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Mon, 2 Feb 09 – Episode # 4781

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ We’re Doing This My Way “

[screened in Australia on Mon, 2 Feb 09 – Episode # 4781]


Jai tells Leah [with Colleen & Miles nearby that VJ is missing. they all agree to start search for him –incl phoning Ruby at Leah’s place in case VJ went home on his own.


Alf is driving Bridget to the airport when he asks her if she grabbed his coat like he asked her to too. As Bridget didn’t, Alf decides to head back to the bay.


Leah is stressing out bout where VJ could be when she gets a phone call form Brian. He tells her tat he has VJ [VJ calls out so Leah knows its true] and demands tat Leah gets Brian $30,000 in cash and meet him at the nature reserve at a designated time that morn. Brian insists that the police aren't to be told – and he has a police radio to know if they have been.

When of the phone, Leah tells Miles & Colleen what’s happened.


Alf enters, and jai tells that VJ is missing. Alf garbs his coat, and a small jewellery bag. When Morag comments about it, Alf shows her tat he has got Bridget a job necklace, as a going away present.

Bridget enters, just as Alf answers that phone. When off he tells Morag & that others that VJ has been adducted – and you can see the Bridget suspects already what’s happened.


Miles & Colleen can't live it tat Leah won’t contact that police – but she’s too worried about what might happen to VJ if Brian does harm VJ if Leah does call the cops. Leah decides she’s had enough of Miles especially tying to convince her =- so she bails.


Brian is standing by his car. He us on the phone – telling whoever he is talking to that he will have the money for them today,. As he waiting for some money that he will have very soon.

Whilst Brian is on the phone, VJ sneak out of the car, but when Brian is off the phone, he sees VJ. Vj tries top runs away, but Brian catches yup with him – and “suggests” that Vj shouldn’t try another stunt like that.

NEAR SURF CLUB [i think]

Melanie & Annie are talking at they walk. Annie is intrigued when Melody tells her that its Very obvious tat Miles cares deeply for Melody [in parental type way, btw] – and that’s the reason why he “went off” at her recently.

Jai approaches the two, and wonders why Melody hasn’t been answing his calls. She tells him that her mobile is charging at the moment./ Jai tells Melody & Annie that VJ has been abducted – both are shocked & worried.


Leah tells Miles that she’s spoke t to the back 0-and has arranged to pick up the money.

Alf, Bridget & Morag enters, and Bridget esp. comments on how its $30,000 tat the kidnapper wants. Both Alf & Morag join the chorus of wanting Leah to call the police, but she vehemently tells tat that she is doing this her way/ Leah bails in disgust.


Alf, Morag & Bridget talk about what’s happened, and Alf admits tat he can see where Leah is coming form [not wanting t9o do anything to risk the life of her child] however, he also say that he would REALLY like the ring the neck of the person who has taken VJ.


Leah enters via the back door. Miles is in the kitchen and tries in vain to convince her to speak to the police. Since that failed, he suggest to Leah that he is coming with her [he’ll hide in the car], and Leah reluctantly agrees.

Miles goes into the longue and whilst he phones jai, Leah bails.


Watson gets an anonymous call tipping her off bout who is rsposnsbilbel for kidnapping VJ. Bridget [alone on back patio of vph] gives Watson the name of the kidnapper, the car make & model etc, but is relecntctbnt to give her contact details.

When Bridget is off the phone, Alf exit tah house and join her on the back patio. He wonders, if light of what’s happenieng, if Bridget can’t maybe arranged to catch a a later flight. Bridget is kinda reluctant but agrees.


Leah arrives at the point where she agreed to met the kidnapper and give him the money. Leah gets out of her car and wait.


Bridget tells Alf that she has been able to book a ticket on a later flight, but monets after the happens Rachel enters. She “suggests” to Bridget that they need to talk.

The pair go onto the back patio, where Rachel tells Bridget that she is very anoyed at Bridget for a number of reasons, i.e. both for still being in the bay AND for tipping of the police when Leah said for ppl not too. Bridget insists that she is just trying to do the eight things – esp. in light of Brian only being on the bay in the 1st place because Bridget is here. Rachel once more threatens to tell Alf – but Bridget tries to talk her around [insisting that Alf doesn’t need that on top of all that happened]. Rachel doesn’t exactly look very happy with that response.


Brian arrives and tells Leah to put the money [with Leah has a bag] in the font seat of his car. Leah wants VHJ 1st but brian isn’t having any of that. Leah puts that money bag in brian's car, and just as she does there a call out [to apprehend VJ’s kidnapper] over the police radio.

Brian is anger with Leah, who insists that she didn’t call the police. Brian doesn’t car – and drives off. Leah tries in vain for a bit to run after him.


Brian is driving along at a decent speed with a cop car [siren & lights going] approaches form behind him. Watson is on the radio – alerryting other police troth the patrol car she is in is in close behind Brain’s.

When Brian increases his speed, Watson commands the male police officer who is driving to back off the pursuit – as she knows that they’re not the only police car in the vacinity.

Indeed, there’s another police car acting as a road block. Brian stops his car just shy of the roadblock and garbs VJ as he gets out of the car. Behind, the car the Watson is in also stops. The police surround Brian, but he insists that if that come any closer he will hurt VJ.


Leah is way stressing out, an miles is tying his bet to calm her. However, the monet that Leah hears a call over the police radio out the situation oat the roadblock, she bails – with Miles close behind.


Brian is still using VJ as a way for the police not to come closer. Leah & miles arrives and exit the car. This distracts Brian, and Vj is able to get free. Vj rums to Leah, whilst the police catch the trying top flee Brain. They handcuff him.


The lie of lea, Morag, Bridget, miles & jai are all so very please that VJ is safe., Leah insist taht she’s never going to let VJ out of her sight again, and she also inset to both VJ & Jai that this isn’t their fault.

Alf then [accidentally?] drops that jewellery bag – and just as he tells Bridget that it’s a present for her, Rachel enters the room. She tells bridget to tell Alf the truth – or Rachel will.

Soon after, on the back patio, Bridget tells Alf that he’s never had cancer, and it was just a simple lie that snowballed. She insists tat the one thing that she’s NEVER lied about is her feeling towards Alf.

Watson & an unknown male police officer approach Bridget. Watson tells Bridget that Brian has told them everything – and that Bridget is under arrest. They ‘cuff her – and it look like Alf just can’t believe that this is happening.



Martha scream at Angelo tat she wishes that he were dead [and not Jack]

Nicole & Aden have a food fight

It's A Designer Label (IADL)


Leah: yellow wide straps top/white long pants


Annie: light orange spaghetti strap dress/black halter bikini top


Watson : light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/dark blue police cap


Alf: white [multi colour horizontal stripes] shirt/wide brim hat/bone long pants

Brian: blue shirt/dark long pants

Bridget: white elbow sleeves blouse/dark long pants

Colleen: red []white spots] blouse/aqua top/white [rated floral] skirt

Jai: white [various closured rays coming out of several suns] t/denim jeans

Melody: black [white leaves] top/dark shorts

Miles: faded white & blue [black tropic motif] t/brown shirt/bine long pants

Morag : dark long sleeve top/white top

Rachel: royal blue polo shirt/black knee length skirt

VJ: green hoodie/ denim jeans

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