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Story Title: Serendipity

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Nicole and Roman

Other Characters: Geoff, Irene.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,

Does story include spoilers: For Uk viewers.

Any warnings: SC

Summary: Unexpected consequences mean Belle needs Aden at the one time he can't be there for her, other's will have to hold the fort untill he comes around.

Chapter 1


“You reckon?” he scoffed.

She rolled her eyes and reached forward to pluck the plate from his soapy hands, “Look,” she pointed to its surface, “streaks.” She said firmly.

Aden leaned forward dramatically, his nose inches away from the porcelain circle, he squinted like someone in need of contacts, “I don’t see anything.” He said suspiciously.

Belle rolled her eyes again with a cheeky grin, “Its right.” she shoved the dripping plate in to his chest with a wet thump, “There.”

Aden sighed, “Yeah, I didn’t want to do this,” he peeled back one of his washing gloves, “But you leave me no choice.” Belle backed away as the pink glove came off with a snap flicking detergent and water everywhere, Aden smirked, flipping it lazily against his palm. He raised the utensil slowly, allowing Belle time to picture her immanent defeat, a second before the door to the kitchen swung open and Roman backed in carrying two rejected orders.

He stopped short at the sight of them and there was a tense pause, everyone looked at each other, Roman opened his mouth once, twice, and then disappeared back the way he had come.

Belle turned back to Aden hoping to call a truce a second before a wet rubber hand slapped her over the shoulder. She glared; her eyes narrowing dangerously, Aden smirked cheerfully.

“Two falls out of three?” he asked.

Belle gritted her teeth, plotting his downfall mentally, “You’re on.”


Belle tried to smile, it felt like a rusty gate, and the check-out-chick behind the counter looked at her oddly. “$5.50” she smacked through bubble gum coated lips.

Belle’s hands shook as she passed over the purple note and the coin; she took her purchase and backed out of the department store, paranoia telling her everyone was staring as she left.

It might just be her, but that car in her revision mirror seemed to be following her, she stepped on the gas harder and took off, getting back to Summer Bay in records time, her heart still pumping, she didn’t dare slow down as she passed the diner and instead turned her face in the other direction in case of mind readers. God forbid Irene finding out what she was up to.

She peered around the front door to her house, calling out hesitantly to Geoff or Annie, no one replied but still she was not relieved, her breath stuck in her throat like caramel, she sat down softly on her bed afraid the squeak of springs would bring people running, she looked down at the dull coloured box, flipping it in her fingers to read the reverse side. The words under warning and instruction seemed to morph and become sentences depicting the loss of her dreams; her being left all alone while her future ran a mile.

She couldn’t do it

Not alone, but there was no one to go to, she didn’t want to imagine the look on Irene’s face at even the prospect, Geoff and Annie…god no, Mattie and Cassie were gone, Sal with them. It occurred to her she had no one left, if she had a diary she would have probably written it there, but even that had been lost along with sixth grade.

She sighed, there was one other option, sure the potential for getting laughed at increased tenfold but at least she’s wouldn’t be judged, she couldn’t take that now, not on top all the pitying looks ‘Your boyfriends crazy, he kidnapped you, how could she have fallen for it? Poor girl.’

Belle took a breath and knew she had no other choice, she couldn’t get through this alone and there was no one else to hold her up.

So she got back in her car, just as carefully as she had exited it before and drove the next few minutes, the only car in the drive way was a flashy yellow beetle, relief.

She took the steps but her hand hesitated above the door, all of a sudden forgetting how to knock.

Suddenly before she could decide to back out the door disappeared and Nicole jumped when she spotted Belle on her door step, “Jeeze,” she snapped, “it’s like the pop up book from hell.” The blonde snarked, clearly annoyed at being surprised on her way out.

Belle shifted her weight unable to speak, her purchase clutched tightly to her chest. “Aden’s not here.” Nicole added looking at her oddly, “He went to the diner with Roman.”

Belle didn’t say anything and an awkward silence stretched.

“I thought you two weren’t talking anyway.”

Belle still couldn’t speak; her tongue was cemented to the top of her mouth.

“Yeess,” Nicole drawled, awkwardly, “I’ll just be going,” she tried to step past Belle but the words finally made their way out of the brunette’s mouth.

“I think I’m pregnant.”


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Thanks very much guys, some more Aden this chapter and aftermath of the OC. :)

Chapter 2

“Right there. Just hold it there.” Aden tried not to laugh as Belle dashed back to her camera after arranging his limbs in the correct pose.

“Hold it.” She ordered.

“I haven’t moved,” he complained.

Belle lifted the camera to her eyes and steadied her hands, a few seconds later there was a mechanical whirr and Aden blinked as the flash hit his eyes. “Done?” he asked

Belle checked the shot out on the screen and nodded, not even looking at him, “Perfect.” She nodded.

