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Back To The Future

Guest Laura

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Story Title: Back to the Future

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Roman, Charlie, Angelo, Rachel, Hugo

Characters Mentioned: Tony, Jack, Brooke

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama and Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Language

Summary: Set 4 years into the future in Summer Bay.

This is going to be written by both myself and sexyluc.

First chapter will be up soon.

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Chapter one

The large buzzing emerging from the alarm clock rung through the house and Roman let out a grunt and said “oh no please, I wish I didn’t have to go to work” Roman then dragged himself from his comfy bed. “cant you just stay in bed for 5 more minutes “ Martha begged “well its well for some to be able to have a lie in, but don’t worry hunny I have no work tomorrow so we can spend all morning together “ Roman replied..“Here they come “ laughed Roman. “Mum Jacks being nasty” Brooke shouted as she ran into the bedroom.”Be good you two,we are going to your daddy' grave soon with soem flowers Jack”. “Are you alright love ?” Roman asked as he put his arms around her. “Yeah im fine , I just hate this time of year” . It was the fourth anniversary of Jack’s death and it didn’t get any easier as time went on.”Alright you two get dressed we are going to the diner for brekkie” “ and maybe your auntie Collen will be there and if your very good she might even give you both something nice “ Martha whispered. Jack and Brooke then squealed with happiness and ran into their rooms to get dressed. “Alright im off to work I will see you soon at the Diner then yeah ?” Roman asked “ we shouldn’t be long babe about twenty minutes” “ I will see you then “ and he gave her a loving peck and strutted out the door. “ are you guys nearly ready to go ??” she shouted “ Coming mummy “ Jack replied.

“ Uncle Hugo” Jack shouted as he ran into the diner. Martha spotted Charlie and Angelo sitting down and turned to the kids.”Ok you two go and tell uncle Hugo what you want to eat”. Martha then walked up over to Charlie and Angelo “ hi Martha how are you feeling ?” “Im ok thanks, Charlie” “I still miss him terribly.Its hard to believe its been four years” “ We’re going to the grave soon “ Martha told them. “We went there before before and took up some flowers “ Angelo added .

“I just wish Tony was still here , I wish I could have helped him through it, “Martha there was nothing you could have done” Angelo explained , seeing the hurt in her eyes. “ I will be right back guys I have to see how my chef is getting on “ Martha giggled . She walked slowly through the diner and into the kitchen where she was greeted with a huge grin from her lover. “Are the kids alright” Roman asked “ They are enjoying your fine cuisine as it happens” . “Hey actually I made their food “ exclaimed Hugo . Martha laughed and said “ ok thanks for that Hugo” “anyway babe I better make a move have a nice day and I will see you tonight “ Martha said cheekily. Roman then embraced Martha in a passionate clinch “you guys need to get a room seriously” Hugo joked.

“Ok I really have to go now Roman see ya later “ she said goodbye to all at the diner and rounded up Jack and Brooke and packed them safely into the car and they set off for the graveyard.

Please guys comment and let us ( myself and homeandawayxox) what you think :)

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Chapter 2

Martha stepped from the car to be greeted by a warm gust of wind .She then turned to the entrance to the old coastal cemetery and took a deep breath and let out a sigh. She glared through the clear car window at her little boy Jack and thought to herself how Jack would have been so happy about his son’s existence. She then put her hand on the handle of the car door when she realized that Rachel’s car was a parked parallel to hers.

“Will you guys be good for mummy when I go speak with Auntie Rachel?”

“Yes mummy just tell Jack to leave me alone” Brooke demanded

“If both of you be good we might go to the beach later for a while, would you like that?” Martha told them

The kids were ecstatic at this news and began screaming with excitement.

“Yay mummy “they both said at the same time which made Martha smile.

“I will be five minutes ok “

Martha approached the entrance with reluctance but soon picked up the courage and walked on up to Jack’s resting place where Rachel was also visiting. Rachel didn’t see Martha approaching her as her back was turned until Martha put her hand on Rachel’s shoulder.

