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Gina Austin - Sonia Todd

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I was just watching episode 5027. It's the episode Gina manages to 'break' Mink. The episode ends with a really emotional scene between Mink and Gina. I remember at this point I thought they were going to develop this side of her character more.

At the time she seemed to have quite a good rapport going with Romeo too. I wonder whether it was deliberate that they stopped giving her that role as a no-nonsense 'nurturer' and created more of an over bearing personalty.

I've liked how Gina has had this difference about her, but I think they messed up by not giving her any close friends which has sort of alienated her for me. I feel like I've been waiting for one epic Gina storyline and then I'd get to understand her more.

At the same time, I've really enjoyed watching her relationship with John over the last couple of years - they've got great chemistry and there's been some pretty comical moments.

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Gina had depatured NZ screens last week on 26th April 2013 :( Watched her funeral yesterday. Was so sad and emoticonal, touching. RIP Gina Palmer. I hope John will be allowed to adopt Jett so now Gina's not here anymore.

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Just re watched her death and funeral episode's, I loved Gina as a character her funeral was really touching but I can't help thinking the producers missed a good chance to get some old characters back. With her having quite a big family it was a little sad to see only Xavier make a return.

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I really did enjoy Sonia Todd's character, Gina. I could see so many similarities between her and Clarissa House's character, Beth Hunter.

I loved her little family unit she created - such a shame Brendan, Hugo, Tony, Rachel, etc, didn't come back for her funeral. Glad the writers still mention her from time-to-time and not completely forgotten her.

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Why was Gina so unliked?.

I get she was  not your normal motherly character like Pippa/Shelley/Beth/Leah.

But I thought it was  interesting turning Gina into a more rounded character than just being perfect mother hen.  

Also I was never sure of any similarities between Gina and Beth as Gina was far more business minded, was much more enclosed on her feelings and had a tougher edge to her whereas Beth was much more mummsy and much more open on her feelings showing a much more gentle and sensitive side.

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