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The Range Of Troubled Teens

Guest thejefferies

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I'm basically re-writing my story, but this time I'll put more thought into to it and make it seem less predictable to make things more interesting for the reader. Be prepared for new life changes, and a couple of new additions to the bay. The story begins at about June 2009, and continues on from there.

Story Title: The range of troubled teens

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Jai(17, Year 12), Xavier(18, Year 12), Annie(17, Year 12), Geoff(18), Ruby(17, Year 12), Aden(19/20), Belle(20), Bryce(18) (New character), Alan(16, Year 10) (New character), Daniel(17, Year 12) (New character).

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Action/Drama

Does story include spoilers: Nope.

Any warnings: Physical violence and (possible) sexual content.

Several cars where flying down the road, when a young man who is about 15 years of age was seen getting lifts to Summer Bay. He's been homeless for months, and has been looking for a place to stay. His name is Alan. Alan made his way into Summer Bay, and began to live off scraps of food that were left behind.

Alan continued this, until Jai found him eating old scraps and began to harass him about it, and so Alan began to feel forlorn, and left the place where he ate.

"Hey, who was that?" asked Annie as she saw the 15 year old boy race off.

"It's a homeless kid wanting food..." said Jai.

"How about we tell Irene about him? He probably needs a nice place to sleep" said Annie as she looked at the troubled teen looking through Garbage.

"Fine, but if he gets on my nerves.. don't blame me if I get hurtful" said Jai as he and Annie confronted Irene about Alan.

"There is a guy just outside looking through bins, should we give him a home?" begged Annie as she stood at Irene's feet.

"Fine. I don't want any trouble though" said Irene as she awaited Alan's arrival.

Jai and Annie went off to look for Alan, and didn't find him so they gave up for now.

A couple of weeks passed, and Alan actually fronted up at the front door with a sturdy knock. Irene opened the door, and saw a boy with torn jeans, a ruined top and long out-grown brown hair standing in front of her.

"You should stay here" insisted Irene as she pushed Alan in the door. The very next day, Irene got Alan enrolled at Summer Bay High for Year 9. Jai, Annie and Ruby are all in Year 10, and Xavier is in Year 12. Posters where up for design classes, so Alan picked up a pamphlet and walked into the class.

After the lesson, a muscular looking boy with short brown hair that was spiked up stood in front of him. He had greenish blue eyes, and nice white skin. His sleeves on his shirt where rolled up, and his shirt was untucked.

"I see you like design" said the boy as he began to snicker with his other mate that stood beside him.

"Yeah, so what?" said Alan as he began to stand up to the stronger boy.

"So what? You're a pounce" said the bully as he and his mate both walked off laughing.

"Where they giving you trouble?" asked Jai as he saw Alan was upset by the bully.

"Not really, just teasing me a bit" said Alan as he began to walk away.

"I'd steer clear of him if I were you, he's the school bully" said Jai as he began to walk around with Alan.

The next day Alan and others where walking to school, when they heard a bike-bell behind them. Jai, Annie and Ruby turned around to see the bully. Alan decided not to turn around and ignore his torment.

"Leave Alan alone, alright?" demanded Jai as he stood his ground against the tougher adversary.

"Nah. He's pretty fun to pick on anyways" said the bully as he sat there ready for a verbal showdown.

"Just go away, Bryce. We don't need your torment now anyways!" yelled Ruby as she also stood her ground against Bryce.

Bryce proceeded to laugh, and rode off on his bike headed for school. Jai and others then continued to walk to school, and knew this day would be different from the last. Bryce had chosen them as his next target.

When Alan came home, he was drenched in water, and had snake lollies all over him. It was obvious that Bryce had a "fun-time" picking on Alan today. Xavier saw Alan walking home, and decided to talk to him later, so a knock was heard at the door, and Xavier asked Alan if anyone was picking on him. Alan told him about Bryce, and Xavier went to confront him.

Bryce was hanging out with his mate at the Surf Club playing pool, when Xavier grabbed Bryce by the shirt and pinned him up against the wall.

"Leave Alan alone from now on, or something bad will happen" said Xavier as he still had Bryce still tightly pinned to the wall.