“Oh hi Martha, I didn’t see you coming”. Hi Rach how are you? As well as can be expected.” Rachel told her as she stood there looking down at the two graves. “I still can’t believe they are both gone”. “Neither can I. I still think about Tony everyday”. Martha could see the tears in Rachel’s eyes. “How is little Natasha?” Rachel then looked up at Martha and said “She’s good thanks. How are Jack and Brooke? Yeah they are allright thanks. Can be right little pains though” Martha and Rachel started laughing. “How would you and Hugo like to come over for dinner tonight? Roman’s cooking and Charlie and Angelo are coming over aswell. Yeah I’ll check with Hugo but I’m sure we can come.”

“OK Martha, I’m going now. I’ll let you know about tonight. Hey Rach, before you go, would you mind sitting with the kids in the car. I would like 5 minutes with Jack on my own. Yeah of course I will. Take as long as you need. Thanks”. As Rachel walked over to the car, Martha turned round and knelt besides Jack’s grave. “It’s been four years Jack and I still think about you everyday. I wish Jack got to know his dad. I wish we could have done things differently and maybe you would still be here with me today. I love you so much Jack”. Martha stood up and walked towards the car.

As Martha was driving along the smooth road with the sunshine blazed through the windows she suddenly saw Alf outside the Surf Club and quickly flicked her indicator upwards and entered the car park .She rolled down her window as fast as she could and called out “Grandad”

She parked her car perfectly between the bright white lines and unbuckled her seatbelt.

She emerged from the car gracefully and walked in his direction.

“Alright love, how are you?” Alf asked her

“Well today is Jack’s 4th anniversary” she replied

“Oh I’m sorry love it totally slipped my mind, I have been so preoccupied with the Surf Club lately “he stated.

“ Don’t worry about it Grandad, So are you still rushed off your feet at the Surf Club then after having to fire Xavier ??

“Well to tell you the truth love I am kind of relieved he is gone he was nothing but trouble. Anyway enough about me how are the kids?”

“ They are really taking it out of me to be quite honest, they are so demanding of my every piece of attention and Roman is always working, it just takes its toll you know” she exclaimed

“Well at least they’re sleeping now that is something you should take a breather and have a juice maybe in the diner with me” He asked

“No Grandad I really can’t I promised the kids I would take them to the beach!!” “Another time though definitely”

“That’s alright love just make sure you look after yourself ok “Alf told her strictly

“I will talk to you later then and tell Ruby I said hi“

Alf then looked into her eyes and she looked back at his and she broke down in tears. Alf grabbed her and threw his arms around her.

“I don’t normally cry on people lately but thanks for your support, I don’t know what I would have done without you Grandad. You’ve been my rock” She sobbed

“I will always be here for you no matter what “He told her

Then with that she smiled at him and turned to her car and as she arrived at her car she became suddenly weak and had to hold onto the car for support. She had to let herself down gently to the ground for fear of falling. She took a couple of deep breaths and pulled herself from the stony car park ground and she felt a lot better.

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Chapter 3

There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it Roman. It will be Hugo and Rachel” Martha yelled as she walked towards the door.

“Hey guys , thanks for coming”

Rachel handed over the bottle of wine and Martha walked into the kitchen.

“Where are Charlie and Angelo ,aren’t they joining us ??” Hugo asked

“Oh they couldn’t make it they said to say sorry” Roman told them

Rachel and Hugo took a seat opposite Martha and Roman.

“Who is looking after Nat tonight ?” she asked

“ Oh Xavier and Ruby told me they would , so I wasn’t going to turn them down “ she laughed

“Would you guys like a drink ??” Martha asked them

“Yeah sure I will have a beer” Hugo told them

“wine for you Rachel ??”

