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Returning Emotions

Guest Nicom

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Story Title: Returning Emotions

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: J&M

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D

Summary: Henry takes his revenge for his brother, with bad consequences for the favourite constable. But just how dead is Jack? And how has the bay coped without him?

You all knew it was coming... another J&M fic by yours truly. :) And to top it off, it's the worlds best kind of fic - a LONG one. I can ramble for England, and no one can argue with it! Wahay! Lol.

Right, this starts off pretty much after the whole Lucas thing is resolved. They're boyfriend and girlfriend, and very much in love. That is until I come in and add some Classic Nicole stuff... but you'll read about that later... :P

It'll take a few chapters to get into it all though, because of my ramble, but it'll start getting interesting soon. You'll just have to sit and read through normal-ness and my attempts of happy/sweet chapters for a while I guess. No drama! :o How ever will all of you H&A people survive? lol.

Thanks to jackandmartha!!! for proof reading and help with the title... it was hard work. lol.

Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Jack grunted as he dragged his feet along the path.

"Oh stop moaning." Martha laughed, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the beach. "We're nearly there, and then you can sit down." She compromised. Jack sighed.

"I guess that'll have to do. I should expect no better, you've been using me as your damn donkey all day, a short rest on the beach is luxury compared to carrying your shopping bags around Yabbie Creek." He moaned. Martha laughed.

"You know you love it." She smiled, sticking her tongue out. Jack forced a quick over the top smile, and then resumed to his fed up expression.

"Okay, seen as though I've got the day off tomorrow, we're doing MY thing. Okay?" Jack bargained.

"Not okay." She replied, finally coming to a halt. "Here, now you can rest your feet, you big girl." She laughed. Jack collapsed on the sand, giving out an exaggerated moan as he threw his shoes off and clutched his feet.

"I'm not going to be able to walk again because of you." He grumbled.

"Well you don't have to walk to kiss." Martha smiled, leaning towards Jack. Jack laughed as he leant away.

"I already feel used and abused as it is already." Jack pouted. "You only want me for labour and kisses. You only want my body." He sulked. Martha laughed.

"Why would I want your body," she curled her lip up, "when I can have his?!" Martha smiled, pointing over to the surfer walking from the shore.

"What's he got that I haven't?" Jack asked smugly, not expecting an answer.

"Well, for starters he isn't sat moaning and complaining of sore feet. He's strutting his stuff off the beach, the wind blowing in his wet, golden hair, and the sun shining off his toned body. I mean, look at that six-pack! And tho-" Jack pulled her in by the neck, grabbing her and resting her down on the sand as he embraced in a long, passionate kiss. Eventually, he pulled away slowly, staring into her eyes.

"Will you shut up now?" He smiled. Martha laughed.

"Hmm.. I don't know. I might need another kiss…" She smiled cheekily.

"Might you?" Jack laughed, leaning down into another kiss.

Jack and Martha had been dating for about 6 months now since their reunion at Scott and Hayley's farewell party. Life was great for them both. Jack's career was glowing and Martha never failed to have a pleasant shift, but the most important thing to both of them was each other. Their family's meant the world to them, but when they were together something else was created. A whole new emotion and adrenaline runs through their veins. True love. Neither could remember their life without the other and frankly, didn't want to think about it. They only thought about the present and the future, the future that they were sure would include the other. How could it not? Everything they did in their lives seemed to have some effect for their partner. Shift patterns, nights out, nights in, birthdays, celebrations, shopping… the list is endless. They could make it so it didn't affect the other if they wished, but that's not how they wanted it. They wanted to be a part of their partner's life, because they knew their own life would be nothing without it. They were soul mates, best friends and lovers, inseparable, and they knew that it was never going to change.

Jack pulled away suddenly, causing Martha to sink into a state of bewilderment.

"What's the matter?" Martha asked, trying to read Jack's face.

"Why can't I organize tomorrow?" He asked. Martha laughed, pushing him away.

"God, you're slow!" She giggled. "I said that ages ago Jack!" She exclaimed. Jack chuckled.

"It just took a while to register, that's all." He smiled. "Anyway, I might have something really romantic and sweet planned." He said.

"Well, do you?" Martha asked.

"Nope." Jack grinned, laughing.

"See! You'll probably be mean or something."

"Me, mean!? It's not like I'll make you follow me around shopping all day, carrying approximately 20 bags in each hand. That'd be cruel." Jack scoffed.

"You are such an exaggerator!" She laughed. "20 bags? More like 2!"

"2? Can you not count Martha? I think you'll find there was 5." He informed her.

"3?" She bargained.

"4 is my final offer." Jack sighed.

"Done." She grinned, pecking him on the cheek as confirmation. Jack gave out a long, disappointed sigh. "What's up now, princess?" Martha asked.

"That was a bit of a disappointment Martha. I'd probably have got better off that surfer dude. Where's he gone?" Jack joked, rolling on his back as he looked to the top of the beach. Martha sighed, leaning back down on the sand and digging her back securely amongst the grains of sand.

"Hey, lets watch the sunset tonight." Martha suggested.

"Well, what if we go out for dinner, the slave's paying of course, and then come sit back down and watch it. We've got some hours yet." He suggested, looking at his watch. Martha smiled, rolling her head to face his.

"Sounds like a plan." She smirked, standing up.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked, confused.

"To get changed." She told him. Jack sat up.

"Why? You look great." He complimented.

"Because I've been out in this all day, and I'd like to get changed into something more… dinner date-ish." She answered. "Awww… will you miss me?" She teased, responding from Jack's disappointed expression.

"No." He said abruptly. "I'm just wondering what I'll do for the next hour without any orders." He said. Martha laughed, leaning down.

"Pick me up in an hour." She said, giving him a kiss. Jack smiled as he watched her walk up the beach, occasionally brushing the hair from her face. He gave a light chuckle, amazed at his own level of love for Martha, and headed home.

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Sorry, it's a bit of a monster of a chapter. It did actually have more in! So... it was a WHOPPING chapter. Now it's just merely huge. :) lol.


Chapter 2

Martha and Jack were walking along the sea front, linking arms as they searched for their sit down point. It was settling into the sunset now and Martha and Jack had finished their dinner. Jack had taken her to Yabbie Creek to a fine restaurant. It was quite a rare event whenever he did anything so charming, usually his idea of a romantic dinner would be fish and chips on the beach – not that Martha would ever complain.

Jack led her back up to the top of beach and to a few palm trees. As Martha and Jack grew closer to their destination, she could see blankets and a picnic basket.

“We’re either crashing someone else’s romantic night, or you’ve just got better.” Martha smiled, overwhelmed at the beautiful seating before her. Jack gestured for her to sit on the blanket in a gentleman’s fashion.

“Wine?” He asked in a posh voice, holding up the bottle and passing her a glass.

“Why thank you.” She gleamed, watching as the luxurious, smooth red liquid poured from the green bottle. She looked up from the burgundy drink to the shore, gazing at the beautiful colour decorations that the sun had created as it impacted the clear-cut ocean line.

“Jack, look. It’s beautiful!” She exclaimed, smiling at the emotional experience.

“Yea.” He agreed, staring at her glossy, wide eyes. He wasn’t looking at the sunset, for all he knew it could have been a big gorilla in the sea, but he didn’t really care. He was too busy watching Martha. Her face had lit up when she saw where they were heading for dinner, the picnic basket, and now the sea. Moments like them and those simple expressions made everything worthwhile. Seeing her face illuminate with happiness was what he lived for, what he got a kick out of. Those appearances, the glow in her cheeks as she gleamed and her widened beautiful eyes, were like ecstasy. He just couldn’t resist.

“What are you thinking?” Martha asked, staring at him. Jack snapped from his daydream, his eyes shooting up to the sunset.

“How great the sunset looks.” He said quickly. Martha laughed.

“Hmm.. sure…” She agreed, unconvinced. “That’s why you were looking at me then?” She grinned. Jack smiled, wrapping his arm around her.

“Fine. I was thinking about how gorgeous you are.” He said. Martha giggled, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I was thinking the exact same thing.” She said. Jack gasped.

“You’re so vain!” He exclaimed.

“No, I mean, about you.” She laughed, shaking her head at his stupidity.

“Don’t blame you. I am pretty hot.” He sighed with a grin.

“And big headed.” She added cheekily, nudging him gently in the stomach.


Martha and Jack were laid down on the blanket now, staring at the stars. The sun had disappeared behind the ocean’s surface and the moon had rose, securing the only light around. The magnificent, tranquil view was not in vain; the four eyes underneath the starlit sky were enjoying every moment of God’s creation, and divulging in the others company.

“Sorry about today,” Martha began, “I know you don’t like shopping. I just found it hilariously funny.” She giggled. Jack slowly let go of her and sat upright.

“So you didn’t actually WANT to go shopping, you just did it because you know I don’t like to?” He asked. Martha smiled, nodding guiltily.

“Yea…” She admitted, mindlessly stabbing the sand underneath her with her index finger.

“Is that so...” Whispered Jack as his eyes flickered around the surroundings. “Well, I guess today wasn’t all bad, at least I bought something.” He finished, fumbling around beside him.

“You mean a packet of skittles? Oh, splashing out Jack!” Martha said sarcastically. She’d been with him all day and all she’d seen him buy in the numerous shops they’d visited was Skittles. One packet of Skittles from the newsagents.

“Well, I hope not. They ripped me off if they’re only skittles.” Jack mumbled under his breath. Slowly, he withdrew a long jewellers box and passed it to Martha. She stared at it, taking it gracefully from Jack’s hands. A gleam appeared on her face and a little giggle escaped her lips as she excitedly opened the case.

“It’s gorgeous!” Martha gasped, gently lifting the platinum necklace from the box. “You picked this by yourself?” She asked, shocked. Jack nodded, taking the necklace from her hands and gesturing her to turn around. She lifted her hair to the side as Jack carefully closed the clasp at the back. He planted a gentle kiss on the curve of her neck.

“Well, I guess I had a bit of help from your wandering eyes.” He smiled, wrapping his arms around her. “It’s a good job we took a rest near that jewellery shop window, eh?” He asked quietly in her ear. Martha turned around to face him.

“Ahhh… yea. I pointed it out didn’t I?” She smiled, playing with the heart-shaped pendant underneath her chin. “I love it. Thank you.” She said, leaning up for a kiss. Jack smiled as they withdrew slowly.

“You’re welcome.” He said, cupping her face.


The pair were still out at 11pm, staring up at the stars in a comfortable, loving silence. It was growing cold so Jack had his arm around her, and Martha’s head was resting on his chest. With a joint effort from the spare blanket that lay on top of them, they felt quite snug. Everything seemed perfect at that moment, and Jack was going to make the most of it. He’d been waiting for an opportunity just like this to arise, a perfect, tranquil time for him to emphasise his true feelings, for him to stress to Martha just how much she meant to him. He’d begun with the dinner, picnic and necklace; now he just had to finish with his heart. Jack smiled to himself, squeezing Martha tight as he prepared to begin.

