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Small Cast Picture In Who (feb2)

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There is a small cast picture in this weeks Who (It's the whole cast apart from Conrad, Esther, Todd, Bernard, and the guests).

Ada Nicodemou also says about how the production budget has been increased which means more night shoots, better scenes, and ultimately better viewing.

Sorry I can't scan in the pic, but I don't have the magazine (i've only read it).And... it's not online :( (i'd be great if there was some extra shots)

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Ooooh! Thanks lots! I've got a subscription to Who and if you didn't point it out, I prolly would've missed it!


EDIT: It looks like the right side of the picture has been cropped to fit onto the page. Maybe the photo was originally a panoramic-type of shot.

Sorry my computer doesn't allow 'pop-ups' so I can't scan, sorry :(

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