“ No wine for me actually “Rachel giggled

“Why not ?“ Martha said cheekily

Rachel grinned at Martha and then Martha bared her teeth in a wide grin

“ No way how many weeks are you pregnant ??” She asked gleefully

“4 weeks !!” Rachel happily told them

“ Aww congratulations you two” cried Martha

“ yeah congrats guys” Roman added

“A little brother or sister for little Nat, I am so excited for you both” Martha proclaimed

“ Trust me it all starts to go downhill from two kids” Martha laughed

They heard a cry coming from upstairs

“You see what I mean “

“Roman will you please check on Brooke” Martha said

“Do I have a choice? “ Roman pointed out

“not really” Martha laughed

Roman got off his seat and went to leave the table

“Oh wait she has stopped , park your bum back down next to me babe”

Everybody left out a laugh at Martha’s statement.

Suddenly everybody jumped when they heard a loud crash coming from Roman’s backyard

“Oh god “ Rachel screamed as she clutched her chest “What the hell was that ?”

“I will just check “ Hugo said

“ I will come with you Hugo mate there could be someone out there” Roman added

Roman and Hugo grabbed two flashlights and went out into the backyard.

“ So Martha how are you really doing ?“ Rachel probed

“ I’ve been thinking about Jack quite a bit lately as it happens” she replied

“ I’ve been meaning to ask you the same question Rach”

“Actually I have been thinking about Tony as well . I have this one memory in my head .It was when I first told him I was expecting Nat , his face lit up and we were so happy .We really were” Rachel forced through the tears

Martha handed Rachel a white as snow tissue for Rachel to wipe the tears that have been trapped so long inside her troubled eyes.

“and I just keep going over and over it in my head , why did he have to do this ?? “ Rachel begged

“I know how much he loved Jack I do but he left me all alone with a baby to bring up by myself, I have so much anger for him as well as the grief I feel inside” she cried

“ I remember it like it was yesterday. The house was in darkness when I returned from work and it had been a beautiful day.I had a scan that day of our baby but he said he wasn’t up to it , so I left him be because I knew he needed time to grieve. Anyway when I got in from work I called out for Tony but there was no answer . I looked everywhere but when I walked into the bathroom I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I tried to bring him back I really did but he had taken some really hardcore medication from my medication bag and I knew he was gone” she gushed

Before Martha had a chance to say anything Roman and Hugo came bustling back in to the dinner table.

Rachel got up and said she needed the bathroom.

“well what did you boys find on your travels?” Martha joked

“nothing it was just somebody knocked over the Barbie” Roman replied to her

“That’s odd” she said

“Thanks for dinner, it was really nice” Rachel told them as she got up and went to get her bag and coat.

“No problem we will have to have you over again soon”.

“Yeah I’ll pop round soon to see you Martha”

“OK that will be good”

Rachel and Hugo made there way to the door.

“Thanks again” shouted Hugo to them as they left.

“I had a good night”Martha stated

“So did I. I can’t believe they’re having a baby.

“Me too. Rachel deserves some happiness”

“Yeah. It was kinda weird when me and Hugo came back from the garden. Was Rach alright?”

“She just got upset over Tony.

“How are you Martha? I know this is upsetting for you aswell.”

“I’m ok” Martha lied. She wasn’t ok at all. She wished it was Jack sitting there talking about Rachel with her. Not Roman.

Martha sat there for a minute, thinking.

“I’m going for a walk”

Martha left as Roman looked up at her concerned.

As Martha walked along the beach, she felt the wind hit her face. Sighing, she thought about all the times her and Jack walked along this beach. Then she thought about Roman. He’s her fiancé. No matter how much she misses Jack she loves Roman

and wants to be his wife. A tear running down Martha’s face, she suddenly came across all dizzy. Then she took a tumble.

Please comment guys and tell us what you think :)

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Chapter 4

Driving home from dinner, Rachel and Hugo were talking.

“Rachel I thought we were going to wait till we told people about the baby”.

“I know but when she asked me if I wanted to wine and I said no, I felt it was the right time to tell her. Sorry, I know we agreed to wait”.

“Don’t worry its fine” Hugo looked over at his beautiful girlfriend and smiled.

“Careful Hugo. Look where you’re going”.

“Sorry love, it’s just that stupid driver. Teenagers. Why can’t they drive sensibly?”

