with much heartbreak…


“Here” she said as she picked up his rug; now smelling fresh and clean following its recent wash. She had insisted he let her wash it, and now that she had returned it, in its spanking new condition, he was glad she had been so persistent.

“Thank you” he smiled in appreciation, taking a hold of his rug and folding it up neatly in his arms.

Walking towards the door, he turned back to her, “I really do appreciate your kindness Martha. No one’s ever invited me into their home before”.

“Well, you’re always welcome here" she smiled, "… when Alec’s away, of course” she added in slight awkwardness; but she was sure he would sympathise with her situation.

He nodded in understanding.

“Unfortunately, Alec cant see a genuine soul if they smacked him across the face” she rolled her eyes; “he’s a somewhat selfish son of a bitch” she smiled at him with her gorgeous closed-lipped smile.

He chuckled lightly at her amusing comment. He was beginning to see a side to her that he thought he’d only dream about. Not only was she stunning, as radiant and as striking as the sun. Also kind and very caring. But she also had a sense of humour. She wasn’t hollow and out-for-herself like the rest of the upper classed town.

No, this girl had something about her, she was special; a one of a kind. And despite his grievances about the past, he was happy to welcome this beautiful girl into his life … even for just a short time at least…

Preview: Jack and Martha grow ever closer.

And someone unwillingly gets a makeover :o (I think you can all guess who :P)

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^ :lol: Sorry people! Its probably not what you were hoping for lol

Thanks and please comment :D

Chapter 7:

(The following day)

Once again, Alec had left at the crack of dawn. Yet again he had another business extravaganza up his sleeve.

So, with time to herself, it was the perfect opportunity to do some shopping.

The shopping wasn’t for her however; it was for a certain special someone; someone that could definitely do with a makeover…

“I went out and bought you some things. A shaver, tooth brush, clothing” she listed the items, “I hope you don’t mind”.

He looked down at the table, eyeing the items she had bought for him. Finally looking into her eyes he lightly shook his head, a small smile spread onto his face. “Thank you …” he said, he was rather lost for words.

“You’re very welcome” she smiled at him. “Look, why don’t you come upstairs, you can have a shower and get into some clean clothes. I’ll even call Annabelle, the maid; she can give you a hair cut,” she suggested, shovelling the items on the table into a bag for easier carriage.

“Oh, I don’t know” he frowned in discomfort; suddenly feeling uneasy about undergoing such a dramatic transformation.

As bizarre as it sounded, the dirt that covered his face, the ragged clothes that he wore and his over grown hair, was all a security blanket for him, it kept him hidden at times when most needed, and to have it all taken away … would make him feel almost naked.

Turning to her with inquisitive eyes, Jack spoke up, “I don’t mean to sound, ungrateful or rude, but … why are you doing all of this?” he softly questioned her. “Why would you even want to help me?”

She stopped her movements, carefully placing the bag onto the table and looking at him with a sad smile. “I guess I … I can see myself in you, in a way,” she began, “I mean I know our situations aren’t the same, and I would never belittle your experience. I can see you’ve had a hard life, but … I’d like to think we could help each other out … its fairly safe to say we both have our own problems … maybe we could get through them together” she finished with a gentle shrug, a small shy smile creeping onto her face; she wasn’t sure how he would react to all of this attention.

“Well … I’m not sure I’d be much help for you” he told her honestly.

“You will be … in fact, you already are” she smiled.

A warm smile appeared on his face; he felt so comforted by her. Never in his life had he come across a person from such a wealthy background, to be so genuinely kind and caring.

“So … what do you say?” she questioned him with twinkling eyes.


Opening the door to the shower, he became almost suffocated with a cloud of steam; the hot running water pouring down into the cubicle, every droplet and spray so powerfully intense.

Stepping into the large basin, he carefully closed the door behind him.

Keeping to one side, he adjusted the heat of the tap, turning it down to a more comfortable luke warm temperature.

His brown and dry fingers reached out to touch the water for the very first time, and his beady eyes watched as the heavy force of the liquid quickly washed the dirt away.

