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Tues, 3 Feb 09 – Episode # 4782

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Crocodile Tears “

[screened in Australia on Tues, 3 Feb 09 – Episode # 4782]

Note – due to various factors [computer issues mostly] , this guide is less detailed than usual – and is done in a storyline by storyline way.

Alf arrives at the police station. He is annoyed that n one is telling him why Bridget is under arrest, but an unknown male officer tell Alf that he eill be told as soon as possible.

Martha is at her house when she gets a phone call – telling her what Bridget has done.

Charlie enters the place station and Alf is informed that Bridget has been charged with several offences relating to fraud. He is allowed to talk to her – and Alf demands that Bridget tells him the truth. He tries to tell him that she DID truly care about him. Indeed, Bridget says that she broke her only rule when she did. She also tells Alf that Rachel had Bridget figured out for quite a while. Bridget pleads with Alf to believe her bout the way that she feels bout him. Alf say that he believed her in the past, but NEVER again.

Alf bails, and as Bridget is led form the interview room to [presume] the cells, Martha enters the station and gives Bridget a piece of her mind.

Soon after, Martha sees alf on the beach near the diner. She gave him a hug.

Alf is surprised that Morag is still wake when he rtns top the vph. When she tries to talk to him bout Bridget, he tells her that he not want to talk bout it – and that’s the resin he’s home so late [in the hope that all had gone to bed by time he got back].

Next day, Rachel encounter Alf at Noah’s she tries to tell him that she arranged that US treatment cover story to spare his feeling, but Alf tells Rachel that her apology is worthless.

At the diner, colleen talk to Martha bout Bridget – say how evil she is.

Morag enters the police station and spoke to Bridget in the interview room. Morag waaaaaaaaaaaaay gives Bridget a piece of her mind, and she insist than Bridget’s crocodile tears won’t work on Morag.

Soon after, Morag is at Noah’s. She is rather surprised when Alf doesn’t want to sue Bridget for everything g she’d done. Indeed, Alf tells Morag that it’s all his OWN fault that he let Bridget play with his feeling like this.

Nic & Geoff arte at roman’s and Nic is annoyed that Aden won’t let it go about what she did. Nic is then annoyed when adeem enter the room and starts drinking straight from the OJ bottle. They then have a verbal duel bout whose turn it is to do the bathroom.

Next day, Nic & Geoff are at the surf club. Nic’s still annoyed deftest adeem is annoyed with her – so Geoff suggest that Nic should help adeem [eg find a new job].

Nic & Geoff are at romans and Geoff tries to get Nic to talk to adeem, but she won't. He decides to instead, and comments that adeem is being immature over this. Aden comments that Nic is being immature by sending in her b/f to do her talking. They then have a food fight in the kitchen – which roman walks in in. he is NOT impressed – esp. she it mean a change of plans [see below].

Charlie & Martha re talking at the latter’s place. Charlie tells Martha that she wished they could have done things differently [re the funeral] Charlie is about to say something else when roman enters, and charley tells Martha that it can wait. Charlie bails.

Next day, Charlie knock on the door wakes roman – who is sleep on Martha’s couch. When Martha enters the main room, Charlie tells them that angleo will be in the bay today – in a walk through of the crime scene. Martha desperately wants to be there, but Charlie insists that she can’t. Charlie bails – leaving behind a clearly annoyed Martha & roman.

Roman goes to the police station and tries to convince Charlie to let Martha be there at the walk through. Chalice insists that Martha being that could make Angelo clam up – or change his story. The duo have a go about each other for the feeling towards Martha & Angelo, before roman bails.

Roman goes to the diner where he tells Martha that he was unsuccessful. They agrree to hang out later =- as Martha can’t bear to be alone when the walk through is take place.

Later, Martha is at her place when she hears a phon msg form roman. He can’t make it after all because of the food fight dilatation].

At the development site, Angelo tells Charlie & his lawyer the events that took place THAT night. He is being videoed by the police. He comment that he heard a gun shot form one direction and then rustling in the bushes form another direction her thought. He removed his revolver form his pants and fired at eth rustling.

At the meonet, Martha rushes toward them – screaming that it should be Angelo that is dead and not jack. Charlie and other police have to restrain Martha,

Soon after, Angelo’s lawyer shocks Martha and the other when he say that he now wants Angelo to change his plea to NOT guilty ¬ as tercel’s now the suggestion that a 3rd peon was at the scene of the crime !!!



Belle is annoyed that she no longer has closure

Charlie &roman clash over what’s happened

Rachel cant believe it when Tony say that he doesn’t care about the ultrasound that she had today – as jack is dead and that’s the only thing he care about !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Martha: silver night gown [with dark silver lining]


Martha: purple long sleeve top/denim jeans/grey headscarf


Nicole: red spaghetti strap top] with white singlet top beneath]/denim jeans


Aden: black t/denim jeans

Aden: black [small white logo] polo shirt/ dark long pants

Alf: dark blue [brown check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Alf: white [multi colour horizontal stripes] shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Angelo: green prison t/dark long pants

Angelo’s lawyer: dark suit/white button up shirt/blue [red diamond] tie

Bridget: white elbow sleeves blouse/dark long pants

Charlie: black singlet top/dark long pants

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap

Colleen: “zebra “: short sleeve blouse/hot pink top

Geoff: grey v neck t/dark long pants

Geoff: white v eke t

Martha: grey t/black bandana/dark long pants

Morag: black [white swirls?] jacket/tan top/dark long pants

Morag: white PJ top/brown dressing gown

Nicole: grey singlet top/dark shorts

Rachel: red v neck elbow length sleeved top

Roman: black t/dark long pants

Roman: grey [black horizontal stripes] t/dark long pants

Tall male uniformed officer: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants

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