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Story Title: Unthinkable

Type of Story: Short fic

Main characters: Aden, Belle, Michael, Rachel, Jack, Irena

BTTB rating: A

Does story include spoilers: Probably not.

Summary: Every family has secrets and so do the Taylor's.

"Just shut your f**kin mouth" Belle screamed at her brother, Michael. Michael was a 23 year old strict Christian.

"Language! What is your problem, you have the perfect life. At least your father wasn't like my father!" Belle's brother shouted back.

Rachel who wasn't home at the time was oblivious to Belle and Michael's toxic relationship. She like many teenagers her age enjoyed shopping. And that's where she spent most of her time, shopping. Born in France like her brother, the seventeen year old led a first class life. Spending more money than the average Summer Bay local, Belle's father was very wealthy and gave her bucket loads of money. Belle refused to accept or use it, leaving it in the bank. Jack, Belle's father encouraged Rachel as well as Michael to use the money when they pleased. Wanting a normal life, Belle left France moving away from her step-brother and step-sister, she found a quiet little town Summer Bay. She had lived there for almost three years now, settled in a job at the diner, working alongside her boyfriend Aden. Belle refused to talk or even mention her family to Aden or Irene. A little later after she arrived Michael and Rachel had followed her to Sydney.

"I hate you; I wish you would just leave me alone. I'm better off without you! You're such a pain! Just get out! Can't take this anymore!" Belle threw the picture frame on the floor; it featured herself, Michael, Rachel, Jack and Irena (her real mother).

"Fine if you want me to leave, I'll leave!"

"Good riddens there's no room here in Summer Bay for another f**kin Christian:"

Fast forward three years. "I was taken advantaged of as a child....he abused me Belle.......I feel so ashamed" Aden went on to explain his past to Belle. The two had been dating for over two months now. When Aden had refused to sleep with her, Belle broke up with him. Aden felt he had no choice but to reveal his dark past. "Do you think I'm weak?" he whispered looking down at his left hand. "No, of course not. I understand how you feel; you aren't a weak person Aden. I love you. You know that, right? And no child or adult for that matter should have go through what you went through" Aden's lips started to shake, his eyes watered and tears eventually fell. Taking a few deep breaths in he looked at Belle, pausing for a minute he opened his mouth "I love you Belle, I love you...." he whispered, Belle reacted by hugging him instantly. "I know you do" she kissed the back of his head. "Will you promise not to tell anyone..." he asked showing extreme lack of self confidence "Trust me, if there's one thing I know how to do in this life is to keep a secret." Belle smiled, reassuring him that she was there for him.

It had been three years since Belle had any contact with her brother and sister, and it had been even longer since she had any contact with her father and mother. And that's the way she liked it. Being near her brother was painful, she loved her brother but at the same time she hated him. She felt sick knowing that her brother hadn't done anything to protect her as a child, to protect and secure her innocence. It wasn't fair; it was his responsibility as a brother to be there for her, to keep her from any harm, whether that is emotional or physical. Raised as a Christian, Belle was a dedicated Christian but by the age of six, that all changed. Michael and Rachel's father was a dedicated and well liked priest at the local church in France. As Belle's parents weren't around, she Michael and Rachel were raised by David, Belle's step-father.

"Irene, what's wrong?" Belle asked in shock as she arrived at the diner to start her shift. Two police were talking to Roman with very serious faces on. "Oh darl, we've been robbed" Belle's eyes grew larger. "You're kidding, how much did they take?" Irene was almost in tears, "Ahh, well they took the whole lot I'm afraid" Aden arrived shortly after. "Hey Babe" he placed a hand on her back in a protective manner as he saw the police. "We've been robbed" Irene had finished being questioned by the police and walked back over to Aden and Belle "guys I'm sorry, but I don't think the diner will be opened today" Aden smiled at Belle, "What?" Belle asked shocked by his reaction. "Nothing, I'm just happy I get to spend the whole day with you now" he said in a cheeky manner. "Guys there's also something else I should mention. This is the second time we have been robbed, we already in a lot of debit; I'm probably going to have to let some staff go. If you get my drift" Belle and Aden nodded walking out the door and onto the hot rough sand, Belle looked at Aden with a sad look "I don't want to stop working at the diner" Aden looked away "I know, me too"

Not sure about this fic, but let me know what you think. :)Note: Jack & Irena are based on Sydney's parents from Alias lol.

