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Ruby and Xavier

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Here's some pics and screencaps of Ruby and Xavier, only a few at the moment, as I've just learnt how to screencap but will continue to add to them, feel free to add your own guys =D, never done this before either so dont know if it will bring up the pics or just a link to them =D x x

A random one from the final week off 2008, just as Xavier leaves the Bay.


Okay I will post the screencaps from Episode 4776 tomorrow as Imageshack has decided to crash on me now and its getting late and I will also post tomorrow any screencaps there are to be got of Ruby and Xavier in Episode 4777, Guys fell free to use them for any purpose, all that I ask is that you credit BTTB...

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A couple of screen caps from episode 4777, when Ruby runs into Xavier down on the beach after the funeral ...



Like I said in my last post, I will keep going through the eppi's from here onwards and continue to screen cap them, will be posting them all over the next few days =D x x

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and some more screencaps from 4788 and 4789...





this one although not really a Ruby and Xavier screencap, is Ruby catching Xavier with Freya so thought I should upload this too =D...


had loads more but they're all really just duplicates of these pics and from the post above...

and a coupleI had on my PC from after jacks funeral so thought I would upload them tonight too....



Will upload some more in the next couple of days, a I came across the episode on my pc today where they first got together when Xavier was her on schoolies, so will post the screen caps from that soon =D x x

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Hey Guys, here's the screencaps from the episode when Xavier was here on schoolies, and he and Ruby first got it together, just came across the episode on my pc and thought I would screencap it and post them for you all =D, for anyone who's wondering these are from Episode 4765...







will post more from any more old episodes I find on my pc and from any up and coming episode's from this week they share scenes in, over the next few days =D x x

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