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Learn To Let Go

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I thought I'd have a read of a fic. It's been a while. And I'm glad I chose yours! I'm just kind of gutted there isn't more to read!

It's really good, funny and sweet and getting kinda sad too. :( I love the cute childhood memories. :P

Looking forward to the update! :D

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Ekk! Oh my god, I'm so sorry I didn't comment on this fic! I have no idea why I haven't, but I haven't been on here much, so I suppose that's my excuse! :P. And even when I was on, I didn't leave any comments on anything. Naughty me.

Anyway, getting on with it .... This fic is so flippin' awesome, yay to more J&M fics!:D

They were so cute in the first few chapters, but now Jacks turned into a jerk. Seriously, a jerk. I wanna slap him in the face. Well not really, but seriously Jack, get your head back into gear! Stop lying to her. Psshhh. And spend some time with her for god sakes.

I love, love, love IT how you have the childhood memories at the start of each chapter, it just makes the fic so much more better! Its totally damn cute, "awww" is all that comes out of my mouth when I read them! :D

“I don’t know what I see in you Jack Holden!”, he then heard her call out.

“Everything babe, everything”, he called back smartly.

I love everything about him too! When I mean everything, I mean everything ... :P

You are unbelievable!

Jack smiled to himself before deciding to go get some dinner. What a compliment?

“Thanks…”, he said smugly to himself.

Hehe, so damn cute! Thats just so funny! :lol: Haha.

Anyway I love this fic, and I hope you update soon! :)

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Sorry this chapter is short guys. I’ll be going away till Monday tomorrow so won’t get a chance to update.

Just thought I might :)

Thanks again for everyone’s comments, hope you all keep reading :lol:

Hope you like!

Chapter 7

Martha shuffled into the Holden’s car in the midst of the night. As she got in, she moved straight over to the side Jack was seated, cuddling as far into him as she could.

Her barrier had been broken. That safe hold that her family was supposed to provide, was gone.

She felt her little hands shake as tears fell freely down both cheeks.

She could hear Katie whispering comforting words to her as she lay in his arms. But she wasn’t really listening… she just stayed warmly next to him, his small hand brushing over her cheek as he couldn’t quite comprehend… how it had now turned a dark red.


Martha flung herself onto her bed, not failing to see just how empty her room had become without his things. Violent tears shaking through her body as she reached for probably, the last thing she should be looking at.

As she placed it on the bed before her, she already felt an overwhelming feeling of regret… and hurt. All because it was only a couple of minutes ago, she had a boyfriend.


“Jack! Jack, you don’t understand I-”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore”, he spat, drowning out her previous words. “The girl I used to know, wouldn’t do this. Where is she?”


Her eyes focused intently on the photo’s in front of her, although occasionally, she would have to wipe the stream of tears that had managed to cloud her line of vision. She always thought she’d look down at these photo’s and feel love… warmth. Now all she felt was anger. And a massive sense of betrayal, as all she could hear now, was the harsh words he had spoken.


“Where is she!?”, Martha felt her anger arising. “You left her behind!”, she pointed to the far distance they had walked.

“Excuse me?”, he almost choked, stepping forward into her personal space.

Martha stopped herself from backing away from him. She wasn’t going to give in anymore. “The moment you turned into… whoever you’re trying to be. That’s when I was left behind. All that I used to be… it’s gone. And I’m not even sure what to do anymore”,

“You’re not happy?”, he looked at her sadly and she fought the urge to laugh.


How someone could go from not caring one bit, to actually caring, in a matter of seconds… amazed her. It was like she was seeing part of what she used to see in him. The part that looked after her when she got sick, laughed with her whenever she was happy, kissed her just because he wanted too and loved her unconditionally.

She turned another page and was faced with the same problem. Every face, every moment in this photo, was happy. They weren’t happy anymore.


Not wanting to be the one to say it, she simply shook her head gently, her gaze remaining fixed on the ground. “You actually seem surprised about that”, she pointed out.

“I’m so stupid”, he scolded himself before turning away from her abruptly.

“You can’t actually tell me you’re happy these days?”

“Things have been rough but…”, he stopped mid sentence. “It’s us?”, he shrugged.


