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Dear Writers,

Please do not make me come after you and bash you over the head with your own scripts by ignoring the power that is Changelo.

Any attempts to pair Charlie up with Hugo, if that’s what you are thinking, will not be tolerated.



Angelo comes back, I demand some more hot Changelo bed rolling scenes!

As an alternative, please see Baker, Leah & Harris, Roman for your consideration.

Yours in frustration,


P.S. I would even be willing to suffer through Hugo and Martha if you want to torture me that way. Just keep Hugo away from Charlie.

P.P.S. All implied threats of violence above can be ignored, as it’s a recession & I can't afford the flight tickets to Australia. But be warned, your virtual bruising will be pretty bad!

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^Hehehe! :P

I'm missing Changelo too (and just Angelo too :(), they were hot & awesome & hot. :wub: I agree with you & demand more Changelo scenes asap. And Leah/Roman is heading in the right direction... so more of that please. I'm actually okay with Hugo/Charlie (until Angelo comes back one day ofcourse). But Hugo/Martha is a big NO! I like them as friends alone. :D

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hot & awesome & hot. :wub:

Now, THAT should be the tagline on this thread!

It sorta was when I opened it originally, but it was edited out, by someone on the staff I presume. I think they just want to keep all the threads sort of uniform in title. I had written in the tagline "how hot are these two?".

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Changelo must reunite! Even if they only do so to ease their sexual frustration. They are seriously the only two characters on the show I'm even remotely interested in anymore, especially now

Melody has gone.

Same, it's actually sad how few of the characters I actually like/care about. Angelo, Charlie and Melody are pretty much about it. The rest just bore me or frustrate me to the point of wanting to reach into the TV and shake them, which I'm pretty sure is not very healthy :P .

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