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Chapter 1

It was 8:00 when Belle and Aden fell into bed together; Aden as usual was the first to fall asleep. Belle however, was having one of those nights where the memories of her haunting childhood flooded back to her. Tossing and turning trying to get conformable was impossible. Pushing the sheets off and then pulling then back on because she felt chilly was another factor in keeping her wake. “Shh Belle go back to sleep, its okay. He’s not awake anymore” Her brothers’ words calmed her eventually drifting off to sleep. The lamp was left on just the way Belle liked it, ever since she was six, Belle always found sleeping with the lamp on comforting. “I pray for peace, love and happiness. Life is a beautiful gift; we must all worship our lord and thank him each day.” Belle heard her brother’s words in her sleep, “How can you say that? God isn’t helping us! God isn’t real, if he was real Michael then why would he let you and me suffer like this! You’re kidding yourself!!” Belle screamed at her brother outside the church. Her head move to the right side of her shoulder then the left and then the right, waking up suddenly gasping for breath. She looked over at Aden sound to sleep, how could he possibility sleep? Why didn’t he have nightmares, only days ago had he revealed to her his sexual abuse as a child. Her chest was covered with sweat, getting up slowly pushing the sheets off of her body, trying her best not to wake her boyfriend up.

Meanwhile in France........

“Michael, hurry up! We’re going to be late” Rachel called out to her brother at the airport. “Yeah Rach, just a second I need to use the bathroom” He said casually, making sure his sister didn’t know he was feeling unwell.

“Come on! We’ve been here for hours I wanna go, ran Michael run!” she complained holding her Von Dutch handbag.

“Oh my goodness just shut up will you! For goodness sakes” Michael mumbled to himself as he entered the men’s bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he lent over staring down at bowl the smell made he want to vomit. But it wasn’t just the smell that was causing the nausea. And then it came, his breakfast was coming back up and into the toilet. Droplets of water steeped out of his skin, dripping with sweat his hands began to shake. “Pull yourself together Mike, you’re stronger than this” he blew air into his hands which were held up to his mouth. Flushing the toilet he opened the door and washed his hands, looking up slowly at the mirror he smiled at himself, and was ready to leave but then he stared again at himself. This time a little longer, on the bottom of his lips was blood. “Oh please, no” he whispered washing it with water. “Did I really vomit blood as well...?” He began to panic, just as he thought he was about to have a huge panic attack. Rachel opened the door slightly, “Will you hurry up!!!!!” Jumping with a fright his fear turned to anger “What do you think you’re doing in here, this is the men’s bathroom!!!” he shouted back. “I’m not in the men’s bathroom, I just opened the door. Jesus, it’s not a crime” Michael almost shielded himself despite being fully clothed, “Just get out will you” he snapped back. “Michael.... I’m not even looking, just get over it and get your butt out here”

“Morning love” Irene was making a skinny latte with her breakfast.

Yawning, “Yeah, morning...” Belle looked like a zombie, six hours of sleep wasn’t clearly not enough for her.

“You alright darl, you look awful”

“Gee thanks” she said rubbing her eyes, sitting at the table closing her eyes and then forcing then back opened.

“Well I think she looks gorgeous this morning, I totally dig bags” Aden popped out of Belle’s room, overhearing their conversation.

“Thanks” she forced a smile as she heard the sarcasm in his voice.

“Here Belle, I made you some special pancakes this morning” Irene served Belle and Aden three pancakes.

“Oh and darling for the record, Listening to you snore all night is music to my ears” Belle said rolling her eyes with a smile. This comment caused Irene and Aden to laugh together. “Yeah babe, that’s the reason why I do it every night. I know how much you love it” he smirked. “Mm yeah, Girls definitely LOVE guys who snore” Belle continued to be sarcastic. “They find it absolutely irresistible” Irene could feel Belle was slightly tense “I have an idea why don’t you help me at the diner today; we have a 21st lunch scheduled at 12. I could really use your help with preparing the platters” Irene asked with a begging tone. Belle yawned “Mm yeah sure, why not” Aden gave Irene a puppy dog look “What am I suppose to do all day, are you trying to distract Belle so we can’t spend time together?” Belle giggled. “Oh darl believe me, there’s no way I could stop the two of you from seeing each other, but that doesn’t mean you two have to spend all day with each other’s tongues down each other’s throats” Aden and Belle gazed at one another, busting to laugh.

