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Returning Emotions

Guest Nicom

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Okay, this isn't covering all the things in the last preview because I had to cut it in half. I just looked at it, and realised it was a monster. So, I've chopped it in two, and the other half may come later today. :)

Chapter 21.

Jack shut the back door behind them, curiously turning around and looking at Eamon.

“What’s this about?” Jack asked, getting straight to the point. He didn’t exactly want to be with this Eamon guy right now, it wasn’t really helping him straighten his head out.

“Martha.” Eamon said truthfully. “I’ve just left her to go on a walk, trying to sort her head out. She’s really upset Jack.” Eamon told him. Jack rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a laugh.

“So she told you to come and convince me to talk?” Jack asked. Eamon shook his head.

“No, she didn’t. She doesn’t even know, and I’d like you to keep it that way; you know what she’d be like.” Eamon said.

“So why are you doing it when you know she’d be angry?” Jack interrogated.

“Because I don’t like to see her upset.” He said simply. “That’s what she is Jack, upset. She was so happy that you were back, but now you won’t even talk to her. She doesn’t deserve this.” He told him sternly. Jack shook his head, putting his hands on his hips as he turned away from Eamon.

“How would you know…” Jack groaned. Eamon moved in front of Jack’s gaze.

“Because she told me. I’ve always known Jack. God, that’s how we got together in the first place! Because of you. Because of how much she loved you and how much she was grieving. If you’d shut up and stop feeling sorry for yourself you’d realise just how much she has been hurting too. If you let her talk then you’d hear about her life, instead of just shooting moody looks and snappy comments as you assume she doesn’t care!” Eamon exclaimed. “Because that’s a lie, and we both know it. If you loved Martha as much as I’ve been told you do, you wouldn’t be doing this to her. You wouldn’t be causing her so much heartache over a thing that was out of her hands.” Eamon said sternly. “So just get over yourself and go see her, because I’m this close to telling her she could do much better than a friend like you.” He sighed, lifting his hand up and positioning his fingers millimetres together. He shook his head as he opened the back door. “I didn’t want us to meet like this, I had always admired you for making her so happy; I didn’t think you’d be such a jerk.” He spoke softly, still avoiding eye contact as he stood facing the inside of the house. “Like I said, she’s gone for a walk to clear her head; I’m sure you’ll know where to find her.” He said one last time, leaving Jack angry and deflated on the back porch.


Jack strolled into the lounge, sitting down on the armchair with a sigh. Tony and Lucas looked at him, daring one another to speak first.

“What went on there? Eamon didn’t say much about it. Just that he wanted a quick chat.” Tony said.

“Yea, wasn’t his usual bubbly self. You didn’t have a go at him, did you?” Lucas asked. Jack rolled his eyes.

“Why do you think I’d have a go at him?” Jack shot out, “why do I have to be the bad guy in all this?”

“Because you love Martha and Eamon is marrying her.” Lucas said simply, shocking Jack. Jack stopped, unsure what to say next. Lucas had just summed it up in a sentence. It sounded riddled with jealousy now he’d heard it. The simple words were affective, stabbing his pride and heart.

“Is this true?” Tony asked, sitting up straight as he looked at both Lucas and Jack. “You still love Martha?” Jack sat still, staring at the floor as he swallowed down his words of anger, hurt and confusion. He didn’t know what to say in response, there was no answer needed. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Tony asked both Lucas and Jack, “Why didn’t you say anything? You came in here last night, acting all fine and dandy. I knew there was something wrong this morning with you and Martha, but I just thought it was a bit awkward. I thought that if you still loved her you’d come and tell me-”

“Why? Why would I Dad?” Jack snapped, picking his head up. “What would be the point? I love Martha. Now what are you going to do? Are you going to make it all better, are you going to sort this out?” Jack asked angrily. Tony shook his head sympathetically.

“No I’m not.” He told him quietly.

“So what was the logic behind telling you!? It’s not going to help me; it’s not going to do anything. I just have to talk about it. And mope, and sulk… I don’t want to do that! I spent 18 months stopping myself from doing that, trying not to show my weakness. I fought for them 18 months, and I’ll be damned if I’m just going to give up and mope now!” Jack yelled, standing up and storming to the door. Tony and Lucas sat up, concerned at Jack’s sudden behaviour.

“Jack, come on, we didn’t want to upset you-” Lucas said, jumping up towards Jack. Jack swung around, looking down at him angrily.

“Then why the hell did you say it?! I actually thought you had more common sense to go blurting out stuff like that. In the kitchen earlier, you figured out. Well done, did you just want to share it?! Tell Daddy that you worked it out before him?” Jack snapped. Tony stood up, walking over to the two.

“Hey Jack, that’s not fair. He only said it because he’s worried about you.” Tony soothed, defending a hurt Lucas. Jack shook his head, not moving his eyes away from Lucas.

“No he didn’t. If he were worried he’d let me be. He knew I was upset about Martha, he knew I was hurting. He knew how I was handling it and that I didn’t want to talk about it. But he had to get his own way, didn’t he? He had to talk about it.” Jack spat out. “It’s none of your business Luc! It’s time to grow up and keep your nose out. I was fine without a brother for a year and a half, why do you think I want one to sort out my problems now?” Jack said coldly, staring him down. Lucas looked up, shaking his head gently. Jack rolled his eyes, storming out the house and down the drive, not stopping once to shed an ounce of guilt.

In the lounge the mood was much different. There was no anger, no frustration or fury; it was all very quiet. Lucas was staring at the door, overwhelmed by Jack’s response.

“He didn’t mean it, he’s just hurting.” Tony told him, putting his hand on Lucas’ shoulder. Lucas shrugged it off, shaking his head as he stormed out the room, slamming his own door shut behind him.


Next Chapter - What is Jack going to do?

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Nicom's Note: Sorry guys, I know I've taken AGES to post, but I've been majorly busy.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to get shed loads of free time anytime soon. :( I have stuff on, and I'm going to Belgium too on Monday. (:D!!) So, I'm not going to be able to update a lot for the next week or so.

But, speaking to sian on msn, she let slip a little joke abuot me posting two chapters. First i thought "Shove off"... but then I considered the idea. I've taken ages to update, so I may aswell post 2 now I can. So, I think I'll post another later tonight - but don't hold me to it! Lol.

Anyway, I'll shut up! Enjoy...

Chapter 22

Jack walked down the beach, his hands in his pockets as he swung his legs back and forth. He’d calmed down by now, giving himself chance to feel guilt. Why had he done that? Lucas didn’t deserve it; neither did his Dad. He shouldn’t have taken it out on them; they were only trying to help. He’d just made the situation worse.

He had to stop this; he had to stop feeling sorry for himself. He hated to say this, but what Eamon said was right. He hadn’t once thought of Martha and how she was feeling; neither had he listened to her. If he loved her as much as he thought he did he could at least hear her out. He shouldn’t have shouted at her either, he shouldn’t have snapped or been so cold with his words. He should have thought about someone else other than himself.

With a sigh he sat down on the sand, his arms resting on his knees. How could something so petty as this affect him when he had stayed strong for all those months? Why had he suddenly turned so weak? When those awful things had happened to him, the beatings, the assault, the torture, he had had to stay strong. But now he was faced with the fact that Martha had moved on and no longer loved him, and nightmares reminding him of his past, and these things affected him? Last night he’d woken up with beads of sweat trailing down his cheek. Out of breath, he had hopped to the light, clicking it on to illuminate the room with safety. That was why Lucas had come across the light turned on, that’s why Jack had been so scared when he heard the crash banging in the dark. But he couldn’t let Lucas know, he couldn’t let anyone know.

Jack took a deep breath in, soothing his speeding pulse rate. With a breath out he closed and re-opened his eyes, staring at the sea in front. But in that magnificent blue foreground, equipped with sandy beach to his left and right, he could see a disturbance. To the right of him in the corner of his eye he could see something red and brown, something moving in the gentle breeze. Curiously Jack moved his head to the right, directing his gaze towards the woman about 100 metres down the beach, staring out to sea just as he had been doing. A smile crept from the corner of Jack’s mouth, watching as she beautifully gazed out to shore, deep in thought.

“This is it,” Jack mumbled, standing up slowly. “The beginning of a great friendship.” He told himself, almost convincing himself that it was worth the heartache.


“Hey,” Jack began, standing behind Martha. Martha picked her head up, brushing hair out of her face.

“Jack, I don’t want an argument.” She told him. Jack shook his head, sitting down beside her.

“I’m not going to give you one.” He said, obtaining his sat down pose. “What about an apology?” He asked her. Martha shrugged, looking back out to sea.

“Do what you want.” She sighed stubbornly, maintaining her forward gaze. Jack nodded gently, understanding her anger.

“I’m sorry, Martha. I just didn’t know what to do. I still don’t; but I do know that how I’ve been handling it isn’t the way to go.” Jack explained.

“Damn right. Shouting at Luc. He didn’t deserve that.” Martha snapped bitterly. Jack nodded, scratching his forehead.

“I know; he didn’t deserve it. How did you find out anyway? I just left like 15 minutes ago.” Jack asked curiously.

“Your Dad phoned me, told me to watch out just in case you were heading my way. He told me you were in a bad mood and what you said to Luc.” Martha said, looking up towards Jack. “Luc missed you so much when you were gone, so much.” She emphasised, “He’s been so happy now you’re back - just like the old Luc, and if you have ripped that away…” Martha’s voice grew angry, trailing off as she shook her head to the waves. A small smile grew on Jack’s lips.

“You guys have really gotten close, haven’t you?” Jack pointed out. Martha nodded.

