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Charlie. Pt.1

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Rated: G

Summary: Charlie, sick and tired of the men in her life, has an unfortunate meeting with a new arrival.

She moved quickly, the hot cup of coffee burning her hand. As she walked around the corner to her car, Charlie Buckton felt the crisp chill of the ocean breeze. Sipping her coffee, she felt the hot liquid run through her. How long was she going to feel like this? So empty... so alone.

It had been months since she had arrested Angelo, many more since her break up with Roman. What was it? Why were all her relationships doomed to end? It was far too early for morning frustration. Biting back the thoughts, she entered her car.

‘That was fast.’ Ruby muttered as she slung the seatbelt over her shoulder. ‘Anyway, like I was saying before, Annie needs help with this assignment, so we thought we’d better head to the library in Yabbie Creek. You don’t mind?’

‘I had to go in for the morning anyway.’ She put up a fake smile. ‘Does Annie need a ride?’

‘No – .’ Ruby looked behind her. ‘Charlie!’

Putting her foot on the break, Charlie turned to see a motorcycle parking right behind her, its driver leaping off the bike. Fury rose within her. She was sick of putting up a front. Unbuckling herself, she made her way from the car.

‘Excuse me!’ She bellowed, watching as the motorcyclist turned and removed his helmet. He was rather tall, blond, with piercing blue eyes. It was funny, but in some bizarre way he reminded her of Roman... ‘You can’t park here.’

‘Who says?’ The blond guy grinned.

‘I do.’

‘And you are?’ He turned away from her and to his bike.

‘I’m a cop!’ She snapped. ‘Move now, or else.’

‘Touchy!’ The guy laughed. ‘Okay, I’ll move. I never thought I’d live the day I’d see a cop as hot as you though. Must say... damn!’

Charlie screwed up her nose, turning back to her car, she could just imagine the blond staring at her backside. Sitting back in her car, Ruby looked at her with a large smile.

‘What was that about?’

‘Some jerk.’ She muttered as she turned the key to the ignition.

As the day passed without any further disturbances, Charlie made her way to the diner. Her stomach grumbled. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten. Moving through the doors, she stopped as she noticed the same blond man from the morning, sitting in the corner drinking a coffee and reading the local newspaper. Ignoring him, she moved to the counter.

‘Can’t believe he’s still hanging around.’ She said under her breath as Leah greeted her.

‘Hello! What can I get you?’

‘How about a man that isn’t still attracted to his ex or one that isn’t a murderer.’ She was tempted to say, instead, ‘Just a coffee. Thanks.’

‘You okay?’ Leah insisted upon asking. ‘You haven’t been yourself lately.’

‘Just tired.’ She tried to smile, she felt like breaking down. ‘I’ve had a bad day. That guy doesn’t help.’

‘Ah yes! The one that insists on flirting with every female member of staff.’ Leah rolled her eyes. ‘If it wasn’t so sleazy I’d say he was good looking.’

‘We had a fight this morning in the carpark.’ Charlie added, laughing softly.

‘Bad news then.’ Leah looked at the man once again. ‘Anyway, one coffee.’

Whilst Leah made the coffee, Charlie moved to the blond man, and stood rooted to the floor. She wouldn’t let her nerves conquer her. ‘I just wanted to say thanks for this morning.’

‘That’s alright honey.’ He smirked.


‘Do you know any good places to eat?’ He asked, folding the newspaper. ‘’Cos I’m dying to take you out for a bite.’

‘You have rocks in your head.’ She turned away, and saw Roman standing at the counter, his eyes staring blankly at her and the blond man.

‘Dylan?’ He said, almost bitterly.

Charlie turned to see the blond man rise to his feet, grinning. ‘Roman!’

‘You know him?’ Charlie questioned.

Roman just nodded, his eyes not moving from the man. ‘Charlie, meet Dylan. My little brother.’

To be continued...

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