Aden looked dramatically humble, “Oh, well thankyou, it’s all natural.”

She looked up at him and rolled her eyes, “I’m going to call this one, ‘arrogance.’” She said.

“And then you’re going to hang it on your wall.” Aden counted.

“Yeah,” Belle sighed, “and then throw darts at it.”

Aden stopped, he didn’t have a comeback and she laughed Yes! Belle 1 Aden 0


Nicole chocked, “I’m sorry…what!?”

Belle took a breath, now suddenly more calm, “I think I’m pregnant,” she repeated.

Nicole was lost for words, she stareds gaping for a moment before stuttering, “Like…like with a baby.”

Belle frowned sarcastically, “That is the general idea.”

Nicole took a few breaths, she seemed more floored then Belle had been, “Ah…well…that’s great.” She said.

Belle looked at her oddly, “I kinda need your help,” she said hesitantly, rethinking this already very bad idea.

“With what?” Nicole asked nervously.

“The test…I can’t, I mean, I can, I just…” she frowned.

But there seemed to be no further need to explain, Nicole stretched her arm and opened the door fully, “Step into my office.”

Belle moved hesitantly.


“I’m going to go over there.” he growled gripping the handle of his knife tighter.

Without even looking up Roman spoke calmly, “No your not, because you like being employed and our customers like being in one piece.”

“They keep staring,” he gritted.

“Then stare back, that’ll really creep ‘em out.”

“Then they’ll think I really am crazy.”


“Good point.” Aden swiped the meals Roman had just finished off and disappeared out of the kitchen smirking, Roman rolled his eyes and grimaced as his arm gave a painful pang, he’d have to rest it for a while longer.

Aden deposited the plates with a cheerful smirk at the gaping teens, he pressed his palms on their table tightly and leaned forward, completely invading their personal space, “Anything else I can get you?” he asked in a sickly sweet voice.

They gulped and shook their heads, he grinned and swung on his heel only to be met by Irene and her disapproving scowl, he lost his bravado and instead headed back to the kitchen, he didn’t have the right to be angry at her, he’d promised to keep her ‘daughter’ safe, to never hurt her, he’d done the exact opposite. Depression seeping into his blood he wasn’t surprised the whole town had turned on him, his mates at school with their group mentality, the hesitation in Rachel’s voice every time she tried talking to him, the way Leah’s smile seemed that little bit forced and Annie went out of her way to avoid him at any cost

He couldn’t blame them, it was his fault, he shook his head and retreated to the comfort of Roman’s presence, they were all he had left, his little unconventional family, Roman, Nicole and Morag, they were the only ones who didn’t look at him with fear and pity in their eyes.

Just like Belle.

Just like his dad.


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Thanks so much guys, here's a small update, just setting things up, hope you like it. :)

Chapter 3

The whistle blew and despite her hate of conformism Belle cheered spiritedly, a few odd looks, but he was worth it. The ball moved across the pitch tossing between hands but Belle only had eyes for one player on the field.

Aden had been so exited, his knee had heeled better then expected and he’d been moved to the bench for the last couple of weeks and now he was a starter again. Her guy caught the ball easily in his hands before tucking it to his chest and darting forward. Straight through the defence, Belle was on her feet again, cheering louder then all those in the stands.

Aden passed the ball and received it back again tricking the full back; with a cheeky stroll he crossed the line, touching it down under the post.

He looked to the stands as his team-mates swarmed around him, he couldn’t help the grin that crossed his face when he saw her all decked out in brightly coloured footy gear.

He was subtle so no one would stare, he waved.

Belle cheered louder.


“Has two minutes ever seemed so long?” Belle asked tightly. Lying on her back across Nicole’s bed, feet crossed at the ankles, staring at the roof. Nicole looked up, a little dizzy from spinning aimlessly in her desk chair.

“I’ve been trying to think of the most tactful way to ask this,” Belle looked at her. “Who’s the father?”

Belle raised an eyebrow at her.

Nicole shrugged, “That’s what I came up with.”

“Aden.” Belle said firmly.

“Angelo?” Nicole suggested hesitantly

“Doesn’t factor.” Belle snapped not that she could blame Nicole for thinking it, even if she wasn’t aware of Belle’s prior history. “I couldn’t…it was just too soon.” She said finally.

Nicole seemed to accept that without a second thought and Belle was for once grateful for the blonde’s ability to take things at face value.

“What are you going to do?” Nicole asked, changing the subject.

“Why are you talking?” Belle asked, genuinely curious, this was officially the longest conversation the pair had ever had.

Nicole shrugged again, “Best way to pass the time, it’s that or we sing.” She said coolly.

“Right.” Belle sated, “What am I going to do about what?” she asked.

Nicole rolled her eyes, “The small embryo.” She said sarcastically.

Belle winced, “Can we please not call it that.” She whined.