She just wanted to rip at their happy faces, laying innocently in her photo album. If only they knew then, what they know now.


“I knew it!”, she snapped back at him.


“You…”, she struggled to comprehend what she was about to say. “You think… Oh my god I can’t believe you actually think I’m always going to just be here”

Jack ran his fingers through his hair roughly. “Are you saying you’re not?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying”, she pushed him away harshly as he moved towards her.


As she stopped herself from visiously destroying her book of memories, she started to wonder why he hadn’t followed her. Why, after such a horrible fight, hadn’t he followed?

But that’s when she also had to remind hersef… she wasn’t his to follow anymore.


“You think that no matter how much you hurt me, or push me away. I’m just going to stick with you, because that’s what we do right?”, she asked pathetically as warm tears stung her eyes again.

“Well yes but...”, he spoke quietly as her words began to sink in. He refused to let himself think of what was coming.

“Not anymore”, she shook her head crying. “I can’t”


See, that night… she hadn’t only lost her boyfriend. She hadn’t only lost the one person she has ever loved. She had lost her best friend.


“No”, he stopped her by placing his hand soothingly on her cheek as he started brushing away her falling tears.

“I’m sorry”, she chocked on her tears. “I’m so sorry”

“Please don’t Martha. We can fi-”

“I’m done”, she cried softly, pulling his hand away from her and holding it in her hand. She gently grazed her lips over the top of his knuckles for the last time…

Before walking away.


After discarding her album recklessly back on the floor. She drowned her tears into her pillow and wrapped her blanket over her small frame, knowing that from now on… that was the only real comfort she would be feeling.



It must have taken him longer to get home than he had thought. Because when he did, sitting neatly at the front door, was two brown boxes full of his stuff. That’s when the reality sunk in that this wasn’t just another fight.

She meant it.

Things had gotten out of hand ever since he joined the footy team. He knew he had lied more than he ever thought he would. He had certainly yelled more than he thought was possible.

Martha was right, he had changed… not her. He had taken advantage of how much she loved him. She had been so amazing to stick by him all this time, and he had just assumed she always would.

Jack decided not to called her. Begging and pleading with her had never gotten him far in the past. At least he knew that much…

As he emptied out the boxes, scattering the contents carelessly onto his bed, he began to search his room for her possessions. His eyes fell onto a small photo that he has previously emptied from the box.

Although it was his, it really belonged to Martha. She loved that photo almost more than she had loved him.

As he gazed at the photo, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself at the naïve little boy pictured in it. You wouldn’t think now, that it was him… but it was.

You also couldn’t fail to miss the tiny version of Martha seated next to him. Her long wavy hair, and her bright blue eyes stood out immensely in the photo. But not as much as the large shadow of disgust that had washed over her face as Jack leant in and placed a big wet one on her cheek.

Being only 7, it was the first time a boy had ever displayed that sort of affection towards her… and at the time, it completely flipped her out.

Martha always used to laugh and joke that it’s how she really felt about Jack.

That’s why she loved it. Their innocence was so overpowering in that photo, because back then… her biggest problem, was a simple kiss.

Now she didn’t even care. She had stuffed it in a box and sent it away like it was some sort of burden to her.

Jack threw the boxes relentlessly across the room. He wasn’t going to do this. If she wanted her stuff, she could get it herself…


Next chapter: Will a couple of words from Emma persuade Jack to move on?

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I feel bad for both of them. :( :(

Emma'd better stay away from him. *joins Nicole and threatens with... a pencil and a ruler* :ph34r:

Besides, if he loves Martha, he can't be ready to move on that easily, right? :unsure:

More please.

PS: Have fun while you're away. :)

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“No”, he stopped her by placing his hand soothingly on her cheek as he started brushing away her falling tears.

“I’m sorry”, she chocked on her tears. “I’m so sorry”

“Please don’t Martha. We can fi-”

“I’m done”, she cried softly, pulling his hand away from her and holding it in her hand. She gently grazed her lips over the top of his knuckles for the last time…

Before walking away.



Go away Emma :angry: !

Is that the same Emma who pushed Martha? 'Cause if it is, why cant she find a big hole, crawl into it and never come back :ph34r:

Awesome Chapter, it was so well written :)

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