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Donna's Little Brother And Sister

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So far, I don't think they're as promising as Lolly and Ringo were this time in 2007. Tegan was hardly convincing when she told Donna about their mum's boyfriend (or at least not compared to Nicole), and, seriously, who at that age has never heard of the Beatles? The hypochondriac/hypocrite bit tonight was funny, though.

Simon's acting isn't awful, so I'm slightly more optimistic about him sticking around, but his rant to Donna last week, about her breaking up their parents, rang kind of forced. But I think that was more of a script problem than the actor.

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I like Tegan but not Simon he is boring. Wernt they the Dolly search for stars winners? Well I found out Chelsea Jones who plays Tegan has been on tv before she used to be on a show called Streetsmartz. Its on Saturday mornings on channel 9/Win at 10:30. They left in Fridays aussie episode. I hope Tegan comes back but not Simon because he is so boring. He hasn't even had a storyline. Well except for supergluing the doors in Pauls house.

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