He smiled as he saw the colour of his skin for the first time in almost 7 years, and as crazy as it sounded, this was definitely a significant moment in Jacks life. Finally he was able to greet the man he had now grown up to be.

Taking a step into the centre of the tub, he allowed for the warm water to wash over him.

It stung for a brief moment as it sprayed onto his skin; it had been so long since he’d been in any position to actually have a hot shower, but he quickly found himself settling down, feeling as the drops massaged his tired muscles, and the power of the water draining him of his dirt and grime, and revealing a pale and freshened skin tone.

Using the shower pad and brush she had kindly bought for him, he scrubbed and exfoliated his skin; removing the many dead and dirty particles which lay across his body.

30 minutes later, with his face fully shaven, his hair now shampooed and cleaned, and his body smelling fresh and fruity, he stepped outside the cubicle; standing on the mat and drying himself off…


The tiny beads of water finally evaporated from the surface of the mirror, and for the first time in 7 years he took note of his appearance.

He looked hard, almost astonished at how different he looked.

He was nothing like he remembered.

No longer was he the weedy mommy’s boy with fair hair; he was now dark haired, tall, strong and supple, his shoulders broad and his chest fully formed. Considering he’d been living on the street, his physique was surprisingly well kept.

Running his hand over his chest he felt the soft skin that lay there, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought he would feel his skin so tantalizing and tender.

Picking up the lotion, he lathered it across his skin, his face getting a good dosage, making it even softer and giving his cheeks a warm summery glow.

His deodorant soon followed, once again, an item that Martha had kindly bought back for him, and then finally his teeth were cleaned.

He loved the taste of fresh mint in his mouth; there was nothing better than feeling the beauty of hygiene.


15 minutes later and his new top and trousers had made their way onto his body.

Taking one last look at his reflection in the mirror, he opened the door to enter the bedroom…

“You must be Jack” a sweet English voice suddenly confronted him.

Coming to a halt with wide eyes, he faced the young petite woman, automatically folding his arms across his chest for protection. It was strange but he felt quite vulnerable being in fresh clean clothes; clothes that weren’t even his. No longer could he hide beneath the comfort and safety of his own dirt, he would be forced to face the world as a clean and somewhat respectable human being.

He nodded in response, a little suspicious of this unfamiliar woman before him. She seemed nice enough, but it had taken him a good couple of hours to accept Martha’s genuine attention, so he guessed it would probably be the same for her.

“I’m Annabelle, the maid” she informed him as she folded up a few sheets, “I was told you needed a hair cut”.

“Oh … ermm” he paused, running his fingers through the length of his hair, “I guess” he added softly.

“Right, well if you’d like to take a seat, I’ll see what I can do” she said as she signalled towards the chair in the opposite corner of the room.

Although cautious, he tentatively walked towards her; taking a seat and looking ahead at his reflection in the mirror.

“Is there anything you want doing with it, or?” she questioned him, as she took a hold of her comb and scissors.

“Well, maybe just a tidy up, if you don’t mind” he answered in a subdued tone of voice.

“Not at all. I’d be happy too” she replied with a warm smile, before she ran her comb through the dark strands of his hair…

She could feel as he inched forward ever so slightly, pulling himself away from her as her hands worked his scalp. Clearly he was in a large amount of discomfort, she thought as she looked at him through the mirror; his cagey eyes inspecting her suspiciously. “Its ok you know, I’m not going to hurt you” she said; her head tilting slightly as she looked at him.

His eyes fell down shamefully as he looked at his hands.

“In fact, I’m actually a rather good hair dresser, even if I do say so myself” she grinned at him. Her words causing his head to rise as he released a gentle chuckle.

“Well, then I trust you’ll do a good job” he said softly, swallowing away his fear and pulling himself together; a small smile eventually creeping onto his face as he allowed for her to continue.