“Yea, that’s how we coped.” She told him. “Yes, shock horror, I found it hard to get on without you. When you left… part of me went too.” Martha began honestly, still staring out to the sea. “What we had was special. I’m not going to deny that, and I have never downgraded it. It was unique and it was lovely. It was love.” She smiled to herself, putting her chin on her knees. “Then it got taken away, and I could do nothing about it. You were gone and I was alone.” She said, taking in a deep breath. “That was it. I couldn’t complain. I couldn’t fight it or I couldn’t resolve the situation. I just had to get on and cope. At first it seemed impossible, it felt unreal. But Lucas and Tony helped. They helped a lot. I ended up feeling like I was part of their family.” She smiled to herself, her eyes filling with tears. “But then I nearly ruined it. I nearly ruined everything.” Her voice choked up, closing her eyes softly as a tear slid down her cheek. Jack watched on, worried. He put his hand on her back, moving closer.

“What happened?” Jack asked. “How did you nearly ruin it?” Martha shook her head, opening her eyes and wiping her cheeks dry.

“I just got upset and stupid, that’s all.” She told him. “No biggy.” She said, forcing a smile. Jack sat unconvinced.

“Are you sure? It doesn’t seem like nothing.” He asked again, not wanting to pressure her but knowing that there was something big behind the tears. Martha nodded with a smile, looking up at him.

“Positive.” She affirmed before glancing back out to sea. “It just basically got too much, that’s all. But then Eamon came along. He had his own personal problems and we both sorted them out together. We became friends, then more. We helped each other out and we needed each other. I felt needed and I hadn’t in a while. Our bond just grew.” She told him quietly, not wanting to rub it in but knowing she should explain. “So we got engaged a couple of weeks ago, and are aiming for the wedding in two months.” She finished with a smile, looking up at Jack. “I never forgot about you Jack. I never planned on forgetting you. I’ve moved on but not away. I may be getting married, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love you as my friend, as the person you are. I just can’t love you as a girlfriend.” She finished, forcing a smile. Jack looked down at her, a sad smile displaying on his face.

“That’ll do me.” He said quietly, “I missed you too much to let you go now.” He told her. Martha grinned up at him, sliding her arm around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you.” She told him, her eyes filling up. “Thank you so much.” Jack smiled, wrapping his arm around her and resting his head on hers. With a sigh his heart was released from it’s tensed up emotions, letting sadness and disappointment overwhelm him. But a new ecstasy ran through his veins along the sadness for the first time since he met Eamon. He felt happy; in some weird way. He felt loved by her, even if it wasn’t the same strength in love that he offered. Maybe he wasn’t home - but he was damn close, and he was sure he could make a good home here.

Preview - The old gang catch up and "hang". Toilet trip! Some sarcastic words from Tasha and wise words from Rachel make Martha think. (..ouch! That's got to hurt.. :P)

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Okay, I know some bits don't make sense and there are mistakes, but I don't have enough time to check through. I'm excited so it's hard to write, but I knew I had to update before I left. (BELGIUM!! :D)

Right, so guys, make this chapter last you! :D

(It's Nicole-length. ;))

Chapter 23

An hour into it, and he felt okay. His pulse was still racing with being so close to her, but he had put this feeling aside. Now the sensation of friendship was glowing strong and he was simply happy to be with her, keeping him sane and the conversation flowing.

“I can’t believe he didn’t have a party…” Jack sighed, rolling the bottom of his beer bottle on the table. “How can you not have a party on your 16th?” He asked rhetorically.

“I know… it’s a shame. I guess we’ll have to do something extra special for his 17th in a couple of months.” She suggested. Jack’s head picked up, a smile illuminating his teeth.

“Not bad thinking, Mac.” He grinned. Martha smiled, shaking her head gently as she looked away. A slight giggle fell from her mouth. “What are you laughing at?” Jack asked curiously. Martha smiled, shaking her head down to the table.

“You called me Mac.” She laughed, looking up at his bewildered face. “It’s just weird to hear you say it again.” She finished with a grin. Jack smiled in return, silencing their conversation.

“Look who it isn’t!” A voice came from the door; accompanied by a few other gasps and squeals of excitement behind. Jack picked his head up with a grin, looking at his old friends.

“Rob…” He laughed, standing up and hugging his friend. Beside Robbie, Kim stood in a coughing fit as he begged for attention. “Kim.” Jack nodded disappointedly. Kim stood offended for a second, until a smile grew on Jack’s smug face. “Just kidding.” He laughed, sharing a brief, manly hand shake and pat on the shoulder. Tasha brushed her way in between Robbie and Kim, with Rachel close behind.

“Jack!!” They squealed with excitement, each in turn hugging him. Jack smiled to Kim and Robbie, his arm around both girls.

“Right, we’ll be off then…” Jack joked, pretending to walk off with the two women. Kim gave a quick, sarcastic snort and grabbed Rachel’s hand, pulling her back towards him.

“Doubt it.” He laughed, kissing Rachel on the lips.

“You got busy!” Jack gasped, looking down at the cute boy in the pram beside Robbie. Robbie looked down, admiring his child. He nodded with pride.

“Yup, he’s great. 11 months.” Robbie sighed, rubbing the back of his finger on his son’s cheek.

“I thought you said that you, Robbie and Kim met up earlier?” Martha spoke up, confused at their greeting. “Didn’t you two text Lucas asking to meet up with him?” She asked Robbie and Kim. They stood bewildered, glancing between themselves. “But Jack said-” She looked over to a guilty Jack, sheepishly facing the floor. Martha laughed. “Ahh, so it was all a plan to get away from me.” She smirked. Jack lifted his head up, smiling towards her.

“Maybe…” He said innocently, sitting back down on the booth and scooting to the end. Kim and Robbie sat beside him, positioning the pram holding Robbie and Tasha’s baby at the side.

“We’ll just be a second,” Tasha began, grabbing Martha’s hand and pulling her out from the booth. “Toilet trip.” She explained with a nod, before leading the bewildered Martha off. Jack laughed, shaking his head.

“Could they be anymore obvious? It’s got ‘we want to talk about you and Jack being friends’ written all over it…” He sighed. Robbie and Kim nodded, looking towards one another.

“It’s a good topic though. Don’t you think?” Kim smiled.


“So at first he was a bit of a jerk about it all-”

“Understandably.” Rachel interrupted.

“Yea, I don’t blame him.” Martha nodded. “But then he came up and talked to me, and we sorted it all out. He’s not totally happy about it-”

“Understandably.” Rachel interrupted with a smile. Martha hit her playfully.

“Yes, understandably.” She mocked. “But he’s being really nice about it all and accepting it.” She finished. Tasha, moving from the sinks, spoke up.

“What about you, is it what you want?” Tasha asked. Martha looked at her, shocked at her accusation.

“Of course it’s what I want! I’m getting married Tasha, why the hell would I want to continue with an ex-boyfriend? Do you really think I love him? I can’t love him, it’s been too long and I’m getting married!” Martha exclaimed outraged. Tasha shrugged.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t have them feelings. We’d understand if you did.” She told her, sitting up on the sinks once again. Rachel nodded.

“Yea. You never really fell out of love with him; you were just told you couldn’t love him anymore. There’s nothing now that says you can’t love him.” Rachel agreed.

“Yes, there is. This!” Martha exclaimed, lifting her naked hand up.

“Oh, the ring that you never wear…” Tasha commented sarcastically. Martha shook her head, looking back down at her bare finger.

“I just forget, that’s all.” She mumbled, looking up at them both. “I don’t love Jack. We’re over. I’ve moved on.” She stated with a sigh, staring them both down. Tasha hopped off the sink, moving towards the door.

“Okay Mac,” She agreed. “I hope it’s us you’re trying to convince and not yourself.” She sighed, giving Martha a knowing look before she walked out. Rachel and Martha hung back in silence.

“We’re not being evil Martha; we just want you to know what you’re feeling before you go get yourself married. Just make sure you’re certain. Give it a couple of weeks with Jack, just to see if you’ve still got that spark. That’s all we ask.” Rachel sighed, putting her hand on Martha’s shoulder. Martha smiled; nodding gently and watching Rachel walk out. Martha stopped for a moment, looking into the mirror above the sink. She couldn’t get that near kiss out of her head. Was she still in love with him, or was it just a moment of confusion?


“Okay, James Bond.” Robbie laughed, unconvinced at Jack’s latest fake escape story.

“So… you’ve still failed to tell me what your son’s name is.” Jack said to Robbie, smiling towards the pram.

“I was trying to but you kept butting in with your ‘adventures’!” Robbie snapped. Jack looked across at Kim who was sat beside them.

“Aren’t you going to back me up?” Jack asked. Kim shook his head, laughing.

“Sorry Bond.” He smirked. Jack rolled his eyes, lifting his beer to his lips.

“You’ll be on my side when you want a ride in my chopper…” He mumbled. Robbie and Kim looked at each other, shaking their heads as they laughed. Tasha walked towards the trio, sitting opposite Robbie. “Tash, I think you should know that your husband is neglecting your only son.” Jack grassed with a smile. Tasha looked at Robbie, her eyebrows raised. Kim stifled a laugh as he watched Robbie’s face turn white, fighting with his mouth as he tried to think of a defence. He turned to face Jack, shaking his head.

“Aren’t I glad to have you back.” He scowled.

Jack lifted his head up, watching as Rachel and then Martha emerged from the lady’s toilet. They both flashed a smile up at him when they reached a booth, sitting down on the opposite side.

“So, do I get the young man’s name then?” Jack asked with a slight laugh. Robbie glared at him.

“Andrew. Andrew Riley Hunter.” He spoke clearly. Jack smiled over at the baby in the pram.

“I can’t believe you had a kid. He’s very handsome.” He observed. Tasha and Robbie smiled.

“Thanks.” They grinned.