“I love you.” He whispered, kissing her forehead.

“I love you too, you big softy.” She smiled to his chest. Jack’s hand emerged from underneath the blanket, and set underneath her chin. Slowly, he pushed it upwards, positioning her face mere centimetres away from his.

“I really mean it Martha. I love you so much. I may complain and moan, but that’s only because I know I can’t spend every minute of every day talking about how great you are.”

“Why not?” Martha smiled cheekily. Jack laughed.

“Shut up and let me finish.” He scorned jokingly. “I don’t care if I have to carry 20 bags in each hand everyday, as long as you’re there I’m fine.” He smiled.

“2 bags..” Martha mumbled.

“The point is,” Jack interrupted half-laughing, “I’d do anything to spend time with you. Whether I have to follow you around shopping, or lay on the beach with you in my arms, I don’t care! Everything about you amazes me, and I never want to miss out on a thing. You’re a beautiful woman, inside and out. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better girl.” He smiled. “I love you.” He finished. Martha gleamed, still maintaining her stare.

“I feel the exact same way.” She grinned. “I really love you Jack, more than I thought possible! If you ever went, I don’t know what I’d do with myself.” Jack tightened his grip.

“I’ll never leave. You don’t need to worry about that. I’m not missing out on you.” He smiled.

“But what if you do Jack? Your job isn’t the safest. You come home and tell me about all the loons you deal with, what if one goes crazy on you?! Every time you go to work you get into danger, and every time I get worried. What if you don’t come back?” She asked, her crackling voice showing her worried hearts presence.

“I didn’t know you felt that way.” Jack said, taken aback by her emotions.

“I do..” She mumbled. “It could easily happen Jack. Constable Wilkes got shot the other week; he’s still in hospital! What if it happens to you next?” Martha asked.

“It won’t Martha. I’m not going anywhere. I wouldn’t let it happen; I’m not letting you go!” He smiled, leaning down and kissing her. “So, you don’t like my work then?” He asked as he drew away. Martha sighed, knowing she was now opening the can of honesty.

“Well… I know you love it, but it’s just so dangerous. It’s the one thing that could come between us Jack. It could take you away from me. And I don’t like taking that risk.” She said. “I’ve done it before, and I don’t want to do it again.” She finished quietly. Jack froze.

“What do you mean, you’ve done it before?” Jack asked curiously. Martha sighed.

“My best friend, he was in the police force.” Martha said.

“Was?” Jack repeated. Martha nodded.

“Was.” She confirmed quietly. “He’d been my best friend all through primary and high school, and then left to join the police force.” She said. “His name was Ben. Constable Cryden. He thought it had a certain ring to it.” Martha smiled to herself. “He’d only been working for two months. He’d given 150% through his training and came out as one of the best officers in the squad! All the constables and seniors had high hopes for him; they thought he was going to be a very successful cop. He was so excited about his job, he loved it!” Martha said.

“What happened?” Jack asked carefully. Martha swallowed, preparing to begin.

“We were going to meet after his shift at the local cinemas. Of course, a good cop film.” She chuckled. “6.15. We were meeting early so we made sure we got the back row, middle seats.” Martha smiled. “That was our place. Perfect vision.” She said smugly. “But, he didn’t turn up. I waited for an hour, ringing and texting him, but there was no answer. That’s when a car pulled up in front of the cinemas. I recognized it immediately; it was one of Ben’s work colleagues. When I ducked down to look through the window, I was shocked to find him looking quite upset.” Martha said slowly. “That’s when he told me to get into the car. He drove me to the hospital, where I found a hospital room holding Ben.” Tears began to fill in Martha’s eyes. “He was dead.” She finished croakily.

“How did he die?” Jack asked.

“He got shot. A stupid, moronic robber shot him so he could get away with goods. You know what those goods were? A TV and radio, which he ended up dumping in a skip in the next town!” Martha exclaimed angrily. “Even though the doctors said the bullet killed him, it wasn’t. It wasn’t the loss of blood either; and it wasn’t the fact that his heart stopped beating. It was the job. The job killed him. If he hadn’t gone to work that day, if he’d have chosen to be anything else he would still be alive! But he didn’t. He chose to risk his life everyday for the public.” She cried. “I never did see that film.” She said weakly, trying to cheer herself up. Jack gave a sympathetic sigh, cuddling her closer.

“That won’t happen to me.” He whispered to her hair, kissing her forehead. “I promise.” He assured.

“It better not do. Because I won’t cope Jack. I know I won’t. If it takes you like it took Ben…” Tears flowed down her cheeks, forced by just thinking of how empty her life would be. “I love you.” She said, sinking her head in his chest. Jack rubbed her back.

“I love you too.”

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This could be a bit confusing... so sorry. I tried to proof read, but I'm crap when I'm reading my own.

I need jackandmartha!!! :(

Well, here you go people, chap 3.

Chapter 3

Martha’s eyes fluttered open. The smell of the salty, fresh sea swept in her face, refreshing her tired skin. She looked up at Jack who was awake, stroking her hair.

“Morning.” He smiled. Martha looked around.

“This isn’t your room…” She said slowly, inhaling the cool air.

“Aren’t you observant.” Jack laughed, busying himself with wrapping her hair around his finger. Martha ignored him and began to sit up.

“What time is it?” She asked groggily.

“6 o’clock.” He answered, watching as she slowly awoke to the day. Martha rubbed her eyes, yawning as she looked around the beach. They were alone apart from the man jogging away in the distance, kept company by his iPod. Martha spun back around to Jack.

“6!!? Why the hell am I up?” She exclaimed, falling back down to her original spot and leaning her head on his chest.

“I bet you haven’t seen what the bay looks at this time before.” He teased. “Is it strange being up before 11?” He joked. Martha stuck her tongue out.

“Leave me alone.” She smiled, snuggling into Jack’s chest again. Jack lifted the blanket over their bodies, tucking it in either side.

“Come here.” He said, adjusting his body. He lifted his arm and allowed her further in, so he could hold her with both arms.

“I bet we look stupid.” Martha laughed.

“Yea… well Alf seemed to think so.” Jack muttered.

“What!?” Martha asked, shocked. “Granddad’s seen us!?” She panicked. Jack laughed.

“Nah..” He smiled cheekily. “He was over there but he didn’t notice us.” He said, pointing to further up the beach. Martha nodded.

“Good. I don’t think he’d approve.” She giggled. “How long have you been awake?”

“About an hour.” He said honestly. Martha looked concerned.

“Why, couldn’t you sleep?” She asked.

“I was thinking about Ben.” He answered. Martha nodded.

“What about him?” She asked.

“Just how short life can be, especially when you’re in the force. It is a very dangerous job and I should start thinking of the risks.” He said.

“So you’re going to quit?!” Martha asked hopefully. Her eyes widened and her mouth was smiling, she was even holding her breath. Jack looked at her; he watched her hoping for an answer that unfortunately wasn’t going to be given.

“No.. I’m not.” He said quietly. Martha looked down, deflated.

“There are so many other jobs Jack. So many that you could like, and then you’d be in no harm!” She reasoned. “I’m sure you could get a job at Noah’s.” She suggested. Jack chuckled at the vision of him and Martha working behind that counter, some how he could only imagine them bickering, spun off by another of Jack’s teasing sessions.

“But Martha, I don’t want a job at Noah’s. I want my job. I love my job.” He eventually answered.

“But I love you.” She said quietly. Jack paused, then sent his eyes to the sky as he let out a long sigh.

“Don’t make it like that…” He muttered.

“Like what?”

“You know, between you and my job.”

“Why can’t I make it between me and your job? It’s always going to be between me and your job! You know how I feel about it, I don’t want you to go.” She argued.

“Why does it have to be between you and my job? Why can’t I just have both?” Jack asked frustrated.

“Because it could kill you! Then you’d have nothing, and neither would I.” She said simply. Jack shook his head.

“Nothing is going to happen to me Martha!” He exclaimed.

“I’m sure Ben didn’t think it would either, but look what happened to him.” She said. “What if you did die Jack? What if you got shot? That’d be it. The end of you, the end of us, the end of me.”

“Why the end of you?” He asked, confused. Martha laughed, shaking her head as if it was obvious.

“I can’t do it without you Jack. I can barely get through a day without talking to you at one point.” She said.

“Martha, you’d have to. You’d find a way; you’re strong and resistant. I’d want you to find another guy.” He said, picking up her hand and holding it tight. Martha let out a long sigh.

“This is what you were thinking about when I was asleep, wasn’t it?” She asked, rolling her eyes.

“Yes. If it anything does happen today, tomorrow, next week, next year – I wouldn’t want to leave you totally unprepared.”

“So now you’re saying that you might leave me..” Martha said, laughing slightly with anger.

“No! Well… maybe. I don’t know. It is a possibility Martha, a very slight one, but I want you to be happy if I go. I need you to know that I want you to continue with your life, and find a nice new guy.” He said. Martha laughed.

“We’ve been dating for 6 months Jack, shouldn’t we be having this conversation when we’re married?”

“WHEN we’re married?” Jack repeated, a grin appearing on his face. Martha looked down, fiddling with the blanket. The repetition of her dialogue seemed to send the previous conversation out of their minds, bringing new happy, embarrassed and excited feelings in.

“Well.. yea. I thought that’s where we’d end up one day.” She said, unable to stop a smile creeping on her face. Jack looked down at her, a happy laugh sneaking from his throat.

“Really?” He squeaked, tilting his head. He felt so excited, so happy.

“Yea. I don’t know when I thought it… it’s just always been at the back of my brain. I want to grow old with you, I want to get married and have your kids.” She smiled. “Not tomorrow of course.” She added quickly, hoping not to freak him out. But there was no chance of that; Jack was completely thrilled. He too hadn’t really thought about their future in depth, but he always knew it would happen.

“So… how many kids?” He asked curiously. Martha giggled.

“I don’t know… 2, 3?” She suggested.

“You’re boring. What about 5!?” He exclaimed. Martha’s jaw dropped.

“Easy for you to say, you don’t have to go through the 45 months!” She laughed.

“Wow… quick math. Well done.” He joked. “Don’t you dare think that you’ll be helping them with maths homework! That’s my turf.” He warned, raising his finger. Martha laughed.

“Fine, but I get science.” She reasoned.

“Science? God, you weren’t a geek were you?” Jack teased. Martha nudged him playfully.

“So, you’re not freaked out about the marriage thing then?” She ensured. Jack smiled.

“No. I want to get married to you, and nothing will get in my way-” Jack was disturbed by his phone ringing beside him. He felt down beneath the blanket, and withdrew the vibrating, noisy device. He lifted it up and looked at the caller display. He slowly turned to Martha regretfully.

“-Apart from work.” She finished his sentence with a frustrated moan. The previous conversation swam up from the sea, returning their angry, frustrated minds. Jack looked at her.

