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Shipwrecked 2009

Guest Miranda

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I was pleased to see this has returned, I'd forgotten how much I like it. I think its cos the contestants are actually doing things, learning and having real tasks [rather than just sitting around like in Big Brother... yawn...]

I didn't like any of this year's contestants at first but I have changed my mind about Sonny, Liam, Rosie, Xanthi and Sood, at least.

Anyone else watching it?

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I think that Nadejah will get really annoying for everyone on the island which will make it hard for them to win over new arrivals! Especially as the new arrivals will be the team leaders and so the rest need to get on with it to please them. If Nadejah just argues with them then the new arrivals are likely to pick the other island!

So happy that Shipwrecked is back for another year!

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Yes, Hermione seems caring and sensitive- I can't believe how posh her accent is though, I should really learn to speak proper like wot I don't :lol: I'm glad she didn't vote for Nadejah [who seems very spoilt]. Nadejah goes on about not being a stereotyped black person who is aggressive and shouts, but then acts aggressively and shouts... what point is she making?

I didn't like that Mark [the one with the really big hair?] at first, he is really annoying, but he was very good at negotiating between Nadejah and Sonny [the blond London geezer?]. I'm not sure which one is called Sonny and which Mark, so I may have got confused in my first post :lol:

I just love seeing their interactions, its better than a soap [sorry, HAA :lol: ]

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