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Tittle: Obsidian

Length: Short/Medium fic

Characters: Aden, Belle, Nicole, Geoff, Melody.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: (A)

Warnings: None really

Spoilers: None

Summary: A single secret divides four people.


He never expected it to come to this.

“Get out.”

Angry, Aden replied with a snarl, “This isn’t your property you can’t kick me out.”

The diner was filled with customer’s, the smart ones busying themselves with their meals and avoiding making eye contact with the two fired up young men, the less intelligent population were staring, open mouthed at the confrontation.

Geoff glared, crossing his arms over his muscular chest, “Irene own’s this place and she doesn’t want you here either.”

Aden rolled his eyes, “Half this place BibleBoy,” he sneered, “Roman own’s the other and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t appreciate you treating one of his customer’s this way.”

“She doesn’t deserve this Aden.” Geoff managed through gritted teeth.

Aden almost laughed, only his fury stopped him, he couldn’t believe this, “She’s still playing the victim?” he asked coldly.

Geoff’s eyes narrowed even further, his hands fell to his side and formed fists, “Get. Out. Now.”

Aden smirked, fully prepared to plant his feet, he hadn’t even really needed a drink that badly but now that Geoff was so keen to see him gone he was determined to stay. “Or what?” He asked childishly and yet with an edge that was threatening.

Geoff took another step forward until the boys were chest to chest and now everyone in the diner quickly found something else to stare at.

“That’s enough.” A cool voice shot through the air, splitting the tension. Nicole glared at both of them as they looked over at her, “Aden’s got as much right to be here as the next guy,” Geoff shook his head angrily at her, but he looked away when he met her eye. “And Aden, stop trying to make things worse,” he smirked at her but she didn’t return the gesture, moving forward to grasp his hand and push him towards a booth in the far back, Aden went, knowing it was useless to fight her.

Geoff ducked his head as they passed, he could feel her looking at him but couldn’t manage to look back at her and to think, six months ago he wouldn’t have been able to take his eyes off her.

Slowly a level of chatter returned to the diner as they realised the pending confrontation had been averted, for now.

No one missed the by play between the girl and the blonde haired instigator, no one missed the other man moving at the girls touch, stop to look into the kitchen and then his eyes hardened all traces of malicious humour gone.

What no one did notice was that their was a fourth member of this confusion, a brown haired, part-time waitress, rising photographer, who met Aden’s eyes as he passed, who tensed her jaw and hardened her heart as he looked at her nonchalantly

What no one noticed was that they had all been friends once or at least not enemies but that had all been destroyed by one secret.


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A/n- Thanks for all your comments guys, i'm glad you like it. :) Not much is happening this chapter, just some more definition to all the tension.


Chapter 1


Aden rested his feet in Nicole’s lap, sagging ungracefully in his seat and threading his fingers together in a mock casual look, she sighed at him annoyed, “I hope your happy,” she chided.

He shrugged, a bit uncomfortable because of his seat, “He started it.”

“What are you twelve?” she asked sarcastically.

Aden looked at her dryly, “Your not one to talk about being mature.”

Conceding the point Nicole turned away from him, “Doesn’t mean you have to deliberately pick fights.”

Aden shrugged again, “I mean it, he started it, I just came to get a drink.”

She looked back at him, baleful, “And you just had to get it here?”

Aden replied indignantly, “Why shouldn’t I, I shouldn’t have to tip toe around her and her body guard,” he shot a dark glare at Geoff who had just exited the kitchen with two plates, “I’m not the one in the wrong remember?”

Nicole sighed, her head beginning to pound, “I know but…” he looked doubtfully at her, “I don’t know how to finish that sentence.”

He nodded, satisfied he had reminded her why she was there, “But can you please not go looking for trouble, I know its not your fault but…just please don’t.”

Aden frowned, softening at her tone, it wasn’t often Nicole gave in, “Okay,” he answered, “But only for you.” He gave her a small smile and she returned it relieved, she couldn’t take having to choose between them again.


“I’m not taking his order,” Geoff said firmly as he re-entered the kitchen, Irene who was by the sink cleaning, rolled her eyes silently to herself, while Belle gave him a little exasperated sigh, “Geoff this isn’t helping anyone, least of all me.”

He looked apologetic and she smiled at him, glad to have such a good friend, “We’re all going have to learn to be civil—”

“But he—”

“But I—” Belle stressed the last, giving him a look, “Hear give me the pad,” she held out her hands and dutifully Geoff handed it over, weakly trying to defend himself, “ I’m sorry, you shouldn’t,”

“Nicole will be there as well.”

That shut him up, Belle smiled sadly as she left him shuffling his feet and made her way out into the bustle of the main room, she scanned and found their table and with a steely breath made her way over.

She mentally cursed herself for caring how close he sat to her, how his feet rested in her lap, she shook her head to clear it and spoke, “What did you guys want?” she asked politely.

There was a silence and Belle gritted her teeth noticing how he looked at her, stared at her, she avoided his eye.

Rolling her shoulders back at the tension Nicole answered for both of them, “Just two strawberry milkshakes thanks,” she said keeping her tone civil.

Belle noted it down and then without a word or a smile turned and left.

“Well that wasn’t awkward.” Nicole said sarcastically as Aden frowned, watching Belle as she went.


“I just got killed by a zombie,” she said with a frown.

“That’s because you suck,” he quipped leaning over and snagging a piece of popcorn from the bowl.

Nicole looked down at the controller she was holding incorrectly, “I thought I pressed square to fire?”

“Square’s shield.” Aden answered, not taking his eye off the screen as he continued to power through.

“I give up.” She answered, dropping the controller and standing, Aden shrugged, switching to one player as she stretched out her cramped limbs, working out the kinks, “I think I’ll go for a walk.”

“Knock yourself out,” he said.

Nicole rolled her eyes, just for that, she turned the TV screen off as she left. “Hey!


It was cold and windy, a storm would roll in in a few days and the weather was already feeling it, letting her feet take her, Nicole found her way down to the water, treading the sand on the way to the boat ramp.

“Annie was so cute.” She stopped abruptly, “All blushing,” Nicole tensed, thinking of turning back and going the other way as the sound of Melody’s voice floated towards her, she looked up and in the dim light of the late afternoon she could make out Geoff and Melody walking along the bluff, Melody’s arms tucked around his waist for warmth.