“Sorry, I have to answer it.” He apologized.

“Of course you do.” She sighed, sitting up and looking out to sea, sighing with frustration.

“Jack Holden.” He answered reluctantly. “But it’s my day off. I stressed to Fitzy that I was having this weekend off.” He complained, shaking his head. “What!?” He exclaimed, causing Martha to spin around to him. He had changed his appearance since the last time his mouth opened, he looked shocked and disturbed, making Martha worried.

‘What is it?’ She mouthed out. Jack shook his head and looked away, pretending it was nothing.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He finished, hanging up. Martha stared at him, confused.

“What’s going off?” She asked.

“I’ve got to go to work.” He told her, standing up.

“No you don’t. Just say no, it’s your day off.” She argued. Jack sighed.

“They want me to come in.” He said.

“And I want you to stay!” She exclaimed. Jack sighed, rubbing his face.

“What do you expect me to do Martha?” He asked.

“It’s slightly obvious. Quit.” She said sternly. Jack groaned angrily.

“Martha, I’m not going to quit.” He snapped. “I can see why you want me to, but I can’t see why you’re so persistent when you know it’s not what I want!”

“And I can’t see why you’re so persistent when you know it’s what I want!” She said in the same volume. Jack looked down at her, reading her face. There was no sign of any chance of backing away from the topic, she meant it. She wanted him to quit. After 6 months of relationship, she wanted him to change the basis of his life for the past 6 years.

“Martha, this isn’t fair.” He stated.

“THIS isn’t fair! You have to go to work on your day off. I thought we were going to spend the day together? I actually thought you wanted to.” She exclaimed angrily, throwing the blanket off her body and standing up.

“I do, but I have to go into work.” He said, standing up with her. Martha shrugged.

“Why, what’s so important?” She asked. Jack hesitated, his eyes flickering around the background as he thought. “Your job.” She answered. “Your stupid job.” She grunted, shoving the blankets into the picnic basket.

“No… Martha. Please, don’t be like this. I can’t tell you why I need to go in.” He said. “Just don’t fall out with me.” He pleaded. Martha gave out a short cackle.

“Why not? It’s not like we’re going to get anywhere…” She muttered. Jack grabbed her hand, getting her attention.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked.

“Jack, I want you to quit and you don’t want to. You know how strongly I feel about it, but you still won’t even consider the option. It’s obvious we’re going to keep arguing about this so we could just save ourselves the frustration and hurt by ending it now.” She told him. Jack laughed.

“Now you’re being stupid. You don’t think you’ll hurt if we break up?” He asked, bending down to her eye level.

“Well.. yes. But if we keep arguing then it’s just going to get annoying.” She said.

“So you’re ready to give up, just like that, on one little problem?” He asked, slightly patronising.

“One little problem? You know what, ask Ben’s family whether it’s one little problem! Jerk.” She shouted with tears filling her eyes. She picked up the picnic basket and turned on her heel, storming up the beach. Jack hit his head.

“Martha. Martha!” He called, jogging up. “I’m sorry, I could have worded that better.” He apologized. “We can compromise something.” He suggested.

“How Jack? You can’t compromise death.” She argued.

“But I’m not going to die!!” He said, laughing out of frustration. Martha shook her head and continued storming up the beach.

“Just leave me Jack. Go have a fun shift. You can collect the basket tomorrow.” She said, walking quicker. Jack gave up, taking his orders. He sighed as he watched her charge up the beach, her hair swinging from side to side. He turned around slowly, giving a long sigh as he traced back up the beach towards his house.

“Keep a clear head Jack. You’ll make it up to her later, but for now you need to think about Henry.” He said to himself, pushing his hands into his pockets

Next Chapter - A shopping trip goes awry - Look's like Jack's not the one who's going to die... *whistles* Martha you FOOL!! Didn't see that one coming did you love?! No, too busy being a bossy madam to Jack! Pfft.


- Jack rips up paper! :o Steady on chap!

- Jack gives Peter an Ultimatum.

- Tasha's hiding something from Robbie.

(OKay, the last 3 have kind of been exaggerated and made sound better than they really are. lol :P)

Upcoming Chapters - Lets meet Henry!!! He's a jolly chap.

- Um.. I've actually forgotten. lol. That's bad - isn't it?

- Peter Rocks Ass. He IS a nice guy.

- Jack chances someone elses life, and loses. (Dumbass)

I'll leave you with them to ponder over for a while. :)

(Sorry, she's annoyed me this chapter.. thought I'd be mean to her a bit. lol)

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Chapter 4 – NOTE – Tasha was never pregnant to Jonah. She’s not heavily pregnant in this story.

(In Peter's office)

“That’s not an option.” Jack said sternly to Peter.

“Listen Jack, Henry Guild is after you. This is proof that he’s not going to give up anytime soon.” He exclaimed, waving a death threat around in front of Jack. It was the third one this week, and the threats were becoming more intimate. “Witness Protection is your only option.”

“No it’s not. There’s another.” Jack argued.

“No.” Peter warned, raising his finger. “You’re not going after him. He’ll kill you straight away. He’s after revenge Jack, he doesn’t care about jail or getting killed himself.”

“I’m not going into Witness Protection. To me it isn’t an option.” Jack refused. Peter sighed.

“Why not? Jack, you’re in danger. You could be putting your whole family in danger if you stay.” He argued. “What if Henry finds out who your family are? Or Martha?” Peter asked. Jack looked down at his hands.

“He wouldn’t hurt them…” He mumbled. Peter laughed.

“Why wouldn’t he? If he knew it’d get to you, of course he would! What if he held them hostage? You’d go, anyone would. Then he’d have you and kill you all.” Peter said. Jack looked down, admitting he was right. “You need to go before it’s too late.” Peter finished, tapping the statements in front of him.

“But… I can’t leave them. Tony and Lucas have travelled around with me whenever I’ve had to move.. leaving them would be like I'm not grateful. And Martha… I can’t leave her. Not today of all days.” He explained, rubbing his forehead.

“Why not today? No day is going to be the right time Jack.” Peter insisted.

“We had an argument. A pretty nasty one. I need to make it up to her and apologize. I can’t leave without saying goodbye.” Jack told him. "I just can't." Peter shook his head.

“Sorry mate, you're not allowed. She can’t know.” He said sympathetically. “That’s the way it goes. You have to leave now, suddenly and silently. There isn’t any other option. He’s getting closer and closer by the day; he’s going to make a move soon.” Peter said. Jack hit the desk angrily, darting up.

“This isn’t fair!” He grumbled. “That man killed 4 people! 4 innocent people! He was going to make it 5, he was going to shoot me! I had to shoot first. I had to…” Jack trailed off, angrily thumping his hands to the wall. “Why can’t Henry just face it? His brother deserved what he got.” Jack asked.

“Because he’s just as crazy and malicious as his brother.” Peter sighed. “Now Jack, are you going to go into hiding or not? It might not be for long. Couple of months?” Peter said.

“Or a couple of years. Or maybe, I won’t get out of hiding. What if I stay in the protection for the rest of Henry's life? Or for the rest of my life? This isn’t going to end unless we put a stop to it.” Jack argued, turning around from the wall.

“No Jack, the only way it’ll end is if you die. And to be honest, I don’t think myself, your colleagues, your family, or Martha want that – do you?” Peter said. Jack slumped back in the chair, looking around the walls at the framed certificates. “And if you don’t go into Witness Protection not only will you get killed, Martha and your family will get roped into it too.” Peter added. Jack sighed, rubbing his eyes as he attempted to clear his mind. He was in a spin, he was so confused. Why had this all happened now? Now he'd dealt with the whole Harry Chambers ordeal, and found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, he had to leave. His life had finally sorted, he was happy! He had thought his life was too good to mess up now, for it to end so terribly. He thought everything was going to be okay, he thought that he could rely on everyone to sort it out. Why did it have to come to this? Why did he have to leave his perfect life, his perfect family; his perfect woman? Jack stood up sharply, leaning on the desk.

“You’ve been telling me for months that you’re getting closer to catching him! You made it sound like it’d all be over by now!” Jack yelled angrily.

“Because he has been getting closer! He’s been doing it on purpose! He’s the one finding you, he’s the one cracking down - not us.” Peter said. “I’m sorry mate, I really am. But this is what has happened. I can carry on apologizing or I can sort it out now. The choice is yours mate. Stay at home, Henry WILL come after you and most probably Martha and your family. Go into Witness Protection, leave your loved ones behind to get on with their lives.” Peter said. “I hate to put it so harshly, but you sticking around is only going to sign Martha, Tony and Lucas’ death certificate.” He finished. Jack sat, staring at the surface of the shiny, dark wood.

“What would you tell them?” He asked softly.

“That you left with Witness Protection.” Peter answered simply.

“So I wouldn’t be faking my own death?” Jack asked.

“No. That takes time and a lot of setting up.” Peter said. “It’d be impossible to do. And anyway, no one around here would know where your new location is so Henry can’t threaten anyone! Everyone would be safe, including yourself.” Peter pushed the papers towards Jack. “So, what’s it going to be?” He asked, handing him the pen. Jack grasped it tightly, a thousand thoughts rushed through his head yet one simple, clear thought rang out. He couldn’t risk their lives. Jack silently leant down, forcing pen onto paper.

“Peter!” Sergeant McGrath stormed in. Peter yanked the papers from his desk in an effort to hide them.

“What?” Peter asked, annoyed with the intrusion.

“It’s Henry Guild. He’s in town with hostages. He wants Jack to be there in 15 minutes or he’ll start killing.” He told them. Peter nodded.

“Right, we’ll need back up from the city.” Peter instructed, standing up. Jack jumped up and made his way to the door. “Hey, hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Peter asked, grabbing his arm.

“You heard. He wants me.” Jack said. Peter laughed.

“Which is exactly why you’re not going. He’ll kill you.” Peter told him. Jack sighed angrily.

“Listen, lives are at stake here, I thought our job was to save them?”

“No, that’s doctors and nurses. We can handle him, you just sign these papers and go.” Peter said, handing him the statements. Jack shook his head, ripping them in half.

“You either take me as an officer, or I’ll go on my own - under my own rules.” Jack said sternly. Peter gave a long, frustrated groan, his eyes flicking around the office as he thought.

“Get your gun.” He instructed, leaving his office.


(shopping mall)

“I thought that I’d be doing this one day with Jack…” Martha frowned, lifting the small piece of clothing off the rails. Tasha sighed, taking the baby dungarees from her and hanging them back up.

“You will be.” She said, grabbing her hand and pulling her to the left. “You and Jack have had a tiff, that’s all. You two will have forgotten next time you see each other.” Tasha said as she dragged her through the departments.

“No... I’m not sure. I don’t like his job Tash. I know he loves it and I think it’s great how much he adores his job, but it’s so dangerous!” She exclaimed. Tasha let go of Martha once they reached the wedding section of the shop. “Why are we here?” Martha asked, slightly bewildered.

