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My Guardian Angel

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Story Title: My Guardian Angel

Type of Story: Short fic

Main characters: Aden & Belle and other favourites.

BTTB rating: G/T

Does story include spoilers: I'm not really sure, I don't think so.

Summary: The journey of Belle and Aden's teenage life. Don't wanna give the plot away!


"Dish washing liquid is under in the cupboard, the key to the bin outside is kept here, any questions?" Belle said with her arms crossed irritably.

"Yeah, maybe you can go through it again. I didn't quite understand you. I was distracted by your beauty" Aden giggled.

"You know with anyone else I would think that was a joke. But you need all the help you can get, unfortunately no one is willing to give it to a totally self absorbed loser, like you" Belle smiled tossing a cloth at him.

"Get to work" Belle demanded Aden stared at her grinning cheekily, "What?" she said impatiently, "You didn't say please babe" he smirked. "Shut up and get to work" Belle snapped. "Aww, I love you too babe" he blew a kiss at her. Belle walked out of the kitchen and into the main area,

"Argggh" Belle groaned, "What is it, love?" Irene asked as she made a cappuccino.

"Aden is going to drive me nuts. Does he really have to work here?" she placed three fresh cups onto the coffee machine. "Yes darl, he does. Roman gave him the job. Plus we could use the extra help. It's not going to be a problem is it?" Belle stared at her with straining her foul tongue, "No...." she rolled her eyes. "Try and get along, for the sake of the business" Irene said in a motherly way, "I'll try.....can't guarantee anything. How can anyone get along with that alien life form" Irene turned and faced her one final time she could see belle was majorly pissed off "Belle, you need to be professional about this. I know Aden is a nuisance, everybody in Summer Bay knows that, but please all I ask of you is to ignore him and get on with your work. Okay?" Belle nodded reluctantly.

"Now someone who's not a nuisance is that Angelo boy, he's definitely been flirting with you like crazy" Belle looked at Irene smiling "Irene there's nothing going on between us. I keep telling you that" Irene smiled back "I know I know. But he just popped in a while ago asking for you, I told him you would love to go out sometime" Irene giggled then Belle hit her on the arm blushing."Shut up, Irene" she went back into the kitchen. "That plate isn't clean!" Belle snapped again at Aden, "Ah how about you get over it" Aden wiped the food off with a tea towel "Has that even been in the sink?" she asked calmly trying to keep her promise.

"Belle" Irene sang as she skipped into the kitchen "Angelo's here" her shoulders raised with happiness. "Who's Angelo?" Aden asked. "None of your bee eyed business" Aden had been in the bay for a year now, causing more trouble than any other teenage boy Summer Bay had ever experienced. Belle's friend Mattie was in a car crash with Aden and a couple of his mates, after that Belle despised him.

Hope you all like it, please let me know what you all think of this one. :P

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Chapter 1

Later that night....

"Aden son, are you home?" Larry called out as he opened the front door.

"Yeah dad" Aden sat slouched on the sofa.

"Why are you watching TV? Your room is a mess, just because your leg is still hurting doesn't mean you can slack off. Now get up of your a** and clean your room" Aden continued to watched television, ignoring his father. Larry is fed up and switches the TV off "Hey, I was watching that!" Aden shouted back. "I SAID CLEAN YOU'RE ROOM!" Larry yelled angrily. At this point in time, Aden is finally coming to terms with his disturbing past. Lately it has been troubling him, angry with his father and angry at his grandfather. Aden refused to make an effort at school and at home, what was the point?

After catching Nicole in her bedroom wearing just undies and bra with Aden on the bed, Roman confronted Aden's father Larry, demanding he punish Aden. Larry has no idea what will be a harsher enough punish, Roman then suggests Aden work at the diner. Larry agrees, much to Aden's disappointment. Of course, Aden didn't go all the way with Nicole that day, even if he had the chance in the back of his mind Aden knew he probably wouldn't have been able to go through with it. Aden wasn't really into Nicole that much, but she was hot and very much into Aden.

"No, don't tell me what to do!" Aden shouted as he got up heading towards his room, slamming the door shut. "GO TO YOUR ROOM!" Larry screamed back seconds after Aden had in fact entered his room. Opening the door once more Aden retaliated "I'M ALREADY IN MY ROOM".

- - - - - -

"So, tell me how was your date with Angelo?" Irene asked with joy.

"Irene, give me five minutes I've only just walked in the door" Belle said as she collapsed on the couch, putting her feet up on the custom Belle smiled at Irene, "Angelo's taking me to the diner tomorrow night for dinner" she laughed. "Mmmm....I always thought it he was the romantic type" Irene joked. "Yeah well, tonight he took me to a fancy restaurant. He just wants to do something causal tomorrow night; I won't be working will I?" Irene shook her head smiling "No, darl. But that Aden Jefferies will" Belle rolled her eyes "Great.."

Belle relationship ended with Drew about two months ago, Irene took an instant liking to Angelo. To make up for all the trouble Belle had caused Irene over the years Belle decided to take Irene's advice and go out with Angelo. Belle liked Angelo, kind of, well she was trying.

Lying on her bed now Belle looked at her clock 9:08pm Should I really be dating this guy Belle thought to herself, he's alright, I mean he's a nice guy and everything it's not like he's gonna hurt me, this is what I want right? I deserve to be happy, Belle Taylor you will and have to like Angelo. You just have to! Belle argued with her thoughts for several minutes debating tirelessly about her feelings towards Angelo. Eventually she fell asleep.

To be continued....

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