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title - Simon

type of story - long fic

genre - drama

starring - Roman, Simon + other regs

spoilers - no

warnings - sexual references, adult themes

plot - Roman's brother Simon shows up hiding something

Bttb rating:

Librarian Note: Please check your inbox.


Leah was at the diner cleaning a table when she looked up and saw a guy who had to be at least around 20

"Can i help you?" she asked

"Oh god yes" he replied looking at her

Leah got embaressed

"Simon" Roman said walking out of the kitchen

"Hey" Simon replied

"What's up, are you ok?"Roman asked

"I need a place to crash. It'll only be for a day or so and then i wont bother you again" Simon told him

"Yeah that's fine, sit down i'll make you something to eat first, are you hungry, you look hungry, when was the last time you ate?" Roman said pushing Simon

down on a chair.

"Ok whatever a tin of baked beans or something will be fine. Just don't fuss."

Roman laughed

"Don't be silly, i'll get you something good then we'll go home, now stay put" Roman told him

"Little brother" Colleen said softly to Leah

"Yeah i thought Roman was good looking" Leah replied


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Simon walked down stairs after taking a shower at Roman's

"Hey Roms where's my gear" Simon asked

"I'm put it in the wash" Roman replied


"Because it was dirty and it stu..." Roman said turning around and looking at Simon.

"Where did they come from?" Roman asked


"The bruises and the cuts"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Simon told him

"Si, you look like a human marble and some of those cuts need stiching".

"It was a bitch of a bar fight. That's all"

"Si, come on i'm taking you to the hospital"

"No, no one is touching me"


"you know what, i'm leaving it was a mistake coming here, i'm just gonna borrow your clothes ok. i'll come back and get mine later" Simon yelled walking up the stairs.

"Simon don't do this".


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Roman knocked on a caravan door where Simon was staying.

"Simon i know you're in there" Roman called

Simon opened the door

"Why didn't you ever call me back?" Simon shouted

"What?" Roman asked, he could see that Simon had been crying.

"I called you and i called you and i called you, and i left message after message, why didn't ever call me back?" Simon shouted again crying.

"Si, what are talking about"

"I always tried to tell myself you had no service or were really busy. But you were just ignoring me"

"Tell me whats going on" Roman said grabbing his arms.

"Don't touch me, you're as bad as dad" Simon told him crying and trying to get free of Roman's grip

"What about dad?" Roman said


"He what"

Simon tried to push Roman out the door

"Just go" he told Roman

Roman stood there a couple of minutes

"How many times?" Roman asked

Simon wiped his eyes

"I lost count" Simon said in a softer voice

"He gave you the bruises didn't he" Roman said sitting next to him and putting his arm around him.

"The first time it happened he punched and kicked for that long and that hard and told me not to say anything, i spent the night cleaning my blood off the wall so mum wouldn't see" Simon told him.


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Roman was sitting on the edge of Simon's bed.

"Have you been here allnight" Simon asked waking up and rubbing his eyes.

"No" Roman replied

Simon tilted his head to one side

"What were you afraid that i'd cut my wrists or something" Simon replied getting up

"Ok yeas i stayed here all night, but i just wanted to taake care of you" Roman told him standing up

"I called mum" Roman contiued to talk

"So" Simon said

"I told her what you told me" Roman said

"You did what?"

"Well i though s..."

"Yeah you thought, since when do you care about me" Simon snapped

"I had a bitch flip and told you the biggest secret of my life, did you ever stop to think that i wanted you to keep it a secret" Simon continued yelling and then grabbed his keys.

"What are you doing?" Roman asked

"Fixing the mess you just made"


"I don't hate dad for what did"

"What, how can you not hat..."

"I hate you, you left me with him, you never returned my calls and then you call dad a big hero" Simon told him

"Do you want me to come?" Roman asked

"No Roman i don't, i'm 19, i can take care of myself atleast i think" Simon told Roman

"Well why did you come here?" Roman asked

"Because i had no where to go" Simon yelled and got in the car


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NAME: Simon Jacob Harris

AGE: 19

HAIR COLOUR: Brown (died natually blonde)


MOTHER: Viola Harris

FATHER: Angus Harris

SIBLINGS: Cassandra Ried, Roman Harris, Sereena Harris (Roman and Cassandra older, Sereena younger)

NIECE: Nicole Franklin, Lindsey Mackenzie (deceased)

GIRLFRIEND: Zara Kirby (before coming to Summer Bay)

STAR SIGN: Scorpio


Simon is a complicated very good looking 19 year old boy. He grew with Roman as his idol but that changed when Roman and his sister Cassandra left home leaving their abusive alchoholic father to become very violent and belt both Simon and his younger sister Sereena incidents which Simon blames Roman for because he never returned his phonecalls or text messages which said "help us". Simon recently showed up in Summer Bay.


In future Simon makes friends with Aden, Belle and Nicole. Also flirts with Rachel, Leah and Kirsty before developing a very close friendship with Claudia Wilks when comes to town. Simon treats Claudia like a little sister, but she wants more.

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