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Who Has The Best Hair?

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Best barnett?  

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The other night my flatmate and i were watching Home and Away and she's like, 'i really love Rachel's hair when it's all curly like that,' :lol: so i thought i'd start this and see whose hair you'd want to have. Totally random i know but anyways, this is all for a bit of fun :P

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Yes Amy does have gorgeous hair, i wish mine was like that!! I don't like it when she wears it up and the bits hanging down her face are straight...it looks better when they're curled, it's a lot softer.

I love how they have it just now, which is probably her natural hair..it's so pretty.

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i always like Belles hair but wow Rachels is sooo cool, i love curly hair! And I really like Rubys now too, it make me wanna grow my hair longer again, mine use to be half like hers lol, Melody's is cool too though, wow loadsa cool hair on H&A! Charlies too! arghh i want long hair again :P

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