“Andrew told me he can’t wait to have a friend.” Robbie winked towards Martha. “How long do you think it’ll be until you and Eamon get one?” He asked. All eyes fell on Martha, who stuttered uncomfortably.

“Umm… let me get past the wedding first.” She said, forcing a laugh as she looked over at Jack. Jack strained a smile, glancing down at the table as if it hadn’t affected him.

“Ooh, the wedding. Have you planned any of it yet?” Tasha asked. Martha shook her head.

“No, but it’s all up here.” She laughed, tapping her head. Rachel turned to her, giggling excitedly.

“Care to share?” She smiled. Martha looked down, fighting off a grin.

“Okay,” She started, “me and Eamon haven’t really talked about it yet, but I know what I’d like.” She giggled. “In a church, but only close family and friends. Then I want something a bit different for the reception. I don’t know… something to do with my upbringing. It doesn’t have to be too strong, but I’d really like a barn dance.” She gleamed. “And the songs at the reception are going to be fun and not boring. I’m not having one of those bands that a hotel supplies for boring old couples…” She groaned. “Something fun.” She grinned. They all laughed.

“Sounds like you. What about the dress then?” Rachel asked. Martha sat up, showing her excitement.

“Okay, this is the thing a girl wants on her wedding day. As long as the girl’s got the dress, the groom doesn’t matter!” She laughed. “Now I know the traditional long train and over-the-top dress is all ‘in’, but I don’t want that. I don’t want a veil either. I’m not going to spend hours on my make up to have it covered up! No, it’s going to be simplistic; but gorgeous. I can picture the dress, I have done for years; it’s just finding it.” Martha sighed, drumming her fingers on the table. “Oh, before I forget - my maid of honour!” The girls giggled with excitement. “Would you both be my maids of honour? We can squeeze you two on I’m sure.” Martha smiled. Rachel looked towards Tasha, who was gleaming too.

“Of course!” They cried in unison. Meanwhile, Robbie, Kim and Jack sat in amazement, watching just how excited the girls were getting.

“It’s only a wedding…” Robbie groaned. At that comment, Rachel slapped her hands down on the table.

“ONLY a wedding?” She exclaimed. Robbie looked at Kim worriedly.

“Help!” He whispered. The crowd roared with laughter, everyone bar Jack. He was sat looking at Martha, smiling at her happiness. To be honest, he hated the fact that her excitement was orientating another man, but he was truly for her.

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I'm back, and slightly Belgian. :)

Not much J&M stuff in this chapter, sorry. Actually, I doubt there'll be any major stuff anytime soon. This fic is actually ramble with the occasional dramatic event. I wish I'd have really thought about that before I started... :S Sorry, I'll try and involve new things.

Chapter 24

“Awww, do you really have to go?” Rachel asked across the table, throwing puppy dog eyes to him.

“Yea, pwease don’t go.” Robbie and Kim mocked, pouting towards Jack. Jack pushed them away, grumbling some comment underneath his laughter.

“Shut up you morons.” He laughed. “Yes, I best be off. It’s 7 o’clock.” Jack told them, standing up from the booth.

“Ooh, 7 o’clock. Aren’t you a night howler…” Kim muttered sarcastically. Jack laughed, shaking his head.

“I need to get back to Lucas. I had a bit of a go at him earlier and I want to apologize.” Jack told them. “What about if I come back afterwards? We could all meet here later, if you’re really that adamant on spending time with me.” Jack grinned.

“So full of it..” Martha muttered to the others, then flashing Jack a cheeky smile.

“Fine, I’ll see you another day then…” he muttered, turning around and beginning to walk out of Noah’s.

“Wait!” He heard a voice call. “See you at half 8!” Tasha shouted. Jack smiled smugly to himself, waving over his shoulder as he exited.


“I wondered what time you’d be in.” Tony sighed, standing up from the sofa as Jack entered. Jack nodded quietly, standing still and silent as he awaited Tony’s verbal attack. But there was nothing. Tony just stood there, as quiet and silent as Jack. Tony sighed, scratching his head. “I’m not going to tell you off.” He said, surprising Jack.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I deserve it.” Jack exclaimed.

Tony nodded. “I know, but that’s Lucas’ job; not mine.” Tony told him seriously. With a sigh he sat on the sofa, beginning his explanation. “It occurred to me that you’re not 15 anymore, and that even though I will always be your Dad, it doesn’t mean I have to treat you like my little boy. I raised a man, a stubborn man with his own opinions, thoughts and ideas; and his own two feet. You have your own ways of dealing with things, who am I to tell you to change them? You obviously didn’t want to talk about Martha today but I was there trying to persuade you to. That wasn’t fair of me and for that I apologize.” Tony apologized. “But I am a man with my own opinions, thoughts and ideas; and I don’t think you handled it as well as you could have done. By not talking about her you just bottled up all your emotions inside. So when you opened that bottle there was a big explosion, and it was too much for you to handle. That was what left Martha and Lucas hurt today.” Tony said wisely. “So, being your old man, I still have the right to make you feel bad.” He smiled.

Jack nodded his head. “I know I could have handled it a lot better. And I’m sorry for that. I’ve already apologized and sorted things out with Martha, we’re friends.” Jack told him.

“How do you feel about that?” He asked.

Jack shrugged. “Does it matter?” He asked honestly. “I’m not going to deny that it’s not what I want. But, I’ll cope.” Jack sighed, looking over at the door. “I guess I’ll go and make it up to Lucas.” Jack nodded, walking out the room and through to Lucas’.


When Jack knocked, there was no answer. He knocked again – still no answer. At the second knock, Jack’s impatient self interrupted and opened the door. Lucas was laid down on his bed, mp3 in his ears and journal on his knee. Jack sighed, closing the door behind him and walking over to his brother. Lucas looked up when Jack had reached his bed, recognizing that he was in the room. With a sigh he shut his journal and returned it to his second draw on his nightstand.

“What do you want?” He asked, taking out his earphones. Jack sat down on the bottom of the bed, a smirk on his face.

“A beer.” Jack said honestly. Lucas looked bewildered.

“Then why the hell are you with me?” He asked. “I’m not allowed drinks… you won’t find them in here.” He mocked his father’s tone, wiggling his head from side to side.

Jack smiled, shaking his head. “What he won’t know won’t hurt him, right?” Jack laughed, withdrawing a bottle of beer from his jacket pocket. “Happy 16th Luc.” He smiled, passing over the bottle. Lucas fought off a grin as he accepted the drink.

“Thanks.” He muttered gratefully, putting it in his top draw. “I’ll save it for later.” He nodded towards Jack. Jack smiled down at his brother.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. “You didn’t deserve me shouting at you, it was nothing personal. I promise.” He assured Lucas.

“It sounded pretty personal to me. With the brother references and all.” Lucas mumbled.

“I was just angry, that’s all. I’m really sorry. I felt evil after I’d done it.” He assured him.

“That’s because you were being evil.” Lucas observed.

Jack bit his lip, shaking his head with a grin. “You’re trying to wind me up, aren’t you?” He laughed.

Lucas nodded cheekily. “Thanks for the beer.” He smiled. Jack sighed, nodding in return.

“Thanks for looking out for me.” He thanked.


Jack turned around the corner, entering the busy Noah’s bar. He received stares, smiles and words of welcome as he swam through the crowd, reaching a very proud Kim and Robbie. Jack raised his hands, gesturing to the masses of people who seemed to all want to talk to him.

“Word got out I guess…” Robbie smiled innocently.

“I know what you mean, I couldn’t shake these two off.” Laughed Jack, turning around and looking at Beth and Tony who were struggling to get past the congratulating folks.

“Did the girls not come?” Jack turned to Kim.

“They’re over there somewhere.” He told him, pointing to the left of the room. “I think they got swallowed alive.” He said.

“Where’s Andrew?” Beth asked Robbie.

“Irene’s looking after him.” He informed her.

“Right, I’ll get the drinks!” Jack offered, clapping his hands together.

“Jack, how the hell have you got money?” Robbie asked. Jack paused for a moment, scratching his head.

“I have no idea..” He laughed. “Where’d all my money go?” He asked his Dad.

“In Luc’s trust funds.” Tony answered. Robbie and Kim laughed.

“You left all your money to Luc? You girl!” Kim snorted. Jack stood, groaning to himself.

“I’m getting it back.” He told his Dad as he made his way through the crowd. “Like hell he’s getting my money!” He exclaimed.


“Two beers and a white wine please.” Jack asked the woman behind the counter. She turned around, smiling from ear to ear.

“Ooh, so kind. You’re getting me a beer.” Martha grinned. Jack laughed, shaking his head.

“Okay, you better make those three beers. Why are you behind here?” Jack asked, tapping the bar. Martha looked around the busy room, her face displaying a look of ‘duh’ on her face. “Stupid question.” Jack muttered to himself.

“Yea.. just a bit.” She smiled, placing his order on the bar. “I’m just doing a bit until it dies down. That’s why I need your help.” She smiled sweetly. Jack stood confused.

“How can I help?” He asked. Martha smiled to him, pointing around to everyone.

“They all came to see you. So if you go around and talk to them… they’ll go and I’ll be freed.” She explained. Jack laughed, shaking his head.

“No. It’ll take ages and be really boring. And I don’t know half these people! They’re all crazy and just want gossip. You saw them in the diner!” Jack exclaimed. “They’ll kill me.” He whispered to her seriously. Martha laughed, swatting him on the arm.

“Stop being such a drama queen and go make friends.” She laughed, turning around from him and serving the next person. Jack sighed, turning around to all the people. There were so many smiling and staring towards him. It was going to be a long night.

Next Chapter - Does Jack come out alive? Let's meet Eamon!! :D (Just for you Sian. lol) And that's as far as I've got.. I'm no longer in front of chapters. Dammit.

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Chapter 25.

