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Hugo Austin - Bernard Curry


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With Hugo not really dead, but in Witness Protection. Does Hugo's alter-ego BARNARD CURRRY leave the show for good?

Can any 1 confirm?



He's meant to be leaving for a few months I think.

propbably have the time to film for the 1st series of BEAUTY AND THE GEEK: AUSTRALIA


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I hate the idea that he isnt made out to be evil and that everyone is feeling sorry for him

People smugglers are the lowest of the low, lower than a skakes belly - they prey on innocent people and their desperation & vulnerability

I for one wont feel sorry for the scumbag - and it was his fault for getting into it in the first place

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I felt somewhat disappointed by Hugo's last few episodes.We know he's not all bad, we know he loved Martha and his family.And, in retrospect, it seems as though he empathised very heavily with Xavier and Aden and successfully stopped them going down the same road he did.So I wanted to know what led Hugo to this life, what made him wake up one day and decide "I'm going to become a people smuggler"?Was he tricked, was he desperate, was he greedy?Instead, we just get him and Charlie trading cop show cliches.

I'd also like to know exactly what he was supposed to have done to all these refugees.He effectively sent twelve people to their death, he was an accessory to Lou's murder and may even have contributed to his death by kicking him into the water although I suspect it was the gunshot that killed him.But what happened to all the other refugees, however many they're supposed to have been?Did he keep his word, such as it was, take them to Australia and leave them free to live their lives however they chose, as seems to have happened with Clint/Wayan and Bambang?Did they all get sent on somewhere else as Charlie suggested and, if so, where and what happened to them there?Did they just left in the crates until they died as Gina seemed to think(and if they really are that ruthless, why not just dump them in the ocean and save themselves the trouble)?With Derrick and Suzy, we accept that they're just bad because we've never seen them be anything different.With someone as central as Hugo, we needed a lot more than a "Ha ha, I fooled you, I was evil all along" ending.

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Has any 1 else here reliased on the new and updated CAST list of the official Home and Away australian website that Bernard/Hugo has now been taken off the page. This as well as Lincoln lewis. They have replaced em with Emily Symons.


I wouldn't pay much attention to it,

as soon as BERNARD CURRY appears back on screen Jodi is as much of a guest star as he's

Charlotte Best is also just a guest

They're doing the big cleaning i guess :)

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