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Woah, that's a lot of comments! :D Thanks! I'm sorry about the wait, but I finally managed to get an update done. :P

Note: To be honest I really don’t have much of a clue what’s going to happen in the fic lmao. Of course I do have some idea... but overall… no idea. I guess I’m just going with the waves and I hope I don’t hit a rip. Geddit?

Chapter Three

Charlie was frustrated with herself, with Leah, with Ruby, with everyone really. She wished they would all just keep out of her way and mind their own business. Watson was driving her mad at work following her like a shadow, every time she turned around Watson was there breathing down her neck. Charlie just wanted to be left alone so she can process things.

She hadn’t realised the effect that the news had on Ruby until she arrived home and saw Ruby as white as a ghost.

“Where have you been?” Ruby narrowed her eyes at her sister.

“Out, I’m sorry I didn’t text you, it slipped my mind.”

“I thought you were dead or something. I was worried sick, don’t you dare every do that to me again!”

“Rubes, I’m sorry,” Charlie pleaded. She didn’t intentionally worry Ruby, she’d never do that.

Before Charlie could continue apologising her phone rang.

“Charlie Buckton speaking, uh huh, I’ll be right there,” Charlie hung up and turned back to Ruby. “That was Watson, I’ve got to go back to work. There’s been a new development in one of my cases.”

“Fine, go then.”

“We’ll talk about this when I get home,” Charlie told her before she picked up her bag and left.

Ruby watched Charlie leave and sighed, she was half hoping Charlie would stay. After standing there for a few moments she turned on her laptop and logged onto msn. Ruby frowned when she saw that hardly anyone was online, that seemed to always happen to her. She clicked on Xavier’s screen name and maximized the chat window.

R U B Y says:

If I tell you something do you swear to never tell anyone else?

Xavier officially hates maths:

Sounds serious, sure.

R U B Y says:

Charlie’s pregnant, guess who too?

Xavier officially hates maths:

Tell me.

R U B Y says:


Xavier officially hates maths:

No way!

R U B Y says:


Xavier officially hates maths:

Wow, what’s she gonna do about it?

R U B Y says:

Don’t know yet. Probably adopt it out, there’s no way she’s ready to raise a kid.

Xavier officially hates maths:


It was almost eight o’clock at night when Charlie finished the last of her paperwork, she closed the case file and carefully put it back into the filing cabinet where it belonged. Charlie shut down her computer and put her pen back into the pencil tin. She had almost finished making her desk neat and tidy for the next day when Watson appeared at the doorway.

“You’re still here,” Watson said.

“Paperwork,” Charlie supplied.

Watson nodded, she understood. “Do you want to go and grab something to eat?”

Did Watson just ask her out? “Uh, I better not, I should be getting home.”

“Maybe some other time then?” Watson smiled at her.

Charlie bit her lip, “Sure some other time.” Charlie watched Watson walk out of her office and raised her eyebrows that did not just happen.

By the time Charlie had gathered her belongings and locked up the station another fifteen minutes had gone by and she had received a text from Ruby wanting to know her whereabouts. As Charlie walked to the parking lot she was thinking about what she should tell Ruby. She unlocked her car and threw her backpack on the backseat. Sighing she climbed into the drivers side and started the engine.

“Buckton!” a voice shouted out.

Charlie wound down the window and looked out into the darkness.

“I have to talk to you,” Joey said as she walked over to the car, Aden was by her side.

“I’m off duty at the moment,” Charlie answered, “Can you come back tomorrow?”

“I guess so, but it’s really important. I just finished talking to Aden and I’ve decided to… Well it doesn’t matter now, it’s too late. I’ll come back in the morning.” Joey finished off. “Sorry.” She mumbled.

Charlie nodded, “I’ll be on duty all tomorrow so just come by whenever you’re ready, ok?”

“Are you sure she can’t do this now? When she’s ready?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do anything about it right now, tomorrow I promise.”

Aden nodded, “Good night.” Joey and Aden disappeared back into the darkness.

Charlie wound her window back up, but before she could pull out of the parking lot she felt a strange, but painful tug in her stomach. Charlie put her hand on her stomach and lent forwards when another wave of pain washed over her. What was happening? Charlie gritted her teeth to help the pain, but it wasn’t working. She managed to open the door and shout out to Aden before another tug made her grunt in pain.

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