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The Range Of Troubled Teens

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Joseph left the bay.. and Ruby and Xavier came together. Tension between Gina and Bryce was high and something was bound to happen.

It's December 2011 now and everything has been going well for Ruby and Xavier.. but Joseph has left the bay and Gina is now single. Bryce made his move and they got back together. Gina is currently in year 11 and has been studying very hard.. Ruby, Jai and Annie are all in year 12 but they have stuffed up their exams.. They have to repeat.

Mr Bartlett is always happy to have them back, so it's all good. Bryce has been having a great time running the gym, and has even split the partnership further and has given Miles apart of the gym.

But then things went sour when Gina was attacked. Things are going to be bad..

In January 2012.. Joseph made a re-appearance.. and he worked at the gym as a personal trainer and kept right out of Bryce's way and didn't even talk to him. This was strange but he kept up his work like normal.. until in March 2012 he caught Joseph hitting Gina.

"Leave the bay" said Bryce as he had an angry look on his face.

"Make me" said Joseph as he stood up to Bryce and got in his face.

Bryce then hit Joseph in the face and kept laying into him. Joseph was unconscious and Bryce just walked away and left him there.

Later that day Charlie Buckton approached Bryce about possible Man-Slaughter charges if Joseph dies.

"You'll be going to prison for a period of 9 years if he ends up dying" said Charlie.

"At least he wouldn't be hurting Gina anymore" said Bryce as he crossed his arms and looked angrily at Joseph who was unconscious in a hospital bed.

Joseph did end up waking up.. but pressed assault charges against Bryce meaning he could no-longer work at the gym anymore. Joseph then fled the bay and intended on never coming back.

In April a new family arrived in the bay called "The Cramburgs". In this family of four they had one daughter called "Silvia" who is 13 at the moment, and a son called "Blake" who is currently 16.

They live in a house near the school.. meaning they're being enrolled in at Summer Bay High. Blake is actually a keen swimmer so he intends on going for the swim team.

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Blake dropped his swimming bag down and saw everyone was practicing their backstroke and stuff. A similar face appeared and it was actually Tyler, the guy from two years ago who got dumped by Gina. He has changed his hairstyle and color of his hair.. and his hair currently looks like http://s202.photobucket.com/albums/aa159/c...rrent=Roxas.jpg.

"So.. you're Blake huh?" asked Tyler as he crossed his arms.

"Yeah" answered Blake as he looked at Tyler.

"You're not really a great addition to our team" said Tyler.

"Why not?" asked Blake as he started to get angry.

"You're too scrawny for this kind of team" said Tyler as started to smile. "Get lost" added Tyler after he finished his last sentence. Blake stood there and felt upset by this bullying especially since he's new.

When they went for a swim, Tyler held his head under as a prank, but Blake nearly drowned.

"You're not so tough" laughed Tyler as he started to swim out.

Tony who coached the swim team whistled and training had ended.

A couple of days later training was on again and Tyler once again began intimidating Blake, and pushed him around with his mates. Tony caught Tyler doing this and wanted a word with him.

"Leave him alone mate.. he's two years younger than you" said Tony.

"He's useless to our team.. we need somebody stronger than that scrawny guy" said Tyler.

"You were the best before Tyler.. but Blake's record at the pool and his demonstrations to the class have put him ahead of you. If you want to stay on the team you need to smarten up" said Tony as he started to walk away from Tyler.

Tyler and his mates began to torment Blake outside the school at the Surf Club.

"Hey bony" said Tyler as he patted Blake on the back very hard.

Tyler's mates stood back and laughed at Blake as Tyler continually began to pick on Blake in front of them, like pushing him around and playing with his stuff.

"Why are you bullying me?" asked Blake

"Because you've ruined my chances at being the best" said Tyler as he started to get heated and got into Blake's face.

"Sorry" said Blake as he looked scared.

"That's not gonna cut it.. watch out" said Tyler as he and his mates left the Surf Club and went into the gym to work out.

Blake eventually followed them into the gym and surprisingly Tyler wanted to help him work out.

Blake got onto the weights and started to work out with Tyler helping him at the back, but then he dropped the weights onto Blake's chest and then Tyler and his mates left him there to suffer.

Tony found Blake a couple of minutes later and decided to tell him about the harrassment.

"Tyler has been bullying me ever since I got onto the swim team" said Blake as he looked at Tony with a worried look on his face.

"Don't worry about it.. I'll fix this problem" said Tony as he crossed his arms.

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It's the next day and Tyler and his mates turned up for swimming.

"Tyler we won't be needing you" said Tony just as Blake arrived.

"I'm being dropped?" asked Tyler.

"Yes, because you've been bullying Blake" said Tony.

"This won't end here" said Tyler as he left the pool in a rush.

Later on in the day, Tony announced that Blake was now their best swimmer due to Tyler's absence from the team.

Blake and the other teams mates didn't mix though and they made it just as hard for Blake as Tyler did. Tony knew that they'd eventually all get along though.

A week has passed since then, and a loud car noise was heard out the front of the Cramburg household. George Cramburg, Blake's father went out the front and saw a car doing burnouts on their front lawn. They all sped away when George yelled out he'd be calling the cops..