“Because you want to be wearing one of these, don’t you?” Tasha asked. Martha nodded, smiling towards the long white gown on the manikin.

“Yea.. one day…” She agreed.

“And you want Jack to be wearing one of them.” Tasha said, pointing towards a suit. Martha nodded, walking in that direction.

“Yea… he’d look so cute.” She smiled. Tasha laughed.

“To get there you have to do a little bit of compromising.” Tasha said wisely. “You love him and you want all this… He loves you and he wants all this. The only thing stopping you is his job. His choice Mac.” Tasha summed up. Martha nodded as she stroked the fine silk of a gorgeous chocolate tie. A smile crept on her face.

“You’re right.” She admitted. “Jack’s right. I love him and I don’t want to fall out with him. It is his decision and even though I hate it I need to support him.” Martha said, turning around to Tasha. “I’ve been selfish, haven’t I?” Martha admitted, biting her lip.

“A little bit.” Tasha laughed. “But for all the right reasons.” She smiled, patting her friend on the back. “Anyway, lets go home. I think we should organize a nice romantic ‘I’m sorry’ dinner, don’t you?” Tasha smiled.

“Good thinking bat-woman.” Martha grinned, walking through the shop. “And besides, I’m sure you and baby need a rest.” Martha said, looking towards Tasha’s flat belly. Tasha smiled to herself, rubbing her stomach.

“Come on, I know a short cut.” Martha said as they exited the electric double doors, pointing her down an alley.


“Are you sure about this? It doesn’t look very… safe.” Tasha called out to Martha from behind as she studied the trash covered, junk occupied alley.

“It’s fine you big wuss. I come down here all the time.” She said, stepping over the random pieces of metal and wood.

“But you’re not pregnant are you!” Tasha reasoned.

“You can’t complain just yet Tasha! You’re not even showing!!” Martha laughed. “And you haven’t even told Robbie.” Martha said seriously, turning around. “Now I’m flattered, but I don’t think you should have told me first.” Martha told her.

“Well it’s not my fault you stormed in my apartment when I was waiting for the result now was it?!” Tasha argued. Martha laughed.

“Don’t leave a key hidden outside your door if you don’t want people to walk in then.” Martha smiled, turning back around and continuing the journey through the alley.

“Martha, the whole point in it being HIDDEN is so no one uses it!” Tasha exclaimed.

“What’s the point in a key if no one uses it?” Martha laughed, listening to Tasha’s huff from behind. “Here we are, see, it didn’t take long.” Martha said, walking out the alley. “Oh my God!” She gasped, covering her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Tasha asked, hopping over another piece of wood as she continued through the alley a few metres behind. Martha jumped back behind the wall, blocking Tasha’s way.

“We need to run. We need to get help!” Martha whispered.

“Oi! Girl! Get out with your hands up!” A deep English voice shouted. Tasha looked up into Martha’s fearful eyes.

“What the hell is going on?!” She whispered. Martha looked back down the long alley.

“Go and get help! They didn’t see you! If I don’t go around now they’ll come around and get us both. I’ll be fine, just get the cops!” Martha instructed her. Tasha shook her head.

“What’s going on!?” She demanded, stepping forward to have a look around the corner.

“Tash! Are you stupid!?” Martha whispered angrily. “Go get help!” Martha said, slowly backing to the edge of the alley.

“No! Martha! Come and run with me!!” Tasha whispered frantically, reaching out for her friend. Martha shook her head, spinning around and walking out the alley with her arms up.


Upcoming Chapters: Are Jack and Martha's day events about to collide? What will Jack do? Does Tasha trip over? (Unfortunately she doesn't, just thought I'd get you all excited for a moment :P) Martha gets angry. :angry:

I put the 'ripping of paper' in bold. :) Just for you katie!

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Sorry it's taken so long, and sorry it's such a long chapter!

Chapter 5

“Bring him in the next 5 minutes or I’ll start shooting!” Henry called to the police through the tall buildings. He turned to face the large lorry parked beside him and peaked his head inside the open back doors, spying on the 5 gagged civilians sat inside. “Chat amongst yourselves.” He smiled. Martha, sat near the front, wriggled and struggled, taking a desperate bid to attack the monster that stood before her. She just wanted to lunge at him, wipe that smile off his smug, hairy head. He bent down and put his face near hers. “Sorry love, are you trying to tell me something?” He smiled. Martha’s face bulged with fury. She leant back and swung her feet upwards, kicking him in the shin. He groaned in pain. “You’re going to regret that missy.” He growled, hobbling off. Martha’s eyes narrowed towards him.


“Oh come on Serge, let me go in! They’re going to die if I stay here!!” Jack argued. McGrath shook his head.

“No. I’d be sending you to your death.” He said. “You’re not going. And don’t you try any funny business.” He warned. Jack sighed angrily, walking off to a slice of grass. He threw himself upon it, sitting down and breathing in and out deeply, trying not to blame himself for the trouble that had arisen.

“4 minutes! I’m getting impatient!” Henry’s faint voice shouted. Jack buried his head in his hands, trying to block the world out.

“Jack!! Jack!!” A voice screamed. Jack looked up, spotting a crying Tasha dashing in his direction. He jumped up.

“What’s the matter?” Jack asked.

“It’s… Martha…” Tasha said, trying to control her tears.

“What? What’s wrong with Martha?” Jack asked worriedly, putting both hands on her shoulders. “Come on Tash, you’re worrying me!” Jack exclaimed, watching as Tasha cried hysterically.

“She’s in trouble. We were walking down an alley, around the back of the big flat block, and then this man saw her… and I think he had a gun.” She said between wimpers. Jack froze.

“Did you see him?!” He asked. Tasha shook her head.

“No. But he saw her. He told her to come out with her hands up.” Tasha said, wiping away her tears.

“You heard him!? Did he have an accent!?” He asked. Tasha nodded.

“Yea.. English.” She sniffed. Jack let go of her and ran his hand through his hair.

“Henry.” He muttered to himself.

“3 minutes! It’s alright, take your time! I’ve wanted to try out this gun out for a while anyway. It was a Christmas present.” Henry shouted. Jack spun around to the direction of Henry’s voice, his heart beating furiously with worry.

“What’s going on Jack?” Tasha asked, wiping her cheeks.


“Send me in.” Jack ordered, charging to McGrath and Peter. They looked at one another, then to Jack.

“No.” They said in unison before returning their gaze to their map. Jack’s anger blew, he leant in and swiped the map.

This isn’t going to help!” Jack yelled angrily, waving the map in their faces. “Not when there are 5 lives out there. 5 lives that could easily be saved by my appearance!” He shouted. Peter took the map back off him.

“Let us handle it. We’ll sort something out that means everyone can get out safe without any stupid actions.” He told him. Jack sighed angrily, putting his hands on his belt as he tried to contain his frustration.

“Martha’s in there!” Jack yelled abruptly. A hushed silence came from his colleagues, all recognizing Martha’s name. Peter looked back at Jack.

“What?” He asked, hoping to have misheard.

“He’s taken Martha. She walked in through an alley and got caught up in it all. Tash was there.” Jack said. “You have to let me in. You know that he doesn’t care who he kills, he could kill Martha.” He said weakly.

“Absolutely no way. Now you’re involved it’s a definite no-” McGrath began.

“Go and get a bullet proof vest.” Peter interrupted.

“Thank you Pete.” Jack shouted gratefully as he ran to the police tent. McGrath looked up in confusion and anger.

“What do you think you’re playing at!?” He asked angrily. Peter sighed, thrusting the map at McGrath.

“What if your wife was in there?” He asked, walking off towards the tent.


“Right, keep a clear head and don’t make it obvious that you and Martha are together, okay?” Peter told Jack as he put on his gear.

“Okay. So what do you want me to do?” Jack asked, fastening the first buckle.

“Stall. We haven’t got a plan yet so all we have to fight with is the firing squad, but as you know it’s long range from any point and we could easily hit a hostage or yourself so they’re off bounds for now. If you can get people out, do it. As many as you can.” Peter instructed.

“Alright..” Jack nodded. “What’s stopping him from shooting me?” He asked curiously. Peter shrugged.

“Nothing as of yet.” Peter said sympathetically.

“Great…” Jack said shakily. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

“Not if I have anything to do with it.” Peter told him confidently, putting both hands on each shoulder and securing his stare. “Remember, don’t let him know about you and Martha!!” He said as a final reminder. Jack nodded. “Good look Holden!” Jack gave a last forced smile as he walked towards the blocked off area.


“Well, we’ll have to start making corpses!” Henry shouted. “Phil, bring the first one through.” He ordered to his big, leather dressed, biker mate, just loud enough so the police could hear. He may have looked pleased with himself on the outside, but on the inside he was distraught. He’d have thought Jack would have come running in by now trying to save the day. Jack was one of them good boys, one that liked to help out everyone – one of them guys who always came out last. That’s what Henry wanted to prove, that running in and doing ‘what’s best for Australia’ isn’t always a good thing; it could kill you. Phil appeared with the first hostage from the back of the lorry, breaking Henry from his thoughts. The first hostage to be led out was a man in his 40s. He looked like a typical family man; the woolly jumper equipped with a smart shirt underneath and most probably a wallet full of photos in his pant pocket. Henry walked up towards him, ripping the tape from his mouth. The man groaned in pain.

“Hello.” Henry smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Mike. Please, please don’t kill me.” The man pleaded. “I’ve got a family at home. A wife, a son and two daughters. It’s the youngest’s birthday today.” He begged. Henry tilted his head.

“Awww, what a touching, touching story.” He smiled. “But I prefer action.” He sighed, raising the gun.

“Long time no see!” A voice shouted from behind. Henry turned around sharply. “Missed me?” Jack asked with a smile.

“Good morning constable.” He said cheerily, relieved that his plan had worked. “Glad you could make it.” He welcomed. Jack steadily walked forwards, looking around the area. Just as he had suspected, Henry had about 5 men on his side along with a huge truck, stolen probably, and a smaller van. “Had a good nosey around?” Henry asked, walking up to meet him. “Against the van.” He instructed, pushing him to the metal surface. “Legs apart, you know the ritual.” Jack did as he was told, patiently waiting till the end of the search. Luckily for him Henry had more important things on his mind to even think to look for a wire. Jack couldn’t help but smile at his stupid mistake, here was a man who’d planned everything to the last detail, and had now slipped on up an obvious police technology. “What are you smirking about?” He asked Jack, pulling him closer to the first hostage. Jack shrugged innocently.

“I guess it’s just nice to be hanging out again.” He answered sarcastically. Henry sighed, shaking his head with a fake laugh.

“If I were you, I’d be bricking it.” He said menacingly, putting his gritting teeth closer to Jack’s cheek. “This, this is for making me wait.” Henry said as he aimed the gun and pulled the trigger. The first hostage fell to the floor, screaming in agony. Jack instantly felt his body jump down towards him, checking his wound. “Get up or I’ll shoot you too!” Henry yelled from behind. Jack looked down at the bleeding victim, taking in the blood that covered his arm. He shook his head in disbelief, then reluctantly retreated back to Henry’s side.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Jack muttered angrily.