“Well well” smiled Martha; her eyes wider than ever before. Breath-taken at his dramatic transformation. “Look at you”. Her words were soft and astonished. She had suspected he would be rather fine to look at, just by the beauty in his eyes, but to be dashingly and deliciously handsome, well, that had been beyond her wildest dreams.

“I can’t believe it” she smiled, almost rushing forward to inspect him, like a portrait or an Italian masterpiece. “How do you feel?” she beamed; her eyes sparkling through sheer happiness. He could have sworn her eyes were brimming with tears.

“I feel good. Really good” he confirmed, smiling back at her and looking down at the clothes that fell on his body so perfectly; forming his well structured physique.

“Wow Jack, I …” she began, but she stopped as she looked into his eyes; overcome with emotion. She sighed a soft release as she gazed across at him; their vision fixated on each other, “I don’t really know what to say” she told him with honesty, her face smiling as she briefly looked away; shyness consuming her.

“Well, I’ve never made any woman lost for words before” he spoke up; feeling a little like a nervous boy on his first ever date, “…especially not someone as beautiful as you,” she couldn’t help but blush at his comment, “so, I guess I must look at least average, right?” he shrugged with a small smile.

She released a breath-filled chuckle, “at least” she emphasised; bobbing her head, her face beaming a shimmering smile.

Despite feeling a huge amount of joy and satisfaction, he couldn’t shift the niggling worry in the pit of his stomach. His camouflage had now been taken away from him, so he couldn’t exactly go back to his usual grassy land; he’d stick out a mile with his pale skin tone, flashy up-market clothes and slick back hair. He’d just look odd if he went back there.

Fortunately for him though, Martha had a suggestion…

Preview: Jack moves into his new home.

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Another update in 3 days! :o

Remember the times when I used to update, either once or twice every day :blink: (Tash would remember I'm sure :P)

Whatever happened to those days I wonder, hmmm :unsure:

Anyhoo, Enjoy :D

Chapter 8:

Shelter. Nothing better on a cold and rainy day.

Moving his items into his new home he settled himself in, placing his rug and a few other items (ones of which Martha had kindly donated to him) down onto the dry surface; preparing for the night ahead.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly a mansion, it was a neglected wooden shed which someone had abandoned not so long ago; situated just around the corner from the beach, and further up from his previous home, which meant he was closer to Martha.

It was a perfect finding and suited Jack tremendously.

“Are you sure you’ll be ok here?” she asked as she stood at his door.

“Of course, and thank you. It’s alot better than a worn-down grassy patch. At least I have more than just the trees to shelter me when it rains”.

“Yeah, I guess” she replied cautiously, frowning a little, “You know, that offer of a hotel room is still available, if you change your mind” she smiled at him sweetly.

She had been asking him almost constantly as they'd made their way towards the shed, dropping it into the conversation left right and centre, and trying to persuade him around, but as predicted, he gracefully declined.

“I really appreciate the offer, but … I belong outside, I wouldn’t feel right being cooped up in a hotel room, I know that probably sounds strange but…” he released a feeble breath-filled laugh.

“No, I understand completely”.

“Well, thank you. Because I really am grateful, for everything” he told her directly, a smile appearing on his face as he looked at her.

“I know you are” she smiled back, satisfied that he was happy.

Taking a step back, she turned around, looking out at his ‘backyard’. Her eyes didn’t fail to take note of the sparkling stars which covered the sky; there was something so eerie, but yet so comforting about them. Strange, thought Martha as she took in the spectacular array before her.

Turning back to him, she was eager to know more…

“Would you care to show me your world Jack? Would you let me live in it, just for a night?” she asked him, her face smiling in hope and her eyes glinting in the moonlight. She was practically glowing.

Looking into her eyes, her big brown beautiful and begging eyes, his heart craved to say yes, to welcome her into his world, inviting her to experience the wonder of the night sky, just for 12 hours. But his head said no, that it would only end up causing more problems, problems they could both do without. Although it tore him apart, he chose to follow his senses…

“I think, maybe, you should get home” he spoke softly; immediately regretting it as soon as he had said it, but he knew he was doing the right thing.