“I’m serious,” Nicole said in a voice very un-serious.

“There’s not a lot I can do.” Belle shrugged uncomfortably, “Me and Aden wouldn’t be the best parents sure, but my mum did okay so I could too.”

“You wouldn’t consider…you know, never having it.” Nicole said awkwardly.

Belle propped herself up on her elbows to get a better look at Nicole, “Would you?” she asked seriously.

Nicole shrugged swinging another turn in her chair, “Maybe…I don’t know, I saw what the miscarriage did to my mum; I don’t know if I’d be able to do that willingly.”

“Your mum?”

“Yeah,” Nicole tried to smile, “Don’t tell Roman. He worries about her enough.”

“You don’t wonder.” Belle asked carefully, “I mean they must have been pretty young when you were…” she didn’t know how to finish.

“Well I can’t exactly say I’m sad that they kept me around.” Nicole joked.

“I used to think that Mum made a mistake keeping me.” Belle said quietly, talking to her fingernails, “I used to think it was all her fault for cursing me with a mother like her.”

“So you don’t want to take after her?” Nicole asked curiously, she knew very little about anyone in the bay that wasn’t Roman, Aden or Geoff, it was interesting.

“Maybe her with a bit of Irene thrown in.” Belle joked. “I don’t know…I don’t want to think about it to much until I know I have to,” she said optimistically.

Nicole glanced at her watch, “Singing would have worked better,” she mused.

Belle gulped and her stomach seemed to sink through her toes, Nicole hesitated, “You want me…” she trailed off.

Belle nodded weakly and with an apologetic shrug the blonde disappeared into the adjoining bathroom. She reappeared a second later the test in hand.

Belle looked at her

“You might want to start thinking a little harder.” She winced.

The proverbial rug had just disappeared from beneath Belle’s feet, oh god.



Aden hadn’t meant to cross paths with him, really he hadn’t but when Angelo had appeared from the florists carrying a bouquet of Tiger lilies, (Belle’s favourite) his feet had subconsciously headed in that direction.

The air between the two men was tense, “Hey,” Angelo muttered softly giving a small smile.

Aden didn’t return it. “We need to talk.”


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Thanks for the feedback guys, here's a long-ish update for you. :)

Chapter 4

“Just deal the cards.” Belle chided with a glare

Aden shrugged his shoulders playfully, “Hey it was just a suggestion,” he said innocently.

Belle rolled her eyes, trying not to smile, “Strip poker isn’t a game Aden, it’s a booty call.” She pointed to the table. “Now deal.”

He nodded defensively and tossed out the cards one by one, “You wanna let me in on a secret?” he asked curiously.

Belle sighed suspiciously, “What secret?”

“How do you keep winning hands, you’re a girl.” He said matter-o-factly.

Belle looked at him, Aden paused, he held up his hands, “That…came out wrong.”

“Right.” Belle said shortly smirking at him. “Then you might wanna start winning some hands because you won’t be man for much longer.” She challenged.

Aden gulped, “How…do I apologise,” he whispered.

Belle crossed her arms smugly, “Well considering your the one loosing, we could just go back to strip.”

Aden swallowed again as her eyes developed an evil glint.


“So you won’t tell anyone?” Belle asked nervously, her voice tense.

Nicole shook her head, arms crossed as the brunette buzzed around the room, fretting. “Not if you don’t want me to…but I think your wrong, you can’t keep this form Aden.”

“I’m not keeping it from him.” Belle snapped. “I just…Now isn’t the right time, He’s just gotten out of the clinic this is the last thing he needs.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say that,” Nicole murmured,

“What?” Belle asked quickly.

“Nothing, I just don’t think it’s his wellbeing you’re thinking about.” Nicole said louder, her arms still crossed.

“Of course it is,” Belle retorted, “Why else would I?”

“No reason,” Nicole lied coolly.

Belle glared at her suspiciously but shrugged it off, “So not a word to anyone?” she clarified.

Nicole nodded without a sound and then Belle was gone, retreating out of the house in an instant, her heart racing, she didn’t want to admit it, but her pulse was a telling sign, Nicole was right, there was another reason she didn’t want to tell Aden, because telling him meant there was no escaping it, they’d have to talk, Belle would have to acknowledge that they’d never be apart again.

Her heart skipped a beat.


“That’s what you wanted to tell me?” Angelo asked surprised, trying not to sound put-out.

Aden nodded firmly, “I know what I did, it wrecked everything with Belle, she won’t forgive me and I can’t blame her.”

“So why tell me?” Angelo asked.

Aden gritted his teeth, “Because I don’t want it to happen again, Belle deserves the best she can get, which isn’t me, and it might be you. I don’t know, I’m just saying it to make sure.” He took a breath and looked Angelo directly in the ey, “Don’t hurt her. It’ll be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.”

“I wouldn’t,” Angelo started, but Aden cute him off with a flick of his hands.