“Calm down, I missed.” Henry smiled.

“No you didn’t! You hit his arm!” Jack exclaimed. Henry laughed.

“Exactly, I missed.” He smiled smugly. “Next hostage please!” He called. Jack looked down at the hostage below, breathing in and out deeply. That was his fault.

Jack looked up at the fighting hostage, squirming around as she fought for freedom. She obviously hadn’t seen the cop in front. Henry walked up to greet her.

“Ahh, the feisty one.” He smiled, tearing off her tape. “Having fun?” He sneered.

“You get away from me!” She yelled at him, her face nearing his. “I’m not scared of you! You may have the other people trembling, but not me, I doubt you can even use a gun!” She exclaimed. Henry smiled, roughly grabbing her arm and twisting her to the left. She let out a moan in pain.

“I beg to differ.” He smiled, pointing at the man in pain on the floor. Martha froze, staring as the blood gently oozed out of the poor man’s arm. Mike flicked his eyes up to her, full of fear, pain and warning. Martha stood staring, her eyes bubbling with tears. “Ahh, so you’re scared now?” He asked smugly. Martha tore her eyes away from Mike.

“No.” She snapped, her chin up high. “The cop’s will… Jack?” She exclaimed, tears welling her eyes. It was like an answer to a prayer, all the duration of her time in the back of the lorry she’d been wishing for Jack, wishing for him to come and save her… and here he was. She smiled eagerly at him, covering up the fear that had built inside.

Jack looked at her, at her trembling body and fearful eyes. He couldn’t weaken, no matter what he did, he couldn’t give away he had any feelings for Martha. He opened his eyes wide and shook his head stiffly, trying to get the message across subtly.

“Shh” He mouthed out. But his efforts were of no use, Martha wasn’t paying much attention. “Jack!!” She cried, trying to move towards him. Henry lifted his head and watched her desperate bid to move towards Jack, his face full of curiosity. What was going on? His hand raised and hit her back to the ground, preventing her from escaping.

Jack could see Henry’s hand rising out of the corner of his eye, and it fell down in slow motion. He could see the unsuspecting target hobbling towards him, in perfect line. Jack’s heart skipped a beat.

“Marth-!” He shouted, lunging forward before realising his mistake. He stopped dead on the spot, watching as Martha fell to the ground and hitting her head with a bang. He winced as she groaned in pain, crying out in a simple yelp as the hard concrete floor impacted against her skull. Jack took his hands back to his side, keeping them stiff to avoid a loving leap to her on the floor. He looked up at Henry, hoping that he hadn’t worked anything out. Unfortunately, the huge grin on Henry’s face gave away that he had a pretty good understanding.

“So, you and Holden know each other then?” Henry smiled, crouching down to Martha.

“Yea. He’s my boyfriend.” She snapped. Jack felt his whole body fail, unable to believe the crushing mistake that had just been made. He had no idea what was going to happen now; Henry had complete control of Jack.

“Is that so.” He said, smiling towards Jack. “Well, I best treat you with a bit more respect. Here, let me help you up.” He said, using her shoulders to bring her back on her feet. Martha looked at him suspiciously, watching as he ordered Phil to untie her legs. “So, I expect you know all about me.” He grinned, walking behind Jack and putting his arm around his shoulder.

“Should I?” She rolled her eyes.

“You mean, you haven’t told her about us?” He gasped to Jack. “Me and Jack go back a couple of months, when he heartlessly shot my brother dead.” Henry told her. Martha shrugged.

“Oh well, no loss. I bet your brother was just as idiotic as you are.” She said. Henry’s temper burst. He grabbed her by the neck, moving the gun towards her temple.

“You’ll wish you didn’t say that.” He growled in her ear. Jack watched as Martha frantically spun her eyes around, fearing of what was going to come next. His eyes fixated on the gun, following its aim to Martha’s head. Then his eyes made to the trigger, the trigger that could go any instant, automatically killing Martha. His breath was taken away from him, leaving him feeling pale and weak. If he moved or tried to do something, Martha would get shot. Jack swallowed hard, trying to keep a cool and calm head.


For 15 minutes Martha hadn’t spoken once. She’d stood motionless just staring into space as Jack had stalled with Henry. She could hear them faintly, but it felt worlds away. Her head was banging with pain. She didn’t know what was going to happen, the gun at the side of her head was already giving a negative effect on her, but the head throbbing just made things worse. She was petrified of what was going to happen; but she was also fed up and tired. Her weak legs were threatening to give way and her eyelids were trying to pull down; she just wanted to go home.

Martha looked beside her at the man in pain, his groans had become weak and he was now comfortably lying still, muttering prayers under his breath. He glanced up at Martha, sharing an empathetic look, and then faded back down to the ground, staring at his own blood covered sleeve. This couldn’t be happening. Jack was in danger, she was in danger and so was this man. She wasn’t going to stand back and watch everything being taken away; she was going to do something.

“So, what do you actually want?” Martha slurred. Henry, Jack and Phil were all amazed at her sudden reappearance in conversation, and her slur.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked concerned, forgetting the present moment they were in. Jack hadn’t heard her talk for the whole 15 minutes, so he hadn’t realised just how badly she was suffering from the fall. Martha nodded, faking a smile.

“Fine and dandy.” She said sarcastically. “I love being held up with two freaks holding me hostage.” She groaned.

“Freaks? Don’t forget Martha, freaks with guns.” He laughed.

“Gun. Not plural. There’s only one.” She said smartly. Henry’s smile was wiped from his face.

“Martha, just shut up now.” Jack said quietly. Martha looked at him.

“Why should I? Jack, I might get shot soon, I’d like to have the honour of annoying my murderer a bit.” She snapped. Jack sighed.

“You’re not going to die.” He assured her quietly. Henry cleared his throat.

“Sorry lovers but I just thought I’d interrupt you. Yes, she is going to die.” He smiled. Jack looked at him, shocked.

“What? Why? You want me, not her.” Jack argued. Henry chuckled.

“Well I’m not going to get you with all these police around, am I?” He gestured to the firing squad around the rooftops. “Unless you order them to back off.” He said in a low tone.

“No Jack. He’s blagging it. He won’t shoot Martha because he’ll have nothing over you then.” Peter said through the earpiece. Jack thought for a moment, using his cop skills and experience. A smart smile came with his conclusion.

“No Henry, the police aren’t moving. If you’re that bothered give yourself up. Drop your weapons. The sentence will be much lighter and you won’t die.” Jack reasoned. Martha looked towards Jack.

“What are you doing?” She mouthed. Henry laughed, shaking his head.

“No, I do the deals Jack.” He said, pushing the tired, dizzy Martha away from his body and holding the gun up towards her. “What will it be? Tell them to drop their weapons, or your pretty little girlfriend gets a gun implant.” He said. Jack looked at Martha, then back at Henry.

“Do it.” He said. Martha stood, shocked.

“Jack!” She cried. “What are you doing!?” Tears choked her throat. Jack smiled to himself, knowing he was in control. He turned back to Henry.

“Go on, do it. Shoot her.” He instructed again. Henry laughed.

“Okay.” He smiled brightly, pulling the trigger. Jack’s hurt sunk, watching as she screamed and fell to the floor.

Nicole's Note: Ha ha Jack you dumbass! That wasn't so big and clever was it? Fool!!

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Thanks for proof reading jackandmartha!!!


Chapter 6

“Martha!!” He cried, jumping down to the floor. “Martha,” He said, his voice wavering under the emotion. He tilted her head so that she’d look towards him. Her eyes flickered.

“What the hell did you do that for?” She spat out in between moans of pain. Jack’s eyes filled up.

“I don’t know! I didn’t think he’d shoot!” He cried, cupping her face. “Oh god, I thought I’d killed you.” He said, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. Martha sighed, wincing in pain.

“Jack, how does it look, is it okay?” She asked, indicating to the bullet in her side. “The truth.” She added. Jack forced a smile and took a deep breath, preparing himself for the conclusion. He slowly lifted her top and gazed at the bullet hole planted in her stomach.

“He got your stomach…” Jack said slowly, summing up the reality. He stared into it, deep into the wound; it wasn’t good. Martha nodded.

“Yea… I can kind of feel it.” She groaned, trying to laugh. It was bleeding heavily, soaking her shirt. Martha waited for a response; she looked out the corner of her eye at Jack’s shocked face. “What is it?” She asked. “Is it really that bad?” Martha’s voice broke with tears, unable to hold them in any longer. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” She sobbed. “Jack… I don’t want to die. Not yet. We haven’t had those 5 kids! I’m so sorry for being an idiot this morning.” She cried. Jack tore his cold, fearful eyes from her stomach and looked up at her face, bringing his hand up and gently cupping it.

“You’re not going to die. I won’t let you.” He said quietly, standing up. He walked over to Henry who’d been watching on.

“Aww how sweet. You killed your girlfriend.” Henry grinned. Jack looked at him, disgusted.

“No I didn’t. She needs an ambulance Henry, so does the other hostage.” Jack told him sternly. “And you’re going to let me call for them.” Henry laughed.

“And why would I do that?” Henry asked. “You know that I don’t just give away special things for free Jack. My deal is still on, I get to take you away from here, away from them, and then Martha can go free. Get an ambulance or whatever…” Jack looked down at Martha, watching as she tossed and turned in agony, tears rolling down the side of her face as she trembled with fear. Jack still couldn’t believe what he’d done, this was his fault. Why had he been so cocky? Why had he listened to Peter? Henry stood still, watching Jack’s troubling thoughts rush through his mind, he continued with a smile, ceasing the opportunity “Or, she can die along with the other hostages. If you like, I can wait another 5 minutes before I kill the others and you can watch her bleed to death?” He offered with a grin. Jack looked up at him, shaking his head.

“You’re sick, you know that?” He spat out. “What are you trying to prove!? What do you want!?” Jack yelled, his voice crackling with anger.

“The question is; what do you want? Do you want Martha to live, or do you want her to die?” Henry interrupted. Jack rolled his eyes.

“Of course I want her to live.” He muttered. Henry nodded towards Phil.

“Right, so, get in the van.” He smiled. Jack shook his head, stepping back.

“I can’t go either! You’re not killing me!” Jack told him angrily. Henry sighed, holding his gun back up to Martha.

“Where should I shoot her this time?” He asked. Jack’s eyes deflated, staring at the gun.

“Don’t… please, put it down.” He begged weakly. Henry did as he was told, returning it to his side.

“You know she’s going to die, don’t you? The more you stand here like a little girl, the less chance she’s got.” Henry told him. Jack looked at her, shivering and trembling. He knew what he had to do, though he hated the realisation of his only option.

