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The Range Of Troubled Teens

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It's actually not Aden (his name is Bryce), but a mix of him and another character. He has the same kind of attitude, and I hope you keep reading :)

School started, and Bryce arrived at class. Jai and Annie were talking but then Bryce barged into the school and was upset because he forgot his assignment for class. Daniel and Bryce walked together and both attended class, but Alan was present, so Bryce knew something would happen.

Miles got some news about Bryce being related to Aden, and thought he'd be the same kind of troubled teen.

"If they're related they must have the same attitude" thought Miles as he sat down at his chair.

Class ended, and Bryce walked out and started to talk to Daniel down the corridors about Gina, the girl he liked.

Bryce got the courage to ask Gina out, and walked up to her.

"Wanna go out?" asked Bryce plainly, waiting for a reply.

"For sure" said Gina as she smiled at Bryce and they embraced.

"As long as you leave Alan alone" said Gina.

"Hmph.. fine" said Bryce as he continued to hug Gina, but Alan saw them embracing and walked off to be alone.

A couple of weeks have passed since then, and Alan has actually run away. It's May now, and everyone has been celebrating Alan's 16th even though he isn't there for it.

"Alan surely needs to come back soon.. it's been a long stay at Ruby and Annies" said Irene as she phoned the Buckton family.

"Hello, is Alan there?" asked Irene.

"There has been no sign of him here.. he has been absent a lot recently?" asked Charlie Buckton, but Irene simply hung up and slapped her forehead. She knew he had pulled a runner and they need to find him before it's too late.

Bryce and Gina were out for a walk, when they saw Alan sitting alone on a rock near the beach. He was dirty and had ripped clothes on. Bryce knew this was his time to shine and he talked to Alan.

"Go back to Irene's place" demanded Bryce.

"No" said Alan.

"If you don't go back I'll-" Bryce's sentence was cut off by Gina.

"Just go back, Irene has been really worried about you lately" said Gina as looked sternly at Alan.

Alan then got up and started to walk back to Irene's place.

Now that the problem has been solved, nothing has been happening for a while and it's now early June of 2010. Bryce has decided that he'd be best swimming so he joined the swim team. Bad news is that Alan has also joined the swim team and they need to compete for who is the better swimmer.

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Swimming was horrible for the first two weeks of June, until they were called for some assistance as somebody was actually drowning.

"Help!" yelled the poor swimmer, as both Alan and Bryce worked as a team and helped the guy out.

"We could actually be mates" said Alan while smiling at Bryce.

"Don't push it" said Bryce as he started to walk off.

Bryce and Gina are getting really close, but Bryce saw she had bruises and thinks she is being abused.

"Are you parents abusing you?" asked Bryce.

"Never" replied Gina as she sternly walked away from Bryce. He knew she was in the same boat he was in a year ago, but there is basically nothing he can do about this.

Bryce has become very concerned, and over the course of two weeks he has noticed her bruising has become much more rapid.

Bryce reported Gina's parents, and Gina was put in a home. Bryce thought he'd done the right thing but..

"I'm breaking up with you" said Gina as she hung up the phone on a devastated Bryce. He thought he'd done the right thing by getting rid of her abusive parents but obviously he was wrong.

It's been a week since the break-up and Bryce has been lounging around home doing nothing. Even Jai is starting to become worried as he knows about the break-up too. Bryce goes out for a long walk and sees Gina out with another guy hugging. He takes things the wrong way and hits the guy, giving him a bleeding nose.

"What are you doing!?" yelled Gina as she tried to comfort the fallen guy.

"He's my brother!" added Gina as she called an Ambulance for her brother, Bryce has crossed the line.. and doesn't know whether or not he can be in a relationship with Gina ever again.

In late June, Gina began to talk to a guy called Tyler. He and her began to hit things off, and this made Bryce even more jealous. What was even worse was that Tyler and Bryce were on the same swim team and in the same classes..

things looked bad for Bryce.

Tyler was a muscular figure (much like Bryce), he had short brown hair which was spiked at the front, he had green eyes and a nice skin tone. Bryce hated Tyler for going out with Gina very much, and they began to clash.

"You should just leave me and Gina alone" said Tyler angrily.

"She is my girlfriend" said Bryce back in an angry tone.

"Not anymore, she dumped you ages ago" said Tyler as he began to cross his arms.

Bryce then walked away and let things cool off.

Things have been going smoothly for Gina and Tyler, and they've even had dinner at Mile's house. Bryce decided to have dinner in his room to keep away from Tyler.

In the middle of July, Tyler and Bryce had a big clash in the pool, and Tyler only just managed to beat Bryce.

Tyler started to brag, and this infuriated Bryce as he punched Tyler, knocking him out cold.