“You owe me big style.” Jack groaned, receiving the drink off Martha at the bar as he slumped down on the stool, looking around the nearly empty room. He'd just finished talking to the last person, and they'd walked away. He'd done his good deed for the next week.

“Thanks. This one is on the house.” She laughed.

“I should think so!” Jack exclaimed, raising it to his lips. He turned around to the others, clustered around two tables.

“It’s only 10 o’clock. How did Rachel manage to get drunk?” Jack laughed, watching as she began to flutter Kim’s face with kisses. Martha shook her head with a smile, resting onto the bar. “It’s nice that they’re all still together.” Jack observed. “Not that I thought they’d split up, but, you know…” He smiled to the three couples, laughing jokingly with their partners. Martha nodded.

“Some things don’t change.” She sighed. Jack nodded silently; turning around to Martha.

“Some things do.” He said, forcing half a smile. Martha nodded gently, smiling sadly.

“Hey Babe.” Eamon exclaimed, walking through into Noah’s. Martha flashed her eyes away from Jack, looking up at her fiancé entering the room. She smiled up at him.

“Hey.” She said, pecking him on the cheek. “Drink?” She offered. Eamon nodded with a smile, sitting down on the stool next to Jack.

“Please. The usual.” He told her before turning around to Jack. He smiled at him, patting him on the back before receiving his drink. “Thanks babe.” He grinned, “And thank you.” He whispered as he lifted the glass to his lips, just loud enough for Jack alone to hear it. Jack however was too amused to reply, as he was watching intently at the drink that Eamon was currently sipping delicately.

“You like Red?” Jack asked immaturely. Eamon looked down at the wine in his hand, then to Jack.

“White too. And Rose.” He informed him. Jack grinned towards him.

“Great.” He sighed, stifling a laugh. “What about make-up?” Jack muttered under his breath, unable to help himself.

“Nah, not my thing.” Eamon spoke up, surprising Jack. Jack kept tight lipped, looking up at Martha. Thank god she hadn’t noticed; he felt like a total idiot now. He couldn’t help that dig from coming out; it had just slipped from his throat. He guessed that it was to do with the fact that Eamon was Martha’s fiancé, and that it probably did result in jealousy. But jealousy wouldn’t help him, it wouldn’t solve any problem, it’d only make him look like a jerk and push Martha away.

“Right boys, are we going to go socialize?” Martha asked with a smile, dropping the towel on the counter as she walked out from behind the bar. Jack and Eamon nodded, standing up with their drinks.

“Fabulous idea! I’ve not spoken to Tasha in days!” Eamon exclaimed, walking over towards the table with Martha. Jack hung back, frozen to the spot by Eamon’s last comment.

“Is he…” Jack stuttered, watching as Eamon put his arm around Martha. “No… she wouldn’t…” Jack wondered aloud, questioning facts. He shook his head, trying to sweep away his own queries. “You wish Jack. You wish.” He sighed, making his way up to the table.


“We best be off,” Tony began, picking Beth’s hand up and standing. “It’s a school day tomorrow.” He laughed, walking from the table. “See you later Jack. You have a key.” He nodded towards him. At that Rachel looked up, a smirk on her face.

“No… silly! He’s not going with you!” She exclaimed in a high pitched voice. “He lives with us now. It’s his house too!” She told him, patting Jack’s arm gently. Jack laughed at her, holding her hand in his.

“Rachel, you’re drunk.” He stated. Rachel shook her head.

“No I’m not…” She slurred. “Stay with us. Live with us. Please?” She grinned. Jack laughed, shaking his head.

“You’ll take that back in the morning.” He said to her. “You’re DRUNK Dr Armstrong!” He said slowly. Again, she shook her head.

“Tell him Kimmy.” She said, letting go of Jack and sitting back down on Kim’s knee. Kim looked at her, then to Jack.

“She’s drunk.” He stated, earning an elbow nudge from Rachel.

“No, about living with us. Have you had a bit too much to drink Kim?” She asked to his ear, putting both her arms around his neck. Everyone laughed.

“Jack, we’re serious. We were talking about it earlier. You can’t stay on your Dad’s sofa forever. Why don’t you move back in with us? You’ve still got your old furniture and bed in your room.” Kim told him. “The last occupant kept it.” He laughed, gesturing towards Martha. Jack looked over at Martha.

“You took my old room?” Jack asked, surprised. Martha nodded slowly.

“Yea, I-”

“She never left it! From the day you went off she stayed in that damn room! She’s only slept in another bed… what is it, four nights now?” Rachel asked, leaning back on Kim’s knee as she talked to Martha. Martha blushed, looking up at Jack.

“Well, yea…” She mumbled, unsure of what it meant. Jack smiled to himself, blushing gently. He felt complimented, in some sort of secretive, weird way.

“Right. Well, if Dad doesn’t mind…” He trailed off, looking towards his Dad and Beth.

Tony shrugged with a smile. “Fine by me. You’re only next door.” He sighed. Jack nodded with a grin, looking towards Kim and Rachel.

“Okay, sure, I’ll move back in.” He gleamed. Rachel nodded, a big, happy grin appearing on her face. She picked up her glass and held it up.

“Cheers!” She laughed, taking a long gulp.

“Right, well, see you tomorrow morning-” Tony said, turning around to the door. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been aware of the woman quickly walking through the bar doors, and they collided.

“Sorry!” Lara apologized, standing straight and keeping her balance. “My mistake. I just didn’t want to miss my new partner.” She explained, looking over Tony’s shoulder to Jack. She gave him a smile.

“What?” Martha spoke up, instantly becoming sober. She sat up straight on her chair, her eyes perked and alive, darting between Lara and Jack. Jack smiled to Lara, then back to Martha and his Dad.

“I think she means I’ve got my job back.” He laughed happily, walking over towards Lara for confirmation. Lara smiled, nodding excitedly.

“Yes! I knew McGrath would let you in! And it’s a good job too, now we can kick ass again!!” She giggled. Jack laughed, putting his arm around Lara.

“I like to kick ass.” He smiled to her. Tony, quiet in the corner, moved forward, worry etched on his face.

“Jack… are you sure this is right? I think it’s a bit too soon-” He began.

“I’m fine Dad. Honest. I want to get back into the job; I want to get my life back to normal.” He explained. Tony leant his head to the left.

“But your job is what messed it up in the first place.” He sighed. Jack let go of Lara, walking towards his Dad. He placed his hands on Tony’s shoulder, controlling their stare.

“It won’t mess it up again. Don’t worry.” Jack told him. Tony shook his head.

“How can I not worry?” He asked, slightly choked. “What if something bad happens, what if-”

“What if? Dad, there was always a ‘what if’ element in the job. You knew that. So what’s changed? If anything it’s much safer. You don’t hear of people getting run over twice, do you?” Jack smiled cleverly. Tony sighed, laughing. “Dad, I’ll be fine.” He assured him. Tony nodded, partially understanding Jack’s side of it.

“You best be.” He sighed, “Look after him!” He joked to Lara, wagging his finger towards his son.

“Of course.” Laughed Lara. “I’m going to go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow in the station, you need to sort out your shifts and pick up a new uniform. From what I hear yours is a little less than suitable.” She laughed. Jack smiled, nodding as he walked her to the club door.

“Thanks Lara.” He said quietly, “thanks for not asking questions. I know it might seem a bit weird, but I know what I’m doing.” He assured her. Lara smiled to him, looking up knowingly into his eyes.

“If you need to talk, I’m right here.” Jack nodded in thanks. Lara smiled up at him, looking down awkwardly before reaching up for a hug, which was reciprocated quickly.

“I missed you.” She whispered in his ear, “my kick-ass partner.” She laughed, drawing away. Jack smiled down at her, patting her gently on the back before she wandered back out. Jack happily turned around to the group, each face unsure whether they should be happy or not. They all had forced smiles, but shared worried looks between each other. Was it too soon?

Martha on the other hand was not questioning if it was the right thing to do, she was sat in the corner, staring in disbelief at Jack before her. It was wrong. Stupid and moronic. Why was he doing this?

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Not much happening, but I got to do a flashback of one of my fave J&M scenes! :D You'll see...

Chapter 26

Shortly after Lara had left, the others had followed. The atmosphere wasn’t as it was before the news of Jack’s return to his job; it was clouded with worry and queries. Jack just couldn’t stand it. He’d suggested that they left for home, using Rachel’s alcohol level as an excuse. The other’s had agreed, especially Martha, as they all wanted to forget about their worry before they expressed it and dampened the mood.

“Home at last.” Jack smiled, walking in the house. Kim followed, supporting Rachel as he shut the door behind him with his right foot.

“Yeah, at Half 10. Some people can’t handle their booze it seems…” Rachel mocked them. Jack and Kim looked back at each other, laughing.

“I’ll go put her to bed,” Kim told Jack quietly. “Then we’ll crack open some beers, and drink ourselves to sleep!” Kim cheered.

“Hell yeah!” Jack grinned as he watched Kim and Rachel wobble out the door.

With a smile Jack stepped slowly around the lounge and kitchen, running his finger along the furniture and walls as if he were reading the memories. He couldn’t believe he was here. His real home of Summer Bay. Looking around he could see himself, Tony and Lucas moving in at the very start. He could see good times with Kim and Dan, then the good with Martha. He paused when he met the table. He could re-imagine the candle lit table and the red cloth that had held the plates and ornaments on their first date. Jack pulled up a chair and sat down in the very same spot as he had done at the beginning of the night. But now when he looked across he didn’t see that beautiful woman; he saw the front door. The front door that they’d stormed through, passionately kissing all the way to his bedroom.

“You did well that night, Constable.” Jack smirked to himself, staring blankly towards the door. But the vision of the wild, fiery embrace of the two lovers disappeared slowly before his eyes, and then replaced with another vision further up the room.