“Fine. You win.” He said quietly, not lifting his eyes from Martha. “Give me 5 minutes with her.” Jack said, looking up to Henry. Henry nodded gently.

“Fine, whatever.” He muttered, turning around and looking at the armed officers on the tops of buildings around.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!? No Jack! Don't go with Henry! This is an order constable!” Peter yelled through the earpiece. Jack took a long sigh, lifting his hand to his ear.

“Sorry Peter. I have to. Call for two ambulances. Shot victims.” Jack said before pulling the device from his ear. Henry spun around to Jack.

“When did you have that!?” Henry asked outraged.

“Calm down, it was no use anyway.” Jack muttered.

“So… Jack. How are we going to do this then?” He asked, rubbing his hands together. Jack looked around at the firing squad high on the building tops.

“You’re going to give me 5 minutes with Martha so I can control her blood loss, then you can take me to the van.” Jack said, taking deep breaths as he organized his fate. “Stick close then they can’t shoot.” He said. Henry nodded.

“Fine. Go to your precious girlfriend; hero.” He smiled, shoving him towards the ground.

Jack gently lowered himself next to her, kneeling beside and tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Hey, are you feeling okay?” He asked, untying her hands. Martha looked up at him.

“Do you think I’m feeling okay?” She shivered. Jack smiled gently, taking off his jacket.

“Here.” He said, covering her body.

“Are we going home?” Martha asked. “I tried to listen, but.. it’s like the whole worlds spinning…” She groaned.

“Nah… not exactly home.” He sighed, kneeling higher and unbuckling his belt.

“Jack, this isn’t the time or the place…” She said with a cheeky grin as she watched him pull it off. He gave out a light laugh as he gently slid one end beneath her, which was making it harder and harder to prepare his goodbye. “What are you doing?” She asked groggily, looking down to her waist. Jack pulled the belt tight, causing her to gasp in pain.

“Sorry!” He apologized. “I’m applying pressure, trying to stop the bleeding.” He told her.

“Oh.. could have fooled me.. I thought you were stripping.” She laughed. “Not that I’d have any arguments with that…” She smiled sweetly. Jack laughed, sitting back and taking hold of her hand. “They won’t keep me in the hospital for too long will they?” Martha asked. Jack looked down at her wound and her weak and pale body.

“I hope not.” He said honestly, stroking the back of her hand with his thumb.

“Well I was originally going home to organize a romantic dinner… so maybe we could do that when I get out?” She suggested. “Nothing special. Just… you know, to celebrate us! And to say sorry for being such a selfish idiot. I can see you love this job now, and that you’re great at it. You won’t die on the job, you’re too damn good!” She laughed. Jack looked down at her, his eyes filling up.

“Yea..” He said quietly, brushing her hair away from her face. “Have I ever told you that you’re beautiful?” Jack asked. Martha grinned.

“Once or twice.” She said. “But you can again if you really want to.” Jack laughed.

“I love you so much.” He said, rubbing her cheek. Martha kissed his hand.

“I love you too.” She whispered back. Jack trailed his finger on her neck, gently moving softly all over her face.

“Take care. And remember what I said - be happy.” He told her, starting to stand up.

“What? Where are you going? Don’t leave me Jack! Can’t you just stay here? Don’t you want to ride in the ambulance?” She asked. Jack looked away, feeling the tears building in his eyes.

“Come on Holden, times up.” Henry interrupted. Martha looked around, bewildered.

“…What? Henry! I thought he had been arrested.” She said. Jack shook his head.

“No… No, but he’ll be gone soon.” Jack told her with a smile. “And an ambulance will be here for you. You need to tell them about your gunshot, and be clear Martha. Stay awake and don’t be difficult.” He chuckled. Martha grabbed his hand.

“You’re talking as if you won’t be here.” She said, confused. Jack nodded.

“Because I won’t.” He said. Martha’s eyes brimmed with tears.

“What do you mean?” She asked, her voice trembling. Jack sighed, looking into her tearful eyes.

“I’ve got to go Martha.” He said, “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” A tear rolled down his cheek. “I loved you more than I thought I could ever love anyone! You’re a gorgeous, lovely girl, and anyone will be lucky to have you.” Jack said. Tears began to stream down Martha’s face.

“No…No Jack.” She fought.

“I have to go,” He said, his voice being reduced to a whisper. “Henry’s waiting. It’s the deal.” He explained.

“What deal!? End the deal! Please.. you promised you wouldn’t leave me!” She cried. “He’ll kill you!” She whispered. Jack sighed, forcing a smile.

“I love you.” He said, leaning down and kissing her cheek. He hesitated for a moment, holding his lips against her wet, salty skin. “Stay strong.” He whispered in her ear before standing up. Martha reached out for his hand.

“Please Jack…” She sobbed, but he withdrew his hand and turned away. He had to go, every second was jeopardising Martha’s life, and making Henry impatient.

“Ready?” Henry asked. Jack nodded reluctantly, roughly wiping away his tears. “Awww, you made him cry!” Henry laughed to Martha.

“Jack!!” She groaned, just loud enough for Jack to hear as he stepped into the van. “Come back! Please! Don’t do this! He’ll kill you!” She screamed weakly. He watched her move her head frantically, trying to position herself so she knew what was going on. She managed to get a glimpse of him just before the van doors slammed shut and drove away. “NO!!” She screamed. “Someone, help him!!” She yelled as loud as she could. “Please!!!” Just then, paramedics and police ran in, caring for Martha, Mike and untying the hostages in the abandoned lorry. Martha spotted Peter coming closer.

“You have to go after Jack!!” She told him. “He’ll kill him-”

Two long shots rung out, a pause existed, and then another two followed. The van in the distance stopped, and then began to reverse. Everyone had frozen, watching in bewilderment as the criminals backed closer towards them.

“Everyone, back!” Peter yelled, following the stampede of officers as they rushed to their bases. The van stopped when it was about 20 metres from where it had existed before. Henry stuck the top half of his body out the window and threw an object at the area.

“Lover boy sends his love!!” He yelled laughing, before sliding back in and driving away. Gun shots began firing at the van until it was out of distance, then speeding police cars followed. Martha looked over at the shiny object near her feet. Slowly, she shuffled towards it.

“Aargghh…” She groaned as she stretched her muscles, reaching out for the item. She gently picked it up and brought it closer to her face, compromising with her blurry vision. As soon as she’d picked it up she instantly recognized what it was. Jack’s badge. She rubbed the engravings with her thumb, only to find a sticky, wet substance present. She blinked, focusing on her stained red fingers. “Oh my God!” She gasped, staring at the blood covered police badge that lay in her red-painted hands. “Jack!” She cried, trembling as she rolled into a hysterical cry. She wanted to be swallowed, she wanted to be captured and led into the dark; anything to avoid this. Her heart ached, her lungs refused to breathe. This couldn’t be happening, it wasn’t right. This wasn’t fair! Martha rolled onto her back, staring at the sky as rain began to fall, steadily at first, then it rolled into a fast rhythmical beat. Looking to the side she could see everyone running around, cops meeting with sorrowful faces as they answered radio messages. The two paramedics at her side were asking her questions, caring for her wound; if only she could respond. She could hear no voices, she could understand nothing. Nothing made sense.

Nicole's Note: You didn't really think I'd go through a fic without killing one of them off, right? lol.

Next Chapter: Martha's coping..apparently. lol.

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After Home&AwayGal's nagging...

Chapter 7

With her body gently swaying sideways with the current, and her feet absorbing the chilling temperature, Martha lost herself with the waves. She hadn’t even wet her knees, but was still able to achieve an adaptation far beyond belief. The currents that travelled beneath the deck carried her feet backwards and forwards, creating an oval path beneath the water’s crystal surface. In the distance, the tranquil atmosphere was breaking, shattered by a crackling from above. The clouds tearing themselves apart, then conjoining with a new found friend. One big mass was being created, bumps and pillows of clouds were turning darker and darker, almost camouflaging with the night sky. The one giveaway was the stars. The sheet of delicate stars above was slowly being eaten away by the pillows of rain, and the glistens of light were becoming scarce. It was a rare beauty now to see the natural glow; one that Martha didn’t take for granted. She stared at them, indulging herself with the contrast between the simple yet amazing starlight, and the monstrous yet friendly storm brewing ahead. Looking around the cliff tops, Martha could see tree’s beginning to sway, sending a steady roll around the surroundings.

Crackle. The first innocent victim of the nearing storm had been stricken by one clap of a light. A tree perhaps, or another proud object had been a tragedy in the lightning’s path. Martha stared emotionless into the sea, watching as the tide’s anger grew and the temper of the wind began to flare. The swaying tree’s had reached her, and she felt a light wave of air fly in her hair as a result. The cool icy wind was a shocking temperature, one that would send shivers down an iceberg’s back - but not Martha’s. Martha was left untouched, unnerved by the vision of the storm coming ahead. She was numb to it all, completely unaware of what lay before her.

Splatter. A few drops fell onto her cheek, their source from the dark pillows above. A sudden reminder flooded back to Martha’s mind, capturing a laugh. This would usually be the other way around; her heartbroken tears would destroy the peace of her pillow below. Her light laugh faded, intrigued by a movement in front.

Crash. Waves surfaced onto the cliff sides, chalk sculpturing that had been carved from the sea fell away, leaving a new creation behind. Not that this would have the chance to be admired, the next wave would destroy it in the next few seconds, giving birth to its daughter. The mindless waves continued their routine, following strict orders from the storm. Martha’s eyes gazed down towards the sea; the waves were beginning to reach the bay. Slowly, her upper calves were being wet, and sprays of water began preparing her knees for what was about to come soon.

Raindrops were becoming more and more frequent now, and the once subtle wind was making a rebirth, stronger and colder than before. Curling it behind her ears, Martha continued to think, continued to convince herself it was all a dream.

“Martha!” A voice called out from behind her. She closed her eyes, pleading for it stay away. Her hands clenched onto the edge of the harbour, sliding her nails into the wood. The darkness that she’d just taken herself into was penetrating, obsessing and greedy. Flashes of light flickered onto her eyelids, sending short images rushing through her brain, reminding her of recent events that could chill her soul. But she didn’t need reminding, she didn’t need that constant nudging and prodding to think about it all, as it was always a topic of thought. This, she knew would never change. She burst her eyes open, panting heavily as she tried to fight with the threatening tears. “Martha!!” It called out again. Now she could feel a thudding behind her, a different movement that was not caused by the wind from the clouds. A solemn, uncontrolled force was growing closer. “Martha, there’s a storm coming!” It shouted.

Thud. Tony slipped on the wet wood, his journey coming to a halt. He stood up slowly, fighting against the fierce winds. He pulled his jacket closer to him, zipping it up further than before. He looked up, watching as Martha sat still, facing the sea. He gave an empathetic sigh, and then continued to stagger closer.

“Martha.” He said, putting his hand her shoulder. “Come on Martha, Jack wouldn’t want this.” Tony told her. Martha shook her head.