“I really don’t need to hear about my sister and her date.” Geoff pointed out.

It felt good to be with Melody, familiar, safe, nothing could go wrong with them and for that he was grateful. Her arms were a bit too short for his waist and she had resorted to digging her nails in for traction, it was getting a bit uncomfortable, he smiled at her and gently forced her to straighten up. “Why don’t you go get the car started, I need to stop by Mr Stewarts for a minute.”

She grinned at him, kissed him lightly on the lips and disappeared into the approaching gloom, Geoff altered his course, turning instead to the makeshift beach steps so he could find the bait shop, he hit the sand and looked around as a particularly hard gust of wind hit him in the face, there was no one around but for some reason he felt like he’d just been caught, hand in the cookie jar, he felt guilty.


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Thanks for all your comments guys, i'll try to have the answers measure up to the questions :) The story starts properly this chapter, a little drama and some Adelle. Hope you like it :D


Chapter 2


Grocery shopping was supposed to be risk free, apparently not, “Oof!” Aden clutched at his smarting shin as he glared pompously at the offending trolley cart that had just slammed into him, until he saw who was holding onto it.

“Did you do that on purpose?” he asked.

“It slipped,” she replied, smiling weakly at him.

Aden frowned annoyed and rubbing his leg gingerly, “So you’re the one who is angry at me now?” he asked sarcastically.

Belle’s eye’s dropped, so did her smile, “It was an accident, I’m sorry,”

Aden sighed aggravated, “Whatever,” before he grabbed his own trolley and began back down the aisle, “Aden!”

He stopped and half turned at her shout, meeting her eye with a ‘what?’ expression on his face.


Aden turned back away.


He turned around again with a sigh and looked at her, bored, “What Belle?” he asked condescending; he had no time for this.

She took a breath and prepared herself, “How long is this going to keep on?” she asked helplessly.

Aden abandoned his trolley and faced her with crossed arms, “What?” he asked playing dumb.

It was her turn to be annoyed, “You have been avoiding me and being a complete jerk to everyone that calls me a friend!”

Aden glared, affronted, “Well how long are you going to keep playing the victim and make me out to be the bad guy, so everyone treats me like one!” He shot back.

It may have been a coincidence that no other shopper’s dared enter that aisle but Belle doubted it.

“I was hurt Aden, I wasn’t playing the victim, you can’t expect me to just get over it.” She said defensively.

“You think I wasn’t?” he replied coldly, “What did you just expect me to do Belle? Just pretend it never happened?”

“You could have forgiven me?” she asked, her voice softer then before.

Aden’s eyes hardened further at that, “Maybe I could have, if you had just told me.”

“I was just trying to protect you.” She replied, her hands loosing strength and falling to her sides.

“That’s what they always say,” Aden answered, “it only means you were too much of a coward to see me hurt and then deal with it.”


“Just forget it Belle,” he looked away aggravated, “we’ve had this conversation before. It doesn’t change.”

“Now who’s being the coward?” Belle answered a little bit miffed.

Aden glared, “That would be me. Again.” he muttered a he turned away, slowly leaving her there, standing on her own, all thoughts of groceries far form her mind.


Geoff splashed the water over his face, wincing at the sting of the cold, he pushed the water out of his eyes and took a breath, “Did you have fun love?” that was Irene’s voice from the adjoining room, carefully putting clothes away.

“Yeah,” he answered, pivoting on his heel to press his back against the counter.

“What did you two get up to?” Irene asked, calling from the other room.

He sighed again, “Oh you know, the usual, lunch.”

Irene stuck her head around the door to look at him, “You okay love?” she asked curious.

Geoff nodded and managed a smile for her sake, “Yeah just a little tired.”

Irene frowned, not buying that for a second, she moved forward, gently resting her hands on his shoulders, “Dahl? What’s going on?”

He forced his grin wider, “Nothing Irene, really, its just school, its got me all muddled.” He was 3 years into a four year course and it was a plausible enough excuse.

“Is the work getting harder?”

“Not really,” he replied, “I guess times getting shorter,” he finished.

Irene worked her face into a frown, “What’s this got to do with Melody?” she asked.

Geoff shrugged her off, quickly, “Nothing, it’s just…I’m tired, I think I might go to bed.” Only the look in his eye silently asking her to drop it made Irene retreat back to the other room and start folding clothes once again.

Sighing again, Geoff shook his blonde head, “Scratch that, I think I’ll go for a drive,” he walked silently out the room, his almost mother watching him with concerned eyes.


Nicole left the building, locking the door of the apartment her and Aden shared, Roman now re-married didn’t need his teenage children living under his roof, so they had bought a place just on the outskirts of town, close enough to everyone but far enough as well.

The path was slicked with a passed rain and Nicole fumbled in her pocket for car keys when she finally came up alongside her yellow sportscar the windshield and side windows were fogged over with mist, perhaps that’s why she didn’t see the reflection of the man standing behind her until his footsteps slapped on the wet tarmac.

She turned around just in time to be clobbered over the head with something heavy

She hit the pavement hard, unconscious to the world, red sliding down her face.


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Chapter 3


She blinked, harsh light burning her cornea’s, with a grimace she moved her hand to shield her eyes and gave a cry of pain as she pulled on the drip attached to the back of her hand.

That small noise was enough to rouse Geoff who was sleeping; his head folded on his hands, resting on the side of her bed, “Nicole?” he asked hopefully.

She blinked blearily at him for a second, taking in his concerned face and for a moment felt a tingle run through her body until her memory reminded her that she wasn’t allowed to feel that anymore, “What are you doing here?” she asked, to scold herself.

“I, ah, found you,” he said, shifting in his seat and pulling it closer to the bed as she sat upright, this time gingerly putting her other hand to her head, feeling the bandage that covered the left side of her forehead.

“What happened?”

“Um, you, you were car jacked.” He answered with a regretful wince at the word, he’d been half driving down their street, regretting that he had forgotten that at first when he had seen the yellow car take off, it’s wheels squealing, he hadn’t the slightest doubt that it wasn’t Nicole driving, she cared about that car too much and Aden cared too much about his life to ever risk damaging it.