“I thought that to.” He swallowed, “I don’t care what you think, I’m just saying…don’t.”

Angelo thought about it for a moment, insecurity building in his blood as he heard the pain in Aden’s voice, “You really liked her didn’t you?” he asked softly.

Aden answered without thought, “I love her, but she deserves better, maybe you’ll be better.”

Angelo shrugged uncomfortably, the bouquet sweaty in his hands, “So you’re okay with us?” he asked.

Aden didn’t reply straight away, truth was, if he had it his way they’d never even be allowed in the same room again, but he’d given up his right to feel that way when he’d broken her heart, she deserved to be happy, he didn’t.

“Yes.” He whispered.

Angelo shifted his weight nervously, glancing around for a reason to escape the conversation, he shrugged his shoulders. “Okay.” He stuttered out.

“Yeah.” Aden said.

“I have to go.”


Angelo nodded awkwardly, swinging on his heel and slowly retreating to his car. Aden wanted to yell after him, make sure that he understood how much it had cost him, but again the guilt in his veins chocked his voice and he was unable to speak, he had no right, he would just sound more like a hypocrite, he couldn’t warn someone off pushing her away when it was the exact same thing he had done.

He just hoped that Angelo had heard his words, Belle couldn’t be left heartbroken again, Aden couldn’t take it.




“Well that’s not awkward.” Nicole joked sarcastically.

Geoff managed a small smile before moving his arm and pulling the door open further. “What’s up?” he asked.

“I need to talk to you.”

Geoff studied his shoes, “I thought we were trying to avoid each other for a while?” he asked softly, forcing the regret from his voice.

Nicole shrugged painfully, she hated hearing his voice like that, it made her feel like scum, like she really was the horrible person she was said to be.

“We were,” she muttered, “but it’s important.”

“Are you okay?” Geoff asked immediately.

Nicole smiled at him, “Yeah I’m fine, it’s not me, its Belle…I need to tell you something.”


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Sorry for the delay guys, but this chapoter wasn't coming out right, i still don't like it very much but here you go.

Chapter 5

“I’m happy for you.”

“I’m happy for me.” He grinned, “I never really thought it would happen, I used to think, Sean, Justin…dad, they were the be all and end all of it, I never thought…”

“That you’d find another family?” Belle asked gently.

It was late at night and they were firmly snuggled on the couch in front of the TV, Annie was staying over at Leah’s so her and Ruby could finish their geography assignment, Irene was out with her friends from out of town and Geoff had disappeared hours ago to go for a walk, something he seemed to do a lot of these days.

“Tell them this and I’ll deny it, but they’re really the only one I’ve ever had, Dad and my brother’s don’t count, they weren’t a family. Not like Roman, he’s a real dad. Nicole, Morag, I don’t know what they are…but it wouldn’t feel right without them.”

“That’s great Aden.” Belle said genuinely, tucking her arms tighter around him and burying her head into his shoulder. He smiled and hugged her back; the silence around them seemed warmer then usual.

Everything was as it was meant to be, Aden mused, this was how his life was supposed to always be, with his family, with his girlfriend. The old one was just a mix-up, a clerical error, this is where he was supposed to be, this was who he was supposed to be.

Just Aden.


“Belle you can talk to me.”

Her and Irene sat on the couch, Belle had a pillow tucked up to her chin for warmth and was staring through eyes brimmed with tears.

“I don’t know what to do,” she whispered tightly.

“I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.” Irene whispered reaching a hand out to rest it on the younger girl’s knee, “Please Belle.”

“I can’t get out of it Irene and nothing you say can fix it.” She swallowed hard, tears spilling down her cheeks “I have to pretend it’s not happening, it’s not supposed to be like this.”

“What isn’t?” Irene asked desperately, her fear giving way to frustration.

Belle swallowed, “I’m not, we’re not, everything was perfect but now it’s not. Why did this have to happen now?”

“Sweetie, your not making any sense.”

“I know. That’s the point.”

She got up without another world and headed for the door, her shoulders rigid. Why did the world have to be so unfair?


“She still loves him, I can tell.”

“Is it really your place to interfere?” Geoff asked nervously. He and Nicole were on the beach; somehow their conversation had led them there, the sky gradually getting darker as they walked.

Nicole shrugged, digging her toes into the sand as she walked, “How should I know, but that’s never stopped me before.” She said

Geoff watched her closely, “You could make everything worse,” he whispered his own inner demons slipping out.

Nicole laughed shortly, “It couldn’t get any worse, Aden’s’ been running around like a ghost these last few weeks and all it would take is a harsh breath of wind and Belle would be bowled over.” She shook her head heavily, “It’s not supposed to be like that, Aden hates himself I know he does.”

“They haven’t always been together,” Geoff murmured, “How come now they can’t function properly apart?” he asked, his mind drawing immediate parallels to his own situation.