“But he’s not here, is he?” She reminded him, maintaining her stare out to sea. Tony looked out too, trying to follow her gaze. He was intrigued, wondering if there was something interesting that she was looking at. But there wasn’t. Her only purpose to sit there was not to study the weather, or to develop knowledge of how storm’s affected the bay – it was to drown her sorrows. Tony looked around, spotting the many activities that were acting around him. This was why she was here, to distract herself. Tony looked down at her, watching as she gazed intently at her surroundings. Just looking at her eyes gave away that her plan had failed.

No matter how long her stared, Tony couldn’t tell whether she’d been crying. The rain droplets covered her face, saturating her skin and clothes. If she had been crying, her tears would simply submerge with the teardrops, and travel with them down her cheek. Maybe that was another part of her plan? Tony shook his head, shivering in the cold.

“Martha…” He groaned, looking out to sea. “This isn’t going to help!” He assured her. Martha shook her head, looking up to him with red, sore eyes.

“It isn’t going to hurt either.” She said softly, before looking back out to sea. “I can’t hurt anymore… I’m numb.” She told him. “You go back, you don’t need to stay with me. I can look after myself.”

“No,” Tony sighed, carefully sitting beside her, “I want to stay.” He told her.

“What are you looking at?” Tony asked, breaking the silence after a couple of minutes. Martha brought her hand up, sweeping her hair away from her face. The wind was growing uncontrollable now, the gentle rumble that had echoed through the Summer Bay tree’s had become more fierce, it sounded like they were almost screeching and crying for help. Her hair was tangled; the only soother was the rain that constantly poured.

“Honestly? Nothing.” Martha admitted. “I just like to be here, it’s so overwhelming.” She faced Tony. “Almost makes you forget, doesn’t it?” She asked. Tony forced a smile, nodding as he looked around the surroundings.

“Almost.” He repeated quietly. Martha sighed.

“But… it doesn’t.” She said, biting her quivering bottom lip. “Nothing does. For the last 2 weeks, it won’t escape my head. In thoughts, in dreams, in nightmares.” She said, swallowing the tears. Tony wrapped his arm around her. She gave out a light laugh, shaking her head as she wiped her wet cheeks. “This is stupid. You shouldn’t be feeling sorry for me, you shouldn’t be anywhere near me! You should hate me.” She cried. Tony shook his head.

“No. Me and Luc could never hate you. You did nothing wrong Martha, it wasn’t your fault!” Tony told her. Martha shook her head, glancing up to the pillows above.

“It was. If it wasn’t for me, Jack would still be here.” She admitted. “You can’t deny that.”

“But that doesn’t mean you’re to blame, it wasn’t your fault Martha! There’s one person to blame for this, and that’s Henry. No one else. Definitely not you.” Tony told her, securing her in his grasp. “Jack wouldn’t blame you, so don’t think me and Luc will.” Martha smiled, resting her head on Tony’s shoulder.

“Why did he have to go? It’s not fair.” She cried. Tony nodded, tears welling up in his eyes.

“I know. It’s not fair.” He agreed, holding her close.

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Dolly, you'd have killed Jack. You Jack hater you! Lol.

Well, I haven't had this proof read, but I thought that seen as though I was on I should post a chapter. :) Enjoy.

Chapter 8

“Thank god!” Beth exclaimed, jumping on Tony as he opened the door. Tony smiled, hugging her back.

“Did you find Martha?” Lucas asked worriedly. Tony drew away from Beth and looked behind him. Martha walked in slowly, fidgeting with the sleeve of her black jacket. Lucas smiled in relief.

“Hi.” She greeted shyly, standing at the door. Martha looked around, noticing the impeccable room. “You didn’t have to… I would have cleared up.” She told them. Beth shook her head.

“Don’t be silly,” she smiled, “it was our pleasure.”

“Yea… you know me, I love tidying.” Robbie groaned sarcastically. Everyone laughed.

“They didn’t think I was rude did I, for leaving the wake?” Martha asked quietly. Tasha shook her head, putting her hand on Martha’s back.

“Nah, no one noticed.” She assured her. Martha nodded slowly, looking around the lounge.

“Well,” she sighed, swinging her arms gently, “I guess you can all get going then. There’s nothing keeping you here.”

“We can stay,” she offered. “I’m sure you’d like some company.”

“Kim and Rachel will be back soon.” She assured her, “and I’m fine anyway. I can look after myself.” She told them with a smile. “I’d prefer to be on my own.” She told them quietly. Tony, Lucas, Robbie, Tasha and Beth looked at one another, then back at Martha.

“Okay, love. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tony said gently, leaning forward for a hug.

“Thanks.” She whispered in his ear. “I just hope you haven’t got a cold.” She hugged him tight. Tony smiled as he withdrew his body and stepped back, accompanying Beth and Lucas out of the house.

“Ring me whenever!” Tasha called as she walked out the door. Martha smiled, waving them all off.

“Get out already!” She laughed.

When everyone had disappeared out of sight, after hurrying up the Hunter’s drive next door to escape the rain, Martha shut the door. She sighed as she walked to the sofa, sitting on the arm. It was quiet. Too quiet. She’d practically lived in here the past month, and not once had it been so quiet; so empty. Even though wind was howling against the windows and rain crashed outside, it still felt like she was in her own little bubble, away from all living things. She twiddled her thumbs, looking around the room. There was nothing to do. She glanced up at the phone, sitting neatly on the small table beside the sofa. Her hand was itching, her eyes burning towards the electronic object.

“No. You have to get used to this.” She said, slapping her hands onto her knees. “Just keep busy.” She instructed herself, standing up with a deep breath. As soon as she’d turned around, the phone began to ring. She darted back around, staring at the glowing object on the phone base. “Grandad…” She muttered to herself, continuing to stare at the device. Part of her was relieved, the other slightly frustrated. She needed to start life alone, and with interruptions it was going to be impossible. She leant down and picked the phone up, putting it to her ear as she rolled her eyes.

“Hello. Can I speak to Mr Holden please?” The voice asked. Martha hesitated, remembering Jack’s constant bugging since Tony left the house. Companies always seemed to ring the house asking for Tony, even though he’d notified them of his move. At first, Jack had got aggravated and annoyed at the constant intrusions, but then he had learnt to deal and have a bit of fun. On numerous occasions he’d spun off a hilarious joke that sent the salesperson on the other end of the call slamming the phone down in horror. And he always seemed to use a of dodgy accent. Martha shook her head, blinking twice to send herself from the daydream.

“Sorry, Tony doesn’t live here anymore.” She apologized.

“I’m sorry miss, but I’m asking for a Jack Holden. Is he available to talk?” The kind woman requested. Martha froze.

“Um…He…Well…” She stuttered, unsure what to say.

“Well, could I leave a message?” The woman asked impatiently. Martha swallowed, tears forming in her eyes.

“Mmmhmm.” Was all she managed to get out, sitting back down on the armchair. She stared blankly in front, nodding occasionally and wiping a tear away as she listened to the message that she was apparently going to inform Jack of later.


Martha sighed, walking into Jack’s bedroom. She needed to get changed. Not only was she head to toe in black, but also she was wet through. However, it wasn’t the dampness of her skin that was getting to her, it was the fact that the black reminded her of something – Jack’s death. The funeral had been beautiful, and she had managed to ignore the fact that she couldn’t bury his body. As much as she’d have loved to lay that beautiful body of his in the coffin and finally let him rest; she couldn’t. His body had not yet been found. It chilled her to the bone to think of what they might have done with it. She’d seen the programmes, she’d read the papers, and there were many ways of getting rid of a body or lots of things that could be done to one. She closed her eyes, slamming her fist onto the wardrobe. She hated to think of this, the never-ending possibilities that could be occurring even now that he’s gone. She backed onto the bed, unable to force herself to open the wardrobe doors. She laid down, sliding her hands underneath the pillow as she wept. As she fumbled with the back of the pillow, stroking it as she cried into it, she felt a piece of cloth. Curiously, she whipped it out. A quiet sob fell from her mouth before she raised the garment to her cheek. Jack’s pyjama bottoms. He’d thrown the matching top; claiming that pyjama sets were for girls, so he’d just stuck with his grey, elasticised bottoms to conceal himself on his regular nighttime trips to the bathroom. “Easy to take off.” He’d grin, winking towards her. Martha gave out a slight giggle, stroking the fabric between her fingers. A sudden smile crept on her face as she stood up and began to pull off her dress. After she’d removed the wet clothes, she slid the dry, creased bottoms up, wearing them with style. She didn’t care that they were too big - they were comfy. They loosely hung on her hips, any bigger and they’d be around her ankles. She looked in the mirror, twirling to get the 360-degree view.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said aloud, “they look better on you.” She laughed. “Well, I guess second place isn’t that bad.” Martha smiled, walking over and rummaging through his draws. She came to the desired garment; his white singlet. She smiled as she held it up, letting it glide down the top half of her body. “Well you didn’t expect me to sleep without a top did you?” She laughed, sitting on the bed. With a sigh she turned the lamp off beside her and snuggled underneath the covers. She smiled, taking in his scent that had still been left behind on the pillow. That smell… that Jack Holden smell. “You can’t get this from a bottle.” She mumbled to herself, repeating a common Jack phrase. She rolled over, falling to another empty side of the bed. She sighed, heavily picking up the pillow beside her. “I need to get a teddy.” She said as a mental note, moving the pillow to her chest and hugging it tight, acting as if it were the man she longed for.

At first she’d reminisced happy memories as she lay there, but then the true silence of the room brought a shock to her. The pillow couldn’t cuddle back, nor could it snore. It couldn’t whisper sweet words in her ear, or play with her hair. It couldn’t make jokes, remarks, or imply things that only Jack was allowed to. It was no Jack Holden. She sighed, tears emerging from her heart. She could feel them travelling up to her eyes and silently seeping from the corners of her lightly shut eyelids. She felt so cold, so alone. She wanted Jack to hold her, even though she knew that he couldn’t.

“I miss you…please come back.” She pleaded quietly, cuddling the pillow tighter.

I didn't hear you leave

I wonder how am I still here

And I don't want to move a thing

It might change my memory

Oh I am what I am

I do what I want

But I can't hide

And I won't go

I won't sleep

I can't breathe

Until you're resting here with me

And I won't leave

I can't hide

I cannot be

Until you're resting here with me

I don't want to call my friends

For they might wake me from this dream

And I can't leave this bed

Risk forgetting all that's been

Oh I am what I am

I do what I want

But I can't hide

And I won't go

I won't sleep

I can't breathe

Until you're resting here with me

I won't leave

I can't hide

I cannot be

Until you're resting here with me

Dido – Here With Me

Next Chapter - 18 months on - Is it just kids in the woods? Or is something else lurking around the leaves? Anyhuu, Alf says "Flamin' Kids" so you CAN'T miss that! :D

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Chapter 9 – 18 months later

Tony was sat in the living room of the Hunter-Holden residence, casually flicking through the channels. With a breath of boredom, he turned the TV off and dropped the remote on the sofa cushion beside him.

