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Love in Motion (by Red Ranger 1) - comments

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Tony stuck his head round the partition from the kitchen.“Have you had enough private time or do I need to boil the kettle up again?”

Liked this line.

This sounds really good. Seeing as Geoff and Nicole are important characters in this fic I wasn't planning to read it but I do like Tam alot so I was curious to check it out. I'm liking it so far. We need more stories with Tam in it. She had so much potential. I always felt Nicole was brought in as a replacement for Tam. Which is a shame because Nicole is a lousy replacement.

Her few comments to Tony were good. I like that Tam seems to know what Aden did to Rachel. It means that she and Rachel do keep in touch. I'm sure they do in the show but it would be nice to see evidence of that once in a while. Her being nervous about the mention of Aden was realistic. Until I read the part about Tam knowing what he did to Rachel I was thinking her reaction to his name was just about what he did to her. And I couldn't help but think, as horrible as he was treated her at the end, surely she would have moved on from that by now. I can see her holding some resentment towards him though. I'm looking forward to her seeing him again. I always wondered how she would react if she saw him the way he is now compared to how he used to be.

Tam and Geoff. This is a couple that didn't happen that I wish did. Now these are two characters, completely different, who I felt could have brought out the best in each other. And the storyline would have been much less cliched then Geoff/Nic. I liked the little scene at the end with them. I always did like how she handled herself around people. I always think thats what they want with Nicole, that we are supposed to find her to be witty and have attitude. But with her, it feels forced and I just see the writers feeding the actress lines. With Tam the attitude and witty lines seemed more natural and believeable coming from her.

As long as this fic stays true to who each character is, the situations are potrayed for what they actually were, and every character is treated equally, and also doesn't end up being a carbon copy of the Mel/Nic/Geoff triangle only with Tam taking Mel's role then I think I might actually find myself enjoying a fic that involves Nic and Geoff heavily.

Sorry about the long rambling review. I tend to review like that very often.

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Very good Red Ranger. I always liked Tam and was very disappointed when they decided to write her character out of the show in such a short space of time. I always wondered if she remained how things would have panned out with Geoff and Aden. And with Nicole as part of the equation there are interesting possibilities I guess....

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Ruby smiled sympathetically."I guess if you were going to lock people in a burning building'"

"Soon-to-be burning building,"corrected Annie.

Loved this line. It made me smile. Even better because Annie of all people came up with that reply.

The lines from Tam in that starting scene with Geoff was really good. She always did know how to leave him at a loss for words. That part almost felt like it could have been taken out of the show.

Yay! Melody is back. I'm so glad for that. Good to know that she is still getting along with her mother though. I wonder if she is over Geoff now. She didn't seem to care that Tam was there. If she is, thats even better. I liked her banter with Annie and Ruby. They actually felt like a little group.

I loved Tam's fiesty side coming out with Nicole. I don't think Nicole would ever stand a chance in a fight with Tam. Compared to Tam, or at any time to be honest, Nicole feels to much like a wannabe tough girl. She seemed like she was trying to hard in that scene to seem tough. And was completely failing. I don't think she made any impression on Tam whatsoever. Honestly I could see Tam finding Nicole trying so hard to be intimidating quite amusing.

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