And then he’d seen her lying on the sidewalk and knocked over a mail-box pulling his own car over. It occurred to him he’d only be so afraid once previously in his life and that had been her fault to.

“Damn it!” he was brought out of his thoughts, by her cursing and throwing the blankets off her legs, before swinging her feet over the rails.

“Woah!” he cried standing up and leaning his hands against her shoulders, her knees brushed his thighs and he managed to glare at her, “Where do you think your going?”

“To find the bastard,” she growled quickly, “I only just got that car back.”

Geoff couldn’t help but laugh softly at her, he gripped her shoulders harder as she tried to move past him, swaying a bit, “Nicole, you just got attacked by some guy with a baseball bat and you’re worried about your car.”

She blinked at him slowly, a bit dizzy from moving so fast, “What’s you point?” she asked annoyed, not willing to listen to him.

He shook his head firmly, wrapping his arms around her waist and borrowing her legs for a moment he gently used her weakness to pick her up and place her back down on the bed so she was lying down again, “My point is your not going anywhere until I say so.” He ordered.

She glared at him, and he gingerly moved a piece of hair away from the massive patch of purple that was covering her cheekbone, “She must of hit her face pretty hard when she fell,” Rachel had said, he sub-consciously pushed down the sheer protectiveness that came with seeing her beat up and cleared his throat nervously, doing his best to not look at her directly, it was difficult.

Nicole suddenly became aware of how close he was to her and swallowed awkwardly, there was that stupid tingle again. Geoff licked his lips, he really didn’t need to be this close to her, and unfortunately for them, it got more awkward when Aden, Belle and Melody entered the room at that exact moment.

“Well apparently, she’s alright then,” Aden quipped sarcastically with the cheekiest of smirks.

Nicole glared at him as Geoff hurriedly stepped away from her, avoiding Melody’s eye as she stared at him, “Your concern is overwhelming,” Nicole shot back smoothly.

“It should be,” Aden said ignoring the tension in the room, and how Geoff was shifting his feet nervously, “I brought you a present.” He presented her with a fluffy brown bear, holding a frilly love heart inscribed with the word ‘princess’

She looked at him balefully and he smirked smugly, “Thanks,” she said sarcastically. “I’ll treasure it always,”

He gently reached out to examine her face, “Ouch,” he mused, frowning protectively.

Belle looked away at that.

“That about sums it up,” Nicole replied quietly.

Neither Belle or Melody (who was still glancing worriedly at Geoff) had said anything and she chose now to point that out, “What are you two doing here?”

“Geoff rang,” Belle answered, crossing her arms lightly.

“I’m touched.” Nicole replied.

As if deciding it was best this conversation and any future ones were cut short Aden spoke, “And while we are grateful for him,” he looked almost snidely at Geoff, “he’s no longer needed so you three can just go home.”

Geoff’s eyes flashed and for the first time in minutes he lifted his head, “Wait just a--”

“Geoff.” it was Nicole who cut him off and his eyes flickered to hers, “He’s right, you should go.”

He did his best not to show the irrational hurt that had caused him and for a moment he forgot about his girlfriend and his best friend who were both watching him closely. But when Nicole looked away from him, he lost that strength and nodded slowly and one by one they exited the room, leaving Aden by Nicole’s bed side.

Geoff thinking nervously, how very close he had come to kissing the girl that was now off-limits.

He swallowed hard.


They got home in awkward silence having dropped Melody off at Miles’s, the car ride had been bad but the deafening quite in the house was worse. Geoff was half way up the stairs when Belle spoke, “What did you think you were doing?” he closed his eyes for a moment before deciding there was no way out of it and turned slowly back down the stairs.

Belle looked up at him arms crossed, “Your with Melody, Geoff—”

“Don’t you think I know that?” he asked angrily, crossing his own arms and mirroring her stance.

“You’ll break her heart.” Belle pointed out, firmly.

Geoff sighed, pained, he slowly bent his knees and collapsed into a seat on the third step, “Nothing happened.” He whispered.

Softening slightly, Belle slowly made her way to sit next to him, resting her hand lightly on his arm, “But you wanted it to,” she whispered.

He swallowed, “Trust me I know how that feels,” she continued.

“You and Aden?” he asked quietly.

Belle shrugged, “We can’t be together, I did too much—”

“Belle he didn’t have to—”

“Yes he did, I can’t blame him, I lied to him, kept one hell of a secret and for Aden, secrets are always a big deal. Especially when it’s family. ”

Next thing she knew Geoff was the one comforting her, he wrapped a solid arm around her shoulders protectively, “He shouldn’t have just left you like that, he shouldn’t have taken it out on you, he wasn’t the only one that was hurt, it wasn’t easy for you either.” Geoff answered.

“Maybe,” she giggled a bit, “but you’ve made me forget my point.” He smiled at her.

“Which was?”

She took a breath and then looked at him straight, a sheen of tears over her eyes, “That sometimes you don’t get to love the people you want.”

He looked at her and smiled again, sadly. It would seem that would be the sentiment both of them would live by.


“Ow! That stings”, she slapped his hand away from her face as he laughed.

“Stop squirming and it won’t hurt as much,” he chided as he scraped some more salve onto his fingers. Finally released form the hospital, Nicole was being stubborn and Roman calling from his home with a heavily pregnant Charlie had instructed Aden to play protective while he was out of action.

She winced and recoiled as he applied the strong smelling paste to her swollen cheek, “This stuff doesn’t do anything,” she complained, he rolled his eyes affectionately.

“It makes you face look less like swollen piece of meat,” he said as he finished and sat back to admire his work.


The phone rang, Nicole smoothly slipped from her seat and ignored it, Aden rolled his eyes again, washed his hands and picked it up, holding the cordless between his shoulder and his chin, “Hello?”

There was silence and just as he was beginning to think it was a prank call someone spoke softly, “It’s so much harder then I thought.”


“What is?” he asked softly.

She sighed, “Nothing, I have to go,”


There was silence again but no dial tone.

He took a breath, “What have you been up to lately?”

And then she answered and they ended up talking for hours, just normal stuff, everyday stuff and if felt okay.


Let me know what you think :)

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Thanks guys, here's a small chapter.


Chapter 4


He sat aimlessly at the table, practically twiddling his thumbs when a shadow appeared, he looked up and saw Belle smiling at him slightly, “Can I take your order?” she asked, he managed to return her expression.

