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Learn To Let Go

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Helloo :)

Wow! Thank you all for commenting, I’m so glad yu like it!

And Zetti, I agree…. Once a JM fan, always a JM fan :lol:

Well here’s the next chapter for yooous!

Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 2

“You’re wearing a Dress!”, he almost fell on the ground in a fit of laughter.

“So!?”, she stuck her tongue out at him immediately. “Girls are supposed to wear dresses silly”

“Even you?”, he asked unsure.

“Mummy said so?”, she shrugged back. If she told her that then it must be true, plus… even her mum wore a dress.

“Oh”, he looked at the ground defeated. How was he supposed to know that, he was only 5. Well 5 and a half actually, he smiled to himself. “Well ok”

“Don’t worry”, she chirped in. “Mummy told me this would happen. She said that it means that you like me”, she added.

“But I do like you”, he looked confused, not really getting the full meaning. “You’re my friend”


She dashed past him in an attempt to be ready on time. “Morning”, she greeted him.

“Ahh. This is nearly a record”, he laughed in amazement at how quickly she was doing things.

“Let’s just say I’ve had my sugar fix for today”, she called out from her bedroom. “Okay, ready..”, she declared proudly.

“Impressive”, he nodded happily.


At School…

“Marthaa”, Emma called out as she walked past. You know, Teachers daughter, Emma.

Martha just kept walking, there was no way she wanted to stop and be harassed by a bunch of sl*ts.

“Oi”, she shouted before running after her. “What the hell is your problem!?”, she shoved Martha as hard as she could, causing her to fall harshly to the hard concrete.

Her arm hit the ground with a crack, and she was sure she heard other things crack too. She tried to sit up, but the pain from her ribs was unbearable.

She felt sick as she raised her hand to her head, immediately becoming soaked with blood.

She felt like laughing when she saw Emma and the girls she was with sprint for the hills. Cowards, she thought to herself.

“Martha!”, Brad approached her on the ground. “Don’t worry, I’ve called an ambulance, they’re coming”

“It hurts”, she cringed as he tried to touch her arm.

“Alright, well we’ll get it checked out when the amb-”

“Oh my god”, Jack stuttered as he saw her on the ground. “What happened, are you okay?”

“Emma happened”, she rolled her eyes. “But I’ll live”, she bit her lip in an attempt to mask her pain.

If she was honest, this hurt like hell. But not half as much as it would have hurt if she had got the chance to give it back to that b*tch.

“What? No…”, Jack shook his head. Surely she wouldn’t have done something like this.

“Jack! When are you going to realise that she’s not the perfect girl like everyone thinks she is?”, she huffed frustrated.

The ambulance siren was heard coming in to the school and within seconds later, Martha was being lifted back into one.

“You’re coming aren’t you?”, she looked at Jack with sore eyes. “Please?”

“Of course”, he answered shortly, forcing out a smile. It’s not that he didn’t want to come. But he had footy trials… he’d just have to hope that he still got a shot to do it again.


At the Hospital…

Walking around in the corridor, his mind kept wondering over the possibilities of him missing trials. Would it matter?

Finding a vacant seat in the hallway and dumped himself into it.

“Jack?”, he saw her head pop around the corner. “What’s wr-”

“Hey”, Jack quickly jumped up and supported her. “You shouldn’t be out of bed…”

“It doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think”, she smirked up at him as he helped lift her back into bed.

“Well, with a broken wrist, 2 fractured ribs and a cut to the head, I would think it would hurt a lot”

“I’ll kill her”, she threatened.

“No you won’t”, he laughed. “You can’t do anything”, he added before grabbing his ringing phone out of his pocket.

“Hello?”, he answered quickly. “Oh Hi, yeah about that I had to-”, he started before getting cut off by the person on the other end. “No but!”

“Sh*t”, he cursed as the phone cut off.

“What happened?”, Martha asked quietly as she watched him bury his head in his hands.

“I missed out”, he said simply, still not making eye contact with her.

“Oh my god. You had footy trials”, she exclaimed, finally remembering.

“Mmm”, Jack rolled his eyes back.

“What!?”, she then asked, noticing his attitude.

“Nothing”, he brushed her off.

"It's not nothing, tell me", she pushed him.

"I just... wish I didn't have to come here today"

Martha screwed up her face in confusion. “Then why did you?”

“Because you practically made me!”, he started to raise his voice.

“Wow”, She shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you”

“Look, you're fine. I could have easily come after”, he pointed out.

“Just go”, she tried to turn over but cringed in pain. “I wouldn’t want you to miss anything else”


“Seriously Jack. I don’t want you here, Go!”