Martha and Lucas were on the sofa, sitting silently and awkwardly side by side.

“Can you give us a minute, we’ll talk later.” Jack growled to Lucas. Lucas did as he was told, getting up and leaving the room. “I can’t believe that you did this to me.” He said disappointedly, sitting down on the arm of the sofa.

“You promised you were gonna tell and you didn’t.” Martha defended herself.

“It was my decision to make, you totally shafted me.”

“I did not. I told your father, not your boss.” She replied.

“It doesn’t make any difference.” He snapped.

“Jack I was worried for you and the people around you. I thought I was doing the right thing. Isn’t that why you joined the police in the first place?” She questioned.

“Don’t you dare turn this back on me, okay?” Jack snapped. “I wouldn’t even be in this position if it wasn’t for– !” Jack swallowed, hoping to withdraw that last regrettable comment. But he couldn’t. No matter how hard he prayed, that last sentence had already been unleashed to Martha’s ears, sending an angry, hurt glare back towards him.

“If it wasn’t for me.” She finished, shaking her head in disgust. She couldn’t believe he had brought it back up. He knew how sorry she had been about the trick and she had been foolish enough to believe that he’d actually forgiven her. What an idiot she’d been. She stood up, rolling her eyes.

“Martha, wait.” Jack pleaded, reaching out for her arm. Martha wriggled away, heading to the door.

She turned around, her hand on the pine of the frame. In an instant her mouth opened up and her anger and hurt stormed out without a thought. “Let’s just cut our losses.” She told him, flicking her eyes away and speeding down the drive before she could see his reaction. The door reacted in a similar way, swinging shut behind her. Jack froze, his heart wanting to follow but his head not allowing it. His arm rose slightly then lowered as he contemplated following her. He shook his head and folded his arms, facing the floor as he tried to ignore the sudden pain in his heart. What had he done?


Now he had no time left with her he started to regret the wasted moments. Why had he been so dumb to say such a thing? Because of his idiotic half-sentence he was without Martha for months. And during those months, Martha was hurt by Corey.

Jack stared at the door in front, not allowing himself to leave his replaying memory on his own accord. It may have been a painful, regrettable memory; but it was a memory none the less. A memory when he’d done something bad and driven Martha away. Back then he could have run after her. He could have begged for her forgiveness, offered her everything he could to resolve the problem. He had the opportunity to do so; but he didn’t. Jack stared at the vision in front, the vision of the man stood stubbornly staring at the door. Jack shook his head, closing his eyes gently as he attempted to forget. “You didn’t see this happening, did you?” He asked himself. He was right, not once had he thought he’d be in this situation with Martha. Martha loved another man, her fiancé, and Jack was left on the outside, daydreaming of old times.

“I can’t wait to make her some runny eggs in the morning…” Kim laughed evilly, rubbing his hands together as he walked in. “Jack?” He stopped, staring at the still man sat by the table. “Jack, you alright mate?” He asked. Jack snapped from his thoughts, opening his eyes and looking up at Kim.

“Yea…” He sighed. “You know what; leave my beer in the fridge. I’m going to bed.” Jack told him, standing up slowly as he left the room in a trance.

“Okay. Night.” Kim said to the absent Jack, who had just closed his own door. Kim leant against the counter, disappointed and confused at Jack’s sudden mood swing.


“Jack seems nice.” Eamon said, getting into bed.

“Mmhmm.” Martha answered, sinking her head into the pillow. Eamon sat up and looked down on her, watching as she stared blankly to the side.

“I’m not worried.” He told her honestly, picking up her hand to grab her attention. “I trust you.” He smiled. Martha turned around, looking up at him. She smiled up.

“I know.” She said quietly.

“Then why the lack of detail?” He shrugged. Martha sighed, smoothing out the covers on top of her body.

“No reason.” She lied. Eamon stared at her, poking her as he laughed.

“I can tell when you’re lying. Come on. You went quiet as soon as that Constable came in and told Jack he had a job-” Eamon paused, his mouth open. “That’s it! You’re angry because he’s going to be a cop again!” He exclaimed. Martha rolled her eyes, turning over.

“No I’m not…” She dismissed unconvincingly. “Anyway, I want to go to sleep.” She sighed, ending the conversation. Eamon shook his head, leaning over and turning off the light.

“G’night.” He said sweetly, turning over and facing the wall. Martha maintained her lonely stare to the wall on her right, letting thoughts roll around her head until she fell asleep.


I love that scene. I know you're thinking "Has Nicole gone mad?" But let me explain...

I loved the fact that they were both affected by it. Like.. afterwards Jack was quite upset and crushed, and Martha was really upset. AND they argued. I mean, wow. That's a perfect Nicole situation. lol. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

You're right, Nicom should update. ;)

Sorry guys, it's been ages!!

I'm finding the fic hard to write, AND I've been super busy.

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I'll update soon after this.. because I probably won't. I've got scary-ass mocks now, so I don't know how much time I'll have left over. And if I can carry on pushing through this fic. I'm struggling guys. :(

But I made myself write this chapter, thanks to Puja and Emma bugging me, and I'm sorry if it's weird. Lol. It's the best I can do.

Right, I'll just remind you about a couple of things..

  • Martha's ticked off because Jack's going back to his job. Remember she never liked it in the first place, thought he'd get hurt. Then when he went and got himself kidnapped... that kind of proved her right. So why would he go back to it!?
  • Jack's still a bit upset about Martha and Eamon. Though they apparently sorted it out..

And most importantly....

  • Rachel's got a hangover


Chapter 27 - Dedicated to Emma and Puja.

“What time is it…?” Rachel asked groggily, rubbing her eyes as she stumbled into the lounge. Jack checked his watch.

“10 o’clock.” He told her, his mouth full of cereal. He stood up as he swallowed, walking to the sink and clearing his pots away.

“Did you hear that Rach? He said 10 O’CLOCK!” Kim raised his voice near her ear. Rachel shuddered, clasping her hands on her ears.

“Don’t…” She muttered wearily. Kim frowned, wrapping his arms around her.

“I’m sorry, what about some runny eggs to make up for it?” He asked kindly. Rachel shrugged him off.

“Jack, can you hit him for me?” She asked. Kim laughed, continuing to tease her.

“I’m off. See you later.” Jack told them, walking through the room and straight out the door. Rachel looked up at Kim.

“Even through my hang over I can see that he’s not happy.” She observed. “Did I do something?” She asked Kim. Kim shook his head, putting his hands on his hips.

“Nah… he was weird last night. He hasn’t smiled since.” He sighed, staring intrigued at the door.


“Yes… yes..” Jack laughed to himself, tilting his body to the left as he tried to move his Ferrari around the corner. “Comon! Get moving, get… Aargghh!” Jack groaned with a smile, shaking his head at the mobile phone game. Jack glanced away from his new mobile phone to his watch, reading the time quickly before setting his eyes on the beach in front. It was now 11.30 and Jack had just been to Yabby Creek to buy a mobile. ‘I need it for the ladies.’ He’d told him self, but he knew that wasn’t true. He couldn’t date anyone anytime soon; he knew his heart wouldn’t let him. But if he was willing to use this reason as an excuse, then he’d let himself. He also needed a phone for work. It just made sense to have a phone in his pocket at all times, just in case something bad happened. Not that it would. Or so he tried to convince himself…

“Martha?” Jack studied the woman walking along the beach, staring at her feet. Jack stood up from the sand and lifted his hand to shield his eyes. “Martha!” He called out again, getting her attention. He waved her over, walking down the beach to meet her steady pace.


“Hey,” He smiled as he approached. Martha did not respond in voice, instead she put her hands in her pockets and flashed a quick smile. “What are you doing?” Jack asked her.

“Just came for a walk.” She shrugged. Jack looked back down to his phone, putting it in his pocket. “You have a phone?” Martha asked. Jack smiled down at his new device.

“Yea… I needed one for work.” He told her. Martha nodded, rolling her eyes at the word ‘work’. With a deep breath she managed to control her anger and annoyance.

“Ahh, right.” She said, avoiding his gaze by looking out to sea. Jack stood still, sensing an awkward moment.

“I’m on my way now, actually.” Jack informed her, trying to keep the conversation flowing. Martha raised her eyebrows and pretended to be interested. “Yea.. Fitzy told me to go over today to check out my work schedule and pick up my new uniform. I thought going in early would show I was eager.” He explained. Martha shook her head to the floor, letting out a laugh under her breath. She couldn’t have prevented it if she wanted to; it had slipped out as an automatic reaction. Jack looked curiously towards her. “What?” He asked.

“Why are you eager, Jack? Why do you want your job back?” She asked him.

“Because it’s my job.” He shrugged.

“Your life more like it…” She muttered to herself. Jack leaned in closer, shaking his head as he read her face.

“Oh my God.” He mumbled. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed with laughter. “You’re still going on about THIS!?” He said, referring to their argument a year and a half ago.

“Oh, just deny it Jack. Go on; deny that you’re not stupidly obsessed with your job!” Jack paused, rolling his eyes.

“You know what. I don’t care if you think that way. Even if I was ‘stupidly obsessed’ with my job, what’s the harm in it?” He asked.

“Did you seriously just ask that?” She laughed. “You just got back from being held against your will for a year and a half, thanks to your job, and you’re asking me what’s the harm in being a cop!?” She exclaimed.

“I’m getting dejavu Martha, only last time you actually managed to fool me into thinking you genuinely cared.” Jack snapped. Martha stood, confused.

“What?” She replied.

“You know. Last time I actually thought you were upset because you didn’t want me getting hurt. Because you loved me.” He explained. Martha nodded.

“Yea… I did.” She agreed.

“No you didn’t.” He shook his head. “You were just interfering, like you are now. You don’t really care. You never did.” Jack told her.

