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This might be a silly question, but where can I see if I have a warning or not? When I first joined here I was a naive 16yr old who posted in text talk because I didn't read the rules. I got sent a SPAG reminder from Si-Co and then started posting with proper English. I'd forgotten all about it until last night. Can someone please tell me if that was just a reminder or did I get a warning? I can't remember and I can't find anything on my profile or in my controls telling me. I remember on the old forum you could tell as it was under your profile when you posted.

Edit: I should have posted this in the Unsure thread. I haven't seen Si-Co around for ages come to think of it, is he ok? One more reason to edit... I accidentally hit the CTRL button on my keyboard and now BttB is really small... I'm using Firefox. It's only BttB that is really small all the other websites I'm currently on are at their normal size. :unsure:

Edit again: I fixed my screen and it's back to normal so I can know read everything without a magnifying glass :P

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