She listened as she heard the door open slightly before closing again. Only then did she let the tears she had been holding, run freely down her face.


Martha’s house…

“I still think we should have stayed there longer”, Sally argued as she helped Martha to her room.

“No way”, Martha disagreed quickly. “I hate hospitals… plus I’m fine anyway. Just need a sleep”

“If you’re sure”, Sally smiled back. “I’ll have to ring up the school and organise how much time off you’re going to have. I might get Jack to get the work you have to do”

“Actually”, she thought as she sat fiddling with a pillow on her bed. “Would you be able too?”

“Ahh sure sweetie”, Sally agreed. “Can I ask why though?”

Martha sighed. She hated talking about her problems with adults. “It’s just easier that’s all”, she put it shortly.

“I cannot believe you took Jack to the hospital instead of me”, Tasha laughed as she walked past Sally who was leaving, into the room.

“Well believe me now, I wish I didn’t”, she moved over slightly on her bed, making room for Tasha to sit next to her.

“Why?”, she asked now turning serious.

“He missed out on footy trials, and well… now he blames me”, she answered.

“Are you serious?”, Tasha almost laughed. “Look at you! I would have missed my own wedding to come with you”

Martha smiled. “That’s why you’re my best mate”, she reminded her.

“Exactly”, she smiled back proudly. “But still, that’s pretty low of him”

“Yeah. It still doesn’t stop me from feeling bad about it all”

“Are you kidding Martha? I mean don’t get me wrong, Jack’s a great guy and I know how much you love him, but no way is this your fault!”, she pointed out.

Martha fell back onto her bed in confusion. “I don’t know”, she sighed.


An hour later…

He opened the door quietly to find she had her back to him. He watched as she cried in frustration, trying miserable to take her top off.

“Do you need help?”, he suddenly spoke up.

She froze still on the spot. Tears clearly visible on her face.

“Yes”, she answered in a quiet voice, still not turning around to see him.

He approached her slowly, resting his hands on her hips as he reached her. She raised her arms, biting her lip from the pain as he gently pulled her top over her head.

She turned around to face him, getting ready for him to continue. He stopped to look at her, she looked so drained.

Pushing aside all fear of rejection, he cautiously moved forward and pressed his lips against her cheek.

She shivered against his lips as she struggled to contain her composure. Her hands moved to his shoulders as he then helped her take off her pants.

He grabbed the long, baggy shirt he had given her ages ago and pulled it over her head carefully.

“Done”, he smiled before pulling the top completely down at the sides.

“Thanks”, she tried to smile back as he helped her onto her bed.

“Look Martha about before I-”

“It doesn’t matter”, she looked away from him once more. He could tell she was trying to push this aside, even though he had hurt her badly. It’s what she always did. She hated fighting.

“No it does”, he grabbed her hand from her lap to force her to look at him. “I was horrible”, he continued. “You were hurt and you needed me… and I threw that back in your face. No one deserves that. I’m so sorry”, he raised his free hand and gently stroked her cheek.

“It did hurt”, she finally admitted. “But not what she did… what you did”

“I know”, he shuffled closer towards her. “I’m am really sorry”, he repeated once more.

“I believe you”, she squeezed his hand in reassurance. “I just… need to be alone for now”, she then told him.

“Oh”, Jack said surprised. “That’s okay”, he lied.

“It’s not because I’m mad. I mean, I’m upset… but I’m not mad”, she jumped in quickly.

“I understand. I just wish I could do more”, he told her sadly.

“You coming and helping me now, that’s enough”, she smiled genuinely.

“I’m just glad I could help in some way”, he gave a small smile back before standing up off her bed.

“You did”

“Well, ill come round and see you tomorrow”, he then said. “I promise”, he waved slightly before turning to walk out the door.

“Jack wait”, she stopped him. “Come here…”, she signalled for him to go to her.

As he reached her she lifted her body up as much as she could through the pain, grabbed the side of his face and pulled him down for a soft kiss.

He pulled away before stopping and gazing into her eyes. “I love you okay?”, he told her sweetly before giving her one final kiss on the cheek and leaving.

“I love you too”, she whispered once he was out of the room.


Next chapter: Is Jack’s footy really over?

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“Oh”, he looked at the ground defeated. How was he supposed to know that, he was only 5. Well 5 and a half actually, he smiled to himself. “Well ok”

“Don’t worry”, she chirped in. “Mummy told me this would happen. She said that it means that you like me”, she added.

