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Learn To Let Go

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Heyy, here’s the next chapter for yous :)

Thankyou so much for everyonescomments!!!!

Just a note… Sally was fired from being principal like on the show. But has stayed in SummerBay and is 30.

Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 5

"You have a new best friend!?", he yelped out as if he was hurt.

"No! She's just my friend", she argued back. Confused as to why he was so upset with her.

Jack looked at her, screwing up his eyebrows in an attempt to show his anger. "She said best friends!"

"But you're my best friend?", she giggled. "Are you aloud to have two best friends?", she wondered out loud.

"Not anymore", he poked out his tongue before running off with her.


“You have footy… again!?”, she exclaimed exasperated. The field of students around her were stopped as she focused intently on Jack.

“I thought you understood”, he raised his voice slightly over the tone she had used. As he began to walk away he felt Martha’s presence remain behind him.

“Everyday Jack”, he heard her murmur. He turned around slowly, coming to face with her soft waves and now dull eyes. He watched as blurs of people ran by, all stressing to get out of school quickly.

“I know”, he scuffed his fingers through his hair roughly.

Martha stood there, silenced by the empty crowd that had passed them by. She didn’t know what to say. How was she supposed to fight with him on this, when clearly… his football had already won.

“Fine”, she sighed as she let herself give in to all arguments. Her skin tickled as he pressed his lips against her cheek.

“Thankyou”, he whispered in her ear as he pulled away. “I’ll see you after”, he reminded her before squeezing her hand lightly.

Martha forced a smile. “Alright”

She watched as he walked away and headed for the school field, occasionally turning around to flash her a quick smile.

She missed him. It had only been a week but she still missed him. She’d try her hardest to stay up late so she could spend just a moment longer with him when he would visit her after footy practice… who knew it went so late?


The next day…

She cringed as the harsh sunlight hit her eyes once she reached the kitchen. Never in her life had she felt more run down.

“Good morning”, Sally said with an amused look on her face. Martha glared at her. “Or not so good I take it?”, she laughed.

“Can I blow off school?”, Martha groaned, slumping herself over the bench in exhaustion.

Sally gasped. “God no Martha. As ex-principle I have a job to make sure kids get too school”, she joked before winking teasingly at Martha.

“You’d think getting fired would make you hate the place…”, she raised her eyebrows in surprise as she waddled over to the fridge. “…what do you know”, she shrugged.

“Just get ready”, Sally nudged her jokingly.

“mm okay”, Martha replied before hearing a knock on the door. “Go away”, Martha sighed.

She opened the door in a trance. “Jack?”, she muttered, confused as to why he was there so early.

“Hey babe”, he grinned before planting a kiss on her lips.

“Do you know what time it is?”, she questioned him as she pulled away.

“Yeah I know… it’s early”, he smirked while walking inside and chucking himself on the couch. “But I thought why not spend a bit of time together before school?”

Martha sighed as she walked over to stand in front of him. “Why do I get the feeling there’s a catch here somewhere?”

“Catch?”, Jack laughed nervously as Martha shook her head.

"Tell me"

"It's not a big deal...", he stated cautiously. "But..."

“You can’t come tonight”, she guessed, flopping herself down on the couch beside him.

Jack turned towards her meekly. “How did you know?”

“Take a guess”, Martha rolled her eyes in response.

“But we can still hang out after”, he jumped in quickly as he noticed her expression.

He went to grab her hand as she stood up and turned away from him. “I think I’ll have to give that one a miss”, she told him before disappearing out of sight and upstairs.

“Why?”, Jack asked as he reached her.

“Because I’m tired, that’s why”, she went into her room, desperately searching for her uniform.

Jack stood over her intently, watching as she scattered her clothes all through her room.

“I don’t get it”, he muttered before landing on the bed.

A wave of relief washed over Martha’s face as she found what she was looking for. Her eyes then narrowed towards Jack. The relaxed air about him, the complete lack of awareness, brought back in a rush of annoyance she’d been attempting to block out.