“Excuse me!?” She exclaimed. “Where the hell did you get that idea!?”

“By the news of your engagement.” Jack answered simply. Martha hesitated for a moment, before her brain began to connect the links.

“You think because I moved on, I didn’t care about you.” She stated. Jack nodded.

“Well, yea.” He said, putting his hands in his pockets. “I thought you’d have mourned a little longer than a couple of months; that’s if you loved me as much as you made out.” Jack said.

“Now I’m getting dejavu!” Martha laughed. “Not only did we have this argument yesterday, but you actually agreed to it and accepted it!”

“Maybe I did it because I had to. You didn’t really give me any option.” Sighed Jack. Martha shook her head, laughing in annoyance.

“You’re such a hypocrite! You told me to move on and be happy!” She defended herself.

“Yea but with a little dignity Martha.” He spat out. Martha’s eyes deflated, drowning in the birth of fresh tears.

“I did it for you.” She said quietly. Jack laughed aloud.

“For me!? You jumped into bed with the first guy that came along, for me!?” He continued to laugh. “What kind of twisted logic is that Martha!?”

“I didn’t jump into bed with the first guy that came along. It had been months, I’d been so sad and depressed. Eamon and I we were just friends…”

“Yea, I know. You were just friends then you fell in love.” He mocked. Martha flicked her eyes up, glaring towards him.

“Oh shut up.” She snapped, turning around and walking away from him. Jack laughed to himself, running after her.

“Oh no you don’t. You started this.” He grabbed her arm, spinning her around. But his cocky, angry attitude immediately vanished with the shock before him.

Her tears glistened in the midday sun, leaving a glowing track down her cheeks.

“Go to your stupid job. I hope I get proved right again.” She snapped. Jack sighed sympathetically, softening to her tears.

“Martha, I –” He began, putting his hand on her shoulder.

“No, seriously.” She affirmed, wriggling from his grasp. “I’m stepping away now before I hit you. I want to keep a little dignity. If I have any left, of course.” Martha snarled, letting a tear drip from the bottom of her cheek. In an instant she turned back around and fast-paced up the sand, desperate to get away.

Jack was a man full of mixed emotions. Angry at Martha for interfering in his work and for moving on so quickly. But now he felt sorrow and guilt; worst of all, regret. He shouldn't have said those things. Especially the unfair 'dignity' remark. Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath in, before turning his head and moving in the opposite direction.

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I'm going to try writing ilke this for this chapter.. I usually start a new line when a new character speaks, but after looking through Emmasi's tutorial thingy, she gives an example of doing the below. And I've noticed the almighty bay girl does this too. So, it can't hurt in trying, can it? I know how annoying it is when I find it hard to understand who's speaking in a chapter... so it'd be nice for me to try and compromise. Can you all please tell me if you prefer this structure, or not?

Sorry again about the chapter, I'm not that happy with it. But if I don't post it now I'll only keep going back over it a bazzilion times, and not only will it annoy me, but it will never get posted. And I don't want Puja and Emma on my back again. (Even though Emma actually already started lol)

Chapter 28

Martha stormed up the stairs, occasionally brushing her cheeks roughly with the backs of her hands. “Jerk..” She muttered as she slammed her fist on the door 3 times. “Tash?” She called out. She stood shaking her hands and legs as she tried to calm down. But she couldn’t. She was reeling from the stupid and hurtful things Jack had said. But what was worst of all, what made her anger grow and take over her body, was that she was affected by his words, and that each one had felt like a punch to the heart. “Tasha!” She yelled in annoyance, banging on the door once more. In a moment the door was flung open, presenting a confused and concerned Tasha.

“What’s up?” Tasha spoke immediately, sensing the anger radiating from her best friend. She opened the door and stood back, allowing Martha to storm in and throw her bag on the sofa.

“He’s a jerk. A complete and utter jerk!” Martha began, pacing around the apartment. Tasha shut the door and turned around, bewildered at the sight before her.

“Who?” Tasha asked.

“Constable Jack Holden. I was only looking out for him; I’m only thinking what is best for him. But ooh no, I turn out to be the bad guy. And I’m wrong, of course. Just like last time.” She growled.

“Why, what’s gone off?” Tasha questioned, following Martha around the room with her eyes.

“Well I saw Jack on the beach, so I told him that I didn’t want him to go back to work in case something bad happened. And he totally had a go at me!” She exclaimed.

Tasha sighed, moving towards her friend. “It happened just like that, did it?”

Martha folded her arms, leaning against a wall as she looked downwards. “Well, not exactly. But near enough. I may have snapped at him first but my intentions were good! I wasn’t just having a go for the sake of it! He totally launched an attack at me! He was being totally unreasonable.” She cried, sitting on the sofa in a huff.

Tasha sat next to her, nearer the opposite end out of fear and safety. “What did he say?” She asked carefully. Martha looked down to the floor, taking deep breaths.

“Just that I never cared about him and that I jumped into bed with the first guy that came along. He made me sound like a right tart.” She said angrily with a hint of hurt.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it to come across that way.” Tasha assured her.

“No, he did.” Martha shook her head, looking up to her best friend. “He said I hadn’t moved on with dignity. He sounded disgusted with me.” She told her. “He seriously thought that I’d lied about how much I’d loved him before, and he thinks that I moved on too quick. He was talking like what we shared had meant nothing to me, like I was using him for something to pass time with.” She exclaimed, her anger drifting as tears formed in her eyes. “He looked disgusted.” She added softly, looking away as she cleared her eyes. Tasha sat still, watching as Martha tried to hide her tears. Realising the true dilemma Martha was facing, Tasha moved closer to her friend and wrapped her arm around her.

Recognizing the sympathy she was receiving, Martha shot up, spinning around with a fresh look of anger on her face. “I can’t believe this.” She laughed, shaking her head. Tasha stood up.

“What?” She asked, bewildered. Martha shook her hands near her eyes, then in between the two girls.

“This. Us!” She explained. “He made me feel bad about myself! When I was stood there, I could have cried. I could have sobbed right in front of him, I could cry now!” She exclaimed out of surprise. Tasha shrugged, still looking confused. “He has no right to shout his mouth off. He can’t tell me how I should have felt, and he can’t make me feel like crap. Not once has Eamon made me feel that way. I can’t believe I considered my feelings with Jack!” She laughed to herself.

Tasha flicked her head up curiously. “You were considering you feelings with Jack?” She responded.

Martha shook her head. “Something Rachel said.. remind me not to listen to her again.” Martha laughed. “If he doesn’t want my advice, and really thinks that little of me, then I don’t care. He can go to hell.” Martha spoke confidently, proud and angry at once. Tasha looked up at her, sighing as she leant back on the sofa.


“Are you sure you don’t want to just go and get your stuff from Martha’s now? We may as well finish the job.” Kim asked Jack, following him into Noah’s.

“I’m sure. Let’s just get a drink.” Since Jack had arrived back home from the police station, Jack, Kim and Robbie had been moving his stuff into his old room. Not that he had a lot to move. Tony had kept things that contained memories of Jack; not the practical gear. There were a number of clothes and odd possessions, but not much. The only other belongings he had to collect were from Martha, and right now Jack didn’t fancy bumping into her. He was still angry from their argument, and a little guilty.

They all pulled up a stool around the bar and ordered drinks, speaking casually to one another as they waited.

“So, Jack. What’s up?” Robbie finally asked, leaning against the counter. Jack looked bewildered, glancing between the two of them.

“Nothing. I’m fine.” He assured them, taking a drink of his beer.

“We’re not idiots. You’ve been off in another world all day, giving out those sighs that Rachel does when I repeatedly flick her ear when she’s watching TV.” Kim laughed mischievously. “You’re obviously wound up about something.” He observed.

Jack rolled his eyes, firmly placing his bottle on the bar. “I’m not!” He exclaimed.

“Clearly.” Robbie laughed into his drink.

“I just had a bit of a disagreement with someone, that’s all.” Jack sighed. “Now can we drop it?” He asked them both.

Robbie and Kim looked innocent, smiling towards Jack. “Drop what?” They laughed.

“Oh, here the girls are. They’ll save us!” Robbie jumped up, waving his wife and Martha over.

Kim stared at him in disbelief, shaking his head. “You’re such a girl.”

Martha looked over at them, sat around the bar as they drank their beers. Jack was in the centre. Just looking at him made her blood boil. He was staring in front, acting as if he were unaware of their presence.

“Hey guys.” Martha smiled, walking around the back of the bar. “Hey Jacky.” She gleamed in front of him. Jack watched her, forcing a smile.

“Good evening Ms MacKenzie.” He said a little too cheerfully. Robbie and Kim watched in bewilderment, whereas Tasha stood shaking her head at their childishness. She knew this wasn’t helping matters. She kissed Robbie on the cheek and sat down beside him, resting her arms on the bar in front.

“Martha.” She called, wiggling her fingers for her friend’s attention. Martha did as she was told and walked closer to Tasha, leaning towards her as she listened to her quiet words. “What are you doing?” Tasha whispered. Martha stood back, smiling at Tasha. She shrugged innocently, giving a gentle wink before she returned her gaze back to the three boys. “Oh, this is going to help matters Martha. Real mature..” Tasha sighed out of frustration.

“Have fun at work?” Martha asked Jack, ignoring Tasha.

Jack sighed with a grin. “Oh yea! It was great! Catching up with my old colleagues and getting my rotor.” Jack told her. “How’s Eamon?” He then asked. Martha sighed, picking up a towel and beginning to play with it in her hands.

“He’s wonderful.” She smiled dreamily, before shooting Jack a smirk and wiping the counter. At this point Robbie and Kim had definitely clicked onto something. It was obvious that something wasn’t right.