“Yeah, um…two strawberry milkshakes…if you want to join me,” he answered. It was a slow day and Irene wouldn’t mind, Belle turned to retrieve the drinks and in a few minutes returned sitting quietly opposite him, “So,” he started, “what’s on the agenda for tonight?”

“Ah, oddly, dinner, here, Melody’s invited Geoff and she wants to make everything special.”

“Why?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

Belle frowned, “I think she’s freaked out,” she answered truthfully

“Because of Nicole?” he asked quickly.

Belle sighed heavily, “Maybe, I don’t know Aden.”

He looked at her doubtfully, “She’s his girlfriend Aden,” she said firmly.

“Because of us,” he retorted.

“He’s moved on.” Belle shot back.

“Kinda like you an Angelo,” Aden looked at her in the eye and saw the guilt flicker there, he sighed, “Sorry, that was uncalled for.”

“No it’s fine, in guess your kinda right, except Melody isn’t…” she looked up awkwardly then away and a silence followed.

They both looked up at the sound of someone else entering and Belle smiled at Irene who looked surprised but returned the gesture, Belle tried to ignore the relief she saw in that smile, but it was hard to do


The surf was loud and it almost droned out the sound of his I-pod pounding in his ears.

He shielded his eyes from the sun, but it still slipped through his fingers, “What are you up to?”

He looked up and found Nicole, just making it out of the water; he shrugged, crossing his arms, “Not much. You?”

“Not much.”

They stood there awkwardly, Geoff taking an ear phone out so he could listen to a conversation that wasn’t happening.

“Should you be out of hospital?” he asked

“I was released last night.” She answered with a shrug, water drops chilling on her arms as the wind hit her.

Geoff didn’t look at her, using the sun as an excuse, “So your okay then?” there was a bit of an annoyance in his tone and Nicole looked affronted, “I’m fine,” she said sarcastically, “Thanks for asking,”

Geoff finally looked back at her, his jaw set, “What? I’m not allowed to be concerned about you anymore?” he asked.

“No your not.” She answered coldly, crossing her arms

The surf continued crashing, Geoff was clenching his teeth so hard, he could hear his teeth creek, no one said anything and they stood there for what felt like hours.

“Yeah…okay,” Nicole said, feeling a bit guilty, she bent to retrieve a towel and shook her head with an olive branch smile, “I’ll see you later?”

He nodded awkwardly and stood shifting his weight from foot to foot until she was gone.

He let out a breath and tried to continue running for a few steps until he found his energy drained, sighing to himself he found his way back up the beach and to his car, getting in and slamming the door, not a good way to start the day


She looked at him suspiciously; her arms crossed, “What are you up to?”

“Nothing,” he replied innocently

“Then what’s with this incessant need to go to the diner all of a sudden…your not going to start another fight are you?” she asked the last apart her annoyance growing.

Aden held up his hands in defence and tried to look innocent, “No fight’s I promise, I just think we should go is all,”

She looked at him doubtfully, “I know your lying, I just can’t prove it.”

Aden beamed, “So you’ll go?”

She frowned at him, “This doesn’t have anything to do with Belle does it? You two aren’t back together or something.”

His face dropped, “No, why would you think that?” he asked.

Nicole shrugged, “I don’t know, forget I asked,” she said hurriedly.

Doing his best to brush it off Aden used the awkwardness to his advantage, grabbing Nicole by the arm and practically dragging her to the door, “You won’t regret it, trust me.”


“What was it you said about me not regretting this?” Nicole asked through clenched teeth as every single person in the diner practically held their breath, although that was hard for Aden as his jaw was hanging so low.


“Geoff?” Melody asked nervously.

He swallowed hard, despite having several glasses of water his throat was still parched. “Um…” his eyes swivelled to Belle who was standing just outside the kitchen, carrying plates of rapidly cooling food, she stared at him, waiting just like all the others, Irene had stuck her head in from the door and was on tenterhooks.

Geoff looked back to Melody, she sat across from him holding his hand, a small velvet box on the table in front of her, “Geoff?” she asked again the nervousness in her voice increasing. “I know I should have started with this,” she cleared her throat awkwardly, “I know we’re young and I know we haven’t been dating for that long,” Geoff gulped again, “but for all the years we’ve know each other I feel like there’s always been something between us.”

Nicole looked a little put-out at that but no one noticed.

“I feel like I know you so well, this is the logical next step, I love you Geoff,” she took a moment to calm herself, “and I want to marry you, all you have to do is say yes,”

Geoff almost chocked his mouth was so dry, he could feel all the eyes in the room on him, Melody hadn’t said it loudly, hadn’t got on one knee but somehow everyone had still noticed, his eyes searched the room, for what he didn’t know.

Stupidly he found himself looking at Nicole and Aden whose presence he had been ignoring all-night, even worse still he managed to meet her eye, he just kind of stared at her a second before he knew he couldn’t do it any longer without bursting out an apology, he turned back to Melody and nodded as quickly as he could, “Okay,” he whispered, his throat tight, “I'll—I’ll marry you Mel,” he hushed.

The tension was gone and people were smiling at them as Melody threw her arms around Geoff and hugged him tight, Belle let go the breath she was holding and smiled at him weakly over Melody’s shoulder, Irene was exiting the kitchen, going to congratulate them.

Geoff took the words with a certain numbness. Only he noticed Nicole stand up and leave the room, the second the words were out of his mouth, only he noticed, Aden going after her, looking back at Geoff with something of disgusted fury.

Only Geoff noticed that he didn’t feel as happy as the others.


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A lot of Adelle this chapter, i hope you like it and i hope it'll give some good answers to some of your questions. :)


Chapter 5


“Aden what are you doing here?” he hadn’t climbed through her window in ages but it was still the slightest bit surprising to see him using the front door.

“He’s a coward,” Aden growled angrily.

Belle had every idea who he was talking about, she sighed, “He’s not Aden, he’s doing the hardest thing in his life, he’s not a coward...”

Aden shook his head, “He’s doing the easiest thing in his life—”

“I told you Aden!” she snapped, surprising him a bit, “Sometime its harder not to be with the person you love. You have no idea.” She looked away sadly.

“Oh come on Belle,” he sighed heavily, “don’t use that on me,” he pleaded.

