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Family Matters (by Red Ranger 1) - comments


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This is great! I really like your fics!

My heart nearly stopped when Aden made the comment about the baby photos, for a milisecond i thought it was funny and then i realised just before you wrote it. I'm glad Amanda kind of skimmed over it though.

That was really sweet at the end with the photo.

Can't wait for more! update soon! :D

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I havent really read any of your fics but I had to read this one, I love the fact you introduced Amanda into it and Irene trying to keep any awkwardness out.. I know there will be drama down the line but I will look forward to reading this fic. :D

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Thanks for all your comments, everyone, hope you stay with this fiction.I think I'm probably one of the few people who'd start a fiction with Aden and Belle happy and together and go downhill from there...

I am one of those people :lol: I love drama in fics. I loved several parts of this fic. It was really well written.

“So what’s Belle’s mum like?”asked Nicole.Geoff and Annie had met up with her and Jai at the Diner after being summarily evicted from the house.

“Actually, she reminded me a bit of your mum,”Geoff told her,“Bit more subdued though.”

“Belle and I come from the same genetic stock?That thought’s gonna give me nightmares.”

“I didn’t even know Belle had a mum,”Jai commented.

Everyone shot him curious looks.“How could she not have a mum?”asked Annie,“You don’t still believe in that stork story, do you?”

“You did,”Geoff reminded her.

This was cute, they never really have conversations like this on the show and I wish they did! :lol:

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I was thinking the brother and sister thing too... you wouldn't would you? It would be interesting if you did though, not that i'd like it, but... I suppose it has been done before on haa so there's no reason why you can't, lol.

Great chapter again! I love all the dialouge, you write the humour into it really nicely!

Update soon! :D

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No!!! they cant be brother and sister i think i'd be sick, i really....no.....

I'm kinda intrigued lol i just dont know if i wanna know :lol:

Loved the dialogue between Geoff and everyone, really well done

I'm kinda looking forward to reading more haha

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