“But I do like you”, he looked confused, not really getting the full meaning. “You’re my friend”

Aww, so cute, little 5 year olds Jack and Martha :P I love the snippets from their childhood at the start of each chapter :)

I hope Jack gets another chance at playing footy :unsure:

You are such a talented writer, Kaiya :D , I really love this story :D

Update Soon

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“Oh”, he looked at the ground defeated. How was he supposed to know that, he was only 5. Well 5 and a half actually, he smiled to himself. “Well ok”

“Don’t worry”, she chirped in. “Mummy told me this would happen. She said that it means that you like me”, she added.

“But I do like you”, he looked confused, not really getting the full meaning. “You’re my friend”

I think this is becoming my favourite JM fic :D :D :lol:

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Love the bit Zetti and Mia quoted. So cute! :wub:

I don't like Emma. If she hadn't hurt Martha, Jack and Martha wouldn't have fought. <_<

I hope Jack will have another shot for the footy trials and everything between them will be okay. :unsure:

More please.

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Heyy :)

Short chapter coming up (Sorry!), but here it is!

Enjoy ^_^

Chapter 3

“Ready or not, here I come”, she called out excitedly before running around frantically to find him.

Jack snickered to himself. He definitely had the best hiding spot.

“I can just see you Jack”, she giggled from behind him.

“Nawww!”, he whined as he turned to see her standing there. “That isn’t fair! I bet you peaked…”

“Nope”, she answered smartly. “You just chose a really skinny tree to hide behind”


“Are you picking Martha up this morning?”, Tony asked his son as he entered the kitchen. “She is coming back to school today isn’t she?”

“No and yes”, he replied simply.

“What do you mean ‘No’?”, Tony mocked him. “You pick her up every morning! Plus, she’s crippled. She needs someone to help her”, he pointed out before sitting down at the table with his coffee.

“She would have messaged me if she wanted me to walk her to school”

“Or maybe she was waiting for you to message her?”, he took a sip of his coffee.

“I don’t know Dad. It’s complicated okay”, he brushed him off before walking back to his bedroom.

As he sat down on his bed, he picked up his phone and fiddled with it. He should call, he decided.

The phone rang. ”Hey”, he heard her answer quietly.

“Hey ahh. I was just ringing to see if you wanted a lift to school?”

There was a short pause. “I don’t want to put you out or anything”, she answered, stabbing Jack in the chest. It had come to the point where she felt she couldn’t count on him for anything.

“Of course it’s not”, he defended himself. “You can rely on me you know”

“I know”, she sighed. “I’m sorry”

“Don’t be”, he stopped her. “I’m the one who stuffed up. I just need you to at least give me a chance to make it up to you”

“Sure”, she found herself smiling. “See you at normal time?”

“See you then”, he said goodbye before getting dressed to go.


Martha’s house…

“Here let me help you”, he reached out and grabbed her bag from her as she walked out the front.

“I can carry my bag”, she assured him. “I’m not completely useless”, she said, trying to reach out and grab her bag back.

“Too bad”, he teased her.

“Alright. Fine with me”, she gave up. “You always did have a way with bags”, she laughed.

“Oh ha ha”, he joked back.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages”, she smiled at him.

“Yeah”, he agreed. “I can’t remember the last time I spent a week away from you”, he laughed at how sad that seemed.

“Neither… How have you been?”, she asked. Jack just stared blankly at her. “W-what”, she stuttered nervously.

“What’s wrong with us? When was the last time you asked how I was?”, he smirked at how awkward their conversations had become.

“Shutup”, she wacked him playfully with her good hand. “It’s a serious question”

“I’m fine”, he finally answered after he managed to stop laughing. “How’s all your injuries coming along? Your head looks better”, he pointed out.

“You wreckon?”, she rolled her eyes before raising her hand and brushing the wound.

“I do”, he answered. “You still look beautiful anyway”, his said seriously.

She smiled back at him genuinely. “At least someone thinks so. Wait till Emma get’s a load of what she did”

“She’s gonna feel heaps bad”

“Bad?”, Martha scoffed. “I doubt it. More like happy I was thinking”

“Come on Martha. I know you don’t like her, but you have to give her more credit than that”

“Why are you sticking up for her”, she stepped back and stopped walking as she waited for an answer.

“I’m not”, he argued. “It’s just a little harsh”

“After what she did Jack, harsh doesn’t even describe how I feel towards her”, she shook her head angrily.

“I don’t think she meant to do it Martha”, he reached out to touch her but she pulled away. “Imagine how bad you would feel if you accidently did this to her”

“I cannot believe we are having this conversation”

“I’m sorry it’s just-”

“No Jack. You can’t do this to me okay?”, she told him desperately. “I need you to be on my side. Because if you aren’t… then who do I have?”, she looked at him with glassy eyes.

