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I think Charlie was the right character to use. She has always been confussed, I think its pretty obvious. Based on how she was during her relationship with Roman. You can tell she has some issues when it comes to dating. I think they ended the lesbian storyline really badly and would have liked to have had some sort of mention to whats happening. However, Im not sure if Charlie see's herself as gay/bi. I think she just happened to fall for Joey - the person. I dont see anymore lesbian relationship for Charlie in the future.

I strongly disagree with this, being a slut doesn't make you confused or gay, it makes you a slut. I've got respect for people who admit that and are happy and enjoying their slutdom. More power to them. Also why should a gay storyline be about some daft straight girl being "confused" for about 5 minutes and then going back to men, because thats not even a gay storyline at all. It's a pile of poo storyline that makes gays look misreable and Charlie look like vile ***** who whines and feels sorry for herself.

I didnt say Charlie was confussed or gay because she was a slut. I dont think she is a slut. I think just as I have stated she has messed up with realtionships because of something that has happened in the past. And with what happened with Joey, she is probably confussed about her sexuailty. Although, I see the writers keeping Joey as a one off and Charlie wont get with another female.

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I am a bit disapointed that the gay storyline didn't go very far, however I also think that Charlie was the wrong character to use for it.

I agree, Charlie just didn't really look convincing as a lesbian. They only picked her for the story-line to further add to her flaws and complexity and get Esther up for Logie next year, IMO. plus she was hot... so that wouldn't harm the ratings at all.

I would have preferred the show to have brought Joey in as a stand alone permanent gay character(with or without Kate Bell). But H&A are too conservative to bring in a permanent gay character at the moment, Cameron Welsh hinted as such in that recent interview.

Back on topic; how nice of Angelo to decide to string May along (not that I like May) til Charlie gives him a decision...and if it's the one he's lookin for, dump her.

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Great guy that's Angelo rolleyes.gif Him and Charlie totally deserve each other, both nasty people.

Well they both seem to treat people they're in relationships with badly. Even if its Inadvertently, it still doesn't make for pleasant viewing.

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I'm loving the fact that Angelo & Charlie are back together; and I think some of the views/opinions here are forgetting that the characters are supposed to be like normal people; not 100% perfect angels who never make a mistake. I'm sure there's a few people here who have kissed / been with people that aren't the ones that they truly want; for however a long length of time.

The look on Angelo's face when Charlie came to him was just perfect; and although I don't agree with him lying to May, and then taking off home drinking beer - I appreciate the fact that he did rather than continue to sit there with her, and flirt with her, but be thinking of Charlie. Plus, I mean do we actually know that Angelo & May have even slept together yet? When did they announce that they were 'official'? Pfft.

There's no harm in flirtation; I guess we all do it, even when we're feeling more for someone else - but that's someone that we think we can't have?

As for the gay storyline; I stand by my guns in that either (a) Charlie was just sexually confused, and thought at the time that she was gay, but was mistaken [as, apparently, quite a few people IRL go through] OR that she's just bi -shrug- and i have no beef with either option. I think it's sooo sweet that

Angelo made Charlie breakfast


Tbh, I love these two together. I know, I'm weird like that ;-)

edit; just watching the latest epi

ok, charlie is just nasty! but then again .. does angelo know about her and joey? if not, then i understand where she's coming from - and I get the feeling he doesn't know; i can't remember...


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Charlie's only 30!! I don't think it's unreasonable that she's still trying to sort herself out emotionally and sexually. If you're not 30 yet, perhaps it seems older to you than I can tell you it feels once you really get there! I like the genuine complexity of Charlie's character and I love her with Angelo - they have a natural attraction to each other and you can see that they instinctively connect over their personal pain and inner conflict.

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