Loud music was blasting from the car and as Hugo looked over he saw 4 teenage boys laughing and messing around. As the car swerved towards them again Hugo yelled out “Look where you’re going mate”. The music had stopped.

“Sorry Morag, she isn’t here. She went for a walk”. As he put the phone down, Roman wondered where Martha had got to. She had been gone over an hour now. He picked up the phone to ring Martha. ‘Voicemail. Great’. Roman was getting worried now. He called Colleen to see if she could come over to keep an eye on the kids.

Colleen arrived. “Thanks for this”. Roman headed for the door.

Roman drove slowly along the narrow country road near the beach with his headlights beaming and uncovering each section of the dark road ahead as he drove. He searched the surrounding area with his eyes vigilantly and as he turned a corner he gasped in disbelief when he saw a car overturned in the distance. As he drew nearer and nearer he realized who’s car it actually was.

“Oh my god” he gasped

He fumbled around in his pocket and yanked his mobile phone from his pocket and pushed the numbers 000 and asked for an ambulance. He described his location and the voice on the other line said coldly “the ambulance should be there in 10 minutes”.

“Thank you “Roman whimpered

Roman jumped out of his car and rushed towards the car wreck.

“Can you hear me?”He yelled

“Rachel is you alright answer me “He urged

“Wake up you guys”

Roman was ecstatic to see some movement from inside the car.

“Oh god Rachel are you ok?” Hugo cried

“Hugo mate are you ok? Can you get out?” Roman asked

“I will try “Hugo replied

Hugo pulled himself from the car wreck and wiped the blood that covered his head from his face.

” We need to get her out of there now Roman” Hugo screamed

Then they heard an echo of sirens, becoming ever louder as they approached the horror scene.

Hugo stood up as the doctor approached him and just from the doctors face Hugo he already knows its bad news.

“Would you like to take a seat sir?” The doctor said morbidly

“I am fine just the way I am. Just tell me what you have to” Hugo stated

As the doctors mouth began to move Hugo couldn’t take in what he was hearing.

“I am so sorry for your loss”

The doctor turned and walked away and at that moment the tears began to flow from Hugo’s eyes.

Martha just finished signing the release forms and went to leave with Leah when she spotted Hugo. A shiver went up her spine. From the moment she saw Hugo she knew something was wrong. As Martha made her way over to him, she heard a voice from behind her.

“Martha what are you doing here? Where have you been? I’ve been so worried”.

“Roman, I’m so sorry. I was walking along the beach and I collapsed. Leah found me.

“Martha, are you alright!?”

“Yes I am fine now. What has happened here?”

Before Roman could answer, Martha had already made her way over to Hugo.

“Hugo what is it? Where’s Rachel?”

At the mention of her name, he broke down in tears. Looking up at him, Martha feared that she was about to find out something she didn’t want to here.

“Please, no. Rachel’s not…” she couldn’t finish the sentence.

“No. Rachel’s not dead. We lost the baby”.

Thank you to everyone who has commented :)

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Chapter 5

"Angelo wake up" Charlie urged

"Fitzys phoned.Theres been a serious car accident down by the surf club"Charlie said monotonously.

"Its Rachel and Hugo"

"Oh god are they alright" He asked slowly ,unsure if he wanted to know the answer.

"Well as far as I know Rachel is critical in hospital but Hugo is fine"She answered.

"Hurry up get dressed we need to get to the scene ASAP" she demanded

Angelo scrambled to his feet and began dressing himself with unease.

"Im ready . Lets go "

And with that they left the house silently and hopped into Charlie's car.

Charlie and Angelo then stepped out of the car at the horror scene and approached the car , the crunching of broken glass at ther feet as they made their way over.

"What have we got" Charlie asked

"Well from the paint on the car its clear they were hit by somebody with a red car which knocked them off the road which led to their car to be flipped" Fitzy stated.

Charlie was used to seeing smashed up cars and blood but this was different. This was two of her friends. Walking round the car she turned round to look at Fitzy.

“Do you think it was an accident?”

