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The Hidden Truth

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Story Title: The hidden truth

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Aden, Roman, Belle, Morag, Nicole,

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Mentions of sexual abuse

Summary: At the age of 14, Aden Jeffries was a troublemaker who was known for being a little terror. Weeks before his 15th birthday, he and his older brother Justin left for reasons neither their dad nor granddad explained. Months later, Aden’s grandfathers died and know – 2 years later, Aden has returned a completely different boy. He is no longer the cheeky boy he was as a child and is instead broken and alone. Who will be able to break the complex defensive walls he had built around himself for the last two years. Who will find out the deep secrets of his past?

Chapter one


Aden stepped up to the door and stood there for a moment, checking the time on his watch. It was 11:12 pm and he was extremely late. He told his father he would be back by 9, but instead he went down to the beach with a few of his mate and went for a late night swim. His hair was still damp as he pushed the door open and prepared for the large argument which was sure to come. He hadn’t been on curfew for weeks and his dad had begun to get extremely annoyed. He hoped that maybe his dad was be asleep and his wished were met when he entered the room to find his dad out cold on the sofa, a few beer bottles around him on the floor. He didn’t bother taking his shoes of as he walked further into the room and went to turn and go to his room.

He was suddenly met by another person. He was pushed out of balance and fell to the floor in shock. He hadn’t expected anyone to be awake at this time. The figure moved and went to kneel down on the floor next to where Aden was sprawled. As the shape got closer he found that it was in fact his older brother Justin. He went to speak and ask what he was doing, but found a hand quickly clamp over his mouth before he could get a word out. He struggled at the hand, he didn’t care if he woke his dad up. It would have been amusing to see him annoyed. Justin didn’t remove his hand until Aden stopped struggling. As soon as the hand was gone, Aden wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked up at Justin confused.

“Be quiet.” Justin ordered once he let go. Aden’s eyes flickered to the bag on his back and realization caused his eyes to widen in shock.

“You’re leaving.” He said his voice a mixture of anger and hurt. Justin didn’t answer; instead he stood up and headed towards the door. A moment after getting over the shock, Aden sat up and pushed himself from the ground and grabbed at the top of Justin’s shoulder before he could reach the door.

“You said you wouldn’t leave me with him.”Aden hissed, trying to keep his voice down. Justin’s eyes filled with sympathy as a few stray tears began to fall down Aden face as the sense of abandonment came over him.

“I’m sorry.” Was all Justin could manage to say, trying to pull out of Aden’s grasp, but being unable too.

“I could come with you?” Aden pleaded his voice breaking.

“You’re too young.” Justin tried to explain.

Please” It sounded like begging know and Justin found it hard to say anything in response, he just looked down at his brother who was begging at him to save him from the hellhole that was there live and into freedom. Before he could think of something to say, a grunt came from there father who shifting about in the reclining chair. Justin panicked and pulled sharply out of Aden grip, catching him off guard.

“One bag.” He told him. “We are leaving in 5 minutes.” Aden nodded and ran as fast as he could into his bedroom, without making a noise. He grabbed his clothes from the draws, a blanket and the money he had stacked on his shelf. He didn’t take anything else. There was nothing of sentimental value and nothing that could comfort him when they on their own. Nothing in the house held anything he cared about, so he ignored everything as he found a few more notes in the pocket of his jeans that were sprawled out on the floor.

In the other room, Justin was contemplating just leaving right there and then. Leaving without Aden and getting away quickly. At first he thought I would be impossible to being a 14 year old with him. They wouldn’t have anywhere to stay and they wouldn’t have food every day. But the look on Aden’s face as he pleaded was not something he could leave behind. Instead he waited until Aden returned a few minutes later with a single bag on his back. He pulled him out of the house and shut the door behind them without a look back.

