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Todd's All Fired Up.

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Thanks to Jessica R on HAAC. :)

Todd's all fired up

19 January 2009

The Newcastle Herald

HUNTER-raised Home and Away star Todd Lasance returns to television screens tonight as the hero of a fire, but it wasn't so long ago that he was forced to face a real life blaze.

About five years ago a fire broke out in the roof of the Lasances' family home at Fletcher.

The family woke to smell smoke and quickly escaped unharmed and filed into the street.

The Lasances were relocated for 11 months while three rooms in their home were rebuilt.

"There was an electrical fault in one of the power points in mum's wall and it caught on to the insulation batts," Lasance told The Word.

"I remember dad yelling, 'the house is on fire, get up'."

However Lasance said the on-screen fire, which engulfs the Summer Bay school hall tonight, is made to look a little more dramatic than his own real-life experience.

"I will admit sometimes the director totally milks it," he joked.

Lasance, who plays Aden Jeffries on Home and Away, has some dramatic scenes in the first week with his on-screen partner Belle, played by Jessica Tovey.

Aden rescues Belle when the school formal building catches fire but what happens will have consequences that change their relationship.

Aden and Belle have become hugely popular with Home and Away, fans who have even coined a nickname for them like Brangelina they're called Adelle.

"The Adelle mayhem is crazy. I get a lot of feedback on the internet about it," Lasance said.

Some fans even think the actors are a couple in real life despite Tovey having a boyfriend.

"I feel like it's a compliment to our work. We don't know how it's coming across when film it, we just do what we do," Lasance said.

So will the on-screen love affair between Aden and Belle last the season?

"They'll be a lot of tense moments. They know what they've got in each other so it'll be hard to split them up forever," Lasance said diplomatically.

"There, now I've said enough but I can still keep my job."

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