“Who knows? Could have been. We will get forensics to work on it”.

“If it wasn’t an accident, then who would do such a thing?”

Beep, beep, beep. All Hugo could hear were the machines. Beep, beep, beep. They were driving him mad.

Stroking her hair, he tried to speak but the words just wouldn’t come out.

“Just say anything. It will help just knowing you’re there”.

Looking round he saw Julie, he half heartedly smiled. As he heard her footsteps leave the room he began to speak.

“I need you. I can’t lose you aswell, Rach”.

Putting his hand in hers he says, “You are my everything Rachel, you’re my whole world”.

With his final word, Rachel began to stir.

"Rach. Rachel "Hugo gasped uncertainly.

"Where am I ?"

"Its ok dont talk" Hugo pleaded."your alright. We had an accident"

"my baby " she mumbled as she tried to pull the oxygen mask from her face.

Hugo just stared back at Rachel almost like he was frozen and there was a deadening silence that filled the room.

Hugo's face was all it took to confirm her worst fears and with that she broke down and Hugo grabbed hold of her and held her tight.

"Oh thank God I was getting worried about you two , I heard about Rachel and Hugo its terrible business" Colleen wailed

" Yeah it was pretty full on but Hugo called when we were on the way home and Rach is fine"

"Oh thank god" Colleen said enthusiastically

" are you alright pet ?? You dont look very well"

" im fine auntie Colleen im just a bit tired " Martha smiled

"I might head up to bed now if you dont mind . and thank you for minding the kids, I really appreciate it " Martha assured her

Martha gave Colleen and Roman a kiss goodnight and began making her way up the stairs .When she reached the top of the stairs she felt a draft coming from her bedroom.

When she entered her bedroom she realised her bedroom was wide open and there was a cool breeze rushing in.She closed the windows and shivered and when she heard Roman saying his goodbyes to Colleen and the front door closing she yelled his name.

Roman entered the room and Martha asked him about the window calmly but when he denied leaving it open she began to get angry.

"Roman please dont lie to me because im not in the mood and im not an idiot" Martha snapped

"Why are you being like this?" Roman asked

"Im not being like anything . Just dont talk to me " she declared

"What is your problem " Roman spat

Martha went to leave the room when Roman caught her arm .

"Roman get your hands off me" she shouted

Roman released his grip on Marthas arm .

"Dont you dare put your hands on me like that , do you understand"

"I im sorry Martha, I dont know what I was doing "

"Jack never put his hands on me like that." Martha said angrily

"Oh yes how could I ever compete with a corpse.Martha im not Jack and I cant be Jack"Roman sighed

" I dont want you to be Jack. I love you for who you are Roman" She explained

" I loved Jack but that part of my life is gone . You are my future " she reassured him

" lets just put this behind us and move on Martha"

"I like the sound of that" she smiled

"you know its been a whole 3 days since we last had sex" she grinned

"well I think I could fix that" he said as he lifted up Martha's blue and white striped T-shirt.

She then wriggled out of her pants and Roman took off his khaki shorts. They then fell onto the bed and began kissing passionately.

Ten minutes later a loud crash rang out through the entire house.

They were both midway through intercourse and Roman pulled out immediately when they heard the bang.

"What was that" Roman gasped

"I dont know" Martha said while gasping for air.

" I will be right back and we can finish where we left off"Roman promised

Roman picked up his baseball bat that he kept behind the bedroom door and crept out onto the landing. He peered down the stairs but his eyes were lost in the darkness.When he reached the end of the stairs he quickly flicked the light on.

He then saw a face he hadnt seen in a long time...

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Thanks everyone :)

“It is so good to see you Nicole “Roman said as he breathed a sigh of relief

“Nice to see you to Roman” she smiled back at him

“Martha. It’s only Nicole” Roman yelled up the stairs

He got no reply

“She’s out like a light I guess” he said

“How is my little sis? “Nicole asked

“Yeah Jack and Brooke are fine” Roman replied

“And Martha?”

“She’s fine” Roman said confidently

Nicole looked at him and said “really?”