She looked back at him and he bit his lip at the tears in her eyes, she had stopped crying a long time ago. She sighed, “Aden why don’t you just say want you wanted to say and leave?” she asked heavily.

He stepped back, his hands in his jacket pockets and stayed silent for a moment, before, finally, he spoke, “Belle I’m sorry,” he said softly, the righteous fury on behalf of his best friend was gone, this was something else entirely.

“Okay,” he pulled his hands from his jacket in a huff, “I’m sorry, I know leaving you like I did hurt and it sucked,” he grimaced at his own pathetic use of the English language, “but it sucked for me to, to find out you had a baby,” he curled his hands into fists, “our baby,” he stressed the first word, “and then you just threw it all away because you were too godamn scared—”

“Of course I was scared Aden!” she interrupted with a yell, “and I told you, I didn’t even know the baby was yours,” she didn’t know why she said that part with such a tone “All I knew was I didn’t want it.”

There was a terrible silence as he stared at her and she found herself having to look away before she could continue, “I was only young, I’d just started to make a name for my photography, I didn’t love Angelo and you…you,” she trailed off, angrily brushing the tears from her eyes, “You weren’t even an option.” She finished lamely.

Aden contemplated that, as Belle was forced to listen painstakingly to the sounds of crickets and cars going by in the dark, finally after what seemed like hours he spoke, “What if it had been my child, what if you had known it was my child,” he stressed the important words, wanting to make it clear, “What would you have done then? What if it had been my son, what if I was going to be the father?”

It was hard for him to say, secretly he had always dreamed of being a dad, of doing everything Larry hadn’t done, he’d always wanted a family to make up for the failure of the last one.

Belle looked back at him and cursed which ever god in heaven invented tears, she swallowed hard and knew she couldn’t lie, “I would have done the same thing.” She answered quietly.

“Why?” he swallowed hard.

“For the same reasons, Aden, I know what its like to have a half assed mother and if I had kept that child my heart wouldn’t have been in it, it wouldn’t have been fair.”

“Even if it had been our child?” she looked up shocked, to see now he was on the verge of tears.

“I wasn’t ready Aden,” she found herself shrugging, resigned to her fate. “Nothing would have changed that.”

He stepped back, now further from the front porch, studying his shoes he replied, in a voice resembling a child’s “I would have been there.” He hoped and prayed it was true.

Belle looked at him, pity and a horrible regret in her eyes, “You don’t know that Aden, you don’t know what you would have done—”

“You didn’t even give me a chance,” an edge returned to his voice.

Belle shrugged again, “I wasn’t willing to risk it Aden, that child deserved certainty, I couldn’t give them that. You couldn’t have given them that, you were in the clinic, you could have gone to jail, you had enough problems looking after yourself.”

Aden finally looked up at her as she stood above him by the height of a few steps, suddenly he felt very small, “Belle…I wish you had told me.”

She sighed heavily and her legs ached, deciding they could no longer hold her weight she sunk down into a awkward seat on the stairs, “Part of me does too Aden,” she whispered, “Part of me wishes I had pretended the whole time it was Angelo’s and not even considered you,” she sighed again, not sure where the air was coming from, “I even wish that you had never found out, that we could still be together, that you didn’t hate me, that the people we both love didn’t have to choose sides,” those darned tears were back but she didn’t have enough energy to wipe them away.

“I wish that too,” Aden whispered.

The salt from her eyes splattered on to her knees as she sat silently just crying and Aden stood, not even noticing, “I’m sorry Aden,” she whispered after the silence had dragged on to long, “I should have told you the minute we got back together but I…I was scared.”

Slowly his eyes moved to look at her and his heart broke at hearing her so sad, “So was I Belle,” he smiled sadly, “I was scared every second with you I’d find another way to screw it up, in the end you did it for me.”

She looked up at him, tears sliding down her cheeks and making her head pound, he shrugged, “I guess you gave me the perfect excuse,”

Silence fell again and they just kept staring at one another not really seeing but hoping for a solution to materialise in the other’s face.

“What now?” that was Belle, her voice barley a whisper.

“I don’t know,” he replied, in the same tone.

“Can you forgive me?” Belle again.

“Sure,” he answered softly, it was such a mundane word for such an answer but he really didn’t know how else to put it, he couldn’t think of a reason not to forgive her and he really lacked the energy to try very hard.

“You forgive me?” he asked.

“Sure,” she shrugged, so relieved that she dare not question it.

“I actually came over here to yell at you,” Aden pointed out conversationally, Belle couldn’t help it, she laughed and it sounded syrupy through the tears but that was okay because Aden grinned at her.

“Why me?”

“Because Nicole made me promise I wouldn’t yell at Geoff,”

Belle laughed again.

“She said that was her job.”

Belle laughed louder

Slowly their smiles faded and they were left in silence again, “What do we do?” Aden asked his slightly child-ish voice back.

Belle ran her hands through her hair, “About them, no idea.”

“He said yes,” Aden pointed out.

“I know.”

“But I can’t believe he actually said yes”

“I was there Aden,” Belle said dryly.

He looked at her and she shrugged uncomfortably. “He likes her Aden,” she pointed out, “he’s feels comfortable with her, safe, they can be happy.”

Aden looked at her before the lightest smile reached his lips, “Which is great and all unless there’s someone you love and can be furious with.”

Belle glared at him crossing her arms, he shrugged, “You could have been happy with Angelo, but you didn’t want to be, we’re human we’re naturally selfish creatures.”

“Geoff isn’t.” Belle pointed out, ignoring Aden rolling his eyes at that, “Judgemental and hypocritical maybe, selfish? No. Melody can be enough for him.”

Aden looked at her, something akin to a challenge gleaming in his eyes, “Oh yeah? Tell that to Nicole.”

Belle looked at him suspiciously.

“There’s no way she’s giving up without a fight.”

Belle sighed at that, she hadn’t expected anything less but that didn't mean it was going to ne easy, Geoff was going to have his work cut out for him.


I'm not sure I really explained that well, so if it doesn't make any sense let me know. :)

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Thanks guys, another long conversation this chapter and don't worry, things between Aden and Belle are far from over. :wink:


Chapter 6


Aden had never been so frustrated in his life, well okay, he probably had but right now he couldn’t ever remember it. “What do you think you are doing?” It had been months since he had turned up on Belle’s doorstep and the wedding loomed, only days away.

