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Lily Allen a Fan of Sally Fletcher aka Kate Ritchie

Guest **Julie**

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I heard that interview lol. It's so cute that Lily and Kate are both fan of each other.

It's great to see that Kate has got some famous fans out there, but it was expected. It's hard to not like her acting.

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Yeah that's really cool. I listen to her show's podcast regularly and there have been a few celebs on there who were starstruck by Kate, like when Leona Lewis was on she admitted she was nervous meeting Kate cause she's a huge fan of Home and Away. And another time was when they had Chris Martin from Coldplay on the phone, the guys asked him if he was familiar with H&A, Chris said he was more of a "Neighbours" fan but still liked H&A, and when Kate told him she played Sally Fletcher he started gushing to her about how he knows exactly who that is and how fantastic she is, they even had to remind him that he was on the phone for an interview about his new album, not to talk to Kate about H&A, lol. Turns out Kate's also a big fan of Coldplay so she was really flattered.

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