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Charlie is SOO confused and insecure in her personal life - such a contrast with her professional life where she very much personifies professionalism with her no-nonsense attitude and confident decision-making. I guess the writers are writing her very much in character but it's frustrating as a viewer to see her making the same mistakes, over and over again, despite her recognition of these faults.

I must say it ought to be a bit of deja-vu for Charlie, when she was talking to Angelo about not wanting to be JUDGED by being with him, not wanting to be in the spotlight and having people talking about them behind her back...........this is EXACTLY what happened with Joey! Joey was all for the relationship to be out in the open, but Charlie was desperate to keep it under wraps, for fear of what it would mean for her professional life and for fear of judgement by others. Charlie went through the SAME angst and eventually decided that her "love" for Joey meant more to her than what others think.......but in the end it was too late. Any bets that Charlie, completely in character, will come to the same conclusion with Angelo.........that her "love" for him should take precedence over what others think of her/them.

Martha's reaction would be interesting!

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I think what Charlie found in Joey was someone who loved her unconditionally with no strings attached. Coming off a failed relationship with Roman where he loved someone else, then Angelo whose betrayal of her professional trust prematurely ended their relationship, Charlie found comfort in someone who actually loved her. Then what did she do - have a one-night stand with Hugo, to try to prove to herself that she was not gay, and hurt Joey in the process.

When her relationships to date with men failed, Joey's attraction to Charlie made her question whether the reason for her failed relationships was something deeper......it made her question her sexuality. And she DID care deeply for Joey. Whether she was sexually attracted to her is another question.

I had a friend who constantly found herself in destructive relationships with men, causing severe self-esteem and self-loathing issues. Then a girl showed interest in her, was clear in her ability to love her unconditionally, and my friend, who had never been in or contemplated a same sex relationship, found herself falling in love. They have now been together in a happy, stable relationship for around 4 years.

I think Charlie, like most of us, just wants to be loved, and this is what Joey offered her. This is also why she is unsure about committing to a relationship with Angelo - he let her down in the past and she can't be sure that he won't do that again. The sexual attraction between them has never been in doubt.

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^^^^ Guys, thank you! It is so refreshing to finally read some mature, balanced discussion on this topic. The negativity and one-sided, blinkered view of some members lately has been soul-destroying to read. The discussions like in these past few posts have saved this thread for me, and saved my sanity along with it. :P

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I'm loving the fact that Angelo & Charlie are back together; and I think some of the views/opinions here are forgetting that the characters are supposed to be like normal people; not 100% perfect angels who never make a mistake. I'm sure there's a few people here who have kissed / been with people that aren't the ones that they truly want; for however a long length of time.

The look on Angelo's face when Charlie came to him was just perfect; and although I don't agree with him lying to May, and then taking off home drinking beer - I appreciate the fact that he did rather than continue to sit there with her, and flirt with her, but be thinking of Charlie. Plus, I mean do we actually know that Angelo & May have even slept together yet? When did they announce that they were 'official'? Pfft.

There's no harm in flirtation; I guess we all do it, even when we're feeling more for someone else - but that's someone that we think we can't have?

As for the gay storyline; I stand by my guns in that either (a) Charlie was just sexually confused, and thought at the time that she was gay, but was mistaken [as, apparently, quite a few people IRL go through] OR that she's just bi -shrug- and i have no beef with either option. I think it's sooo sweet that

Angelo made Charlie breakfast


Tbh, I love these two together. I know, I'm weird like that ;-)

edit; just watching the latest epi

ok, charlie is just nasty! but then again .. does angelo know about her and joey? if not, then i understand where she's coming from - and I get the feeling he doesn't know; i can't remember...


Charlie is nasty but if she was just "confused" about Joey why is she using it as a defence against getting involved with Angelo. What does it have to do with anything. Also I'm feed up of Charlie being confused about everyone, she's a grown women she should act like one for a change. Most people who have a sexuality "confused" lesbian affair do that in college when they are young and stupid. Was Charlie too busy sleeping with all the sports teams to do that? She was pretty ashamed of being involved with Joey so its one plus point that she is worried about people talking about Angelo who she really should be ashamed of being involved with considering what he's done in the town, the way he treated Belle and his killing Jack. That said I'm sure she will get over the shame of dating the killer, he's is a man after all.

I got the feeling that she meant she was worried about people talking because she was with a woman; not because of Angelo being a supposed killer. But that Angelo didn't pick up on that she was with a woman [because as far as I can remember back, he doesn't know?] and instead thought it was the killer issue - and so he naturally went on the defensive. That was my impression anyway :]

I'm really loving Charlie these days because, as Julie said, she's showing some human traits - no, by 30, not necessarily everyone knows what they want from life. I imagine also that the

secret about Ruby

is weighing heavily on Charlie's shoulders, as Ruby is now starting to approach the adult sides of life - and it's only natural also that she would want someone there, to turn to, to lean on. Perhaps she's not going about it in a 100% right way - but again, who is perfect? :)

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