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Characters (Might Be A Spoiler For Overseas)

Guest harrypotter1994

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I just wanted to tell you that in Current Australian characters you need to add Charlie Buckton, Ruby Buckton, Roman Harris, Hugo Austin, Melody Jones, Nicole Franklin, Geoff Campbell, Xavier Austin and Fernandez. :rolleyes:

Ok, I know that you are new But.. The staff are all watchers of Home and Away at Australian pace (apart from Chris) All things take time and eventually there will be more summaries done.They all do a lot of great stuff for the main site and naturally that is a priority.

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Thank you both.

The profiles are on their way as are a lot more updates to come, we're just waiting for a few behind the scenes changes to take place and then they'll be posted up.

If in the meantime you wanted to help contribute to the site, please contact a member of staff. All our staff work voluntarily in their free time so any contributions are helpful. :)

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