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Which Past Characters Would You Like To See Return Full Time?

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I've thinking lot of what characters should return

I am beyond happy that Pippa returns full time this year

so I been someone else is needed on show and Colleen has no one in her age group so I thought there have few past characters her age. Floss would bring comedy and she can tell future so could be Colleen's sidekick or bring in Celia because shes Colleen's sister and we see how she treats Colleen as her sister. Colleen and Celia have a bitter history as well and then there's two people to annoy morag and it would be interesting to see which sister Morag would find less annoying. What does anyone else think?

This topic is about who whould you reather return as full time characters Floss or Chelia.

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^ I would love for Vinnie to return but with Ryan doing so well overseas it would be a long shot. A Vinnie re-cast would NEVER work!

I've always loved Floss' reappearances so I would love to see more of her.

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I love to see ex-characters come back, whoever they are, for weddings etc. My favourite episode full of old characters was the one where Sally was to marry Kieron [?] and they all found out he was cheating on her. Then Sally was talking to Frank I think on the beach, while Stephen beat Kieron up off camera. All you could hear was 'ow' 'oo' etc, it was so funny. :lol:

I don't really like ex characters coming back full time though, I think it just says 'I've got no career', but on the other hand, in life people are always coming and going, so its more realistic. :unsure:

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