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Hugo Austin - Bernard Curry


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Please can I just remind everyone that this is a thread for discussing Hugo and Bernard only. It is not a thread for general chat and discussing where to download episodes of Home and Away or any other show. A number of posts have been deleted or edited due to this and there are a few more which are pretty borderline so please can you stick to discussing what the thread is intended for.

Thank you.

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I just bought a Puppy dvd on ebay from down under so if i'm lucky i'll have it before Christmas, now i just have to figure out how to play region 4 lol.

Hi! Been a while! Did your Puppy DVD get to you? What do you think?

Yep about a month ago :lol:

i'm impressed -_-

and at the end there's only tree bodies lying in the backyard!

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It's a very cute scene when they finally...erm...get around to it! Haven't watched it in a while though, might have to get the DVD out again!
If only on H&A!

It be so much better if they "mature" a little, switching partner every week is okay.

You can see Bernard Curry is used to more while Jodi doing great acting improvising making it look naturally :lol: like remember them on the couch she was telling him about working at a stripclub, it was was pretty good, it could have been better, but perhaps embarrassing( don't get me wrong)


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Just a reminder that unless the discussion is specific to Hugo or Bernard's performance (in home and away or else where) it's not relevant to this thread. :)

Eh? If you're referring to me and Superman, we WERE talking about Bernard. As if we'd be able to go off topic when we're being reminded every nanonsecond to stay ON topic.

Edited by hollywoodmug2
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