“Finally we’re here, took long enough!” Rachel moaned playing with her mobile.

“Will you stop complaining, it’s getting really annoying” Michael drove anxiously; it had been three years since he last had contact with his step-sister Belle. “So does Belle know we’re coming?” Rachel kept looking at her phone, as she asked her brother. “No” No? No? Rachel thought to herself, looking at her brother with a confused look “Why not? She’s probably going to have a heart attack when she sees us then, you should have told her!” Michael almost close to sweating, this time because of his fear inside “Look Taylor, will be happy to see you. Isn’t that all you really care about?”

Rachel’s mouth opened with shock “Excuse me? But I do care about your relationship with our sister” she snapped back. “Fine whatever, all I’m saying Rachie is Taylor and I have yet to sort out of differences, and whether we like or hate each other shouldn’t affect the time we spend with her in Summer Bay, got it?” Rachel smiled nodding “Okay, because I love being with my sister” Michael stared at her; “Well most of the time” Rachel laughed. “Yeah because sometimes she can be a pain in the butt” Michael chuckled “You got that right...” Rachel nodded “And sometimes she is really controlling, telling me what to do. Who to see, who not to screw” Michael’s eyes locked on her again, his eyes widening “What? I’m joking” Despite being a Christian, Rachel was more laid back with the religion, even hiding her sinful secret, a secret which only Geoff and Belle knew about. “Okay we’re here” Rachel looked out the window to see Roman’s house, “What are we doing here?” The two hopped out of the car. “We need to see Roman first, living arrangements” he smiled.

Racing to the door, Rachel made it at the door first “Ha-ha, loser” Aden was sitting lazily on the couch watching Oprah when he heard a knock at the door. “Coming” Aden pulling the door opened, expecting Belle “Hey Be...oh hey” He scanned the unfamiliar faces, “Hi, can I help you?” Rachel immediately assumed he was speaking literally “Yes please, here take this” she handed her heavy backpack to him “Thanks” she said breathlessly. “Okay....” Aden said sounding confused. “May we come in?” Michael asked oblivious to the fact that Aden had no idea who they were. “Sorry, and you are...?” Aden finally asked. “Oh sorry, My name is Michael and this is my annoying sister Rachel” Rachel laughed “Ha-ha you’re so funny” Aden nodded, still with a confused look on his face “We’re here to see Roman, close personal friends” he smiled in a friendly manner. Aden then processed who they were and what they wanted “Sure thing, come on in” Rachel gasped with a smile “Thank god” Michael, Rachel and Aden stood near the staircase, “So where should I put this?” Aden asked still holding her backpack. “Oh just dump in on the ground” she smiled, fixing her hair.

“Roman should be here any second” and he was there in a second, “Oh speak of the devil” Rachel said in a cheeky manner, Michael stared at her at the mention of “the devil”. “Hey mate!” Roman shook Belle’s brother’s hand. “Long time, no see” Michael said feeling excited seeing Roman again. “How have you been?” Roman asked, Aden felt like an outsider, unable to join the conversation. “Yeah man, it’s been awesome.....” The door opened again this time it was Belle. Standing there in shock, she saw her brother and sister. “What are you.....why are you.....how....?” Belle’s questioned quickly. “Hello to you too” Rachel said, “Oh my god!” Belle squealed as she saw her sister. “Rachie! Oh I’ve missed you so much” she squeezed her tightly. “Okay, okay. I get it, I get the point” Her voice sounded as if she were being chocked. Releasing her sister from her arms, Belle took one look at her brother and felt sick. Quickly moving her eyes from her brother to Roman “Irene, wanted me to tell you she needs you buy more chicken flavoured chips” Belle then dismissed herself from the conversation “Bye Rachel, Roman.....Cya Aden” Aden then looked at Michael with a questioning look. Aden was still oblivious to the fact that their related.

Tell me what you thought! Hoefully it made sense.

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