"Make me" said Bryce with a cheeky grin.

Xavier then let go of Bryce, and walked off out of the Surf Club. Bryce stood there for a second to collect his thoughts, and then started to talk to his mate about a "plan".

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Thanks, I'm adding more right now.

Xavier lay on the couch asleep, while Ruby and Annie tried to complete an assignment together. Bryce and his friend called "Daniel" found an opening in a window, and pushed it open. They broke into the house and began trashing everything when Ruby and Annie caught them red-handed trying to steal a CD-Player worth about $250 or so.

"What are you even doing in the house?" asked Ruby as she looked at the two thieves. Bryce and Daniel just laughed and continued to steal things and put them in their backpacks. Annie went off and woke up Xavier, who wanted to beat both of them up, but both Bryce and Daniel made a run for it while they explained everything to Xavier. Something bad was going to go down at school, and it involved all the wrong people.

Everyone crowded around Bryce at school, as he sold all the things he bought for half-price or less. Daniel just laughed as he handed off the CD-Player to Matthew Lyons, who just laughed in the face of Ruby and walked off. Ruby, Annie and Xavier confronted Bryce, but Bryce continued to laugh it off and sold something else to another student. Bryce pushed Xavier too far, and Xavier hit Bryce in the head which knocked him down. Daniel just stood there and looked at the fallen bully. He then saw Xavier take off and leave him laying on the ground. Something bad was going to happen to them, they'd messed with the "king pin" of the school.

Bryce ignored Daniel later, and began to talk to Alan. Alan really thought they'd bridged the gap between them, and they started to "hang out". Bryce got Alan to egg the Principal's car though, and Bryce put the whole blame onto Alan who in turn got suspended for three days.

A couple of weeks passed, and then in class they talked about the Year 10 formal, and Bryce decided to run against the formal composers, "Ruby and Annie" to make things "better".

"It's only early August, you can't be serious about things being changed already?" asked Ruby as she began to get upset

"Settle down sweetheart, I'll make things more interesting" said Bryce as he sat in class bearing his cheeky grin.

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The election went through, and Bryce won. He planned to make the formal one big "prank", but Xavier knows what he is up to and plans to stop him.

But, the day of the formal came (August 12th), and Bryce was absent. Something just wasn't right...

The next day, Bryce turned up at school and he looked like he'd been in quite a bit fight against someone, and his clothes had blood on them. Miles saw Bryce stumbling over to his class, and even approached him because he felt he needed some help.

"Need some help?" asked Miles as he put his hand out to guide Bryce down to class.

"I can walk alone" said Bryce as he continued to stumble down the hall.

Bryce entered the classroom, and Annie, Ruby and Jai were all shocked to see him so bruised and battered and going to school in that state.

Bryce sat down in class, and pulled out all his equipment he needed for the lesson, but fainted shortly after he'd done that. Something just wasn't right...

Bryce awoke in the school nurses office, but decided to make a run for it before the nurse checked up on him.

Miles came back to see how he was coping, and Bryce had disappeared. Miles slapped his head in frustration, and tried to look for the "troubled teen".

Bryce had made his way to the beach, but Miles confronted him.

"What's been going on in your life?" asked Miles as he tried to comfort Bryce.

"Nothing of your concern" said Bryce as he walked off and left Miles to stay back and worry about him.

A couple of weeks passed, and Bryce continued to pick on Alan, but Mr Bartlett saw him doing so and stopped him.

"So.. why do you have bruises for school?" asked Mr Bartlett

"I fell" said Bryce

"I doubt I'd have marks like that if I fell, tell me the truth" said Mr Bartlett

Bryce got up and walked out afterward, and left Mr Bartlett to figure out why he really had the bruises.

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It has been a couple of weeks, and Aden has discovered that he has a "long lost" uncle that he'd like to meet up with, but he has to figure out his location. Meanwhile, Bryce came home from school and dropped his bag down at the door. His father than entered the room, and asked him to get him a beer.

