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Learn To Let Go

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Great Chapter, I love this story ^_^

I hope Jack and Martha can work things out :unsure: , he really hurt her :(

I wonder what happened to Martha in the past. Could she have been raped or something?

^That's exactly what I was thinking, I'll just have to wait and find out :P

Update Soon :)

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Next chapter heading your way :)

Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 6

“You broke dolly”, she sobbed as Jack stood helplessly before her.

“I didn’t mean to. She just fell”, he defended himself.

“Why. I didn’t hurt bobb”, she cried as she thought of Jack's favorite teddy. She still couldn't quite comprehend the concept of an accident.

“I’m sorry. Don’t hate me”, Jack felt his eyes well up with tears as he watched Martha rock herself in the corner.

“Kids?”, Jack’s mum called out as she entered the room, only to find the two in tears.

In an instant she swarmed into the room and scooped up the two 6 year olds in her arms. She smiled sadly as their cries subsided and she was left with little sniffs here and there.

“God help you two when your older”, she mumbled to herself.


Her knees pounded into the sand as her legs gave way after running, what seemed like, a million miles. She didn’t even know why she had run away from him.

He felt a wave of guilt and heartbreak ran through him as he watched her trying to fight the tears.

“Do you even want to be with me anymore?”, she choked as she asked the one question, she thought, would never escape her lips.

“How could you ask that?”, his tone dropped immediately.

“Do you?”

“Of course I do!’”, his hands flew up in the air as he defended himself.

She closed her eyes and let herself sink further into the sand. Her fingers stroked circles over her temple as she tried to reduce the throbs of pain.

He slid down next to her, his eyes watching her intently.

“I love you”, he hushed close to her ear. Prickles of hair arose from her skin as she felt her body tense.

“Why?”, she shrugged blatantly. She felt worthless. How could he love her, when he had lied just to get away? Just like her mum had.

“Because, you are the most beautiful, amazing girl… that I have ever met”, he told her as she pulled herself forward, trying to get some distance from him. Her hands covered her face and her knees tucked up against her chest as she tried to stay calm.

“But I’m not”, she murmured, bringing forward all her insecurities. “No one ever stays”

Gently, he wrapped his arms around the front of her and scooped her back into him. Warm tears stung his arm as he tried to hold her together.

“I’m sorry”, he whispered into her dark hair before placing a small kiss on the soft skin of her head. “I’m so sorry”

“I’ve heard that before”, she pointed out.

“I didn’t want to hurt you”, he started to explain what had happened.

Instantly, she pulled away from him, wanting to hear why he had lied to her all this time.

His face softened as he saw her face, covered in sadness and tears. “I thought that if I said it was footy practice… it wouldn’t seem like I was avoiding spending time with you. But now… it’s done just that”, he groaned in frustration at the mess he had made. He had done this to get on the good side of his team, it had never been his intention to hurt her.

“So you thought lying would make everything better?”, she asked him accusingly. “You don’t get it”

“I do get it Martha!”, he stood up before her. “I was there, the whole time. It was horrible. I know. I didn’t want you to think I was leaving… or that I didn’t want to spend time with you. That’s why I lied. It was stupid, but I thought it would be easier for you”, his tone dropped softly.

“You know what’s easier?”, he pulled at her raised hand to help her up. “The truth”, she sighed before wiping her face clean.

“You’re right”, he agreed.

“You swear over us that you’ll always tell the truth?”, she looked at him curiously as she smiled.

“I swear over everything”, he lifted her hand to his lips gently.

“Thankyou”, she warmly squeezed his hand.

He gazed at her lovingly as she stared at him through her bright blue eyes. She didn’t know how he managed it. But every fight they had, lasted for all of two seconds.

“I have to go”, she pulled away from him suddenly. As though she had just been broken out of a spell. “I’ll see you tomorrow then”, she waved to him before shyly leaning up and placing a small kiss on his cheek.

He stood there dumfounded as he watched her walk away. Was she still angry, he wondered. He certainly wouldn’t blame her if she was… he just hoped she would tell him.


Later that day…

“You forgave him?”, Tasha almost laughed out of shock.

“Tash don’t”, Martha shook her head promptly.

She exhaled tiredly before looking over at her friend doubtfully. “So you guys are just… fine again?”

“Yeah! Well no”, she stumbled over her words. “I don’t know”, she screwed up her face in confusion.

“Marthaaaa!”, Tasha yelled out with a laugh at how incredible she was being.

“I love him Tash”, she cut in simply. That was all that mattered to her. Not the stupid fights that they had. Nothing else mattered, but that.

“Well. I suggest you figure out how you’re feeling”, she told her before stopping just in front of her door. “For your own sake”

“I’ll talk to him”, she assured her, pulling open the door quickly and stepping in.

“You better”, she smiled back.


