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Jodi + Wine

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Story Title: Jodi + Wine

Type of story: One-Shot

Main Characters: Jodi Gordon, Amy Matthews, Conrad Colby and Paul O’Brien. Small mentions of other cast members.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama.

Does story include spoilers: No.

Any warnings: Nope

Summary: Another one-shot cast fic, the last one was Nic and Holly and that was like two years ago :/ lol. This is set during the after party of the 2009 Logies. Jack’s still alive, hence Paul O’Brien being part of the cast.

Jodi wondered how many people came up and congratulated her on her Logie for Most Popular Female Talent. She remembered five or so Home and Away cast members and she had also heard it from two or was it three of the All Saints cast members?

Jodi had only had one glass of wine she thinks, maybe it was two or three.

She was sitting at a small round table with Amy, Conrad and Paul. Paul and Conrad were sipping at their beers and Amy had thrown caution into the wind and was downing her third shotty. Jodi wasn’t sure what was in them and they didn’t look too appealing. Apparently they were good and strong though because soon enough Amy was slurring her words and telling Conrad how attractive he looked in his tuxedo.

Jodi grabbed the bottle of wine on the table and refilled her glass. She knew she probably shouldn’t be drinking, as she had to drive home later that night. Or did she arrive in a limo? She couldn’t remember. Some of the liquid missed her glass and ended up on the table. She tried to wipe the mess up with a napkin but ended up making the mess bigger. She gave up and toss the napkin back down onto the table.

Amy laughed hard as she threw herself all over Conrad, Jodi wondered if Amy was going to regret that in the morning.

Jodi had a good reason for drinking, she had just broken up with her boyfriend the previous night because she had caught him sleeping with his best friend, who was a guy. That would make anyone want to get drunk.

Jodi watched Tessa and Lincoln dance on the dance floor, she wondered if they were sleeping together because they seemed to be dancing really close and Jodi thought if they were any closer he’d be holding her and they’d… she squinted, he was holding her. Jess and Todd were dancing pretty close too, had the whole cast been having sex behind her back and why did noone invite her into their fun? Oh well. Jodi watched Ray place his Gold Logie onto the table, which was quickly picked up by that guy that plays Hugo. You’d think she would know his name… it was on the edge of her tongue but she couldn’t remember it.

Amy downed another shotty and kissed Conrad, from what Jodi could tell he was enjoying it because he kissed her back. Paul seemed to be just sitting there and not saying a thing, maybe he was just letting the whole scene that was unfolding before him sink in.

It was then that Jodi spotted her limo driver. He was standing in the crowd alone, no wait, he was getting Jordan’s autograph. Random.

She pulled herself up and walked over to him, almost knocking that guy that played Bart on All Saints over. Jodi wasn’t sure what his real name was so she didn’t bother to apologize.

After a few minutes of convincing he handed her the keys, perfect. She wanted to show Amy, Conrad and Paul what a night on the town was like. The thought of being sprung by some of those obsessive stalker fans hadn’t even crossed her mind. Maybe it should have and then she wouldn’t have left the after party.

She walked back over to the table where her friends were and convinced them to come for a joy ride. Amy was too drunk to argue and wasn’t even sure what day it was by that stage.

Sometime later they were in the limo, Jodi was driving and Paul, Conrad and Amy were in the back. Jodi watched Amy and Conrad make out on the review mirror. She smiled and thought they were kind of cute together, even if it was going to be horny drunk sex on Amy’s part.

Jodi’s motor skills were extremely compromised because of her drinking and she didn’t see that red light until it was too late. She had tried to break but her high heel clad food missed that pedal and uselessly pressed down on the floor.

She heard Paul scream or maybe it was Conrad, she isn’t sure, she’s too focused on the throbbing pain in her chest. She glances down and sees a pretty big chunk of the window in her torso. Before she can string two words together everything went black.

Maybe she shouldn’t have had that third or fourth glass of wine.


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