Nicole who was sitting lazily draped over the couch, her head tilted back, eyes closed, grimaced at his words, “Bludging, it’s the weekend, shut-up.” She said smoothly.

“Right,” Aden acknowledged annoyed, “I meant about this whole Geoff, Melody situation?”

She cracked an eye open, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“They’re getting married.” He answered, obviously.

“I was there when she proposed Aden; I know that, what’s your point?”

Aden sighed, flopping down next to her on the couch “I can’t believe you’re just letting it happen, just lying down and taking it.”

She rolled her eyes, resigning herself to the fact she would never get any rest now, “Aden, Geoff said yes, he said yes, he chose to marry her, I’m not about to make a fool out of myself by trying to stop that.”

Aden stared at her, looking at her suspiciously as if she was ill, “That is so un-like you its not even funny, need I remind you of the Halloween incident.”

Nicole sighed another headache beginning to pressure her brain, “That was different, then Geoff was with me, he chose me, I had every right to defend myself, now I don’t; now Melody’s not trying to break us up. Geoff loves her, Geoff marrying her.” She said the last parts firmly as if trying to point out there was no fighting that.

Aden peered at her closely, trying to spot the crack in her façade, “Your giving up?”


“Look, I might not like the guy,” Aden ignored her laughter at that, “but I’m thinking that’s not the best idea. For you I mean.” He was genuinely concerned for his little sister and she couldn’t stay mad at him, her voice softened.

“Actually it is, for once I’m going to do the right thing for everybody.” She hated doing the right thing.


“I Geoff Campbell hear by take…” Geoff paused, looked confused at his notes and hurriedly scratched out another line, “No one says ‘here by’ anymore, idiot.” He grumbled to himself.

It was late and he had been staying up the past week trying to get the words right, he’d already exhausted several biro’s and filled an entire waste basket with screwed up paper.

“No luck?” that was Belle’s gentle voice as she came down the stairs, pausing at the end to watch him. Writing vows shouldn’t be this hard.

He sighed, “Not yet,” he mumbled.

She smiled softly at him brushing a hand over his shoulder as she moved to sit across form him at the table, “Writer’s block?” she asked gently.

Geoff huffed, sending the pen skidding over the edge of the table with a flick of his hand; he lent his head into his hands and spoke with a muffle, “Muse troubles.”

She took one look at the defeated slump in his shoulders and knew she had to speak, “Geoff…I’m only going to say this once and you can feel free to yell at me for it but…you don’t have to do this,” she leaned forward in the gloom and caught his forearm, “if your hearts not in it, then it’s not the right thing to do.”

Geoff rolled his shoulders aggravated; he rested his palms on his chin and looked at her darkly but with a hint of tiredness. “How can breaking Melody’s heart be the right thing to do?” he asked.

Belle sighed, tugging on the back of her chair to slide it closer towards him, “Better now then in ten years when you’ve got kids and a house,” she pointed out softly.

Geoff sighed, frustrated, he leaned back in his chair, stretching out his cramped legs muscles, “What’s wrong with me?” he scoffed, tossing his head to the side.

Belle frowned confused, “What do you mean?”

Geoff shifted awkwardly, almost over balancing in his seat, “Melody is a beautiful, kind…amazing girl and I-I just, I don’t…love her. What’s wrong with me?”

Belle reached out, gently taking his hand, “Geoff there’s nothing wrong with you, you can’t help your feelings,”

“Can’t I?” he asked doubtfully

“No.” Belle answered firmly, “There a hundreds of amazing people you might meet in your life, that doesn’t mean your going to love each and every one of them, some people are just different, more important, you don’t know why.” She felt like an expert on the problem.

“So your saying…I shouldn’t do this?” he asked softly, the smallest of hope in his stomach begging her to give him a straight answer.

“I’m not saying that.” Belle chided, “I’m saying it’s up to you Geoff, you can marry Melody or you can not, it just depends on what you want.”

Geoff looked at her desperately, “I want to do the right thing.” He pleaded.

Belle nodded. “You always do,”

Geoff sighed, leaning forward and dropping his forehead onto the table with a dull knock, “But I don’t even know what that is, I don’t know what I should do.”

“What do you want to do?” belle prodded

“It’s not the same thing.”

“Maybe it is,” he looked at her for explanation, “You’ll never know until you try.”

“Didn’t you say the other day, that sometimes we don’t get to be with who we want, that we’re not always meant to?” he asked with an accusing tone.

“I did,” she admitted.

“So you didn’t mean it then?”

“I meant it, I just never said you had to lie down and accept it, just sometimes it happens that way.”

“Like with you and Aden?”

Belle nodded slightly, “I guess,”

“So you aren’t back together?” he asked, almost relishing the reprieve from his problems,

“No,” Belle answered defensively, “why?”

“Because you’ve been talking to him lately, you’ve been laughing and joking with him—”


“So,” he answered copying her words, “you’re not exactly avoiding each other like the plague any more, I even saw Irene talk to him the other day, it’s a far cry from six months ago when he attacked you in front of the entire diner—”

“He didn’t attack me—”

“You could hear him yelling down the street Belle,” she looked away, “the things he said, how he talked to you, how can you ever forgive him?” he asked, again some what accusing.

Belle shrugged her shoulder, annoyed, “That’s not really any of you business Geoff,” she pointed out.

“It became my business the second I punched him in the face for calling you a, well…” he almost seemed to blush, over twenty years old and he still couldn’t stand swearing, “You know what he called you,”

“I didn’t ask you to hit him Geoff,” she said softly

“Of course you did,” Geoff said defensive, “your as good as my sister, he can’t expect to talk to you like that, in front of all those people, say such horrible things and not expect me to defend you, I only wish I had hit him harder,”

“You broke his jaw,” Belle pointed out.

Geoff ignored that, “You’re my friend,” he said quietly “that makes it my business.”

“Is it any wonder, Nicole defended him then?” Belle asked wisely.

That stopped Geoff in his tracks, “That’s different—”

“How? You now how close they are, they live together for crying out loud, she was always going to stand up for him, picking a fight with Aden has always met picking a fight with Nicole, even you weren’t immune to that.”