“There’s nothing to get. I’m tired… I can’t keep staying up all night just to spend an hour or so with my boyfriend”, her voice trembled.

Jack stared up at her. “It’s not like that”

“It is for me”, she answered before moving her presence into the bathroom.

Jack followed her promptly. “You’re overreacting”

“That's debatable”, she looked at him ridiculously.

“The moment I actually have something good in my life, you can’t handle it”

She spat out her toothpaste as she turned to look at him once more. “Are you kidding me? I can handle you having football Jack, but for the last week or so, that's all it's been!"

“I’ve supported you through so much and I’m asking you to do this one thing for me… and you can’t. It's not always about you Martha”, he leant against the doorframe, his arms crossed snuggly against his chest.

A warm tear ran down Martha’s face as she realized the extent of what he had said. Why would he choose this time to bring that up. “That’s different”, her voice broke into a whisper.

Jack’s words kept tumbling out of his mouth in such a rush he didn’t even know how much he was hurting her. “No it isn't! I’ve been looking forward to doing this for… for as long as I can even remember! Why can’t you understand that?”

“What about what I wanted to do? I stayed… for you”, she cried helplessly.

“That was your choice Martha”, he argued.

Martha exhaled slowly, trying to breathe out all the pain she was feeling. “I could have gone, moved away from all the memories. Because of what… what he did to me, but I stayed… for you”

“I haven’t left you Martha”, his face softened as he moved towards her. “I’m always here”, he told her, slowly running his hand over her cheek, wiping away any tears that lay there.

“You know what Jack”, she sniffed before abruptly pulling away from his touch. “If this was your idea of ‘spending time together’, then I'd rather not”

“Martha”, he tried to stop her walking away.

“Just go to school”, she called out as she slammed her door once she was in the room. She felt as tears shot straight down her face again.

A picture caught her attention on the ground; it must have been thrown there in all the commotion of finding her clothes. She didn’t even know why it was still in one piece.

Easily fixed, she thought. In one swift motion she tore straight down the middle of the photo.

She found herself feeling sick even looking at him now. Running to the toilet she threw up everything she had in her, thank god Jack had left, she thought.

She hated what she had become… and Jack knew that. She hated how insecure she was, and how worked up she would get herself when forced to think about it.

“Sweety are you alright?”, she heard Sally call out from outside the bathroom.

“No”, she admitted as she opened the door and ran towards her.

Sally felt an unsettling buzz in her stomach as she wrapped her arms around, a now frantic, Martha. “It’s okay”, she soothed her. “I promise”


Half an hour later…

“I can’t believe he would actually bring that up”, her coffee banged down on the table, warm trails of liquid slowly running down all sides.

“He didn’t mean it”, Martha jumped back in surprise.

“Like hell”, Sally cursed, “When I talk to him, I swear-”

“No”, she interjected. “It’s not his fault… I’ve been a bit harsh with him lately”

Sally sighed as she realized she wasn’t going to get anywhere. “So that’s an excuse to throw your past back in your face?”

“No of course it isn’t”, she tucked her knees up under her chin. “But I know him, I know he didn’t mean it”

“If that’s what you think… it’s your choice”, she responded, patting Martha supportively on her knee.

“Thanks”, Martha said appreciatively.

She gave Martha a small smile. “You staying home today?”

“No I’m going to head off now actually”, she stood up and composed herself. “Could you sign me a note?”, she managed a smile.



At school…

Her cold chill ran through her body as she brushed passed him in the hallway. Her heart dropped as he walked on. No smile, no look, in that moment… it was like she didn’t exist.

“Jack”, she found herself yelling after him, causing more eyes on her then she had intended.

But she amongst that, she caught his eyes. Glaring at her in sadness. She could feel the guilt that he was carrying with him.

“Did you even see me just then?”, she screwed up her face in confusion as she tried to think of a reasonable explanation.