“You’re right”, he sighed as he dropped their bags and pulled her into a hug, still being careful as to not hurt her. “I’m sorry”, he apologized.

“I’m glad”, she responded from where her head was tucked into his shoulder. “I know I said I needed space. But I need you now”, she pulled away from him slightly so he could see her.

“Of course”, he smiled before leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on her lips.

“Thankyou”, she smiled back shyly before he gave her another couple of kisses.

“Can I ask something though?”, he queried as he picked up both their bags from the ground. “Is the school doing anything about what happened?”

“No”, she muttered back. “I told them I fell. They already look at me like I’m some abandoned puppy. I don’t need anymore sympathy votes”, she said as she grabbed his hand.

“You know they’re still going to give you some sympathy”, he warned her as he took her hand.

“Maybe. But at least it won’t go on for ages this way…”, she sighed before grabbing her bag back off him. “Anyway, I’ll see you at lunch”, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek before walking off to class.

“Okay see you”, Jack called out after her as he too then headed off to his class.



“You don’t understand coach she was in-”

“I understand perfectly well”, he cut Jack off quickly. “But that doesn’t change anything. You know how it is, first in best dressed”, he shrugged ignorantly.

“Are you kidding me?”, he scoffed. “So what would excuse me missing out on trials?”, he asked hypethetically. “Maybe if she had died would you have cared?”, he threw his hands up in frustration.

“Don’t use that on me boy”, the older man stood up from behind his desk. “Just face the fact… and walk away”, he shooed him from his office.

“I—Sh*t”, he cursed once the door slammed in his face.

A couple of guys who were walking passed noticed this. “Oi isn’t that the guy Emma was talking about?”, one of them whispered to the other.

“Yeah mate it is”, the other guy laughed back. “What did ya do?”, he then called out to Jack.

Jack turned around in a quick movement. He didn’t realise anyone was there. He recognised them straight away, they were in his year. Matt and Daniel.

He had never really been that good of friends with them, but boy was that going to change.


After school…

“Martha!”, he called out as he sped up his pace to reach her.

“Jack, where were you at lunch?”, she asked suspiciously, but at the same time with a smile on her face.

“Oh lunch”, he suddenly remembered. “Woops”, he smiled uneasily.

“Yeah, woops”, she laughed. “What were you doing?”

“Well actually that’s the good thing”, he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Guess who got into footy?”, he grinned down at her.

“Oh my god”, she jumped out of his grasp excitedly. “Seriously?”

“Dead set”, he replied as he kissed him happily.

“Aw Jack that’s amazing. I really am happy for you”, she pulled him back into a hug. “How did you manage it though?”

“Well… that’s the weird thing. You know Matt and Daniel?”, he asked.

“Ehh, yeah?”, she answered. Part of the ‘I’m so popular’ group, she thought.

“Well they saw me when I was seeing the coach and… well, one thing lead to another…”

“Please Jack, you make it sound dirty”, she raised her eyebrows teasingly at him.

Jack laughed mockingly at her joke. “But yeah they got me a spot. I don’t know how but…”

“They really did that for you?”, she asked surprised. “That’s… unusual”

“Maybe”, he agreed. “But as long as I’m on the team, who cares?”, he laughed.

“It’s great, it really is”, she nodded sweetly at him.

“So, what’s on the agenda for this arvo?”, he grabbed her bag off her again before they began walking home.

“That depends. Are you free?”, she winked seductively at him.

Jack let out a small laugh. “Besides the fact that you’re a bit crippled”, he focused his eyes on her injuries. “I have footy practise at 4”

“Ohh. Is this how it’s going to be from now on?”, she unhooked his arm from around her waste.

“No, of course not”, he grabbed her good wrist and pulled her back towards himself. “You know I couldn’t last without you”

“Me? Or sex?”, she grinned cheekily at him.

“Well”, he pretended to think for a second. “I’m kidding”, he sighed as she pouted. “You. But you know it’s not just sex with you it’s…”

“I know”, she cut in, her hand draping around his back and playing with his tuffs of hair.

“I have it three days a week… four if need be. This is a really important program I’m doing, so when they need me, I’m there”, he looked at her apologetically.

“I understand”, she said as they approached her house. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?”, she took her bag off him and placed a kiss on his lips.

“You sure will”, he said before waving her off.

He was glad she had been so supportive of this. She knew how much this meant to him and he was glad.

It was pretty lucky that he had gotten a second chance like that, he never expected for them guys to help him out like that, it kind of made him realise how little guy friends he really had…


Next Chapter: They’ve got each other… what more do they need?

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