“You two seem surprisingly friendly these days…” Robbie observed. Jack and Martha spun to look at him.

“Of course we are,” Martha exclaimed.

“Bezzie mates Martha and I. She never forgot about me when I got taken away-” Jack spun round, raising his hand to her face. “Oh wait, you did!” He laughed into his drink. Closing his eyes as he lifted his bottle of beer up he took a drink of glory. Martha watched on sickened and disgusted at his pathetic win. Drumming her fingers on the bar she glared at him, trying to calm herself down and assuring herself that there’d be payback. Round two was to end in her favour.

Ding ding! ... and you thought I'd let them be friends? lol

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Thanks guys for waiting patiently, and thanks to the others who didn't wait patiently. God bless ya all! :D

Here's the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 29

When the hour moved onto 6, the group moved to a table to the left of the room. Martha’s shift had ended and she fancied a good rest on one of the chairs. She was still peeved at Jack and had been unsuccessful in getting her revenge. They had both been fairly quiet, the typical cold shoulder and they directed small snappy comments to each other that only the two of them understood.

Martha looked back at her watch.

“Bored?” Jack sneered, speaking up at her across the table. Martha picked her head up, noticing that Jack had finally spoken.

“No, I’m just wondering where my lovely fiancé is.” Martha smiled.

“The fiancé that’s never with you, you mean?” He asked.

Martha sighed, leaning back on her chair. “He’s busy with work.” She told him.

Jack began to laugh, “Wait, so he’s allowed to be ‘work obsessed’ but I wasn’t?”

“No, that’s not what it was about. It was the fact that you were selfish with your job, and that your job is idiotically dangerous.” Martha spat. “Now if you had a decent job, that didn’t involve you being a glowing target for any hippy with a gun, I wouldn’t have minded.” Martha finished. Jack sighed, shaking his head as he took a drink from his bottle.

“Hippy?” Robbie chuckled quietly. “Why hippy?” It was only then that Martha and Jack remembered their 3 friends accompanying them at the table. Martha looked over at Robbie, shooting him a glare. “Shut up Kim, don’t make fun of Martha. Why not a hippy?” he covered with a false grin and light laugh. Robbie’s laugh faded into the awkward filled silence. Kim, Robbie and Tasha were nervously watching Martha and Jack, who were glaring challengingly at each other. Even though Robbie and Kim didn’t know the reasons behind the hostile behaviour, they knew that something was up and that it didn’t need to be encouraged. A change of conversation would be useful at this time.

“Where’s Andrew? Why is he never with you? I swear you abandon that kid.” Kim spoke up.

Robbie laughed to Tasha. “Nope, everyone steals him off of us. We don’t have the option to abandon him. He’s at Mum’s now.” Robbie informed them. Everyone nodded, simultaneously taking a sigh and a gulp from their drinks. Martha and Jack stared down to the floor, obviously thinking of their past conversation.

“So what does the brilliant Eamon do then?” Jack asked Martha, breaking the previous dialogue. Kim, Tasha and Robbie sighed in frustration, acknowledging that the awkward and possibly explosive topic was back.

Martha glanced up at Jack with a smile. “Well he cooks, he cleans, he goes to church on a Sunday, he visits his family once a fortnight and he likes to surprise me with chocolate now and again. He buys me flowers and gifts, and takes me shopping and NEVER moans about it. He makes me romantic meals, and takes me out to restaurants too.” She finished. “Oh, and he-”

“I meant his job, Martha.” Jack interrupted in an obvious tone. Martha grinned to herself.

“I know.” She giggled, taking a celebratory sip of her beer. Tasha stifled a laugh, pressing her hand close to her mouth as she covered her snorts. Jack spun a look towards her.

“It was funny…” She muttered to herself, lifting her hand in defence. Jack rolled his eyes, looking across the Diner towards the man walking in. Jack’s neck tilted back, a moan of anger and annoyance escaping through his lips. He knew this would only work in Martha’s favour.

“Hi babe.” Eamon greeted, kissing Martha on the cheek before pulling up a chair. Martha smiled in return, taking a confused Eamon’s hand in her own.

“Hey.” The rest of the group welcomed, bar Jack who simply gave a nod of acknowledgment. Eamon smiled to them all, and then back at Martha.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly, squeezing her hand as he gestured towards the abnormal affection. Martha gave a vigorous nod, before spinning back towards her friends, leaving Eamon unconvinced.


“So, how’s work? I hear you’re back in the action Jack?” Eamon asked Jack, trying to involve the quiet soul into conversation. Jack had been silently staring at the pairs hand for the last 10 minutes, unconsciously tapping the underside of the table. He broke away from his trance with a few rapid blinks.

“Oh, it’s okay. I suppose Martha’s filled you in. It’s all she ever talks about.” Jack scoffed. Martha darted a flick of the eyes towards him.

“Surprisingly Jack, I don’t talk about you all the time. There are much more interesting topics than you and your gun, crim’s and rather large ego.” She sneered.

“Like selling a new soft drink?” Jack sniggered. Sensing the building anger, Tasha spoke up.

“So, are they loading all the shifts onto you?” She asked quickly before she was interrupted by Martha’s reply.

Jack dropped his smile, looking from Martha to Tasha. “No. The opposite actually. They’re starting me part-time.” Jack said with a hint of annoyance.

“You’re kidding! How will you cope!?” Martha cried sarcastically. Jack faked a smile.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to hang around with you more often.” He gleamed. Martha forced an over the top grin, then snorted into her bottle, muttering something before she took a gulp.

“Why part-time then?” Kim asked. “I thought the doc said you were okay to work.”

“He did! But McGrath and Peter are worried that I’m not mentally ready for it yet.” Jack informed him.

“You mean he thinks you’re crazy.” Robbie laughed, standing up and tilting his head. “Hmm, I can see where he’s coming from.” He chuckled, knocking Jack’s arm as he sat back down.

“Have you seen a psychiatrist yet?” Tasha asked Jack.

“No, why would I?” He shrugged. The other’s looked worriedly at each other.

“You were kidnapped. You need to talk through all the issues and stuff.” Tasha said. Jack shook his head.

“No, I don’t.” He dismissed.

“Yes, you do. Rachel’s always moaning on about it.” Kim complained. “Have you actually spoken to anyone about what went off during the year and a half?” He asked.

“No. It’s not important. It’s over now.” Jack told him. Kim laughed.

“Maybe physically it’s over, but not in your head!” Kim exclaimed. “Jack you need to talk to someone about it. I’m sure Rachel will-”

“No.” Jack said sternly, interrupting Kim’s sentence. “No, I’m fine. I don’t want it brought back up.” He said softer, standing up with his bottle. “Drinks?” He asked his stunned friends, each staring up at him in curiosity.


“Where’s Jack gone?” Rachel asked as she got into bed. Kim sighed, rolling over to face her.

“He’s just out. Said he had to pop back to work I think… I don’t know, he was quite weird after the whole psychiatrist conversation.” Kim told her.

“What?” Rachel frowned curiously.

“Turns out Jack hasn’t been to see a Psychiatrist or anything. We all told him he should, and he got really moody. It was weird, one minute he was normal, the next…” Kim shrugged his shoulders. “He says he doesn’t want to bring it all back up, that there’s no point.”

Rachel thought to herself, turning off her bedside lamp and curling up next to Kim. “Come to think of it, he’s said nothing about what happened to me.”

“Yea, he only makes jokes and avoids answering.” Kim told her. “Not once has he actually been serious about what went off.” Rachel stared upwards, thinking deeply as she bit into her lip. Kim smiled, nudging her lightly. “Don’t worry Rach, he’ll have probably talked it through with his Dad or Lucas. You know how close they all are. He’ll be fine; he’s got more sense than to bottle stuff up.” Kim assured her, wrapping his arm around her as he held her close.

“Yea, you’re right.” She said quietly, trying to shrug off her doubts.

“I’m always right.” Kim smiled to himself.


Jack walked along the road, his hands firmly in his pockets. He looked up at the cold and lonely road, staring into the darkness before him.


Jack spun around to the sudden sound, flicking his eyes around a dimly lit surrounding. On the right of him was a fallen bin, spilling rubbish out onto the pavement. Jack sighed in relief, turning around and continuing walking. That was until there was the next disturbance.

Jack jumped forwards, twisting around to his left to the source of the bang. He could see a movement amongst the trees, a glistening of two small reflectors. Jack stepped backwards, breathing deeply as he tried to maintain his sanity. One foot behind the other until he reached the fence, where he gripped tightly with both hands. He didn’t move his gaze from the bushes, from the rustling and bustling of the leaves. His eyes were tracing around the area, from left to right and up and down as he tried to soak in as much sight as he could. The sound was rumbling louder and louder, and he could hear a faint new sound. A squeal almost, perhaps a sinister giggle. The rustling continued, and another bang commenced. Jack began to shake, his jaw shuddering with ideas running through his mind. His throat began to quiver and his eyes began to water, his breath quickened.

Why hadn’t he accepted Fitzgerald’s lift home? Why had he so foolishly walked out in the dark? He knew there was every chance that he could be back, that he was waiting for Jack. He’d just left himself out in the open, ready for attack. What an idiot.

Jack shuddered again, closing his eyes briefly as he sent a quick prayer above. He swallowed deeply, calming his shivering throat and trembling jaw.

‘It might not even be him.’ Jack thought, trying to convince himself that he was safe. ‘Just go and check it out. Prove that it’s nothing. If it’s not then… you can’t run forever.’

Slowly he prized his hands from the fence behind, and began to walk towards the commotion before him. The closer he got, the faster his heart raced. He closed his eyes once more, feeling his shoe touch the sandy soil, and leant out for a branch. He could hear nothing but his harsh breathing and the quickening beat of his pulse.

