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And the Oscar goes to...

Guest *Maddie*

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If you haven't seen the Oscars and don't want to know the result, then don't read on...

I already posted this in the Oscar thread I started, but I think this deserves a topic of it's own:

Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor. And now I'm gonna cry... He was such a beautiful person, and a brilliant actor. I hate that he was taken away from us so tragically, but I love that he's left us with such enduring performances and characters like The Joker. Rest in peace, Heath, and know that you truly deserved this win.

And to think, it all started with a guest spot, hassling Sally, on H&A :P

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Ooh, that's great news :D I have seen him as the Joker, and he really did an amazing job. Seeing him as that psycho is really good acting, knowing what he was like in real life. Can't say I'm surprised though, I guess that academy award was pretty anticipated :P

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