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Story Title: Taylor

Type of story: Medium/Long fiction

Main Characters: Belle Taylor; Aden Jefferies; Amanda Vale; Steve Taylor; Anna Taylor.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama and Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Scenes of a Sexual and Violent nature

Summary: Belle is involved in a fatal accident, and is on the verge of an early death. Her one chance of survival is from a person she has never spoken properly too in her life, that person being her father. However our this family ready to be

brought together?


Good evening. A mother is appealing for the father of her eldest Daughter to come forward as she is on the verge of an early death unless he comes forward. Belle Taylor of Summer Bay was involved in a horrific car crash this weekend along with her boyfriend Aden Jefferies. Jefferies, also from Summer Bay escaped with minor injuries however Taylor wasn't so lucky as the impact of the crash crushed her one and only kidney. Mother; Amanda Vale who had been in the states persuading her modelling career rushed back to the Australian seaside town to her Daughters aid where doctors told her that the only chance of Taylor surviving was if someone of a relation to her donated her a fully working kidney. Vale jumped at the opportunity to give her eldest the fighting chance needed. However when the Doctors of Summer Bay General Hospital conducted test on Vale they gave her the news that her kidney wasn't compatible. This left Vale devastated however now along with her boyfriend they are launching an appeal to locate Taylor's father, Steve Taylor as this may be Taylor's one chance of living. Vale met him in Melbourne and doesn't know where he'll be now. Please if you have any information on him or if you are Steve Taylor yourself please contact the help line set up which is 1241 888 888, thank you.

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