"Do you know who they were?" asked George as he looked at Blake.

"I think it was Tyler.. a guy who has been giving me a bit of a rough time lately" said Blake.

Things stayed quiet for a while, and it's now early May.

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Tyler and his mates approached Silvia, Blakes sister at school.

"How's your lawn?" asked Tyler as he leaned against her locker.

"Can you leave me and my older brother alone?" asked Silvia as she opened her locker after Tyler closed it.

"Nah.. this is too fun to give up" said Tyler as he started to laugh a little bit.

Silvia then started to walk away but then Tyler threw an apple at Silvia. She got angry at then started to hit Tyler.

"Leave me and my brother alone you bully!" screamed Silvia as she kept hitting Tyler.. but he just laughed and his mates stood around and laughed too. Silvia then stopped and walked away.

A few days passed, and Jai saw Silvia sitting alone at lunch so he decided to sit next to her.

"If you need any help just ask me" said Jai.

"Okay.. can you make the bullies leave me alone?" asked Silvia.

"Who is bullying you?" asked Jai.

"Don't worry" said Silvia as she started to take a bite out of her apple.

Tyler and his mates saw Jai and Silvia sitting together, so he decided to make this his time to harass Silvia and embarrass her in front of Jai.

"Hows your girlfriend?" asked Tyler as he and his mates started to laugh at Jai and Silvia.

Jai just tried to ignore them.. but Tyler and his mates stayed put and continued to harass them.

"You into younger girls Jai?" asked Tyler as he and his mates laughed even more until Jai got up and smashed Tyler in the face.

Tyler got up, and pushed Jai.

"Don't touch me" said Tyler as he got angry.

"Then leave Silvia alone" said Jai.

Miles saw this incident happening and decided to intervene.

"Hey! what's happening?" asked Miles.

"Nothing" said Jai.

"Tyler.. what has been happening here?" asked Miles.

"Nothing" said Tyler as he and his mates left the scene.

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It's been two or so months, and nothing much has been happening around the bay teen wise. It's now July and Blake is getting ready for the swimming trials and is overall very excited.

"I hope I can win the school some awards.. or maybe even become a professional" said Blake as chatted to Jai before he caught a bus to the the swimming carnival.

Blake swum in a couple of relays and won.. but then a familiar face arrived.. yes Tyler arrived to watch the school with permission from Tony Holden.

"He's still a loser" said Tyler as he crossed his arms when he saw Blake getting presented with medals, and he had nothing because he'd be kicked off the swim team.

"Cool your jets mate, you were the one disqualified" said Tony

"Yeah.. and it's your fault" said Tyler as he started to get in Tony's face.

"I don't need a fight right now mate.. calm down" said Tony as he tried to calm Tyler down before he attacked him. Tony then looked away for a second, but Tyler grabbed him by the shirt and smashed him in the nose. Tyler then took off and left the scene with a couple of mates that had been watching Blake with him.

The next day, Tyler arrived at school and seemed to be his own arrogant self when Mr Bartlett confronted him.

"You're suspended for lashing out at Tony Holden yesterday" said Mr Bartlett

"Fine. But you're gunna regret it" said Tyler as he walked out of school.

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Mr Bartlett started to hear strange noises coming from his car, and decided to take it in for a servicing. Bryce, who had just gotten a job as a mechanic checked on Mr Bartlett's car and found out that the brakes and radio had been cut. The car had also had rocks put in the petrol tank. Mr Bartlett knows that Tyler has done this, and confronts him when they run into each other at the surf club.

"You got your revenge I hear" said Mr Bartlett

"What?" replied Tyler with a cheeky grin

"You've ruined my car" yelled Mr Bartlett

"Prove it" said Tyler as he walked away from the surf club with a couple of mates.

Mr Bartlett goes to the police about the matter, and they question Tyler.

"Look, I haven't done anything wrong. I don't know what he is on about" said Tyler

"You'll help our investigation if you just tell us you did it and own up to it" said the police officer.

"I dunno anything about it.. I even have an alibi" said Tyler.

"Tell me the alibi" said the police officer.

"I was with my mates. Check with them if you want" said Tyler.

"Alright, you're free to go" said the police officer as he let Tyler out of the questioning room.

A few weeks pass and a new girl arrives in town called Emily. She has dark brown hair and nice blue eyes, and she seems to look very attractive.

Blake introduces himself to Emily, and he's very shy about it too.

"Hey.. my name is Blake" said Blake in a very quiet voice.

"Mine is Emily" replied Emily with a smile.

Two weeks later and it's August 23rd the day of the formal. They've made it earlier this year to make time for the exams less stressful for the year 12's.

Blake and Emily have gone as a couple, Bryce and Gina are also going as a couple and Ruby is actually going alone.

Annie and Jai are also going as a couple and things are exciting.

Everyone is having a fun time but then Tyler shows up and puts on the charm for Emily, who ditches Blake for him.

"Hey sweetheart" says Tyler as he puts his arm around Emily's shoulder. Emily just put her hand through Tyler's blonde hair.

"Not much of a flirt?" asked Tyler as he gulped down some whisky. Emily grabbed the bottle and finished it off.

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