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Tues, 17 Feb 09 – Episode # 4792

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Leah’s “Fun” Birthday “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 17 Feb 09 – Episode # 4792]

Note – due to various factors, this guide is set up different to normal.

Leah thanks rach & tony for the decorations that they’ve put up at her place. Her family – mum, dad & Brother Chris arrive. Theo & Helen bicker over a detour that Theo took on the way.

Xavier arrives at the diner right on time sor the start of his shift. Ruby approaches him 0 and has a go at him for what Freya did [the Nicole kiss]. Ruby “suggest” that Xavier should at leat have some self respect [and be annoyed that Freya did that]. Ruby doesn’t like it when Xavier tells her that Freya can come to the party – as it’s not Ruby’s house. This was after ruby “suggested” that Freya isn’t welcome.

At the surf club, there’s an awkward moment when Roman almost runs into Hugo & Martha. Nearby, ruby approaches Charlie – asking her if she’d ask Leah to disallow Freya form the party. Charlie tells ruby that she’ll have to sort out this Freya business herself, as Leah’s got enough on her plate. Roman pays esp. attention with ruby comets bout the Nic/Freya kiss.

Soon after. Leah [at her house] introduces her parents etc to Charlie & ruby. Chris comets that Charlie is HOT, which embarrasses Charlie a little. Helen & Theo are bicker once more – but this latest round prompts Chris to tell Leah that their parens are separating and that the business is going under. Leah is naturally shocked.

Leah’s parents explain to her that they with trying to keep the problem “in house”, just like how Leah tried to deal with Alex’s drug problem on her own..

At roman’s, Geoff tells Nic how he rally isn’t “cool” on the fact that she & Freya kissed. Roman adds similar comments when he arrives. Nic tells that both that the kiss meant nothing AND that she didn’t kiss Freya back

Rachel talks to Martha at the hunter house. Rachel is a tad surprised that Martha doesn’t want anyone to know that she is having reconstructive surgery morrow. Martha further comment tat she knows that Rachel will be there at the hospital to be there for her.

Leah’s part6uy is underway, and she isn’t that keen on how overly nice her parents are being to each other.

Miles & Charlie are talking. When she tells him bout how up front Chris was, miles suggest that she should tell him that she is a cop – and that might put him off. Charlie decides to go with this plan – but when she tells Chris, he comets Charlie being a cop has made her even HOTTER in his book.

Ruby isn’t keen when she sees Freya at the party. She “:suggest”: to Xavier tat he should tell her to leave, and freeway resounds by making a catty comment that its no wonder tat rubes doesn’t have a b/f.

Charlie &^ Hugo bails form the party to get more champagne.

When the duo are at Noah’s, Charlie tells Hugo that she’s kjinda relieved that Freya is in t9own, as Xavier/.ruby isn’t a problem now. Hugo wonders what he should try with Xavier/Freya – and Charlie suggest for the ‘ship to run its course [as coming down hard on a ‘ship like this seldom works].

At the party, Rachel wonder where Tony has got to, whilst roman is annoyed at how still stand offi-ishg Martha is being with him. Leah talk to her brother – she rally can’t believe her parents have split.

Its time for the Leah to open her presents, and colleen’s gets open 1st. Leah is “thrilled” that she’s been given Tupperware. Roman proposes a tost to Leah, and when that is done, Leah goes into the kitchen. She overhears Freya commenting to Xavier about how BORING this party is, i.e. Freya suggest that it’s a party for a 60 yo, not someone who’s 30.

On the back patio, Leah comet to roman bout how boring she is, whilst inside, Annie agrees with Geoff that Nicole should be taking the kiss moire seriously. It doesn’t help that Nic is chatting to Freya nearby.

On the back patio. Leah comets further on how boring she is – when Rachel & Martha leave the party. She comments to roman that she & Dan had plans to go to Las Vegas on her 30th. In the logue room where the party is, Helen & Theo have a BIG clash – which makes Leah’s night even worse.

Rachel finds Tony at the gym, and is worried tat he didn’t feel it neccessary to tell her then he was bailing from the party. Tony retells rach that Leah celebrating hikle that makes him think of jack – and how jack won't have a 30th birthday. Rachel tries to get Tony to open up to her in future, but he’s not so keen on Rachel speaking to him this way at a time like this.

Near the surf club, Xavier approaches Freya, and kinda confronts her bout the kiss with Nicole. She insists tat it was just a bit of fun and that that kind of things is why he likes her. They kiss – which is keen by the nearby Hugo.

Back up the party, it’s clear that Leah [with champers bottle in hand][ has had a “bit” too much to drink. she dances wildly, and when her mum “suggest” that Leah should stop. Leah tells Helen that she & Theo ruined Leah’s party. She angrily tells her mum to GET OUT. After Helen has exited the room, Leah starts dancing again. She even gets up on a table, and many “suggest” that she shouldn’t be doing that. Leah falls – but roman is there to catch here.

Later, Leah & roman are alone in the kitchen – and the still drunk Leah comments about how mucin of a great guy roman is. She sits on his lap – and kisses him, before vomiting on him.



Theo tell Leah that he is moving in with her

Roman tells Alf to be wary if starting up a new partnership with Hugo

Charlie defends Roman’s actions to Martha

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: blue & green [jungle themed] dress


Leah: red & white tie die halter full length dress


Charlie: white [2 black horiz stripes under the bust] strapless dress


Alf: black button pun shirt & long pants

Annie: hot pink wide strap dress

Annie: SBH uniform

Charlie: white [green trim] singlet top/dark long pants

Chris: black button up shirt/dark long pants

Chris: white button up shirt/dark long pants

Colleen: pink [red floral] dress

Freya: red strapless mid thigh dress/gold hoop earrings

Geoff: white mottled button up shirt/dark long pants

Helen: cream top/blouse long sleeve blouse

Helen: marron long sleeve jacket/dark purple dress

Hugo: apple green button up shirt/denim jeans

Hugo: white singlet/dark shorts

Irene: black (white rope pattern) top/white long pants

Irene: yellow long skirt/silver top

Jai: grey & white check t

Jai: SBH uniform

Leah: dark blue wides strap top/white floral knee length skirt

Martha: black thin strap dress

Martha: grey bandana/red singlet top/dark shorts

Miles: brown button up shirt

Nicole: red [with gold trim at the top] dress

Rachel: black, grey white & yellow [black bust, grey horiz wide stripe under bust, white & yellow beehive type design] singlet top/denim jeans

Rachel: green wide strap dress/red beaded necklace

Roman: black button up shirt/darkly long pants

Roman: black singlet/black [white “rip curl”] board shorts

Ruby: SBH uniform

Theo: silver button up shirt/dark long pants

Theo: white [black vertical stripes] button up shirt/dark long pants

Tony: black [with silver on each side] SB gym t/ dark long pants

Tony: black button up shirt

Xavier: blue button up shirt/white [muti colour unknown motif] t

Xavier: red [black unknown motif] t/blue shorts

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