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Tyler was out cold, and Bryce started to panic. Bryce pinched the top of his nose in frustration, and then walked away leaving a knocked out Tyler lay there, badly hurt.

Bryce then got suspended for a week because of this event, and Mr Bartlett is going to review whether or not he'll get expelled.

"This kind of behavior is not accpetable" said Mr Bartlett.

"He did have reasons behind it" said Miles.

"That isn't good enough, Bryce is suspended for a week and will then be on trial. If he gets in any trouble in the three month trial period expect him to be expelled" said Mr Bartlett as he left the Caravan house where Miles, Jai and Bryce currently reside.

Gina went to see Tyler in hospital, and he has a black eye. He also can't remember anything that happened for three hours.

"My dad is coming to see me soon, so you better go" said Tyler as he gave Gina a kiss and then waited for his dad to arrive at the hospital.

Tyler's dad and his older brother arrived to see him, and they wanted to see him alone. Gina thought that was strange, but walked away anyways.

Bryce was sitting at home watching TV, when Tyler's brother came over to give Bryce a message.

"Watch your back, you might regret what you did to Tyler" said Tyler's brother as he sneered at a shocked Bryce.

"I'm not scared of guys like you" said Bryce as he slammed the door in Tyler's brother's face.

Tyler's father talked to Miles, and things have been cleared up there.

"I hope all goes well for Bryce" said Tyler's dad as he patted Miles on the back and walked off.

Two weeks have passed, and nothing has been said about Tyler or his brother, except that Tyler is still in hospital.

Bryce is walking home from school, when a car pulls up. It's Tyler's brother that emerges and he violently attacks Bryce, and leaves him for dead.

Blood comes from Bryce's nose and mouth, and he has many bruises on his head. Tyler's brother did a number on him.

Jai was walking home, and found Bryce laying unconcious on the ground.

"Get up!" yelled a worried Jai as he tried to make Bryce snap out of his unconsciousness, but all he can manage to do is roll him over. He calls for help, but Miles finds them both.

Miles then picks up Bryce, and cradles him in his arms as he races him into the hospital.

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Bryce is covered in blood, and his Summer Bay High school shirt is stained in blood. Bryce could end up dead from the injuries he recieved, so they really need to find the guy who did it to him.

"When did you find him?" asked the doctor as he asked Miles.

"About 10 minutes ago, I got here as fast as I could" said Miles.

"I found him about 15 minutes ago" said Jai

"But I was ringing an Ambulance when Miles found him" added Jai as he rubbed his face in frustration.

Bryce lay in hospital down the hall from Tyler, and now he hated him even more than before.

"Are you okay!?" asked a freaking out Gina as she raced in to see the battered and bruised Bryce as he lay in hospital.

Alan has decided to leave the Bay, but due to the attack Bryce has missed out on his goodbye party. Bryce lay in hospital unconscious for three days and eventually woke up.

"Where am I?" Bryce asked a nurse who had been doing her rounds.

"The hospital, somebody did a number on you" said the nurse as she left the room.

Bryce sat up in the hospital bed, and cringed when he slowly got up. This is the worst beat down he has received, and now he has the cope with it.

Bryce got cleared to go home the next day, and Tyler was still in hospital but was going to be cleared in two days. Bryce went back home with Miles, and rested his sore body on the couch.

Tyler's brother then came up to the door, and said he'd finish the job and approached Bryce when Miles hit Tyler's brother over the head with a toaster knocking him down, but not out. Luckily, Charlie Buckton was going to pay a visit and arrested Tyler's brother for Bryce's assault and attempted assault.

Gina came around later, and Gina and Bryce patched things up and became a couple again.

Gina then went around to the hospital, and broke thinga off with Tyler for good, and never wanted to see his face again for what he and his brother planned. Tyler broke down and started to cry as Gina left hospital room.

A couple of weeks passed, and things have been going well at school. Bryce has still got a couple of bruises from the attack, but nothing major anymore. Bryce hangs around Jai now, and they have even become friends.

"Do you want to come camping with Gina, and I'll bring Annie?" offered Jai.

"I'll talk things over with Gina" said Bryce as he walked over to Gina.

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Gina said no, as she had other plans. Something was up, and Bryce knew it.

A new guy in the bay called "Joseph" has caught her attention, so she has dumped Bryce for Joseph.

Joseph and Gina are now a couple, and things have been going well for them. Bryce has learned not to interfere with relationships, and leaves things.

It's now October, and the Year 10 Exam's are approaching. Bryce knows he may have a tough time at them, but he has been studying hard for the test.

In the exam time, Bryce concentrated and managed to do fair pretty well he thought. Bryce now has to wait for the results, which will be in on November.