With one twitch of his arm, he swung the curtain of leaves to the right, revealing the source of the commotion.

The cat, startled, abandoned the scrap it was playing with, and scurried off through the bushes, speeding across and away down the road.

Jack stared breathlessly at the earth that it had previously sat on, tugging and playing with the abandoned trash.

“A cat.” Jack sighed, resting his forehead on his raised forearm. “A bloody cat.”

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Hey guys, sorry it's a bit iffy. I haven't really proof read it myself, let alone got Jadey to. :(

Some things you should know...

Henry is the man that abducted Jack. He was after Jack because Jack killed his brother. (A powerful criminal)

In the last chapter Jack turned all moody when everyone began to tell him he should go to a psychiatrist to talk about his ordeal. Kim told Rachel, who got worried....

Chapter 30 - Wahay! I counted the chapters! :)

Rachel walked up the driveway of Tony and Beth’s house. Rachel had barely slept a wink the night before, worrying and thinking about what Kim had said about Jack. The more she thought about it, the more she worried. Perhaps Kim was right and Jack had talked about Henry to Tony, but she had to make sure. If Jack was troubled and scared with no one to talk to, then Rachel would never forgive herself.

“Hello?” Rachel called out, gently pushing the door open. She stepped into the lounge of the Holden/Hunter residence, looking around the room. “Hello?”

“Oh, hi Rachel.” Tony smiled, walking into the lounge. “How are you?”

“I’m fine thanks. You?” She returned politely with a smile.

“I’m great thanks,” Tony sat down on the sofa, putting on his socks. He looked up to see Rachel watching him, biting her lip as she did so. He began to laugh uncomfortably. “Is there something I can help you with?” He asked. Rachel shook her gaze, breaking into a smile as she realised her previous glare.

“Um, no not really. I just came to talk about Jack.” Rachel told him.

Tony nodded, lifting his finger upwards. “He’s at work today, isn’t he? I’ll have to nip in before he goes and wish him luck.” He said as a mental note. Tony sighed, smiling up at Rachel. “I’m so happy I can say that again. I used to take it for granted. It still hasn’t sunk in that he’s back.” He admitted with a grin. Rachel nodded.

“I know, I don’t think it has to anyone. Not even Jack. Not that I blame him, it’s been a big change for him.” Rachel discussed, subtly bringing in her true motive to the conversation. “Has he spoken to you about what went off when he was away?”

Tony shook his head, sticking out his bottom lip. “Nope. He was very tight lipped to be honest. He avoided answering. I guess that’s just his way to cope.” Tony told her. “He’s fine anyway. He’d come to me if he had any problems, I’m sure of it.” He nodded firmly, walking in the kitchen as he looked for his keys. Rachel followed, her arms folded as she wandered after him.

“He avoided answering?” She repeated. “So he hasn’t told you anything. Like how he got out or how Henry treated him?” She asked.

Tony shook his head. “No. He made up some James Bond story for his escape, and I think he made a sarcastic remark about how he was treated.” Tony smiled to himself, leaning against the table as he thought. “It was something along the lines of ‘Champagne and Chocolate.’ His humour is still in tact, so I know he’s alright. I had my doubts at first, but I know by just being around him he has no problems.” Tony told her.

Rachel sighed. “Just because he makes jokes doesn’t mean he’s not affected. Most people with mental scars tend to try and hide with an emotional disguise.” She leant against the wall deep in thought, unaware of Tony’s stare.

“You think he’s troubled, don’t you?” Tony asked. “That’s why you came over. Isn’t it?” Tony was now leant against the cupboards, both arms leaning behind him as he turned to Rachel.

Rachel groaned. ‘Could you have been anymore obvious?’ She scolded herself. She looked up at Tony’s fearful eyes, unable to lie to such a caring father. “Yes.” She admitted. “I think he’s got some big issues.” She sighed sympathetically, watching as Tony signalled her to sit on a kitchen chair.


Jack hopped out of the shower, whistling his favourite tune as he wrapped a towel around his lower half. He walked over to the clouded mirror, wiping it clear with the side of his left hand. He smiled at himself.

“You handsome devil.” He muttered, picking up the shaver that lived by the side of the sink. He paused as he outstretched his arm, looking at the deep burgundy marks on his arms that glowed in the light. He withdrew his hand slowly, moving his arm closer to his torso. With his other hand, he slowly grazed over the scratches, bruises and scars that were still imprinted onto his skin. “Damn soap.” He mumbled. The shower gel had clearly aggravated the wounds, and brought their colour into a glowing new fashion, ranging from bright red to dark purple. Before they weren’t as noticeable, and had faded in with his skin. Jack switched his gaze between arms, staring at a particular red mark on his right wrist. He lightly touched it with his finger, sending a shiver of pain and memories through his skin.


The week after Jack’s kidnapping.

“Henry!” Jack yelled out again, searching around the darkness. Slowly, the strong build strolled out from the left.

“I told you to shut up.” Henry reminded Jack.

Jack shrugged. “And I told you to let me go.” He bit back. “You aren’t going to get away with this; they will come and follow you.” Jack warned.

Henry laughed, nearing Jack. “You better hope not. If they catch me, then who’s going to take care of Jacky boy?” He smiled, pulling up a nearby chair. “You’ll just rot in here, alone.” He smiled.

“Better than with your ugly mug keeping me company.” Jack answered. Henry threw his head back with a laugh, initially looking like he was having a good laugh with a mate. But things soon turned nasty. Henry pushed Jack’s head to the left as he bent down and unlocked Jack’s handcuffs from the metal bar. As soon as he did so, Jack took his hand away in a gasp, cradling his swelled up wrist. Before Jack could even think of any attack on Henry, Henry had grabbed Jack’s hair and was pulling him to another part of the large abandoned warehouse. Jack wriggled and fought as he felt other hands on him, pushing and pulling him in the same direction as Henry was leading. He was eventually guided to a seat in a brighter room, one with very few fearsome shadows. At this site Jack sighed in relief, watching as he was handcuffed again to another pipe.

Henry laughed as he flicked the handcuffs. “I bet you never thought you’d be using these for this, right?” He smiled to himself. Jack rolled his eyes.

“So what’s the plan then, Henry? Just keep me here until I die?” Jack guessed. Henry smiled, shaking his head.

“You make it sound so boring.” He laughed. “Don’t worry; it’ll be much more eventful.” He promised. “Aren’t your legs tired?” Henry asked, looking at the stood up Jack.

“I’ve been stood up for days. What do you think?” Jack snarled through gritted teeth. Henry laughed.

“Yea, sorry about that. I seem to have a lack of chairs. Shame you can’t reach the floor to sit down on it either, hey Jack?” He smiled sarcastically as he stood up, backing away from his prisoner.

“Why are you doing this!?” Jack shouted out in anger. “Your brother deserved what he got, it wasn’t my fault! He would have got it off another officer if I hadn’t have done it!” Jack reasoned. Henry turned around slowly, looking Jack in the eye.

“But it wasn’t another officer, was it constable?” He asked. “You killed my brother, I’ll kill you. It’s only fair.”

Jack cackled, banging his wrist against the blunt edges of his handcuffs. “Fair!? How the hell is this fair!?” He screamed angrily.

Henry smiled, walking up close to Jack. “Okay, maybe not fair…” he shrugged, staring deeply into his eyes. “But it’s fun.” He smirked, walking backwards smugly.

Jack’s eyes filled with anger, shaking his head in sickness and disgust. “You know what I find fun?” Jack called out again, confidence in his voice. “Thinking about you and your brother, wondering why the hell you’re doing all this when you and I know fully well that he didn’t even like you.” Jack began, watching Henry’s smile drop. “Yes, that’s right, I know about it. So does the rest of the station in fact. It’s a funny story, isn’t it? It went something along the lines of…” Jack pretended to think, smirking towards Henry’s white face. “Oh yes, I remember. He and your wife did it in your bed.” Jack grinned. “Then you killed her, right? You couldn’t handle the fact that another person favoured your brother over you. But no matter how many you killed, how tough you acted and how much you waved your gun around, no one seemed to like little Henry. Your brother just hung around with you out of pity, and he used you at every opportunity. Women only hung around with you to sleep with him, and your friends soon shifted in his direction. You always got given the crappy jobs in the beatings, and you were always the butt of the jokes. Then your brother got shot by a copper, and you were suddenly the glowing star. It was expected from you to get revenge and finally do something he’d be proud of. But look what’s happened now Henry? You’re all alone, only with two big blokes that would probably beat you up if it were not for your surname, and with the copper that killed the brother that we both know you despised. You’re doing this to shine out and be remembered for something - but you know as well as I do that you’ll never stop living in your brother’s shadow, even now he is dead. You’re pathetic compared to him, and you’ll always be remembered as pathetic.” Jack spat, watching as Henry’s face grew red. “You’re a joke.” Jack hadn’t really thought about the aftermath of his speech, he had just been fuming and the words had spun from his mouth in an instant. He hadn’t foreseen the next move.

Wordlessly, Henry picked up the chair beside him and swung it over his shoulder. With a fearful breath from Jack, Henry threw it forward, knocking Jack’s body from its stationary stood up position flying.

Jack hung motionless by his wrist, blood trickling from his wrist and nose.


Jack took a deep breath, sitting on the floor with his back against the shower cubicle. He raised his hands to his head, shuffling his knees close to his chin as he he prayed for the memories to vanish, the scars to fade and the bruises to disappear.

The bruising and the scars would soon lose colour; but his memories would not. They would continue to haunt him as he tried to carry out his life, and they would continue to remind him that it was not over. Not physically or mentally.

Henry would be back; no matter what lies Jack told everyone else.

And with that thought, silent tears choked Jack’s throat and ran down his moist cheeks, falling onto his knees below.

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