Watching as her face fell in sadness, her eyes glistening even more than before, he could see she was hurting.

“Why … why won’t you show me?” she questioned him, her voice almost a mute.

“Because … because it’s late, and I imagine your fiancé would want you home,” he spoke the words she hated to hear.

Her head fell in utter dejection; she was constantly on chains, always being pulled back, always being told what to do. And for a second, she had stupidly thought this man could free her somehow, but she was wrong…

Looking into his eyes she held her composure, despite her devastation. “Maybe you and Alec should join forces sometime, I’m sure you’d get along just fine” she spoke softly, her tone depicting her true state of upset, before she finished and turned away, “Good night Jack”…

Watching her walk away was astoundingly painful. The tear that slid down his dry cheek proved that clearly… he hadn’t shed a tear in almost 7 years.

Wiping away at his cheek, he swallowed away the lump in his throat. He couldn’t let this bother him. He couldn’t let this girl inside his head, nor his heart…

But who was he kidding; she was already in there…


He hadn’t slept a wink; his mind just replaying her words from the night before, “Maybe you and Alec should join forces sometime, I’m sure you’d get along just fine”.

He knew just how much she longed for freedom, and just like Alec, he had harshly excluded her from it, forbidding her to experience the one thing she wished for most of all.

How could he do such a thing? How could he turn into him!?


He peered through the garden fence, noticing her as she slowly walked around the garden; watering can in hand.

She looked so beautiful, in her soft flowing but rather elegant summers dress.

Wanting to watch her for just a moment longer, he chose to hold back. Just allowing for his eyes to capture her true beauty, on this stunning hot summer’s day.

He listened as she started to hum so sweetly, like a bird singing a delightful tune. Despite her yearning to escape, he had to admit, she looked completely in her element.

She was beautiful, stylish and sophisticated, and very well–composed. She appeared to suit the role quite well, if only it wasn’t for her longing for freedom.

Snapping back to reality and returning from his daze, he took a glance around, ensuring the coast was clear, before he tapped on the garden gate entrance...

Blushing slightly at the fact that she’d been caught singing, she made her way towards the gate.

“Good morning” she said in a formal manner as she opened it, her face failing to bare her usual warm smile; it seemed she was still rather hurt by the events of last night.

“Morning” he revealed a small and awkward smile as he looked at her.

Silence passed between the two as she waited for him to speak.

“Erm … I have a proposition for you” he began; taking a deep breath and hoping his idea would ease some tension, “I was wondering if, maybe, you’d care to join me sometime” he started carefully, “out on the beach. Just for a night”.

“Oh” she hushed, taking a thought-filled glance away, “what made you change your mind?”

“I guess … I wouldn’t mind the company … The truth is I’m kind of getting sick of talking to my hand” he said with a light smile, “And … I know how much it would mean to you … it’d be the perfect way to pay you back, for everything you’ve done for me”.

“Oh please, you saved my life Jack, I’ll be the one that’s forever in your debt” she said with a light chuckle.

He smiled at how her face quickly brightened up, “Well, if you would like to join me, maybe on a night when you can get away … I’d really love it”.

“Yeah, I’d love that too” she smiled. “But I thought about it alot last night, and I’m not so sure it’s the best idea now” she spoke with a sad sigh, her words causing Jack to frown, “I doubt I’d be able to get away from Alec for a start, and just the idea of sneaking away in the middle of the night unnerves me. If ever he caught me, I’d never hear the end of it”.

Mulling over her dilemma, he came up with a possible solution. “Well, maybe you don’t have to sneak around, maybe there’s an easier way to escape ... I know it’s a long shot, but is there someone that could cover for you?” he asked in suggestion. “Is there anyone around here you trust enough to ask?”


“Tash please” she begged her friend. “I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t really important”.

So, it’s like a life or death situation then is it?” she asked her sarcastically, flashing her a stupid a look.

