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Love in Motion (by Red Ranger 1) - comments

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The last two chapters felt more like filler chapters. Nothing much happened plot wise.

I liked the Aden/Tam scene though. I kinda think this is how it would probably play out if we ever got to see them in the same together. And then that would be it. Which would be good enough. I can see Aden not really caring to bring up all that again. Tam seeking him out doesn't really give out the impression that she really is still all that effected by what he did. But still just wants to believe he's a creep because it's what you do when someone hurts and humiliates you. And doesn't like the idea of everyone suddenly changing their mind about him.

Tam and Geoff are still good. As Lynd said he still as clueless as ever. I love when he's like that around her. Can't say I was really interested in Nicole whining about Tam to Aden. Felt almost the same to the scenes on the show when Nicole was whining to him about Geoff and how she thought Geoff and Melody where going to get back together.

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That last part reminded me a bit of when Nicole first turned up and she befriended Annie as a way of getting to Geoff (although admittedly she bribed her as well). As already mentioned he remained completely oblivious to what appears to be going on. Paris is going to hit the roof when she finds out although I can somehow picture Aden finding it funny.

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So as I expected Belle plays the part of the big sister. Was Nicole really going round there to make an effort and clear the air or was she set to deliver one of those stay away from my man speeches? I think she’s the one watching them as well but that would be to obvious wouldn’t it?

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Good chapter. Well the plot definitely moved along in this chapter.

I've got to say Annie as a point here. I'm liking her in this fic. I liked Belle's role in this chapter too. I still don't buy the idea of Belle ever feeling the need to get overly involved in any of Geoff's relationships but it felt realistic here. She tried to help him out but didn't seem to care all that much. Thats what I prefer and like. So I enjoyed that scene between the three of them.

I can't tell what Nicole's motives for going to Tam's was but considering I'm all for thinking the worst of her, since we didn't really find out, I'm gonna chose to believe she wasn't being genuine.

Tam and Geoff was good again. I liked the dialogue between them. I'm interested to see everyones reactions to the kiss in the next chapter, and Geoff's as well.

One little critique. I wish we would get some discription of what the characters are thinking and feeling at times. It doesn't have to go into it too much detail but some would be nice. We haven't got that as yet. I feel like it's mainly been dialogue(which I'm enjoying) and describing where the they are and just the basic stuff. Surprisingly enough Aden seemed to be one of the only characters whose thoughts we actually got. And while there as been a few moments with Geoff it isn't really much. With Tam and Nicole it feels non-existant. I find myself having to guess what each of them are feeling from what we know of them in the show which is making it hard for me to invest in any of them here right now. Feel free to ignore this. Just my thoughts on it.

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