Her words were met with silence as he merely stared at the ground like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“I’m sorry”, Jack looked up in surprise as she spoke words he couldn’t even register.

“W-what”, he almost laughed. Now it was her turn to look away from him, her hands began picking at the rough edges of her cast.

“I understand. Well… I didn’t. But I do now”, she whispered, turning her focus back to him.

“No you don’t”, he shook his head adamantly.

Her foot took a step back, like it was a reflex.

He could see the hurt in her eyes as she tried to comprehend why he kept hurting her.

“I was out of line. Selfish, unreasonable. I was a jerk. I feel disgusted with what I said to you. So no, you don’t understand… because you shouldn’t have to”

“I just… don’t like talking about it”, she explained as her eyes turned glassy.

“And I know that”, he sighed, rubbing his hand over his head in aggravation with himself. “I’m so sorry”, her hand was pulled into his as he spoke to her sincerely.

“It’s okay”, she squeezed his hand in an attempt to make him feel better.

“It’s not”, he shook his head before slipping his free hand around her back, allowing her to settle into his body. “But thank you”


At Sally’s…

“Sal! Thank god your home”, Tasha grinned in relief as she ran through the door.

“Well… being unemployed doesn’t give me much of a choice”, she laughed as she watched Tasha fidget around on the spot in anticipation. “Spit it out then”

“Sorry. Lunch time. Have to be fast”, she blurted out quickly before waving her hands as she tried to get her words right. “Martha”, she said simply.

“Ahh. I take it she told you”, Sally concluded.

“I don’t get it”, she drooped herself on the nearest chair. “Actually, I do. That’s the problem”

Sally nodded as she listened to what she had to say. “There’s not much we can do to be honest”

“She can’t stand up for herself. Not when Jack’s involved anyway. She’s so in love with him that the rest doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, Jack’s great but… I don’t want her getting hurt”, Tasha shrugged, she was at a loss with how she could help.

“I know”, Sally agreed. “But she’s talking to us about it. That’s a step. We can’t push her to do anymore”

“I guess”, she ordered herself to let it go.


The next night…

“… and everything’s great”, she concluded as they reached the Surf club. “You and Robbie?”

“Good now…”

“…now that you are dating you mean?”, she laughed as they walked in.

Her smile disappeared as she caught sight of him. She felt a surge of heat flood her cheeks as humiliation washed over her.

There he was, amongst a crowd of laughter and drinks. Like nothing else in the world mattered.

A million questions started running through her mind, was this a one off? Did he come here afternoon? Was she really that bad of company that he had to lie to her?

How could she be so foolish?

“No it’s because… oh”, Tasha’s voice came to a halt as her eyes traced Martha’s. She could see the embarressment in her eyes as she stood there, unable to register anything.

“That jackass… Oi!” she then yelled out across the room, grabbing his attention almost instantly.

He lifted his head up instantly as he heard a voice call out. His body froze as his mind absorbed the scene in front of him.

As soon as his eyes met hers she was out of the room in a second. He felt his legs move quickly towards her in an attempt to catch up with her.

Tasha stopped Jack as he reached her. “It’s just been one thing after another with you hasn’t it?”, she scoffed before turning to find Martha.


Next Chapter: Does Jack have a good reason for his behavior? Will Martha forgive him? :unsure:

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Things are getting worse between Jack and Martha. <_<

I hope Jack didn't lie and had a good reason to be there. If practice was cancelled or something, he could have asked Martha to come and hang out with him and his friends.

I like Tasha and Martha's friendship and Sally and Martha's relationship.

I wonder what happened to Martha in the past. Could she have been raped or something? :unsure:

Please update soon.

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I'm being a pain with all my questions. :rolleyes: Don't mind me. I know you can't tell us anything because it would ruin your fic. And obviously, I don't want that. :P

I'll just hang in there like you said. :P *makes herself comfortable and waits for the next update*

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