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I need help with a competition in NZ

Guest Ilovehome&ayway

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1. Who tells jack about Rachels pregnancy? Colleen :D

2. When Angelo agrees to meet Murray, who turns up instead? Tim

3. Who takes Melody home from the Party? Aden

4. What secret does Bridget tell Alf? Pass :P

5. Who gets trapped in storm drain? Erm Vj first then Jai and Annie go in and Annie gets trapped too so Charlie saves her

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This week-new questions Home and Away for Episodes 5761-5765 (the ones we are watching here in NZ):

1) Who does Miles ask to move in? (Had answered it. it's Kristy)

2)Who is presented with a special citizenship award?

3)Who does Martha organise the diner dinner for?

4)What gift did Martha buy Jack?

5)Which male character is Annie interested in?

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