“Ok” she rolled her eyes, “so it’s not exactly ‘really important’, but” she sighed in release, “It’s a wonderful opportunity for me, and it’s not like it comes along every week. Plus I’ll be getting a lesson in how to live in the wild” she burst through so much joy, “How amazing would that be!”

“It’s not exactly the wild Martha, it’s the beach” she informed her with the roll of her eyes.

“Cant you at least humour me Tash” she groaned as her eyebrows rose and her head slightly tilted.

“I’m sorry ok, but I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that you’re having secret get-togethers with some random guy!” she informed her in disbelief; her voice rising as she spoke.

“He’s not random!”

“No, actually you’re right, he’s not random, he’s a hobo” she told her with wide and wary eyes.

“His names Jack, and he’s a person, just like you and me” Martha corrected her ignorant friend. “Do you honestly think I’d go to all of this trouble, if I didn’t feel I could trust him?” she questioned her.

Shrugging her shoulders, Tasha was speechless.

“He saved my life Tash, he went out of his way to save my life, and he didn’t have too. He’s a good guy, and I just want the chance to get to know him. To be his friend”.

With a huff and the rise and fall of her shoulders, she gave in; knowing how much this truly meant to her. “Alright. But you owe me, big time missy!” she pointed her finger at her friend, following a little smirk.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” she beamed in excitement, leaping forward and embracing her friend in a hug.

“Yeah yeah, but I swear, if you get busted, you are so giving me permission to kick your ass” she told her before laughing.

Pulling away with a smile on her face, Martha replied. “Permission granted!”

Preview: The night begins. And both Martha and Jack find themselves warming to each other even more.

But despite Martha's kind and friendly nature ... will it be enough for Jack to open up?

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Chapter 9:

“Have a good night” said Alec as he placed a light kiss on his fiancé’s forehead. “I love you”.

A smile spread onto her face as she looked at him, “Yeah … you too” she practically mumbled back, for some reason finding it increasingly difficult to say the words and actually mean them.

Was she in love with him at all anymore? Had she even been in love with him in the first place!?

Of course she had, but with the events of the past few days, she was more irritated with him than in love with him.

Turning away from her fiancé with a smile, she walked up the pathway towards Tasha’s house.

She hadn’t planned to actually come to Tasha’s, but as always, the ever persistent Alec had insisted he drive her there. Obviously he was unaware that her plans least than included Tasha, but more a young 20 something male who was currently waiting for her appearance on the beach.

Waiting a mere 5 minutes in the porch of Tasha’s house, she began her short trek towards the beach…


“Jack?” she gently called out, tapping lightly on the shed door, before she peeked through a spy hole in the wood.

“I thought for a second you weren’t going to show” a voice spoke out from behind her.

Spinning around in a fright she faced him, “You gave me a fright,” she placed her hand to her beating heart as she breathed a heavy breath.

“It wouldn’t be the first time” he said with a small smile of amusement, remembering back to the first time he’d startled her. She couldn’t help but blush at his comment.

“Where did you come from anyway?” she asked as she looked around warily.

“Oh, just the bushes”.

She frowned slightly, “The bushes? How come?”

“Well …” he shrugged awkwardly, “Would you rather I did it in the ocean?” he smiled at her, a hint of tease twinkling in his eyes.

She giggled as the warm blush up her neck flushed her cheeks. “Oh. Good point” she smiled, her embarrassment hinting through.

“Here, why don’t you put your bag inside” he opened the shed door and allowed her to set her bag down.


It was 10pm, and the sun had finally died down. Sat on the beach, just a few feet away from the shed, they spoke about the earlier happenings of the day…

“Are you sure he didn’t suspect anything?”

“Of course not. As far as Alec’s concerned, I’m having a whale of a time at Tasha’s; right where he left me,” she informed him.

He smiled back feebly. “Fair enough”. But he couldn't seem to prevent the worry in the pit of his stomach.

“Look, how about we make a pact?” she suddenly announced.

“Erm, ok” he frowned in slight confusion.

“Let’s make a pact to not mention Alec’s name for the rest of the night, ok?” she smiled at him.

