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Family Matters (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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Well you just made me cry! thanks alot :lol: that end was so sweet!!

You wrote Morag so well. And Ross! aww bless him, really glad he's in it

I feel so sorry for them, i hope there's still a way they can be mates after all of this . I Loved drunk Belle! it was so funny, yet pretty sad at the same time!

Loved everything about it, the dialogue was so good

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LOVED drunk Belle, everything she said just made it so much sadder somehow. I love that it was Morag Aden went to stay with, it was nice of Nicole to go with him, i liked how she handled Ross helpfully as well, you wrote him great. I also loved the talk between Aden and Morag at the end, it was sad and insightful.

Excellent writing once again! can't wait for the next update! :D

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Ok so to be honest I am devastated that they are brother and sister I am a 100% Adelle fan, however I can't help but be hooked, you have lured me inand now I want to know what happens. Secretly I'm wishing for a paternity test to reveal it was all a lie but from comments I have read that is a highly unlikely outcome, haha!!!

I have enjoyed reading this thus far and can't wait to read your next installment!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

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I was looking for something to pass the time and couldn't miss the chance to read another one of your fics!! I've always enjoyed your ones in the past (thos I've read anyway) and this one is no different!!

You've done such a great job with the story and as I'm not a HUGE fan of Adelle I don't mind seeing some drama happen :)

This is a FANTASTIC story and I can't wait to read the rest and see how it all pans out!!

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