Nicole shrugged, “Guess it’s that, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone’ junk. And they both realise it, but Aden won’t let himself go back to her because he thinks she’s better off and Belle won’t go back to him ‘cause she thinks he’ll be better off.”

“So what do we do?” Geoff had resigned himself to helping, he didn’t know why Nicole had chosen now to act, but it really wasn’t any of his business.

“We talk to them, slap some sense into them.”

“They won’t appreciate us meddling.” Geoff sighed.

Nicole rolled her eyes, “That’s just too bad, there’s not a lot they can do about it anyway, we have all the leverage.”

“So I’ll talk to Belle—”

“Nope, I’ll deal with her, you’ve got Aden.”

Geoff gulped, “Are you sure that’s the best way to go about it?” he chocked.

“Trust me.”

“Okay.” Geoff wondered why he didn’t even hesitate to say it.


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Sorry about the long wait guys, this chapter just wouldn't come out right, you'll probably be able to tell, either way, here you go. :D

Chapter 6

Irene winced at the sound of tearing paper, more specifically photo paper. Belle sat at the kitchen table, her folio open in front of her, numerous shots torn form their pages.

Irene sighed and stood up, walking over to Belle and clasping her shoulders, “That won’t help love,” she chided softly.

Belle didn’t say anything, rip, another shot, this one of Aden laughing on a beach background.


Rip. “Don’t Irene.”



“You can’t be serious bible boy,” he snarled.

“Look, shut up for a second.”

Aden blinked.

“She’s my sister Aden, I want what’s best for her—“

“So do I.”

“Then how can you not see?” Geoff asked desperately, “Belle’s been a mess ever since you broke up—“

“She’s with Angelo.”

“No, Angelo’s with her.” Geoff said firmly, “Everybody can see it, even him, It’s like she’s only there because she can’t be bothered to object, because there’s no reason not to go out with him so why not.”

damn that sounded like him...like Melody.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s not Belle, she doesn’t do things just ‘cause there no reason not to.”

“The opposite to me.”

“Yes. There was every reason in the world to go no where near you but she still did, your different Aden, I can’t understand it, Irene and Annie can’t, but it seems to make perfect sense to her.”

“After what I did.” his insides were burning, “How can I still be the right thing for her?” he asked tightly.

“Your not.” Geoff said. “You never were, but who cares? Belle’s still better off with you then without.”

Geoff hated irony, he hated that made him a hypocrite.

Aden’s stared at him, his mouth hanging slightly ajar, since when did Geoff of all people develop an impressive insight into his psyche? It was like he was in a parallel world, but everything made sense.

All he wanted was the best for Belle; Geoff said he was the best, but did that make it true? He didn’t have the right to decide that.

He shook his had and took a step back, hands raised, “I can’t.” he said regretfully, “She’s the one that has to forgive me, I can’t forgive myself. I don’t have a right to intrude into her life again; she has to want me there again.”

“She does.” Geoff said quickly.

“I can’t believe that.” He stepped back again and Geoff knew the conversation was over, Aden would only believe the words if they were said by one person, he wasn’t that person.

Geoff sighed, they were down one game, one out of two wasn’t bad, all he had to do now was hope Nicole had more luck convincing Belle then he had had convincing Aden.


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Thanks Zetti :)


Chapter 7


"What are we gonna do now?"

Aden shrugged, "I was thinking Blackjack." he said flippantly.

Nicole shrugged, "Sure, anything to avoid the obvious." she said with an eyeroll.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked annoyed, trying to scare her out of continuing.

"Its supposed to mean, that no matter how long we play cards, your going to have to talk to Belle at some point, it might as well be now."

Aden glared, giving her a cold smirk and looking around dramatically, "Well i don't see her anywhere around, so maybe now isn't that ideal." he said sarcastically.

Nicole smirked. "I thought of that, which is why i called her a few minutes ago to come around, she'll be here soon."

Aden blinked, "I hate you." he said shortly.

Nicole grinned, "You love me, but that's okay i'll forgive you. Trust me, its for the best."


“Aden has to get better on his own, for himself.” Belle protested, she wasn’t sure how Nicole had managed to corner her on the beach but somehow it had happened, it was early morning and there was no one around to hear her yelling.

“Screw himself Belle.” Nicole laughed. “Aden stopped caring about what happened to him along time ago, trust me, I’d know.” She shook he head, “Right now he has to get better for you and for his baby because that’s the only way it’s ever going to work. Aden can’t fix himself, he’s to far gone, but other people can fix him.”

“That’s not right.” Belle yelled, her voice echoing over the waves, “Aden can’t rely on other people, he can’t rely on me, I might not always be there!”

“You don’t have to be.” Nicole said calmly, she had know from the start why Belle had broken it off with Aden, the kidnapping had been a relief, and excuse, because Belle was too scared to carry that responsibility, she didn’t know if she could carry Aden.