He chuckled lightly as he looked away, “alright, it’s a deal” he reached out and shook her hand.

With a grin on her face she shuffled onto both cheeks, spreading her legs out straight in front of her, before lying on her back. Her eyes fixed on the heavens above her as she sighed, “Tell me about the stars Jack” she smiled through contentment.

Looking down at her as she lay, he stole a moment to observe her peaceful form. Her entire face was glowing through happiness and sheer beauty. It couldn’t help but send a delightful tingle through his veins, just knowing how much this night meant to her…

Finally following her down, he lay beside her…

“Well, if I’m honest, I don’t actually know any of the real names. Mostly I just make them up” he confessed with a light chuckle.

Her smile grew into an enchanted grin, “teach me” she urged him, her eyes still transfixed on the dark dome above her.

Taking a second for his eyes to absorb the sky in its entirety, he cleared his throat. “You see those clusters of stars over there …” he pointed into the sky, receiving a nod from Martha as she followed his finger with her vision, “and those ones beside it, kind of in a round shape … That’s a bumble bee looking happy”.

He heard her giggle at his comment.

“You don’t see it?”

“Actually yeah, I do” she grinned, “That’s the queen bee for sure” she said gleefully with the nod of her head.

“Yeah, definitely. Pretty foxy too if you ask me” he smirked.

She grinned in amusement as his true personality started to shine through. She loved that he was rather cute and cheeky at times, the complete opposite to her fiancé. Who was only cheeky in an unbelievably arrogant sense.

“Ooo, and to the left there. That’s space’s version of Winnie The Pooh” he told her, almost seriously, once again causing her to laugh.

“Winnie the pooh!?” she dramatically exclaimed, “You’re making that up!” she laughed.

“I am not!” he moaned back. “Cant you see it?” he said as he pointed far out, to nothing in particular.

Turning her head to him on the rug she cocked her eyebrow; flashing him a look of amusement.

“Alright fine” he gave in. “Maybe I was making that one up” he chuckled. “But you saw the bee one right?” he raised his eyebrows at her, his grin like a Cheshire cat.

“Yeah, I guess I can give you credit for that one”.

Their gentle laughter slowly subsided, and minutes later, a warm silence filled the air.

Although her eyes appeared almost hypnotized by the display above her, her mind was somewhere else. Still curious about this lost soul of whom she’d stumbled across.

Hesitantly, she spoke up. “What happened to you Jack?” her voice was like a soft breeze in the night, “What are you doing here?”

He remained laid down on his back, staring into space, almost having not registered her question … until he looked into her eyes; so caring and concerned. With a sigh he slowly pushed himself up; sitting cross legged on the rug. Martha soon followed, sitting beside him and waiting for him to speak. “The short version ... I got my heart broken at a very early age. My mother abandoned me when I was 15, I didn’t want to go into care, so I walked out the door … and I’ve kept walking ever since”.

“That’s awful” she practically gasped. “How could a mother do that to her child!?” she asked; to no one in particular.

He shrugged, “Who knows” he said as he looked across at her, “It's hard to imagine what goes through a persons mind at a time like that ... But I don’t feel sad anymore. Well, not about her … when I think of her now, I just feel … nothing”.

She nodded slowly, but she was unable to understand how he failed to be angry. Surely he still resented her in some way? But she chose not to pry. “And what about your family? Any cousins, grandparents?”

He shook his head, “it was only ever us. To be honest I don’t think she ever got along with her family. I never even got to meet most of them.” His finger danced nervously in the sand, as he contemplated just how deeply he could trust this woman.

Choosing to open up (to an extent), he went on …

“You know, I’ve been walking now for …” he paused as he thought for a moment, “like 7, or 8 years. Never looking back, always looking forward. But … as shameful as it is to admit, I go from city to city just praying I’ll end up running into someone I know. Some, extended family member who just so happens to welcome me in … just something to cling onto … anything really. Just something I can call home … stupid huh?”

“That’s not shameful Jack, and it’s not stupid. It’s understandable. I’d be doing the same.”