"You'll end up hitting me" said Bryce as he started to walk away. Bryce's father grabbed Bryce by the shirt, and Bryce fell down. Bryce's father than kept laying into Bryce relentlessly, leaving more marks.

The next day at school, Xavier was planing to give Bryce a knuckle sandwich, but Bryce turned up bloody and bruised. Xavier backed right off, and knew this would end up being "his fault". Daniel, Bryce's friend walked up to him.

"How does the other guy look?" asked Daniel, trying to make Bryce out to be tough, but Bryce just decided to ignore him and kept unpacking his bag at the lockers.

"Hey, I asked what the other looked like?" said Daniel as his smirk changed to an angrish face.

"Back off" said Bryce as he walked off with his bag into class, where his year 10 classmates awaited him. He starred into Alan's eyes before he walked into the class, to show that their war is not over yet.

Things in class where going fine, until they were asked to do a test. Bryce started to get dizzy, and approached Miles about going home sick.

"I'm really not feeling my best" said Bryce as he struggled to get to Miles/Mr Copeland's desk.

"Sit back down, Bryce. I'm not falling for a trick" said Miles as he continued to set out the tests.

Jai, Annie and Ruby knew that he really was sick, but decided this would be payback for him picking on Alan continuously.

Meanwhile, Aden found the address of his uncle, and decided to visit him later on that night as a surprise. Aden really was excited about this arrival, and even got a couple of beers ready for the meeting. Belle insisted on tagging along, so he decides to let her.

Bryce fainted in class, and was sent home. Bryce didn't want this, but he had no choice. When he arrived home, his father was drunk like always.

His father started to try to hit him, but Bryce kicked his fathers legs, and he fell down and hit his head, hard. His father was getting up, so he decided to call an Ambulance.

When Aden arrived at the house, he saw an Ambulance out front, and decided to ask the Ambulance drivers what happened.

"What happened?" asked Aden as he talked to the Ambulance driver.

"A 16 year old boy had a fight with his dad" said the Ambulance driver, as he pulled away what seemed to be a dead body.

Aden went inside to see if the guy who hurt the "kid" was inside, and it turned out to be Bryce, who was in a corner crying.

"What's up?" asked Aden as he and Belle tried to comfort the troubled teen.

"None of your business" said Bryce as he got up and picked up his bag, and then walked outside.

"Aren't you going to go after him?" asked Belle

"No, he'll come back soon. I was like him before" said Aden as he waited, with his arms crossed.

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It's been two months, and it's now November. Bryce didn't return like Aden predicted, and everyone's lives went back to normal. Even Alan was relieved when Bryce didn't turn up for school at all for two or so months. His life has changed for the better. Aden, however, was still adamant to find Bryce and let him have a place to stay.

"Roman, why don't we go out and look for Bryce again?" asked Aden as Roman just walked in the door.

"He's probably left the bay for good, I can't see him being anywhere around these parts. It's far too bushy for a 16-year old boy to be hiding" said Roman as he went into the Kitchen.

"I have a hunch that he is out there.. and all he had when he left was his school bag!" said Aden as he rushed out the door, and began to look for Bryce.

Meanwhile, Bryce has been hiding out in the bushland of Summer bay, and even has a run-down house he can call home. He's dressed in a tattered and dirty school uniform, his hair is untidy and undone and he had various cuts and bruises.

"I have to live here for a little bit longer.. if I can only hang on" said Bryce as he curled up in the corner and started to look in the fridge for his lunch.

"I've run out of food.. I guess it's time to go and live in the city" said Bryce as he packed up his bag and walked out of the bushy area.

It's now 2010, and Aden and Belle have been unsuccessful in finding Bryce.

"He's been gone since September, I doubt he's even alive anymore" said Belle

"He is a fighter, of course he is alive" insisted Aden as he kept looking around for any trace of Bryce.

Meanwhile, Bryce has found refuge in a local caravan the park, but his bruises and cuts have been affecting his health.

Aden spotted Bryce, but he was hunched over in a corner, with cuts and bruises all over his body. Aden picked up Bryce and took him to hospital, and everyone was shocked to see Bryce alive, since he was gone since September 2009, and they found him in January 2010. He's been gone for months.

