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The Missing Pieces

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Story Title: The Missing Pieces

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Aden mostly, then Aden/Belle

BTTB rating: Probably T

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Mentions of abuse, possible violence and sexual content later on

Summary: All the scenes i would have loved to see in the show about Aden and/or Belle. I will include some scenes that already exist but i will change them slightly, this doesn't mean i don't like them originally or thought the writer's didn't do them justice. I just thought them out in my head in a certain way. The chapters will be quite short and it won't flow like a normal fic, more like seperate short scenes. There is a list of the chapters in the advertise your fic thread and if you'd like me to write any others feel free to pm me and i'll add them. Here's the link to the list: http://www.backtothebay.com/forum/index.ph...1434&st=460

I haven't really started at any significant point, i just had this scene in my head, it's very similar to the original but they won't all be like that. And so here it is!

The Missing Pieces

Chapter 1. Aden and Mattie talk…

Aden sat on the fence outside the surf club, staring out to sea and watching the waves continue to pound in to the shore. Wishing that he could be that free, that all he'd have to worry about was a timely meeting of sea and sand. He felt the presence of salty tears sting the back of his eyes at the thought of his current situation. Things hadn't been right for a long time but only recently had he started to really feel it. Since the car accident his dad had laid into him so much, he was lashing out himself wherever he could in a hopeless attempt at an escapism based on rebellion. But he would never let the tears fall in public… or in private for that matter. He was too strong, at least he thought he was... but now… what he'd been accused of, it made him want to throw up. He sighed heavily and looked at his watch, realising he was running late for school as he turned slightly to see a figure heading his way. Great, he thought, this is just what I need.

"Annie Campbell is fourteen years old!" Matilda yelled annoyingly towards him and he was grateful he was sat above her; it allowed him to keep an edge of power to his following words.

"Which is why I tried to help her!" he argued bitterly.

"Yeah, right!" Matilda said sarcastically; and then pausing for a moment as she watched Aden look back out to sea, his jaw clenched. "What else happened?"

Aden turned to look at her so fast he could have cricked his neck, "I didn't touch her if that's what you mean."

Matilda continued to shake her head, "You're a dog, Aden," she said nastily before striding passed him.

He immediately jumped over the fence and followed her, not wanting Matilda to stay in the belief that he could do something like that, "She's a kid! Do you seriously think I'm that sick? I would never do that!" he yelled at her; Annie was just a kid... just like he had been... admittedly she was older but anyone thinking that he was capable of the same acts that had been inflicted upon him... he couldn't stand it and he spoke with an edge of hurt lining his voice that Matilda would confuse with guilt.

"What about Tam?" she asked him harshly.

"I would never force myself on someone," he answered her firmly. What had happened with Tam had been a mistake, even he could admit that. But the truth was that she had accepted the alcohol and everything else that he had offered. He had never forced it on her, tried to convince her; yes. But he never made Tam do anything she didn't want to do.

"Tell that to the judge," Matilda sniped before walking away for good this time; missing Aden run his hand through his hair as he breathed in the salty air, feeling it power the salty tears that he was still managing to keep back. He kicked one of the fence posts in frustration before turning around to head back to school. However, a certain person sat at one of the tables caught his attention and he headed towards them instead.

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