“Yeah” he sighed. “Anyway, I prefer not to think about it. I’m fine on my own” he concluded. But his statement of being fine on his own least than convinced Martha. She could see how lost he was, how much he longed to have a family, and some tiny inch of happiness and future, but, considering his situation, it was all looking rather bleak.

“You know Jack; you’re not on your own anymore. Well, you don’t have to be … You have me now” she smiled lightly.

His head rose to look at her face; shining in the moonlight. And with a small smile he acknowledged her declaration of kindness.

Turning away he changed the subject. This was a night about fun and freedom, not about sadness and past reflection. “I’m getting kind of hungry” he replied, turning back to her.

“Ooo, great! Because I brought food, and lots of it” she grinned as she rose onto her feet, dusting off her trousers, before strolling off happily into the shed…

Preview: Jack and Martha get even closer ... literally.

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Chapter 10:

3.30am …

“Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, I’m aiming to walk on every sector there is of Australia” he said, as he listed all the places he was visiting.

“Wow!” she gushed, “it sounds so exciting”.

“Yeah, there’s something so alluring about the open road, just not knowing where it’ll take you next, it’s pretty exhilarating that’s for sure ... Well, when you get past the sheer terror of it” he added in a smirk.

“Yeah” she giggled, “terror with a capital ‘T’ I imagine” she smirked back.

Pulling her knees up beneath her chin she smiled, just listening to the sound of the lapping waves going in and out. “You know what, I am so tempted to just run down there and jump in,” she mused.

“Yeah, it certainly sounds tempting” he nodded in agreement, looking out towards the dark blue sphere ahead of him, “but I wouldn’t recommend it”.

She turned to him, looking into his eyes.

“Well” he gladly continued, “apart from the fact that it’d probably be below freezing in there, lets just say I wouldn’t like to step on anything fishy” his voice raised at the end, as he flashed her a look of unease.

She scrunched up her face at his comment; her excitement about running into the waves quickly coming to an end, as she considered the possibility of stepping on something white and squishy.

“Not so tempting now huh?” he added with a teasing smirk.

She smiled across at him shyly. Turning away and resting her chin against her knees.

She looked so young, almost child like and innocent, thought Jack as he analyzed her tender profile. It was at times like this when his heart would melt the most. He’d never thought of another person in a romantic sense before; mostly because he’d never been in a position to feel such a thing, but lately, spending more and more time with her, he’d started feel something strange.

His thoughts were brought back to reality as he felt a droplet of water splash onto his face.

With a frown he looked into the sky. If possible, the sky had grown even darker, almost fiercer, and the air seemed so much cooler.

With almost no time to react, the rain drops came in full force, each droplet quickly turning drench worthy.

With a shriek Martha sprung to her feet, Jack soon accompanied her, grabbing the rug as they rushed into the shed to shield themselves.

Standing in the shed, with barely any space between them, they looked into each others eyes. They couldn’t help but laugh as they looked at the state they were in; their clothes soaking and their hair dripping wet.

“So much for a whole night beneath the stars” she laughed in amusement. “Oh well. Good job I brought something to change into” she said as her chuckle came to an end; her hand running through her long wet hair.

“Yeah. Well, there’s not a lot of room unfortunately” he glanced around the not-so-open space. “You can change over there though, if you like” he signalled behind her, “I’ll make sure I keep my back turned” he told her, as he took a step away from her and faced the wood; just like a true gentleman.

“Yeah, thanks” she spoke out softly, before she cautiously removed her trousers. Pulling on her new stretchy pants, she fastened up the front ... Moving onto her upper half, she pulled off her top. She winced however as the top skimmed across her back.

“What is it?” he gently called out, as he heard her soft whimper.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I probably have a cut or something” she brushed it aside, as she grabbed a hold of her dry clean top.

“Can I …” he began, but stopped himself. Swallowing away his saliva, he added, “let me see” he urged her gently.

She didn’t frown, although she was a little surprised at his reaction; she merely covered the material across her front, ensuring there was nothing on display, before she turned her head to the side to answer him. “Ok” she finally hushed back.

