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Wed, 18 Feb 09 – Episode # 4793

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Charlie ”Goes In To Bat” For Roman “

Screened in Australia on Wed, 18 Feb 09 – Episode # 4793]


The shirtless roman enters the lounge room, and Charlie comments tat Leah was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Charlie apologises for what she said to Hugo, which has led to this tension twen Roman & Martha. Charlie is keen to make amends – but roman suggest she shouldn’t as he feels like he’s lost Martha’s trust forever.


Theo tells Alf tat the restaurant is in trouble as he thought it best to make some changes to the place, but their regular customers didn’t like the changes an they stopped coming, Alf suggest tat Theo should agree to change the place back to the way it was – and maybe that would help with the problems that he & Helen have been having.


Next day, Leah looks terrible after what happened last night. Chris fulls her in on the fact tat she danced on the table etc and hade go at Helen BIG TIME.

Chris changes the subject – wondering about Charlie. He is majorly keen on her, but leach is ken to talk bout their parents. Chris sys tat things haven’t been good for a while no, and that Theo has been sleeping on the couch. Leah is keen to help them fix the problem, but Chris doesn’t thank that she will be able to – as he tells Leah that he’s tried and failed to do so.


Martha is siting by the nurses station when Rachel gets off the phone. Rachel comet tat there’s been a delay in theatre, and that they won’t be able to do Martha’s surgery til this afternoon. Martha just ant this over with = and Rachel say tat she’s tee’d up a room for Martha to be in whilst she waits to go into surgery.

Charlie enters that hospital with 2 others officers and a person who slept the night on the beach. Charlie sees Martha & Rachel, but they don’t see her.


Roman enters the kitchen, where Leah is still looking worse for wear. She goes through what Chris told her that she’d done, and wonders if anything else happened. Roman doesn’t tell her bout the kiss 0 and what happened after that. Indeed, roman tells Leah that we all need to let our heir down [so to speak] every so oft. He suggest Leah that she should go home though =- since she isn’t looking/feeling so good.

In the main area, Hugo approaches lf with a business plan for his proposed dive business. Alf say tat he will give it some thought.


Leah apologise to her mum for her outburst lat night. Leah is keen for her parents to work this out. But Helen say tat it’s impossible. Leah is esp. stunned when Helen tells her how bad things are – if they miss another payment, the bank will foreclose on the business AND Helen & Theo’s house!!!!


Martha is lying in bed looking at a pic of Jack. Charlie enters the room, and Martha isn’t that keen that Charlie was told Hugo that she saw Martha in here.

Martha isn’t keen when Charlie tries to “go in to bat” for roman. Charlie insists that roman was in a no win situation [bury his feelings, or abandon Martha when she need his friendship the most]. Charlie insists tat roman was just trying to do the right thing and be Martha’s friend.


Alf talks to Roman about Hugo’s business plan, but roman is a tad sceptical, seeing tat there might be trouble if Hugo takes out 4 novice divers with him at the one time etc. roman comments tat things haven’t gone so well lately with Alf’s business partners, i.e. Elliott and Bridget.


Alf tells Hugo that he’s thought bout it, and isn’t keen on the partnership. Hugo isn’t surprised when Alf tell him that roman had some negative things to say bout this.


Hugo & Roman have a MAJOT clash bout what’s happened. Hugo esp. accuses roman of interfering with the dive business because of what Hugo said to Martha.


Theo & Helen entered the lounge room, and both are curious as to what Leah has invited the, here. Leah insists tat they are going to listen to her whether they like it or not.

Leah tells her parents tat she plans to use the money that she has [$100,000] to save the business etc, with her parents having to pat her back steadily etc. Theo likes the idea, but Helen has a go at him for other ppl always having to bail him out – his own daughter this time. Helen insists that they are NOT going to accept.


Rachel tells Martha that there’s been further delay for surgery, but she hopes that it can still take place today.

Hugo nesters Martha’s room as Rachel walks away. Martha apologises of lying to Hugo [saying she was going to city] but he say that he understands.

Martha changes the subject. She wonders ho wit went with Hugo gave her business plan to Alf. Hugo tells her that it was going well, until roman interfered.


Leah tells roman what happened with her parents. She also realises that she can’t control things like that so she isn't going to try anymore to do so. Leah thanks roman for listening to her.

As Leah walks away, Charlie commet to roman that Leah is looking/feeling much better now. Charlie also tells roman that Martha is in hospital – and that he should go see her. Charlie comments tat roman might get a better reception tat he thinks he will.


Roman wonders why martha hasn’t told her family bout this surgery. She says that she didn’t feel that they’d be strong enough to deal with it – after all else tat has happened. Martha admits tat she wished she could have talk to roman, but things “went south” after Hugo told Martha about romance’s feeling for her. Roman insist tat he never would have acted on those feelings – and Martha is please that they are talking gains, as she’d wanted to talk to roman bout all this [surgery etc].

Roman & Martha make a pact – roman will go easy on Hugo if Martha allows roman to at east tell Alf & colleen that Martha is having this surgery.

Rachel tells Martha that they are ready for her in surgery now.


In the kitchen, Alf thanks roman for convincing martha to let roman to tell colleen & Alf bout Martha.

Alf goes into main area, and tells Hugo that he’s had a rethink about the dive business. When hug wonders, Alf comments that his adviser had a change of heart. Hugo & roman glance at echo other. You know that there’s still going to be clashes tween them in the future, but Hugo seems pleased that roman is with him on this one now.


Theo arrives, and Leah seems VERY pleased when he says that he & Helen has talked and sorted things out [in ways]. She isn’t so keen hen he say that they’ve agree to split up. Leah then esp. can’t believe it when Theo say tat he is going to move to the bay – and live with her. Theo hugs Leah – who has an “I can’t believe this is happening” look on her face.



There’s trouble on the boat where Aden works, i.e. Joey tell Aden “they are going to sack one of us”

Belle has issue at her job – and asks Melody for help

Melody encounters her mum for the 1st time in ages

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Rachel: purple blouse


Helen: maroon jacket/dark top [with hot pink near “collar”]/ dark long pants


Theo: silver button up shirt/dark long pants


Alf: white [blue check] button up shirt

Alf: black button UP shirt & long pants

Alf: brown polo shirt/khaki long pants/cream wide brim hat

Charlie: light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark blue long pants

Charlie: white [2 black horiz stripes under the bust] strapless dress

Chris: black button up shirt/dark long pants

Hugo: light blue [blue scorpion?] t/grey shorts

Hugo: white singlet/dark blue [white swirls?] board shorts

Leah: white scoop top/ dark long pants

Martha: grey long sleeve top/grey bandana

Roman: olive green t/ dark long pants

Roman: dark long pants

Theo: red [white check] button up shirt

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