Bryce was in hospital for a few days, and was released into Mile's care.

"You're my teacher.. great" said Bryce sarcastically as he heard the news.

"You've got nowhere else to live.. plus you'll be fine at my place. Everyone is friendly" insisted Miles as he helped Bryce down to his car to come home to his place.

As soon as Bryce arrived, Jai looked ferociously at Bryce, but then turned away to watch some TV.

"Really friendly" said Bryce as he walked out and decided to go for another 'runner'. Miles caught him, and decided to have a chat.

"I know life has been hard for you, but we're here to help you not hurt you" said Miles.

"That's funny, you reminded me of my father" said Bryce.

"I assure you, I won't hurt you" said Miles as he placed his hand on Bryce's shoulder.

"Fine" said Bryce as he followed Miles back home.

It's been a few days since then, and it's now Bryce's first day back to Summer Bay High. He has had to repeat year 10, due to being absent for his finishing exam, and now needs to resit the whole year.

He has changed to his hairstyle to not using any gel, and having a small fringe at the front. He's still maintained his muscular build, but now tucks his shirt in and doesn't wear any chains and stuff.

"I'm 17 years old, and in year 10.. great" said Bryce as he was about to walk out the door.

"Think positive" said Miles as he patted Bryce on the back

"Thanks" said Bryce as he left and started to walk to school.

On the way to school, he saw Alan talking and laughing with his "old mate" Daniel, and they were cracking jokes about him. He still decided it was best to ignore them and continue walking to school.

Bryce arrived at school, and unpacked his things into his locker. While doing so, Alan and Daniel approached him to pick on him for a bit.

"I see you've returned after slautering your dad" said Alan

"And after searching garbage bins for food" added Daniel as they started to laugh at Bryce.

Bryce ignored both of them, and got ready for class (which Alan was in since Bryce repeated).

Alan approached Bryce in class, and started to steal his equipment, but Alan took it too far, and Bryce punched him.

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Bryce was sent to Mr Bartlet's office about the incident.

"Why did you lash out at Alan?" asked Mr Bartlett.

"He's been provoking me" said Bryce.

"Toughen up, kid. You'll get worse in life than a couple of playground insults" said Mr Bartlett.

"Yes sir" said Bryce as he started to walk out.

Ruby and Annie were having a conversation, when a forlorn Bryce walked past and sat down at a table to eat his lunch.

"Why isn't Bryce hanging around Daniel?" asked Annie.

"I don't know, maybe he's making more friends?" said Ruby.

Bryce looked up at both of them, and then got up and walked away.

"I've heard that he lives with Miles now" said Annie.

"Yeah, and he's repeated year 10. He is supposed to be in year 11, but he was away for his exams" said Ruby.

Jai walked up, and butted into the conversation.

"Bryce is bad news anyways.. he is just a bully" said Jai as he stood there.

"I dunno.. I think something has changed about him" said Ruby as she looked at Bryce who was standing around by himself.

"Fine, but I warned you. Miles has the same problem.." said Jai as he walked off.

Bryce saw Alan who had a fat lip, and then gave him a smirk.

"What?" asked Alan who looked very angry, but Bryce just walked off and continued what he was doing.

The first day at school ended very badly, and Bryce felt bad.

"My new attitude isn't working" said Bryce as he fell down hard on the lounge.

"From what I heard from Jai, you're using the same old attitude. Try being friendly" said Miles.

"Fine.. but I won't be 'too' friendly" said Bryce as he started to go to his room.

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The next day, Bryce turned up at school and decided to talk to Annie and Ruby.

"Hey" said the shy Bryce as he stood there, waiting for their reactions.

"Um.. hello?" said Annie as she smiled nervously.

"So.. do you want to do stuff later?" asked Bryce as he stood there.

"Uh, I'm actually-" her sentence was cut off when Jai grabbed Bryce and threw him against a locker.

"She is with me" said Jai as he continued to hold Bryce up against the lockers, and eventually let Bryce go. Bryce then ran off and stayed away from anyone from then on.

Down on the beach later, Bryce sat down alone and in his school uniform. Miles saw him, and decided to have a chat.