Stepping around, he took in the vision of her tanned bare back. She looked so much slimmer and so much smaller with barely any clothes on, he thought to himself as he analyzed her.

With several small steps, he came up behind her.

“Your backs all scraped and bruised” he said in a low tone; sadness hindering his voice.

“Yeah … it was from, the fall” she softly replied, feeling as he lightly brushed her skin with his fingers. Her eyes momentarily flickered shut as she shivered beneath his touch.

She felt the warm breeze of his breath on her neck as he released a long and dejected sigh. “I’m sorry”.

Frowning, she spun around in bewilderment, looking up at him as if he was crazy, “Are you kidding!? You saved my life Jack; I’d take a bruise any day over a broken leg … or worse”.

Her loud expression soon drew back into shyness, as she remembered her current state of nakedness. Well, her current almost state of nakedness.

He merey stood there however, just looking into her eyes, almost transfixed by her as the atmosphere rippled with sexual intensity.

Rising to coil a single curl behind her ear, she trembled uncontrollably; goose-bumps bubbling up on the smooth of her skin. Her breathing grew heavier by the second, almost recognisable over the sound of the thundering rain from outside.

Finally snapping back to reality, he retracted his hand from her ear.

She belonged to someone else…

He smiled at her feebly. “I’ll, let you get changed” he added in a subdued tone of voice. Stepping to the side, he turned his back to her…

She frowned as she looked across at him sadly, his back now facing her. He was so hot and cold with her, smiling through genuine delight one moment, but then the next smiling almost in sadness. She understood that he was still somewhat wary of her, considering his situation, but there was something about him she just couldn’t seem to work out…



“It’s a little cramped” he announced, his voice soft beneath the pouring rain.

“Hmm, I think ‘cosy’s’ the word” she corrected him with a smile, which in turn caused him to smile.

They were both sat on the floor of the shed, a spare rug which Martha had brought with her lay beneath them, and their backs rested against the hard wooden surface.

They sat on opposite sides, but with the area considerably small, they were practically side by side.

“Well, good night then” he spoke out to her, his head turning to glance at her once more.

“Yeah, good night Jack”.

“And I’m sorry about the weather. I know how much this night meant to you” he added at their misfortune.

“It’s ok, really. Its not like we can control the weather” she said with a smile, “and anyway, I’d sooner be here right now than at home” she told him honestly.

“Well then, I’m glad” he replied, quite touched by her comment.

Letting his eyes fall shut he tried to set off to sleep. But with Martha close to his side, it wouldn’t be easy.


(5 minutes later)

She frowned as she looked up at it warily. Her wide eyes analyzing the white web intently.

It was certainly pretty, the way it was strung into lots of little diamonds, but being pretty didn’t take away the fact that Martha didn’t like it.

Spiders, cob webs, bugs, the lot. They were definitely a no no where Martha was concerned.

Shuffling onto both bottom cheeks, she eyed Jacks sleeping form. He was propped up on his side against the corner of the shed. It looked awfully uncomfortable, but she guessed he’d probably slept on worse.

A gentle huff was released as she contemplated her predicament; either close her eyes and pray the spider wouldn’t creep out and pounce on her in the middle of the night, or remain awake, getting absolutely no sleep and being bored out of her brains.

Taking another glance at Jack, she smiled in adoration. He truly was a vision. How anyone could abandon this wonderful man was beyond her.

Unable to prevent it, temptation grabbed a hold of her, and she found herself shuffling across. Leaning her body towards him, she tentatively laid her head on his shoulder, keeping her legs folded up tight to her chest, she closed her eyes.

Not long after and she felt him fidget, moving slightly to get more comfortable, before wrapping an arm around her body; holding her towards him and keeping her warm.

With smiles fixed on their faces, they both drifted off into a peaceful sleep; cuddled up feeling safe and warm in the corner of the shed…

Preview: With the help of her friend Tasha, Martha mulls over her situation.

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