“What are you saying?” he asked, his eyes narrowed.

“I’m saying, the second you hit him and decided to hate him with every fibre in your body you were always going to loose Nicole,”

“I thought—”

“I know what you thought,” Belle couldn’t help smiling, she didn’t know why, “you thought you were in the right and like always you expected everyone else to agree with you.”

Geoff looked put-out but Belle didn’t mean it to sound cruel, she gently brushed his arm with her hand and explained, “I love you for it Geoff, even when you found out about the baby you stood by me, even if its not in you beliefs,” he opened his mouth to interrupt but she shook her head, “your so black and white but,” she paused, “Nicole isn’t, she’s the greyest person I’ve ever met, next to Aden of course,” she smiled, “I think that’s why they get along, I think that’s why they stick together,”

“You mean that’s why she chose him over me?” Geoff interrupted quietly and he wasn’t looking at her.

“Yes,” Belle nodded, “I think that’s why she did, Nicole’s always with Aden no matter what and vice versa.”

“She was my girlfriend,” Geoff pointed out.

Belle couldn’t help but laugh gently, “And you were her boyfriend, you just ended up on the wrong sides of a really nasty situation, Geoff, it’s a two way street, you broke up with her because she chose to stick with Aden over you, but you also chose to stick with me over her,”

“That’s different—”


“I don’t know,” he waved his hands looking for some way to explain it, “your…you.”

Belle grinned at him and Geoff sighed, “you’re special,”

“And Aden’s special to Nicole,”

“None of this is helping,” he pointed out with a defeated smile.

Belle looked puzzled; she tilted her head, “Helping what?”

“Me figure out what to do.”

“Ah,” Belle acknowledged, “well you know that.”

“The right thing,” Geoff nodded, “but what is that?”

Belle shrugged with a small smile, “Not a clue, I guess it’s different every time.”

There was silence for a few moments before Geoff spoke softly, not looking at her, “Belle?”


“Do you think I did the right thing before?” she looked confused and he elaborated, “breaking up with Nicole…defending you…”

Belle smiled gently at him, “I don’t know Geoff,” she said, “but I’m glad you did.”

Geoff grinned back; if she was happy then he had his confirmation.


End chapter

I meant to mention this before, Obsidian is a glass formed by intense heat and pressure that gets interesting twists through its surface. Just incase anyone was wondering :P

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Only an epilogue after this. Hope you like it. :D


Chapter 7


“We got an invitation,” Aden mused as he flipped through their mail, tossing a water bill over his shoulder he looked up as Nicole spoke, “To what?”

“Geoff’s wedding,” he saw her tense, but kept going anyway, he leaned over the back of the couch she was sitting and into her personal space, “Are we going?”

Nicole glared at him, “You can if you want,” she said smoothly.

“Its actually only addressed to you,” he handed the card to her, she looked at it suspiciously for a few seconds, “this isn’t Geoff’s writing,”

“So it’s from Melody huh? She doesn’t seem the type to be malicious,” he mentioned, leaning his chin on the top of Nicole head as he thought, she rolled her eyes, “She’s not, she probably doesn’t even know it would be a problem.”

Aden snorted, “You’re telling me, that that proposal wasn’t terribly convenient?” he asked.

Nicole shrugged, “She’s not the type,”

“She is when it comes to Geoff,” Aden pointed out.

Nicole stood up, forcing Aden to move quickly, “We’re still not going,” she said annoyed.

Aden followed her as she made a bee-line for the kitchen, “We can’t just say no, that’s like admitting you still have feelings for Geoff,” he persuaded, “it's like saying you can’t handle seeing her with him, it’s a bad move.”

Nicole reached the fridge tossed Aden a can, which he caught and then retrieved her own, “Oh and getting drunk and making a horrible congratulatory speech which involves several ‘this-one-time-on-a-deserted-island-stories’ isn’t doing the same thing?” she asked dryly.

Aden held up his hands defensively, “I promise I won’t let you make any toasts,”

Nicole frowned and Aden knew she was cracking, “There will be cake,” he added with a grin. “If we try hard enough we can probably steal enough to last us through winter,”

Nicole did her best not to laugh at that, but she couldn’t stop the smile, she crossed her arms, “And if it gets entirely too awkward?” she asked.

“Then I’ll already have the car started,” he smiled at her.

She sighed, “Fine,” he grinned triumphant, “but this better not be a disaster.”


“This is a disaster,” He tugged at the offending material again.

“Geoff,” Tony laughed, “it’s a tie it’s not the end of the world.” The elder man moved across the fix the small silk material and folded the not perfectly, “there, see?”

”Thanks Tony,” Geoff sighed.

Tony looked concerned at his young charge, ruffled, his hair a mess Geoff couldn’t look anything less like a groom.

The door opened, “You know those little cracker things we put on each of the tables for the reception,” that was Irene she took one look at Geoff’s tie and redid it.

“Yeah,” Tony asked puzzled.

"They’re going missing,” Irene said with a frown as she smoothed down Geoff’s hair.

Tony thought about it for a moment, “Let me guess, Aden and Nicole have already arrived.

Geoff chocked, “Nicole?” he asked loudly, “Who invited Nicole?” Irene had expected him to be annoyed about Aden’s presence but she answered anyway, “Melody did.”

“Why?” he asked loudly.

“Maybe she’s trying to bury the hatchet,” Tony suggested.

But Geoff ignored him and in a second he was out the door leaving the two dumbfounded adults behind.


“You have string in your hair,” Aden reached up to remove the bright, multi-coloured whirly streamers as Nicole prepared to burst another cracker. “Next we should rearrange the seating,” she said.

“Put Morag next to Colleen,”

“Ooh, your mean,”

“Let’s do it,” the pair moved off, and a second after Aden lost sight of Nicole she was pulled by the arm forcefully into an adjoining room.

“Whoa!” she pulled her arm hastily out of Geoff grip, shifting her weight awkwardly and doing her best not to notice how good he looked in a tux and how completely defeated he looked even if the next words out of his mouth were forceful.

“What are you doing here?” he asked angrily, his eyes bright.

“I was invited!” she snapped defensively, looking around for something else to focus on, they seemed to be in storage room, there were boxes and a massive fridge off to the side but still the room was entirely too small.

“By who?!”

