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Fools Gold - Jessica Tovey

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Can't scan this in, but here's the article typed up;

Jessica Tovey comes across as the total package. Not only is she naturally beautiful, but genuine and intelligent too.

You can tell by the way she talks about her life and family that she doesn't have tickets on herself.

She laughs off her "accidental" mdoelling career, which has seen her appear in fashion spreads and become the face of Sketchers.

"I've never done modelling," Tovey says. "I have a pretty bad sense of fashion most of the time. I don't wear make-up and only wear heels about four times a year. I'm not a dressy glamour girl but that's been one of the good things (about Home and Away) to try something new. I'm not pretending I'm a model. I'm no expert, and I don't have a model's body."

She swears the only reason she's been successful in front of the photographer's lens is because she's willing to make a fool of herself.

"I just act like a bit of an idiot," she says. "The photographers like it when you smile and dance around. Maybe that's why I've had more than one job. If you know this isn't your profession and it's not the end of the world if you're not perfect, maybe you end up with great pictures and energy."

Tovey recently finished filming an intense story arc for her onscreen character, Belle Taylor, that hits screens this month. But while it meant 14-hour days, it also was the happiest time of her working life on Home and Away.

"Honestly I've never loved working as much as I do now. That's about me feeling more comfortable there as well as storylines being so exciting for me." she says. "I really wanted to be an actor because it's about exploring characters and different people."

She figured out a while ago that she preferred spending time with her family and friends on her days off, rather than doing the publicity circui and furthering her small-screen stardom.

"I've just been enjoying my boyfriend's company, and being a good girlfriend and a good daughter, gardening with my parents - boring domestic stuff but it's fantastic," she says.

Tovey is also enough of a realist to see beyond the shores of Summer Bay. She is, like most young actors, keen to one day get a film career started.

"There will always be a time when I walk away because there's a need to keep changing and evolving and you can't stay somewhere forever," she says.

"But they keep writing me good stuff, making it harder to leave."

All time favourite TV show

Wild Side. I was a massive fan and also Heartbreak High and Degrassi High. I own the box sets.

Current fave show;

I was sad to see the last episode of Enough Rope, and I like the Louis Theroux series.

Wouldn't watch if you paid me?

Let's see, how many people can I offend? I'm not into law or cop shows like CSI - they bore me to death.

Article written by Vanessa Santer.

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