“Well its tough on her with 2 kids all under the age of 4 , and I am always working , you cant blame her for being a bit run down can you “He told her

“Anyway how are you it’s been so long since I’ve seen you” He said disappointingly

“I meant to come and visit earlier but I am just so busy at uni and whenever I’m not in uni I’m looking after Megan” she sighed.

“Yes my grandaughter, how is she? She must be getting so big” He said

“Yeah she is two now, believe it or not” she smiled

“Where does the time go at all” she asked

“I know how you mean, Jack has been gone four years already” he explained

“it only feels like yesterday when we were all trapped inside the school formal and I was with Geoff and everything was good”

“Nicole you messed everything up, you and Aden are the only ones to blame” Roman exclaimed

“Yes Roman do you not think I know that. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Aden doesn’t even come round to see his daughter and Geoff still hates me” she cried

“If Belle was paying enough attention to her boyfriend instead of prancing around with her ex then maybe he wouldn’t have looked for some love elsewhere”

“Belle was only trying to help Drew through losing his father, and to be honest I think what you and Aden did pushed her back in to Drew’s arms “Roman said

“How is Belle anyway I was hoping I wouldn’t bump in to her during my visit” Nicole asked

“Actually Belle no longer lives here. She and Drew left a couple of weeks ago to go traveling”.

“I won’t be staying long Roman anyway, there are some people round here that would not be happy to see me “she laughed.

Half an hour later, Roman heard someone coming down the stairs.

“Roman, who is it?”

“It’s Nicole”.

“Blimey, didn’t expect that”.

As she walking into the kitchen, Nicole stood up and walked over to Martha and they hugged.

“How are you? How’s Megan?”

“I’m ok. I’m just tired. Megan’s allright aswell. Can be a handful at times though”.

“You don’t need to tell me. I have two of them.” They all laughed.

Nicole noticed that Martha looked weak and pale.

“Martha are you allright? You don’t look too well”.

“Oh thanks. But yes I’m fine.”

Ring, ring, ring.

“I’ll get it.”


“Yes speaking”

Martha listened to the person on the other end of the phone.

“Can you not just tell me now?”

”OK I’ll be there”

As she hung up the phone, Roman shouted, “Who was on the phone love?”

“Oh erm just Grandad. He wants me to help at the surf club tomorrow”.

“I’m going to bed now. Night”.

Martha made her way up to bed, with a worrying feeling eating away at her.

“Hello Martha, would you like to come in”.

Martha was in the waiting room at the hospital. Nothing but fear was going through her.


“Oh yes sorry. I’m coming”.

Half an hour later Martha emerged from the room. She was fighting back the tears. Walking through the car park to her car, all she could think about are them four words she was told.

She sat in her car for about 20 minutes just blankly staring ahead at the people coming and going through the hospitals revolving doors. Martha then began to lose herself in her thoughts and memories.

It was a beautiful day with beautiful bird singing in the hospital gardens. Then Martha rolled up to where Jack was standing waiting for her and she was overcome with happiness. Martha stood up from the wheelchair she sat in. She and Jack joined hands and Martha’s face lit up as Jack began to speak.

“Martha today is about making the most out of every moment. We’ve already been through so much; it proves that we can overcome anything side by side. I love you so much, I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy.”

Then Martha replied to the love of her life “you’re my best friend, you always have been. Even when we’re apart I always knew we were meant to be together. You make me feel so strong Jack, you’re my soul mate. I love you so much”

Martha drifted back to reality with a smile plastered on her face. She loved to dream of her and Jack’s time together .Her smile soon turned to a frown when she began to think of her and Roman’s upcoming wedding. How can I marry Roman she thought, when I’m still in love with Jack. What Jack and I had was so special and I could never have what I had with Jack with Roman. Jack was the love of my life and I don’t think that will ever change but I guess I have to get on with my new life with Roman, Jack junior and Brooke and go ahead with this wedding for all of our sakes. Then her mind casted back to what she had just been told at the doctors and she took out her wallet and looked at the photograph she kept in there with her two children and her eyes began to well up and she broke down and began sobbing.