“Lucas!” He called out, standing up.

“Yea?” Lucas shouted back.

“Wanna come in here for a minute?” He asked. Lucas let out a groan, dropping whatever he was doing and reluctantly walking through to the lounge. As he entered through the door Tony smiled. “Nice outfit. Date?” Tony guessed. Lucas nodded.

“Yea. I’m meeting up with Maddie at 5 o’clock, after we help Martha at the new flat.” He told him. Tony nodded.

“Well… I was going to ask you if you’d like to head off a bit early, I’m sure Martha would appreciate the company.” Tony said. Lucas nodded.

“Yea sure, then I can come back and get ready for 5 o’clock.” Lucas grinned. Tony laughed, nodding in agreement.

“Good thinking.” He commented, walking past Lucas to the door. “Oh! Lucas! Did you spill the aftershave?” He laughed, wafting the air around him. Lucas blushed.

“Too much then?” He sighed, walking back into his room. Tony laughed, sitting down slowly as he waited.

Five minutes later Lucas emerged, wearing a fresh top.

“Right, ready?” Tony asked, standing up and walking towards the door. As he walked past Lucas he inhaled through his nose. “I can breathe!” He joked, putting his hand on the door.

“Hey! I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s overdone it in the date preparation department!” Lucas defended himself. Tony nodded.

“I knew a certain young man who was quite similar to you when he was your age.” Tony informed him.

“Who?” He asked curiously. Tony hesitated for a moment, and then smiled down at his youngest son.

“Jack.” He answered.


Meanwhile, a lonely figure was running through the woods. He darted from tree to tree, taking a quick rest before he continued on his marathon. It wasn’t a race; there were no other lone athletes behind him, yet he continued to dash through the woodland.

“Aahh!!” He gasped, brushing against some sharp branches. He clutched the bottom of his leg, wincing at the pains in his calf. He looked down at the scratches, watching as they glowed with pain. He sighed, standing upright and looking around his surroundings. He’d almost forgotten his past urge to run until he heard a shout.

“Hello?” It called out. The lone man spun around, panicking. He ran to the closest tree, scurrying behind and resting his head on the bark. He stood silently; the only sound escaping his lips was the sound of the intake and output of air, passing violently through his lungs. “Hello? Is there anyone there?!” Alf asked again. Alf stood still, spinning on the spot. “Hello?” He shouted. Alf’s eyes flickered around the woods surrounding him, up and down, left and right. Slowly he shook his head, returning to his daily walk. “Flamin’ kids…” Alf muttered, walking to the East and out of sight.

The man stood panting against the tree, his eyes closed tightly and hands clenched. He’d recognized the voice, but something had stopped him from jumping out of the shadow; something still frightened him. He tightened his lips, letting out air through his nose, attempting to calm himself down. Reluctantly, he pushed himself away from the safety of the tree, and continued his mad dash through the woods, his destination clear in his memory.


“So he actually went to a date with his shirt inside out?” Lucas asked in between laughs. Tony nodded.

“Yes, apparently that’s how the cool kids wore them.” He chuckled. “But I think the girl he went out with disagreed, as he came back in a very bad mood and his shirt on the right way round.” Tony sighed.

“He was such a moron!” Lucas laughed. Tony nodded, agreeing. He watched his son in fits of giggles in front of him, very nearly in tears at the many stories Tony had just told him. “Why was I not told about Jack’s stupid teenage years earlier?” Lucas asked.

“Because if I told you when he was around, he’d kill me.” Tony admitted. Lucas sighed, slowing his laughter down.

“But what about after that?” Lucas asked. Tony nodded, understanding what he was getting at.

“I know I haven’t talked about him a lot this past year and a half, I just thought it’d be hard for you.” Tony told him.

“I probably would have agreed about a year ago, but… this past year has been so much different. I’m not really mourning over him anymore Dad, I’m just missing him.” He said honestly. “Stories like this are great, it’s like he’s back here again.” Tony nodded.

“Yea… sorry.” He apologized.

“Don’t apologize, it’s not your fault. You were only doing what you thought was best.” Lucas told him, shaking his head. “I just don’t want to carry on acting like he never existed, because he did, and I don’t want to forget that.” Lucas said. Tony nodded.

“That’s fine by me!” Tony smiled. “But be careful around Martha. She’s not like us, I don’t think she’d like to be reminded of him.” Tony warned.

“I know what you mean, when anything remotely to do with Jack crops up in conversation she immediately tenses up. She doesn’t want to even think about him. I think she’s still hurting.” Lucas said.

“Well… it’s her choice I guess.” Tony sighed.

“Yea… I just hope she’s coping.” Lucas said. Tony nodded.

“Anyway,” He began, changing the subject, “shall we go and help Martha out?” He asked, looking at his watch. Lucas looked down.

“You don’t suppose you could tell me more ‘stupid moronic Jack’ moments?” Lucas asked, a big grin plastered on his face. Tony laughed.

“God, you remind me more of him everyday.” He smiled. “It’s awful.” He added with a sigh. Lucas laughed.

“As long as I’m nothing like you, I’m fine!” Lucas smirked. Tony gasped, reaching over to Lucas.

“Right, that’s it!” He said, scruffing up his hair.

“Hey, get off my turf!” Jack exclaimed. Tony and Lucas stopped, and slowly looked up at the door; both in complete shock. Four eyes were plastered on the man at the door, and two open mouths accompanied them. Jack grinned. “Miss me?” He asked, choking on his tears.

I know, unrealistic. I couldn't REALLY kill him, what do you think I am? All will be explained soon. Actually, I don't know if it is... Okay, it'll be explained by the end of the fic. :P

So, as you now can see, Henry didn't kill him... I never ACTUALLY said that he was dead. In the last chapter I gave away the biggest clue. It was practically glowing. lol. "Couldn't lay his body to rest... Never found his body" .... So, when you think about it, it isn't AS unrealistic as it sounds. But still.. pretty unrealistic. Oh well, in true H&A style - eh?

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I think this is actually a normal lengthed chapter. :o Enjoy it while you can.. they'll most probably be all fat and huge soon. lol. Nothing's really happening.. Just stuff. :)

Chapter 10

There he was, stood before them, heavily breathing as he fought with his emotions. Lucas didn’t know what to believe. He wasn’t normally a person to believe in miracles - and this seemed to fit the miracle description. Could the man panting at the door actually be Jack? No – of course not! Jack’s dead. Jack died 18 months ago. It’s impossible; he couldn’t have survived those 18 months. Why would Henry Guild have kept him alive? He and his Dad had been told by the police the chances of Jack’s survival; and they weren’t too high. This must be a dream, a delusion; this wasn’t real.

Lucas turned to his father, searching for an explanation. Tony could see it too; he could see the relative at the west of the house. Lucas swallowed, turning back towards the door. It couldn’t be… could it?

“Jack?” Lucas asked, his voice wavering. Jack smiled, roughly wiping a joyous tear from underneath his eye.

“The one and only.” Laughed Jack. Lucas’ eyes flicked back towards his Dad, whose expression had changed from before. Moments ago, Tony and Lucas had shared similar faces. Their eyes wide and filled with doubt. Their mouths had been shut tightly, unprepared to embarrass themselves by making the obvious conclusion. Jack was back. But now, after Jack’s reply and yet another reminder of his cool, confident voice, all the doubt in Tony’s mind had vanished. His son was back.

“Jacky!” Tony exclaimed through tears. He jolted up and walked briskly to the door. Jack watched as his Dad of 24 years slowly increased in speed before him, almost skipping closer. Jack pushed himself from the door and leapt to meet him, his arms opening as he grew closer.

“Dad!” Jack exclaimed happily, firmly in the loving grip of a caring father. Tony held him tight, shaking as the tears fell from his eyes.

“Please don’t let this be a dream.” He cried, rubbing his sons back. Jack nodded, slowly withdrawing from the grip.

“I hope it’s not.” He snivelled, smiling. Tony smiled, putting his hand on Jack’s neck.

“My boy. My eldest.” He smiled proudly. “Never do that again!!” He laughed, gently hitting him in the chest. Jack chuckled, slowly turning his gaze to his brother sat on the sofa beside him.

“Do I smell?” Jack asked. Lucas looked up, still disbelieving. He stared at him, taking in his rugged appearance. The answer was yes, Jack did smell, but that wasn’t the reason why he wasn’t budging from his seat. Looking at Jack, Lucas could see the scruffy remains of Jack’s uniform. His ripped trousers exposed his calf, and the dirt covering his arm suggested he hadn’t had a wash in quite some time. Everything about Jack supported the idea that he’d been mistreated for 18 months, but not killed. If this were real, which Lucas would not let himself believe, then it would make sense. But could he believe it? Was he willing to let himself fall for this mirage only to be hurt when he eventually woke up to find the hope and dream had been crushed? Moving up to the man before him would be crumbling, falling for the deceiving dream. It would be weakening and opening a door for hurt. He didn’t know if he could do it.

Tony and Jack looked towards one another, then back at Lucas.

“Luc, it’s Jacky.” Tony assured him, putting his hand on Lucas’ shoulder. Lucas looked down, linking his fingers together.

“I don’t know…” He mumbled quietly. Tony prepared to continue, but was prevented by Jack’s signal to stop. Slowly, Jack sat down beside him, sitting in the same pose as Lucas.

“Luc,” He began, “I know this is hard, and damn confusing. But believe me, I don’t think we’re dreaming.” He said. “And so what if we are? It’ll be the best dream I’ve had in ages!” Jack cheered. “Please Luc, just open your mind, just look at me.” Lucas slowly pulled his gaze away from the floor, and to Jack’s pleading eyes. “What’s the harm in dreaming?” Jack asked quietly, forcing a smile. Lucas looked up at him, his heart warming as he began to believe.

“But what if I am dreaming? What if I wake up?” Lucas asked, shaking his head.

“Luc, if you were dreaming, Matilda would be here.” Jack smiled cheekily. “And if I were dreaming, I wouldn’t be wasting my time with you when I could go see Delta Goodrem.” Laughed Jack. A smile crept on Lucas’ face. “Ohh, so it’s not only me who has a poster of her?” Jack teased. A light laugh escaped from Lucas’ mouth, along with a couple of tears from his eyes. He leapt on his brother, taking him by surprise.

“You don’t need to tell Maddie.” Lucas joked, hugging his brother tightly. Jack smiled to himself, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the comforting hug. Lucas sighed, a warm smile not leaving his face. He didn’t care anymore, Jack was right, what was the harm in dreaming? He was fine to accept that it could be a dream, just as long as he didn’t wake up anytime soon.

Next Chapter - The Holden's continue to bond. Lucas and Tony sense Jack's shiftyness. Why is Jack not talking seriously about his ordeal?

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