“But right now he needs you, he won’t always, but right now, this very second, he needs something, someone. And believe it or not Belle so do you.” Nicole said harshly.

“Everyone needs a reason to exist, But Aden’s lost his, you know, you know his grandfather took that away, Aden didn’t have anything or anyone.”

“You know?” Belle asked shocked, Aden had said she hadn’t.

“It wasn’t hard to figure out.” She said gently, “Especially when you know what to look for.” The words were full of hidden meaning but Belle didn’t see it.

“But I can’t be that reason.” Belle sobbed, her legs felt shaky beneath her and there was water on her face, salty, she let herself fall to the sand, unconsciously her hand rested on her stomach.

“Your not.” Nicole said, walking closer to her and casting a shadow that covered Belle, “Not alone, Aden has other’s, Me, Roman, Morag, and he will have you and your baby when everything finally sorts out. We can fix him until he can fix himself.”

“How? You can’t take back what’s happened to him.”

“You don’t have to!” Nicole snapped, annoyed that she wasn’t getting it. “For ages his abuse defined Aden, you just have to give him more to his life, something else to focus on like being a dad, he’ll forget everything if he has to, put it behind him if someone needs him to.”

“But what if I don’t want to be that someone?” Belle pleaded.

“Then you’re a liar.” Nicole said coldly. “Your just to scared to admit you do love him.”

“I do.”

“Then what do you care, why wouldn’t you want to be there for him?”

“I do.”

“Then this whole conversation was a waste of my time,” Nicole rolled her eyes, trying not to smiles, “You should be telling him that, not me.”

Belle looked up at her through watery eyes and Nicole sighed dramatically, “My god, am I going to have to carry you there?” she asked sarcastically.

Belle sniffed, “I don’t like you,” she said truthfully, “I really don’t.” she said.

Nicole smiled, dryly, “The feelings mutual.”


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Apologies for the double post. And sorry about taking so long guys, Adelle's been ticking me off lately, so if this chapter is off, i'm sorry for that to. But don't worry i added some Aden/Nicole to make me feel better, hopefully that fixed the rest of the chapter. Let me know what you think. :)

Chapter 8

“I think you’d make a good dad.” She said conversationally, eyeing a grape closely before popping it into her mouth.

He scoffed with a laugh, “What are you basing that on?” he asked.

Nicole shrugged, “Eh…well at least you wouldn’t be the worst.”

Aden rolled his eyes and replied dryly, “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

She shrugged in her defence, “Hey don’t listen to me, what the hell would know about parents? I barely know what they look like.”

“Oh come on,” he laughed, snatching the fruit bowl from her hands, “Roman’s not that bad.”

She smirked, “No…he’s probably the best of my three fathers.”

Aden snorted, “What I’d like to see, is you as a mother.”

“Don’t be mean.” She snapped, playfully hitting him, “No child deserves that.”

He laughed.



“Can I come in?”

Wordlessly he stretched his arm, opening the door and allowing her to enter, his heart seemed bigger in his chest, and his breathing was a bit uneven, he cleared his throat and crossed his arms for comfort.

“I need to tell you something.”

She turned to face him, arms wrapped around herself for protection, Aden could see the streaks in her make-up, the tears that stained her cheeks, he felt guilt blossom in his gut.

“Is something wrong?” he asked his voice soft.

Belle licked her dry lips, musing she should have brought a chapstick, “I’m…I’m…” she tried to get it all out in one swoop, like diving into a cold swimming pool, but her voice refused to cooperate.

“You’re what?” Aden asked his brown furrowing in concern.

A sob lodged in her throat, and she looked to the ground unable to answer, “Belle?” he was afraid now, what was wrong?


“Belle what’s going on?” he asked stepping forward and pressing his hands to her shoulders, making her look at him, fresh tears fell from her eyes, splashing his shirt, making the material darken.

“Are you hurt? Are you okay?”

She didn’t answer.

“Belle! Please?” he asked anxiously gripping her shoulders tighter unconsciously. “Tell me!”

The urgency in his voice made it sound louder to Belle, like he was shouting at her, “Aden please,” she murmured.

“What?” he asked, searching her face intently, “What did I do? What can I do? I can fix it, just tell me what’s wrong.” He hadn’t realised how hard he was holding her until his hands tensed and could go no further.

“Aden please!” Belle jumped, with a sudden rush, “You’re hurting us!”

He let go of her like his hands had been burned by hot coals, immediately the guilt moved from his stomach to his blood and quickly consumed him, he stepped back and away from her, staring at the ground, “Belle, I, I’m sorry, “ he stammered weakly, “ I didn’t mean to…wait, what do you mean us?”

He looked up and found her staring at him, her arms still looped around her own waist, more tears fell but she said nothing and he continued to stare, “Belle?” He asked his voice barely a whisper.