She cried and cried until she got it all out of her system because she decided that nobody could see her in this state and nobody can know what happened in those four walls of the doctor’s office. Not even Roman.

“Jack, I need you so much. How am I going to get through this without you?” Martha was kneeling beside Jack’s grave. Tears were falling down her face.

Martha, stop this. You need to be strong. Not just for yourself, but for Brooke and Jack aswell. She kept telling herself this but she couldn’t stop crying. Jack is the only one who could help me. But he’s gone and I can’t see how I’m going to get through.

Martha spent the next hour with Jack. Thinking. She felt her head was going to explode.

OK, I need to pull my self together now for real.

As she left Jack’s grave, she decided this was her secret. No one can know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The door knob turned and someone opened the door. “Charlie, you home?” Angelo shouted through the house, not wanting Charlie to find out what he was planning. He paused at the door for a minute, listening to see if he got a reply.

“OK she’s not here, come in”.

Hugo emerged from behind the door.

“So where do we start?” They just looked at each other, with blank faces.

“How about I make the food and you blow up the balloons?”

“You know how to cook?” Hugo laughed, looking surprised, as he asked Angelo.

It was now twenty past 5 and everything was ready. Everyone should be arriving soon. I hope Charlie likes it.

"Anyway hows Rach since the miscarriage" Angelo asked

"Well shes not left the house since its happened , im really worried about her to be honest"Hugo told him

"and how are you holding up mate ? "

" Im fine im just more worried about Rachel"

They then heard a key being turned in the front door and both men just looked at each other and both at the same said "Charlie"

Hugo grabbed all the party stuff and stuffed them all down between the gap between the wall and the couch , and dived under the table himself.

Angelo darted to the hall to greet Charlie as quickly as his legs could carry him.

"Hey babe " Angelo enthusiastically yelled

"Hi" Charlie replied with a frown on her face.

"Youre home early"

"Yeah im just home on my lunch break, I have to shoot off again soon though"

Charlie froze and stared towards the couch.

"What the .." Charlie said

Angelo swung his head round to see what se was looking at

"Oh thats Hugo's jacket , he was round here earlier"

"Oh right, and how is himself and Rachl keeping after the accident ?"

"he said hes fine but he did say that Rachel is taking it hard"

Charlie's pager began to ring,

"oh crap , duty calls "

Angelo leant forward and placed a tender kissed on her soft lips followed by a tight hug.

Charlie dragged herself from Angelo's arms and told him that she would be back around seven-ish.

"See you then "Angelo said and winked at her

Angelo breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Charlies car disappear from the driveway

"The coast is clear Hugo "Angelo stated

"Ok lets get to work then"Hugo said as he pulled himself from under the table

All the guests were nearly all there by half 6.

"I lve what you've done with the place Angelo" Roman grinned

"Excuse me , I did all the decorating" Hugo laughed

"yeahhh sure you did " Roman replied

"At least he does more than you Roman" Martha exclaimed

"Hey Leah,you made it " Angelo said as he approached her and kissed her on both cheeks.

"So now thats everybody. Charlie will be thrilled with this"Angelo said

Ten past 9. It had only been 10 minutes since Hugo checked his watch but it seemed like an hour. He was worried about Rachel. He wished he was back home with her, but it was Charlie’s birthday and he felt he be there.

“Happy Birthday Charlie”

“Thanks” Charlie hugged Lara, “thanks for coming”.

“No probs. Wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Babysitter cancelled last minute.

“Oh no, who’s looking after the kid then?

"My mum is looking after her.I needed to get out of the house"Lara laughed

"We're all out of wine"Martha said

" Dont panic I wil go and gt it guys"Charlie said

"I have to swing by the station aterwards anyway."

Charlie left the party swiftly.

5 minutes later she arrived t the Surf Club car park.She just followed the light coming from the surf .Suddenly she felt a force dragging her down and then a hand was over her mouth smothering her , then she blacked out......


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