They didn’t feel the need to look back and be sad about leaving. There was nothing in the house but bad memories of things they both just wanted to forget. They were finally leaving the torment and pain of what their grandfather did to them and the hatred towards their father who did nothing about it. They never spoke about what happened within the confinements of their rooms, but when they were younger, Justin would allow Aden into his room to have the feeling of being safer. Neither of them ever confronted their grandfather or their father, but as they walked down the road together, they felt slightly proud at the fact they had finally escaped the reign of their grandfather.


Aden sighed as he thought back to the last time he was in Summer Bay as the bus came to a stop. He was back for the first time in 2 years, not sure what to expect, not sure who would remember him and unsure of what to do. So many emotions ran through the body as he stepped off the bus and the hot summer ait hit his face. Fear was the most prominent because the thought of seeing his grandfather that was if he was still alive was terrifying to him. He looked around as he got familiar with the surroundings and headed off in the direction of the beach.

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I had this in my head and knew I would forget it by morning so I wrote it down. I hate having a chapter and not posting it, so here it is XD Its short but then again, I did only post it about an hour ago XD

And BTW, two years ago, I have no Idea who was with who or whether Ric went by Eric, Dalby or Eric, so just kind of go with it XD

Chapter two

Aden wasn’t sure how long he sat on the beach thinking about what to do or where to go. When they first left he had spent a large amount of time sleeping rough with his brother so he new sleeping on the beach until he found the courage to go home would be easy. It was Saturday around midday and slowly people began to walk down the beach, go for a swim or sit with their other half. He continued to stare out to see, his bag as his side and ignored the other people on beach until a certain couple caught his eye. Walking hand in hand down the beach were two people he recognized.

The blonde haired girl was Matilda and the long browned haired boy Ric. It was odd to see them together, when Aden left, Matilda was with Lucas. He stared after them for a while before he realized they had seen him looking. They looked over at Aden, confusion on their faces. It was obvious they would be curious, Aden just disappeared from the face of the earth two years ago without any warning or any site of him since then. They shared a look, confirming that it was who they thought and whispered to each other. Aden didn’t bother trying to leave, or ignore their eye contact. They had noticed him and had questions. Slowly they walked up to him but Aden didn’t say anything, allowing them to start the conversation.

“Aden?” Matilda asked in a cautious tone as she eyes him up and down, taking in his appearance. Aden nodded, not trusting his voice to talk.

“Are you Ok?” She asked him gently. He looked down, confused at softness in her voice. They never got on; he was never nice to her or showed any emotions to her. But as he looked at his hands, realized how he must look. He hadn’t shaved in weeks, or changed clothes. His clothes were shabby and he must not have looked very healthy. His throat was sore as he hadn’t had much water and he hadn’t eaten in a while. Just thinking about it made his stomach rumble.

Mattie and Ric shared a concerned look at Aden’s lack of an answer or eye contact. After a while Aden looked up at them and ran his hands through his messed up hair.

“I’m fine.” He said in a quiet voice which shocked even him. It was raspy and sore, he barely recognised it. He pushed his hands on the soft sand and pushed himself up from the ground. Mattie and Ric watched as he brushed of his already dirty clothes and slung his the small bag over his shoulder. He looked at them reluctantly and they stared at each other for a while. Neither of them had changed much, Matilda had grown taller and her faced had thinned out slightly. She had soft curls and her hair and now been straightened and reached further down her shoulders than Aden remembered. Ric looked for or less the same other than the longer hair and more muscles. Aden took in their appearances and compared them in his mind the to the people he knew before he was forced to leave. Ric was the one to break the silence that hung in the air.

“So where you been mate?” He asked and Aden found it hard not to flinch at the word ‘mate’. He didn’t have any mates when he lived her. He was cruel and hurtful because he was too scared to let anyone close enough to find out his secret. He would hurt them before they could hurt him. He shrugged his shoulders and Ric didn’t push him as an awkward silence surrounded them.

“I have to go.” Aden muttered quietly before saying a quiet goodbye and walking in the opposite direction, of the beach and towards the house which held so many secrets, to the man who never helped him with the darkest of those secrets – his dad and the man who inflicted them - His grandfather.

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