“I’m sorry,” she replied as confirmation.

Aden staggered, the proverbial floor falling out beneath him, he collapsed onto the couch, his eyes wide, his mouth agape.

Us, Belle and who?

Belle and his baby.

His baby

His…his child.

Oh god.

This wasn’t fair.


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I'm so sorry this has taken forever guys, but Adelle inspiration has been on the fritz lately with all the depressing stuff going on, hopefully this chapter fits in properly with the story so far, let me know if the tone is completely off. :)

Chapter 9

“I’ll be at my aunts.”

She looked at him confused, “For how long.”

Aden shrugged, distracted, he had just bolted into the diner and started explaining, “I don’t know, she’s pretty sick, I’ll see how long I’m needed.”

“Well okay,” she said slowly, “take as much time as you need.”

He nodded not looking at her, “I’m sorry.” He said.

Belle shook her head, “That’s okay.”

He nodded again and left, his hand shoved in his pockets. Belle continued to watch the door even after he was gone, even as Irene came in, asking the whereabouts of Geoff, Belle barely noticed the question and just kept staring.


“Aden…please say something.”


Belle grinned awkwardly trying anything to break the tension in the room, “Well you see, when two people love each other—”

“How long have you known?” Aden chocked, his eyes were wider then normal, he looked like a proverbial fish out of water.

“A few days, maybe a week.” She shrugged, sitting down slowly onto the couch and tucking her hands beneath her legs for warmth, she tried not to think on how badly this was going.

Aden gave a shuddering sigh, he swallowed, “I-I’m sorry, I should have…you, you shouldn’t of had to deal with it on your own.”

Belle shrugged avoiding his eye, “It’s okay, I managed.”

There was a tense silence, that seemed to stretch and yet the clock on the wall barely ticked over, Aden was wracking his brain for something to say, some miracle cure that could make everything happy again.

“Have you thought of a name?”

Belle blinked looking at him in surprise for a few moments before, stuttering softly, “N-no, I…well, one.” She finished awkwardly.

Aden looked at her expectantly, and she could feel her face going red she studied the floor and bit the bullet, “Sarah, if it’s a girl.”

Aden watched her for a few moments until his lips slowly rose in a smile, “My mum’s name,” he whispered.

Belle blushed deeper, “I know.”

“I think it’d like it to be a girl.” He said just as quietly, Belle shifted awkwardly in her place.



“This isn’t the reaction I expected.”

He frowned at her, “What did you expect?”

“I don’t know.”

The silence returned and Belle’s insides were squirming, she didn’t know how much more of this she could take, when she had come to the decision to face this she had expected everything to come out in a blaze of glory, everything to happen at once, in one feel swoop, kind of like diving into an ice cold swimming pool. Instead it was happening inch by inch and was all the worse for it.

“I think I’d be a good father.” Aden had said it so softly and she was so caught up Belle almost missed it, be she blinked at him in reply, not knowing what to say.

He wasn’t looking at her, “I think I’d know what not to do, I could be everything I ever dreamed my father was.” The smallest of the small smiles was now on his lips, but it was something none the less.

“I thought you’d be angry.”

He looked at her confused, she tried to finish awkwardly, “That’s what I expected, anger, maybe fear…its how I felt.”

“I was thinking Jamie.”

Belle didn’t reply.

“For a boy.”

“Aden what’s going on?” Belle asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“We’re not together.” Belle whispered.

“I know.”

“But we’re having a baby.”

“I know.”

“This isn’t going to work.”

“I know.”

“I still love you.”


He was looking at her this time, his jaw slightly ajar, his eyes wide this time with touchable hope.

“I still love you.” She repeated calmly.

“But…” he stuttered, “You said this wouldn’t work.”

“It won’t.” she said firmly, “Unless we sort it out now. I love you.” She repeated, “Do you love me?” she asked simply.

He blinked at her, wanting to shout yes at the top of his lungs, instead he managed to nod.

Belle nodded, letting out a breath, suddenly more relaxed, “Then that’s all that matters, no matter what comes up now,” she swallowed, thinking of her ever present issues, “We just keep coming back to that.”

Aden nodded; his throat too afraid to work in fear of jinxing it, he nodded and slowly managed a sentence, “Keep coming back to that.”


Feedback would be appreciated guys, and also if anyone knows what's Aden's mum's name really is, because i can't remeber it being mentioned in the show, but i'd be happy to edit it if anyone knows. :)

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Last Chapter guys, with an Epilogue included(which is probably a bit more humerous then it should be but oh well, :P )


Belle was sitting at a table in the diner, it was nearly closing time and the last of the customers were just streaming out, Aden was in the kitchen talking to his dad, or Roman whichever suited, Belle was curled as tightly as she could get around the chair, clinging desperately to its wood, she had made a decisions, that felt good, it was the right one she knew, but even doing the right thing had it’s downsides.