At the surf club…

Martha stood behind the bar nervously after Tony left. He had just showed her how to work everything but she still wasn’t sure. After just finishing her hsc and through the midst of her now unstable relationship with Jack, she needed something else.

“Martha”, she cringed as she heard him behind her. She had been trying to avoid him the last 2 days. Everything just felt awkward now.

She turned around slightly and gave a small smile as she saw him.

“Dad told me you were working here”, he raised his eyebrows, showing that he was impressed. “Good work”, he laughed.

“Thanks”, she spoke softly to him.

Jack watched her suspiciously as she tried to busy herself with some work. He knew it was a way to avoid him, he didn’t know why though. He thought she had just needed time. But now, it was obviously more than that.

“Martha”, he started, wanting to approach the subject carefully. “Do we need to talk or something?”

“What do you mean?”, she tried to act normal when she realised what he was talking about.

“I mean you’ve been acting weird ever since that fight we had. Is there something else you didn’t tell me?”, he pulled out the stool from the bar before sitting on it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, she shrugged, keeping her eyes focused on the part of the bar she was wiping.

“Martha!”, Jack stopped her hand by placing his over hers. “Talk to me”, he pleaded as she finally looked up at him.

“I don’t even know what to say”, she huffed before pulling a piece of her long her behind her ear.

“Anything would be good”, he sighed. He found it hard to understand what she was thinking anymore. They used to be able to read each other like a book, what has happened?

“I’ll come to yours after work”, she decided. It was probably the best idea. Because, with what she had to say… she was sure there would be some yelling.


Later that night…

“So are you going to talk about it… or just sit there with that look on your face all night”, he laughed softly as he saw her smile for the first time in ages.

“Sorry”, she instantly apologized. “I just… I don’t know how we got like this”, she shuffled her body closer to his on the bed. She picked up his hands and placed them in her lap as she started running her fingers through his.

He felt a tingle run through his body. That old feeling he always used to get whenever he even just saw her. “I miss you”, he admitted.

“I’ve always been here”, she gazed up into his brown eyes.

“I know”, he smiled at her courage to stick with him all this time. “But I haven’t”, his eyes fell back to their hands.

“What’s with you lately?”, she freed her hand before pinching his cheek to grab his attention.

“Ow!”, he pulled away instantly. “You always do that!”

“I know”, she giggled to herself as she remembered the numerous times she’s grabbed his cheek… much to his disgust though. “But you always used to-”, she stopped as his hand found it’s way to the side of her stomach, poking her as hard as he could, making her jump back from him. “Ahhh. Yeah that”, she rubbed the her side as he did what she had expected.

“Can’t we just go back to this”, he suggested in a hope it was all that easy.

“I want to”, she sighed. If he was willing to go back… so was she.

Her breath caught in the back of her throat as he lifted her legs over his, so that she was sitting on him. She couldn’t even remember the last time they had really been this close. The last time he had wanted to be this close.

She watched as he licked his lips in anticipation. She could feel his face nearing hers, his soft nose brushing hers as his lips came closer.

“I can’t”, she pulled herself off him swiftly.

A cold breeze set over where she had previously been sitting on him. He continued to stare over at her, on the wall of his room looking completely terrified.

“I don’t trust you”, she shook her head sadly, continuing to look down. “You always say one thing. And then you do the complete opposite”

He didn’t respond to her.

She didn’t know what to think. Was he even taking her seriously?

“I hate what you’re doing to me”, she confessed as she felt her hands starting to shake. She feared what he was going to think of her, placing the blame onto him. “You used to make me so happy”, her eyes glassed over with tears.

“I don’t make you happy anymore?”, he finally spoke up from where he was still seated on the bed.

Martha felt as a tear started to fall carelessly down her cheek. Somehow, what she had said sounded so much harsher coming directly from him. “When it suits you, you do”, she cringed. She knew she was digging herself in deeper.

“What are you talking about?”, he whispered. She turned away as she felt his eyes burning into her.

“I’m scared Jack”, she admitted. “I’m scared that… in your life, I’m second best now”, her voice broke into a scarce whisper.

Seconds turned into minutes as she waited, head down, for an answer. Some sort of response, just to let her know that he was listening.

She didn’t know whether she regretted saying what she had. That drenching feeling in the pit of her stomach, indicated that she did. But she knew, no matter how hard… it’s how she felt.

Finally, she raised her head to look at him. Luke warm tears trailed down her cheek as he failed to look at her. She had never been in this situation… and it frightened her. He was always the strong one but now… he had his face buried into the palm of his hands as he sat still on the side of the bed.

“Jack”, she choked as he rushed past her briskly. Not even a glance in her direction.

Now it was her turn to chase him.


Next chapter: Is everything falling apart from underneath them?

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That childhood memory was so cute and so sad at the same time. :wub::(

Things are getting worse between them and I don't like it. :(

Sounds like Martha had a bad childhood. Well, maybe not a bad one but not a very good one anyway. I look forward to reading more about it.

More please.

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