“Melody,” Nicole answered coolly, crossing her arms

“I didn’t ask her to invite you,” Geoff huffed, frazzled; he ran a hand through his hair, messing it again.

“Well that’s not really my fault is it?” Nicole asked rhetorically a bit of an edge to her tone.

Geoff’s shoulders slumped; he looked up at her, his eyes shining, “What are we doing Nic?” he asked his voice impossibly soft.

She looked at him with a grimace, “I’m here to steal cake, I don’t know about you.”

He shook his head, weakly, “Nic please…what are we really doing?”

She shrugged, uncomfortably, planting her feet, “You’re the one getting married Geoff not me,” she answered coolly.


“What do you want me to say Geoff?!” she asked, looking back at him and mentally steeling herself against the tears in the back of her throat.

“What are we going to do?” he asked softly.

She shrugged again, “Your going to do the right thing like always, just like you stuck by Belle,”

“You can’t be here Nicole,” he said, “I can’t have you here,” he looked down.

Nicole looked at him, frustrated at him being so pathetic, “What do think I’m going to do Geoff? Just avoid for the rest of my life, we live in the same town, we have the same friends, we’ve been fighting for months now and we’ve seen how hard it is to not run into each other.”

“Then what am I going to do?” he looked up at her and he just looked so helpless that she wanted to hug him, her arms moved instinctively but consciously she stuck them to her sides.

“You’re going to go get married,” it was hard to say, “and I’m going to leave, we’ll deal with it later.”

“There might not be a later Nic…”

She sighed aggravated, “Geoff I answered your question, you don’t like it then think of your own answer okay?” she glared at him, “I can’t put up with this right now.”

She turned to leave and in an instant he had caught her arm, standing so close to one another certainly wasn’t helping.

“I love you Nicole,” his brain chided his mouth for saying the words he was supposed to keep secret but his heart felt so much lighter.

She looked down, avoiding his eye and he tensed, his hand on her arm tighter, “I know,” she answered, “I love you too…it doesn’t matter.”

“Why?” he asked thickly.

“Because the right thing is to marry Melody, your perfect girl, she loves you so much.”

He looked at her painfully and she finished the worst sentence she had ever said, “And you always do the right thing.” then she slipped away from him, so easily he let go of her arm and she was out the door.

She bumped into Aden, he took one look at her face, “I’ll start the car,”

She shook her head, “Stay Aden, please, I just have to go right now, right now.” She repeated and with a small shake of her head she slipped easily passed him as well, Aden looked where she had appeared from, he saw through the gap in the door, Geoff standing, his shoulder’s low, his heart broken in two.

Aden knew the feeling.


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Final chapter guys, I just wanted to say thanks for all you comments and for sticking with this story 'till the end. I really appreciate it. :D




The music was soft, the wedding was over, and Belle and oddly Aden were left cleaning up chairs, for some reason he had hit play on the small boombox adorning a table and was tapping his feet in time.

Belle watched as he cleaned, subconsciously she was stacking chairs like she did in the diner, “What a day huh?” he spoke softly startling her.

She nodded as he turned to look at her, “Exactly how much of the cake did you steal?” she asked grinning.

He shrugged at her, “Nicole will need it, emotional turmoil.”

Belle nodded solemnly, “Agreed, it was a bit of a rollercoaster.”

“For us as well,” he looked up at her, his arms crossed.

“So if we’re not enemies anymore, what are we?” he asked curious.

“Hmm,” she finished the last of her chairs and walked over to him, stopping just short of his position, “how about friends?” she asked.

He grinned at her, trying to be cheeky, “With benefits?”

Belle laughed, Aden grinned at her and then silence reigned before he finally spoke again a small smile on his face, “Do you think we’ll ever be more?” he asked softly.

Belle thought about it seriously for a moment, “I think if today has taught us anything, its that its hard to keep some people apart, especially people who have no reasons what so ever to like each other.”

Aden smiled, crossing his arms lightly, “Do you think they’ll stay together?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted, “everything logical says not.”

“But everything not logical?” he asked.

“Says…” he grinned at her as he stepped closer, she smiled up at him, “They’ll be happy forever,”

Then Aden’s arms slipped around her waist and she was hugging him back and they just stood there forgetting all about a child that may or may not have been theirs, long gone, about screaming hurtful things and breaking hearts. They just listened to the music pondering how stubborn two people could be.


Nicole knew heels weren’t the ideal footwear for the beach but she really didn’t care, salt wind stung her cheeks, streaked with tears as she stood on the sand, hoping just for a moment as she looked at the waves that she had drowned out there all those years ago, that he hadn’t been her hero.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much if he wasn’t so different from the others.

“It matter’s to me.”

She almost fell over turning around so quickly, damn shoes, but when she saw him, her jaw dropped and more tears threatened. “What-what does?” she stuttered.

Again she wasn’t entirely sure she had a right to notice how good he looked in that suit.

He stepped forward once, his hands lazily in his pockets, his tie hanging loosely around his neck, “That you love me,” he said simply.

When she looked at him oddly he spoke, “You said you loved me?” he asked, for a second worry clogged his throat.

She nodded, “Yeah,”

“Then it matter’s to me.”

She stared at him, “But-but what about…everything,”

He shrugged lazily, exhausted, completely drained, “Doesn’t matter as much.”

And he meant it, Melody, their stupid fight, Aden, Belle, how completely different they were, how they fought, how they disagreed, how they clashed, how grey she was, how one tone he was, none of it really mattered.

Not even, that she wasn’t his perfect girl, because she wasn’t, not by a long shot and probably when you compared it, Melody was, on paper she belonged with Geoff.

But it didn’t matter.

He stepped closer to her and Nicole was only slowly starting to let herself believe this, “I don’t even care if this is the wrong thing to do.” he said truthfully, stopping just short of her. “But I don’t think it is,” he said, “Not really.”

“You’re asking the wrong person.” She managed a smile and he couldn’t help grinning at her.

“Probably,” then she stepped forward and kissed him, so glad she was finally allowed to, that stupid tingle was back.

Her arms fit around his waist, he had never noticed it before, he grinned at her, not feeling safe or familiar but feeling for the first time in months, happy, relieved he finally had her back.

They wouldn’t always be happy, not a chance in hell, but somehow they’d always be together.

Right or wrong.


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