"Has everything been going alright?" asked Miles

"Jai got into my face" said Bryce

"That's Jai for you" added Miles

"I don't really want any company" said Bryce as he sat down at the bay, alone.

A cute tanned girl saw Bryce sitting alone, and decided to approach him.

"My name is Gina" said the girl as she sat down next to Bryce.

"Mine's Bryce" said Bryce as he took a glance at the girl, and noticed that she had beautiful blonde hair, and green eyes.

"I'm new to the bay" said Gina.

"Cool, want me to show you around?" asked Bryce as he smiled at the cute girl and got up.

Jai, Annie and Ruby where walking home when they saw Bryce with the cute girl, they didn't know what to do with themselves.

Gina lead Bryce down to the rocks, and asked Bryce if he'd like to go skinny dipping.

"Um.. it's not really a good idea" said Bryce.

"It'll be fun!" insisted Gina as he started to take off her clothes.

"O-okay" said the nervous Bryce as he took off his top, and hoped into the water.

Aden was going for a jog, when he noticed Bryce in the water. He sat there for a second, surprised, but then kept going off for his jog.

"I have gotta run" said Bryce as he put his school uniform back on, and raced off.

Gina just sat there grinning, and then kept swimming.

It's been a few days, and it's now early March. Bryce has been thinking about "Gina" heaps, and wonders where she is, so he goes out for a look.

"She must live in the Caravan Park" said Bryce as he knocked on a Caravan door, and Gina actually answered it.

"Hey cutie" said Gina, as she smiled cutely at Bryce.

"Want to go for a walk?" asked Bryce as he smiled back at Gina.

"Sure" said Gina as she walked outside and then started walking beside Bryce.

"Are you going to attend Summer Bay High?" asked Bryce.

"Yeah, I'm in year 10 this year" said Gina.

"I'm in year 10 too, but I actually repeated" said Bryce.

"So you're supposed to be in year 11?" asked Gina.

"Yeah" said Bryce as he kept walking with Gina.

"I've gotta go, but I have a present for you" said Gina as she smiled at Bryce.

She then kissed Bryce, and ran off, leaving Bryce even more confused than before.

"That was weird" said Bryce as he scratched the back of his head in confusion.


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Bryce has now changed his hairstyle back to the old spiked up version, and is trying to impress Gina.

The next day at school, Bryce saw Alan talking to Gina, and so he decided something had to be done. They were having relays later on today, and Tony Holden was coaching Summer Bay High's team through. Both Alan and Bryce were put on the same team.

"You better not stuff this up or I'll make sure you won't be doing relay again" said Bryce.

"Don't be so cocky, you're too hooked up on Gina to even try today" said Alan.

Gina was watching from the sidelines, and waved to Alan and not Bryce, which angered Bryce even more.

The relays started, and Bryce got off to a great start beating Yabbie Creek High in the first race.

It was Alan's turn, but he was terrible against Yabbie Creek High. Bryce pinched his nose in frustration.

For the next event, Bryce and Alan had to act as a team. They started off poorly, and didn't work together. It looked like Yabbie Creek High would surely win this event without much effort, but after a while they worked together and won the event.

Later on after school, Bryce went for a swim, and saw Alan and Gina together kissing. Bryce then got up and went back to Miles house and lounged around for the rest of the day. Miles knew something was wrong, and confronted the forlorn Bryce about his problem.

"What's wrong?" asked Miles.

"Alan is with Gina" said Bryce.

"Ah.. a girl" said Miles.

"Yeah" said Bryce.

"Well, good luck to them" said Miles as he patted Bryce on the back and walked back into the kitchen.

Bryce then got up and went to the Surf Club for a game of pool to clear his mind, but he ran into his old friend Daniel.

"Hey" said Daniel as he walked up to Bryce.

Bryce didn't answer Daniel and kept playing pool, but then Daniel continued talking.

"Alan is lame, wanna hang out again?" asked Daniel.

"Okay, but don't ditch me again" said Bryce as he and Daniel then both began playing pool.

Annie saw them become friends again, and cringed when that happened.

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