A few moments later Roman cam out with Aden he didn’t look angry, he didn’t look disapproving he just looked…like Roman. He put a gentle hand on her shoulder, “How are you feeling?” he asked softly.

“Like I did when I had to do a speech on Australian history in the eighth grade.” She answered with a mumble.

Roman looked confused, Aden smiled ever so slightly, “She hates public speaking. It make her nervous.”


“Belle does anyone else know?”

She nodded her head stiffly, “Nicole.”

They blinked at her, she shrugged and turned away burying her head further in her arms, Roman took that in his stride easily, “Anyone else?”

Belle shook her head, no.

“Not everyone’s going to react like you.” She said quietly.

Roman looked down at her calmly, his dad face on, “How do you think they’ll react?” he asked seriously.

Belle couldn’t help by be humorous, “Irene will faint, Geoff will faint, Annie will be confused, mum…she’ll be disappointed but supportive, everyone else, I don’t know, it varies, but it’s the people I don’t know I’m worried about.”

Roman looked at her closely, that was very unlike Belle, “How so?”

“What will they think.” She said.

Aden moved around to crouch down next to her chair and gently rested a hand on her leg for comfort, they weren’t together he didn’t feel comfortable doing more then that.

Roman seemed to think about it for a moment, before he crossed his arms and asked seriously, “What do you think of me Belle.”

She blinked at him with watery eyes, confused. “Huh?”

“Just answer. If you had to describe me, how would you do it?”

Belle thought about it for a moment but Aden and answered first, “Safe,” he whispered so softly they could barely hear him but it was enough for Belle to go on with, “trustworthy, brave.” She said, “smart, successful, tough…” she trailed off, her hands resting in her lap.

“Are those good things?” Roman asked.

She looked up at him ryly, “Are you just begging for a compliment or what?”

He gave her a look and she sighed, “Yes…those are good things.”

“I want to be like you.” Aden said again under his breath, no one answered, they didn’t need to.

Roman nodded, “Belle…I was younger then you when I became a parent.”

Belle though about that for a minute, “But you didn’t raise Nicole,” she said awkwardly.

Roman nodded in agreement, he couldn’t deny it. “I didn’t, but I was still her dad, being a parent young, doesn’t change who you are,” he said, “it just changes how you do things.”

“Everything you were going to do with your life before you got pregnant it's still going to happen, just differently.” he said firmly.

He looked at Aden, “Same goes for you.”

Aden took his eyes off the ground for a moment and rested his head against Belle’s leg and whispered, “Do you think we were going to get back together anyway?’"he asked.

Belle swallowed thickly, she nodded her head ever so slightly, “Yeah,” she whispered.

“I didn’t.” he admitted.

“Are we going to get back together?” It made sense to him, they loved each other they knew that, but that didn’t mean they were together, it was far to complicated for that.

Belle nodded, “Always were…it’s just going to take a little while.”

Aden nodded, he could deal with that. They'd be together he'd just have to wait a little while, try a little harder.

“And the baby?”

“I like Jamie too,”

He looked at her confused, “Huh?”

“For a boy, I like Jamie too.” She said.

He smiled at her and hesitantly lifted his hand from her leg to her stomach and rested it there.

They were always going to get back together; this was just a different way of doing it. And probably the only one that would have worked.


“Okay, can we please try not to give birth in the back of my car.”

“I’m not making any promises.” Belle snarled, as she sat in the beack seat of the sportscar, Aden on her left, allowing her to almost break his fingers with her grip.

“Just drive faster will you?” she growled, her forehead coated with sweat.

“No!” Geoff order glaring at his girlfriend pointedly, “What’s the rule?” he asked dangerously.

Nicole rolled her eyes, “Speed limits are not just helpful suggestion.”


Belle gave a loud yelp that almost sent Aden flying.

Nicole gritted her teeth, “And…” she drawled, "cram it or I’m never having sex with you again.” She stepped on the accelerator as Geoff went bright red and ducked in his seat and Aden ducked Belle aiming a shot at his head.


The doctors wheeled her in, Aden following by her side as quickly as he could, she gripped his hand, “Aden?” she gasped.

“Yeah?” he chocked.

“So Sarah yeah?” she asked.

“You think it’s a girl.”

“It’s a girl,” she said without a doubt.

Aden nodded to her, “Sarah.”

“Okay then.” They broke through the double doors and Aden was forced to drop back for a while, the doctors would need time to work, but that was alright, he’d be there when it mattered.

Just like his father wasn’t.

Just like Roman had been.

Just like Belle needed him to be.


Just wanted to say thanks for all those people who took the time to read and review, i really appreciate it guys and i hope it lived up to what you were expecting. No flashback this time, just a flashforward. Hope you liked it, Happy holidays! :D


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