"Thanks for your help this year Miles, you've really turned me around" said Bryce as he patted Miles on the back.

Bryce got the results in November, and he got 100% on his test. Mr Bartlett would like a word with him in his office however..

"I feel like you could manage Year 12, what do you think?" asked Mr Bartlett.

"I'd love to be put back up" agreed Bryce as he smiled with glee.

In January 2011, Bryce arrived at school with his same old spiked up hair style. He walked down the road to school with Jai, and saw Gina with Joseph. This really upset Bryce, and he just ignored them completely, even when Gina waved at him. Bryce wasn't sure how long he could keep up this act, he needed to sort out his feelings for Gina soon.

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Things were normal until February, when Belle and Aden left the bay to find buy their own house elsewhere. Bryce has been skipping school because he figures there isn't a point, and Ruby and Annie wonder what has been going on with him.

"I know he's been having troubles for a while.. but it isn't any excuse to be absent for three days straight" said Annie.

"He's obviously taking things hard" said Ruby.

Gina and Joseph were going very well, and this pushed Bryce over the edge. Bryce decided to leave school.

"Mr Bartlett, I've decided to leave school" said Bryce as he confronted Mr Bartlett about this decision.

Bryce then got a job at the diner, but this did not last long and he was fired by Alf for being too lazy.

Bryce stayed unemployed until about April 2011, when he was able to land a job as a personal trainer at the Summer Bay Fitness Club. Joseph turned up for his routine physical, and Bryce was his personal trainer.

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Joseph started to punch bags, but then Bryce offered to help him on the weight sets. Joseph got underneath the weights, and Bryce slowly put the weights down on him and watched him do a couple of pushes.

"You're doing great" said Bryce.

"Thanks" said Joseph as he kept doing the weights.

Joseph tried to get the weight set off, but it ended up landing straight onto his neck!

"Help!" screamed Joseph as he began to choke.

Bryce then lifted the bar, and a hurt Joseph fell off the chair badly hurt.

"You better see a doctor" said Bryce.

"Don't do it again.. I could have died" said Joseph.

"Yeah but you didn't" said Bryce.

Ruby came bursting in and saw Bryce standing there with his hands on his hips. The now 18-year old Bryce couldn't handle being around Joseph and she knew it.

A couple of weeks passed and nothing much was happening. Xavier left the bay, and in turn left Ruby for his old flame Freya.

Jai and Bryce were sitting at home watching TV, but then Jai suggested something.

"Want to come to the movies with me and Ruby?" offered Jai with a smile.

"Sure" said Bryce.

"Cool, I'll let Ruby know" said Jai as he hoped out of his seat.. Bryce knew something fishy was going on and scratched his head in confusion.

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The date went horrible, and Bryce and Ruby ended up resenting each other even more afterward.

"You're a creep" said Ruby as they arrived home at Miles place.

"Yeah and you're a slag" said Bryce as he went to his bedroom and slammed the door shut. Jai heard this and knew that things between them wouldn't work unless a miracle happened.

Weeks passed, and the resent made things very hard for each other. Jai tried to be the mediator, but they just ignored him and yelled over the top of him. It's now June 2011 and things have been quiet between them. Joseph came to the school to help out as a cleaner and so Bryce didn't see them much.

Bryce has been doing a great job as a personal trainer and has now been offered a part of the business by Tony.

"It's just you and me.. I don't see anyone else working here so, want to have a part of the business?" offered Tony.

"For sure" agreed Bryce as he crossed his arms and smiled with glee.

Ruby saw Bryce out the back lifting some heavy equipment into the gym and she wanted to talk about something.

"I like you" blurted out Ruby as she starred plainly into Bryce's face.

"Serious?" asked Bryce as he crossed his arms and stood there with a smile.

"Yeah" said Ruby as she stood there.

"I like you too" admitted Bryce and they then embraced. Ruby and Bryce were now a couple, and things have been going great.

Two months passed and Xavier turned up back to the bay saying that he has dumped Freya for Ruby.

"You're kidding, right?" asked Bryce as he stood up to the weaker looking Xavier.

"No" said Xavier.

"Back off mate, she is mine" said Bryce.

"I see how it is.. I'll be here until Christmas so she has a while to decide" said Xavier as he walked out and left Bryce to stand there and feel 'worried'.

Joseph and Gina were sitting at home and Joseph yelled about money troubles.

"We barely have enough to live!" said Joseph as he started to get aggressive.

"We'll cope" said Gina as she tried to re-assure Joseph they had enough to live on.

"No we wont!" said Joseph as he lashed out at Gina, giving her a black eye.

"I-I'm sorry" said Joseph as Gina raced out and back to Miles place where Bryce was staying.

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