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Like Nicole, But With More Make-Up

Guest Traceve

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Story Title: Like Nicole, but with more make-up

Type of story: One-Shot

Main Characters: Charlie and Freya. Small mentions of other characters.

BTTB rating: I suppose this is rated A because of the sexual content. Just being safe.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes, I believe Freya isn’t on overseas yet.

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: Charlie and Freya have a chance meeting on the beach. I really don’t know how to explain it so…. Lol I really have no idea why this is my second one-shot tonight, for some reason I’m in the writing mood so… lol I don't really know where this came from... :blink:

It was a hot Summer’s night on the beach when Charlie laid her eyes upon Freya, the girl who stole Xavier, which broke Ruby’s heart into a million pieces in the process. Charlie wanted to scream, shout and hit Freya, but she didn’t do any of the three things. Instead she stared because she couldn’t get past the fact that Freya was a beautiful girl, an underage girl, but beautiful. Charlie had seen Freya before, but only at a distance and first glance she thought it was Nicole, Freya wore much more make-up and was a bit taller. Ruby filled her in and told her that Freya was the town’s newest skanky girl. Charlie watched Freya for a few moments and wondered why she was there alone. She wondered if Freya had seen her yet, she wondered why she was even wondering to begin with…

Charlie pushed those gay thoughts out of her head like had done so many times since arriving in the Bay. The Bay couldn’t have a gay resident let alone a cop that just cried out scandal to her. What would Colleen say?

As Charlie got closer she saw Freya’s cheeks sparkle a tiny bit in the moonlight because of her tears. Charlie should have walked away right then and there, but she didn’t, she continued to walk closer to the girl.

Charlie made her presence known by clearing her throat quietly. Charlie flopped down in the sand beside Freya and tucked her feet under her knees.

“Hey,” Freya said quietly.

“I’m Charlie,” Charlie said softly, she waited for the girl to say something back, but she didn’t, “Ruby’s sister.”

“I know who you are,” Freya whispered, she wiped her cheeks with the sleeve of her jumper. After Freya took her hand away from her cheeks Charlie saw the large smudge of mascara, not the most attractive thing in the world.

“Why are you crying?”

Freya let out a short laugh,” You really think I’m going to tell a complete stranger my problems?”

“It’s easier to talk to a stranger about that stuff because they don’t know you,” Charlie told her and Charlie was right.

“Xavier I guess, I love him, I think I still do, but he’s moved on to Ruby. Ruby is nothing like me. How can he like her over me? I’m much more exciting and way more popular. She’s like the opposite of me, a goody goody.”

“Xavier chose you though,” Charlie pointed out.

“Out of guilt probably, I guess no one wants me. My parents couldn’t care less about me, my brother lives interstate and wants nothing to do with me and now I’m spilling all my dirty little secrets to a stranger,” Freya laughed.

She turned and looked at Charlie for the first time since their conversation started. The first thing Freya noticed was her eyes, how they stood out in the moonlight that was quickly followed by her lips. Freya shook her head gently, no. She had enough going on without pashing a cop. A much older cop. She’d already flirted with Martha, kissed Xavier and Hugo, did she really want to add another one to the growing list? Freya didn’t really care about the fact that she was checking out a much older woman, a rather good looking woman at that. Why would she care? She swings both ways and she’d kissed plenty of girls before, but not too many girls because that would mean she’s easy, which she isn’t.

Freya watched Charlie’s lips moved but didn’t hear a word that was coming out of them.

“Did you just hear a word I said?” Charlie laughed.

“Huh?” Freya grunted. Whoops, she must have zoned out for a moment or two then.

“Never mind,” Charlie stood up, “Will you be all right?”

Freya nodded.

Now came the awkward goodbye. Charlie wasn’t sure what to say or do, which is strange because usually she’s a very level headed smart woman, but she felt like she was a clumsy thirteen year old girl again.

Turns out Charlie didn’t have to worry about saying anything because she couldn’t.

Why you may ask? Because Freya’s lips were currently having their way with hers.

Charlie didn’t really want to do this, it would cause so many problems and even more gay thoughts would enter her head. But, did she stop? No. Charlie kissed her back. Soon enough the kiss grew in passion and Freya was digging her oh so sharp fingernails into Charlie’s hair. Her slender fingers tangling in Charlie's hair. Freya doesn't give her an inch, holding her lips tight against hers.

Maybe it was a comfort thing, or maybe it was the beginning of the newest scandal in the bay. The thought that Freya was the same age as her sister Ruby didn't even cross her mind. The only thing on Charlie's mind at the moment was the surge of electrify that ran down her spine when Freya gently tugged at her hair.


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